Melissa Brown

Portfolio 2008 -2009

Table of Contents

Center for Excellence Wellness Center Investigations Artwork

* Windows on the south side along with sunlights to provide daylighting to the inside of the building. * Concrete flooring and columns absorb the heat from the sunlight which it releases later in the day. * LOw-E triple paned argon gas filled windows. * Recycled Tamarack Timbers from abandoned barns.

Center of Excellence
Deisgining a building for the NDSU campus that focuses on redusing and eliminating the use of fossil fuels.
Fall semester third year

NDSU downtown wellness center
Providing an expanding school with the facilities it wants and fitting it into the community it already has.
FAll semester, third year


* Geo thermal heating * Preserving parts of the original structure * Green Roofs * Phase Flush Toilets

Research and investigations
Low-e triple paned argon gass filled windows
- Helps provent the tranfer of heat from outdoors to indoors.


- Translucent concrete, provides security but light at the same time

Fargo Flood - Shading for direct sunlight.


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