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Learnlng lnLenLlon:
We are learnlng abouL body decoraLlons
and Lhe dlfferenL culLures LhaL do Lhls.
Success CrlLerla:
! We wlll be able Lo
! ldenLlfy culLure LhaL use body
! ulscuss dlfferenL Lypes of body
! uevelop a hand LhaL ls covered ln
paLLerns LhaL are speclal Lo me.
! WrlLe abouL whaL Lhe decoraLlons
($$./ lay 'Aussle Clue Cracker' -

01%1 !"##$%/
ose Lhe quesLlon: WhaL does Lhe work 'culLure' mean? ulscuss and reflecL on
prevlous lessons.

Lngage ln a whole class bralnsLorm abouL dlfferenL Lypes of culLures. WhaL are some
of Lhese culLures? WhaL do Lhey do LhaL ls speclal Lo Lhem?

lnLroduce body decoraLlons.
!"#$ &'()'*$+ ,$&"*-)$ ).$/* 0",/$+ 1/). )./23+ +'&. -+ 4-/2) 0$&-'+$ /) /+ +4$&/-( )"
).$/* &'()'*$ -2, +5#0"(/+$+ )./23+ /2 ).$/* (/6$+7 WhaL else mlghL Lhey decoraLe Lhelr
bodles wlLh? Allow sLudenLs Lo share Lhelr LhoughLs.
8$,,/23 0-2,+9 )-))""+9 :$1$(*59 &(")./239 .-/* +)5($+ -2, &"("'*+9 3(-++$+ -2,

Lncourage sLudenLs Lo Lell sLorles of Lhemselves or people Lhey know LhaL may use
body decoraLlons. Why mlghL Lhey do LhaL? ulscuss.

Show some plcLures of aborlglnal body decoraLlons and lndlan Penna. ulscuss why
Lhese people use Lhese body decoraLlons.

Share lnformaLlon from !"#$%&'()* ,-../0 PlghllghL why Lhese LradlLlons are
lmporLanL Lo Lhese culLures.

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SLudenLs are glven an ouLllne of a hand. 1hey are Lo decoraLe Lhls hand wlLh paLLerns
or plcLures LhaL are speclal Lo Lhem. Cnce Lhe hand ls compleLe, sLudenLs are Lo wrlLe
a shorL paragraph abouL Lhe body decoraLlons and why Lhey are speclal Lo Lhem.

*use Lrafflc llghL wrlLlng.
use senLence sLarLers Lo provlde ldeas on
whaL Lo wrlLe.

lf needed, glve examples of
dlfferenL paLLerns and Lhelr
meanlngs Lo oLher people.

Alysha, Ashley, Solomon, Shannon,
SLudenLs are Lo provlde a deLalled
explanaLlon of Lhe body decoraLlons.
1hey musL dlscuss Lhe meanlng of Lhese
and how Lhey relaLe Lo Lhelr llfe.
SLudenLs musL use paragraphlng ln Lhelr
wrlLlng plece.

Abbagall, kelra, naLhan, Wllllam, orLa.

8eflecLlon/LxlL Sllp: Cral presenLaLlon of lndlvldual work.