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Fire Safety Ws5

Fire Safety Ws5

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Published by Donnette Davis

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Published by: Donnette Davis on Dec 19, 2009
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St Aiden’s Homeschool ~ Fire Safety & Prevention

Try to find all the words in the wordbank on the Wordsearch grid below. The words ca go up or down, across or diagonally.

Word Bank heat, drill, exit, fire, hose, ladder, flames mask, plan, prevent, safe, smoke, water.

h o s e f l a m e s

e s d c g m a s k z

a m h w m a v b w p

t o t d r i l l a o

w k p n s e a p t e

a e j p a x d f e x

t p f s f q d e r i

e l m i e k e s b t

r a e d r p r v m s

w n h p r e v e n t

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