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General Information

SCHOOL Project Name: The World Around u

PROYEC School Name: Maturana

Date: From Oct 28th to Nov 18th

-Acquisition of vocabulary

through the use of slogans or

Brief Description:
quotes on posters.
We will teach students important
-Underline values through the
vocabulary through the use of basic
work of every session like and easy expressions on posters, like
slogans or quotes.
tolerance, respect,

responsibility, etc. We will give them the assistance to

guide the students’ production of fun
-Point out and show up the and creative advertisements.

students viewpoints and

As the name of the project reveals, the
highlight all the new ideas. posters are going to be related to the
Required Material:
example, defending not only worldwide
Crayons, pencils, rubbers, scissors, problems but also causes that are

adhesive, rulers, markers, poster important for them nowadays.

Stage 2
Stage 1 Grammar-related
Discussion about
several topics related Project
to our environment
or global issues Stages

Stage 3
Design of posters,
slogans or catchy
Etapa 1
OFT Crecimiento y Autoafirmación Personal
Identificar y analizar problemas mundiales de su interés
para dar una posible solución

Contenidos Conceptuales
Vocabulario relacionado con los diferentes tópicos y los
diversos problemas mundiales

Contenidos Procedimentales
Speaking activities

Elección del tema o causa a defender en pares o
Etapa 2
OFT Persona y su Entorno
Participar equitativamente en pares o grupo curso

Contenidos Conceptuales
Present continuous and simple
The Imperative tense

Contenidos Procedimentales
Drawing, Writing, and Grammar activities

Bosquejos de afiche
Confección de dibujos representativos de su tema grupal
o individual
Creación de slogans para promover la defensa y la toma
de conciencia
Etapa 3
OFT Formación Ética
Respetar y valorar distintos modos de ser y pensar.

Contenidos Conceptuales
Present continuous and simple
The Imperative tense
Vocabulary related to environmental problems and
worldwide problems.

Contenidos Procedimentales
Posters´ designs activities
Reading activities
Drawing activities
Writing activities
Thank you for
your attention!
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