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Harish Potu

Email id: Phone no: +91-8125883334

Career Objectives:
o !oin an organi"ation #here $ can #or% and contri&ute to the com'an()s o&!ecti*es as #ell as
learn and gro# in m( career.
Personal Strengths:
1+ (ear e+'erience as ,on $ -ecruiter.
.da'ta&le to u'grading technologies.
/ood communication s%ills and managerial s%ills.
0'orti*e in all as'ects.
Academic Details:
Course Name of Institution Year of Pass Aggregate
!"ech .dams Engineering
2212 32.224
oard of
0'ectra 5r. 1ollege 2224 55.14
S!S!C ,irmala 1on*ent high
2222 33.224
"echnical S#ills:
Programming 6anguages: 171++7esting tools
8e& echnolog(: 9:6
;'erating 0(stem: 8indo#s <'78indo#s7
=ata&ase: ;racle
Clients$Positions %or#ed &or
Clients: =ell7 ,e# >or% 6i?e $nsurance7 ,i%e7 8ellPoint7 @a(er 9ealthcare7 .etna7 0ano?i-.*entis7 6i?e
echnologies7 =eutsche @an%7 6oc%heed :artin7 0chlum&erger etc.
Positions: ,et#or% EngineersA.rchitectsA.dministrators7 =ata&ase .rchitectsA =e*elo'ersA.dministrators7
Bualit( .ssuranceAest .nal(sts7 @usiness .nal(sts7 ElectricalA:echanical Engineers7
.ccountants7 Cinancial .nal(sts7 =es%to' s'ecialist etc.
'ob ()*erience:
ICON+A Professional Services and Solutions Pvt! ,"D -.// 0 -./1
Position: Non I" 2ecruiter
$1;,:. is a consulting ?irm 'ro*iding Pro?essional 0er*ices and 0olutions to Cortune 1222 clients nation#ide
in *arious industries including: .utomoti*e7 @io-ech7 1ommunications7 =e?ense7 Cinancial 0er*ices7 Cood and
@e*erage7 9ealthcare7 $nsurance7 6ogistics7 :anu?acturing7 Pharmaceutical7 -etail7 echnolog(7
elecommunications7 and Dtilities. $n order to 'ro*ide customers #ith the &est talent ?or their 'ro!ects7 #e
identi?( the ?inest a*aila&le consultants through a com'rehensi*e recruiting 'rocess.
-es'onsi&le ?or su&mitting the candidates
/enerall( s'ea%s to the client and candidate in a con?erence call.
0ource and u'grading resumes in =ice to suit com'an( reEuirements.
Pro*iding maintenance and su''ort to &usiness clients.
=ail( contacting to the candidates.
0u&mitting the contractors to customers.
Presented a 'a'er in the technical ?est conducted at .dams Engg 1ollege.
8or%ed as a Folunteer ?or *arious cam'us dri*es conducted in our college.
Hobbies and Interests:
Pla(ing /ames and #atching :o*ies
1hatting #ith Criends