Making ~ Contribubon 2~B

(~n <Illy 1'l111ic, BL111b, articles, wh i I e pHp!:'r~, 1'1 lOUghl papl;'rSj Hilt! III her lluvurs of I he mUll I h wi II he liifll.:ed I'hL,l'l.! in ,1) I e\ICI'·l;X p;lI1L1ll1g kuowledge poe l. 8UIlll.!lmC W UI :ll.Ced III CO\J!'cW U.\ tc :oJ! these d igi tal doc U inuuts. Rut who? And wh,H wuulJ such H sire louk like? Gll'St, II wl1t!ld cuntnln ihe knowledge access posslbihtles of Wikipediu and Its sister project, Wikibuuh. Seconcl, 11 mighl' also have thecommenring, shi:lrJng, I·ining, and ~\lhst:ribinl:: rt'atllrc.~ nl You'Tuhe, ThJ!'(I, If wUlJl.d be H portal 01' leurnlng resources much like Currlk: and Conuexions. In contrast to thoseconreru-shnrlng slles, such a SI te would be <I resource portal fur free. III ,ab, .1\ iLCII111l,"!11ts, HI 11.1 PHI1r.:rs, Aft er tl1li,king ahml1 I"b is, 1 wa~ I III 1 he lou kuut [01 SU c h. <l lei 11,'11.1 n.gI'.~Rnlil"c.(! n r sit c. I Ii i Ii not en v lsi nn, h uweve r, dUll I wnliid llr.el'fdly "Trip" into it.


Snnu (l fre j' wrin ng I he nhove secrinu, 1 d i scove red I h nr ~llch f1 sl re actuullv exists, It is call1id Scrlbcl, 1 looked up Sc:t·tbLl and fULl11d that it II'flS locnred i 11 dUWI1I'\ iwn San Francisco, So ;llh!I·ITlY visl r ! 11 thl' Wikimcdil<! nfi-icC's em. March 7, 2008, I took a short bl·e111< find walked i I few b locks [rom 111 y hotel room III till: heudquarrers of Scrl bLJ m L J I Su.ti er SlI'cet, j 11M on the edgt! tIl' Ch lnatow 11, The 10 hby eru ranee WH~ filled wi til balloons, banners, sq u itt guns, and skn tcboanls, Not CXfiC d y W 11;\ I 1 ex pee I'ed to set!, hili I soun fmmd alii I hilt t'l-wy we re rernn ant ~ nr dlt' tHH>yl!llr unnivcranrv p'llTy held H! Sc.rlhd lIlt.! dHY hdllr(!, "n\u\lgb 1 did 11Dt hnve em uppointment, the receptionist tnld me thot. ~hcy wore wlillng tu uccurnnualare rue 111 les.~ I hl-1I1 H n hour. Whf'll [ Clune hHl:.k, I me, with SCl"ibd CEQ and cotounder, Trip Adler,

Trip At1It!1" was J LJ~L twentv-t] tree year~ old, rul1. uf energy, and open t(~ IWW ldl!<ls. Trhl was born and rulsed ln the Sillcon V:llley,~"Ll1d I he \IHlley'~ entrepreneurial spirit was cleurly in his hones.

The ldlo!<1 (pr Scribd WMlI developed by Trip 1:1111.:1 hili fric.nds UbUl1L the I lrne Trip WAI-> grad U!OI l i I1g (1"f1l11 Harvard. Ill' h:·ul \'!xt'('ri~ncl:!d :·111 luu ufte.J) the uumhlllg sensation thut students at fmy level feci when they 11dUl" thelr heart <U1d soul tnro a proJIIC.L rhat Is read by Just line person, d1l' pl·<ll'~~ilOl", fur l~edHl[ls I Ii iHY ml illites FInd rhen is hu rrleJly gradeJ and tlutt:1dy fmgmtl!l"l. or thrown lnto tho bin. When it happens repeatedly uvt-r a Sp<H1 (II fOlll' orhvc veara, Y'UI start to fed tIT:lI ynlll idens Lin 11\)[

2M lhu Wo/ld ls Open

l11a ller, aud Trip developed an rtntJJt Itl.! fu~ this. The solution, Scrlbd, ls a paper-shanru; site sl rn i lar to You'Tube. Rur. 111RI end ill IliCIH"ding flI1d .-;itaring vld(!(JlI lll'lli ne, Sc rI hd users posr lecture nores, poems, letters, funny stories, mngazfnes, newsletters, and meny other ducwnents, includ ing legul rlocurnen rs, maps, and rectpes. Wh~l'eas c.nLleg~ arudcnts mlgb' shure marked-up papers II Scrllul, thclr profesaors IHe upioadlng rhullghr PHl1el'.'i find hlgh-levd research documen I_S I hey have WI'I iten and then discussing them. Educators also 'hell'!:' cuurse svllnhi, cnrrlculum less ms, and entire bnnks (n SCI'l1, I.

SIJI'L~me ymj fire not u studen r or a professor: lIr what tiS> is Scrihd to ynu then? Well, Trip 1181;1 als 1 hem" ur I1Popll, [rum JIHcr I [ .ounrnes shar Ing genea logicrd records rind fi mllLl!J uncesrors t hu t they cou 11.1 not have llscovered WiUl0Ut collahorutlng in S rlhJ. When I asked hlm nbout copyright problems f(1l' some ri till: ducuruenrs I iploarlcd to the sitt', he adrnirrcd it was au ISSlIt: and then cltcd their compliance wlth b1PWI1 c(Jpyrig_lu ndesYi He tldd~d dUll they attempted LI) dl;'al with fill poeeurlal c1ll'yrighr lssues within r-wcll(y-(nur hours.

SCI'lhJ allows P soplc to upload nnd share documents Iising a Fli\sh· based docu mcnt reader culled iP~I1I.;~r, Al.:cording to TriTI Adler, 11\('11' W h dncurnenr syst '111 i6 whe llnflk ':I Scrih [unique, IPnper Is u l1eW 1l11d easy IVa Y to V lo IN, up load, and share Weo d OGLl men ts. When I l ri ed it Dill, ! was amazed IH the nIp!,' spe dill whlch tWI or Illy Inngcsl Ward dneuments w 'I" ClJI:\V'I'I'c_d ) [Paper. More. hnpressively, these papers were quickly being viewed by others.

Trip Is quir. pl'l'\,d Lhal within die' hI'S! week III going li" ,';:;crlbd Willi n tflP L 500 W(;!h slic and is 1'f1W in rhe top 6001 according tn Alexa. Wlrb the ll[lUledlnrc popularlrv c me i:I slew f phone calls ubour I' lIellU I furul I ng. H t: alsu I'u Id me tJ1<1 I I hose w hn use I he I r ~S[(! III wil 1 ex perieucc less fll1xI ry wh n thcy fall victim LO computer theft Of a hard-dlsl C '<lsh because their documerus will be saved on Scrlbd, As with YOlJTllhe, Articles can hl' rnllnd on jn;my tnpic&----hlsrol'Yt government, h.eulLlt, sports, s lencc, business, computers, and culture. The 1110'[' viewed clocurnenr r fOllnd when hl'Ow,~!ng through Scrihd in )-1dmlf~ry 200H Was a IHlIRk list wrlu en lr Spanish chat hnd ov 'r 400,000 viewers, The rnosr popular article that day waa one flhC1U1 lh~ "Tup 10 Wdl'd Anomalte, in Medl .lne," which hiul he en posred (lilly nlnc mon hs prinr f111d which more chan 761000 people hnrl browsed.

MBI(\IID ,I COllll'lhLltlotl 245

S rlhd C[Ul he rho Ighr of 8S l il1g ill d\!:' know1 ~Igt: Ittatchrmtldng hU":!IIl":'SS, Ag 'Tri~1 Ad! "'1' [1 ted, l'IWlt; are th organla 'Iii 01 ,I hUgl~ III ssy lihrary nr c~)11rel'l.'lWllal: gel~ hlrn e: clhJ Is when "somebody ill In 11<1 i!i looking fOJ u very specihc pi ece llf ll1l~lI'll1alll)n anrl cuu now find it in H Scrihd document." There II> !l new audience nnd purpose fill' one's wnrlng, And d'w!' ntulicnce keeps l'xrlmdlngl

For example, vou might wnre A [111[11£'1' nil computer seCLlrlty systems 1'111' FI cnlllpllll'" science class rhut is rend and cited rn ,,1 report hy a businessperson in l'arls n yent or two flftel' ynll)' college instructor f!l'fld xl it. Th~n:in lies tile pUW~I' of such u syslem, The wmld npt:lI13 lip ;11 d creative I1p.lI'l s nnw have tI hugti potential uudlcnce nru] I hcrefore meaning. As [ohn Dewey woulJ have hop~d, edu 'utinn hecDmes purpuHet'ul. A111.! as hls Pcdnf.,luglc '" 'cd rerulruls LIS, it is I he so InJ IlSpeCI'S 1( 1~"I'I1JI1~ I hat. re [us: as lrnportunt ns the iudlvldua] 'ogrllllVI:'

57 ones, If nut more so,

UI vcn rl H: w~HII h uf resources already fmlll I flL lh i~ l1i II! BIllI tlll' trafli it huudles, chore Is no L1! ,uht lhTl1 Scrilul, UI' a sttc like It, hus fmlml n niche and will be hlghJy popular In rile years tn rnme. There are countless uses ["or Scrtlx], YULI can find needed dnCIIII1I;'[1[S I hat :-\1'1.: 111 I longer tlvuilable ar the origrl1ul Weh sire, pllbli~h articles L!tar were I'I.'.I~ 'wd eisewhere, post press releases <lud hl1dq{J'()IJJ\d lnfonnntlon fur books anJ orh r do' IIHct"l!,S, get I'm wl.edge out tu those who need II, :-md H~k Cur [eedhncl on Idens. /Jening UI' Eclllc{Jtiml, MIT'g blot L11 nrloned enrllcr, wt SA lefll'llred clocurncnr in Scrihd in rhe (::Ill llf 200H all" l::, }lLIII there fOl' nnvone Wrlllting In finJ, flug, downlond, tug_. ~"If1l'C, 'nnlint'nl on. or 1't.::1! I it.

The conuuuntrv Hod groups fentures of Scrilxl provide HIlOlh r rncnns for fD~tering 11LlIII11::: clIlbi borarlon and rhe sharing of idt'!u~, As in '{nhllul UI"llUI'~' Lltt!r:e am public and pl'iv;IlP group:; ill SC1'lhd lln tuples such as (Joogl" bntrr]ll'l'l1elll'shlp, lndlun Vcgctnrian Conklug, Adohe 1 hill!" shop, nnd Sheer MlI~t , 1>1'«.'.'11 igitltls QI'j;[Inlwttoru; fire using Scrilx], im:lliding the National Science Fourulat lon, which has ~Ipl()adt!d over J 1,000 Ji1CIIll erus, the lnrurna] R venue S irvice wlrh 12,000 documents, the Securictcs no 1 I1x 'hAlIg~' I unmissl In with rome 82,000 dUCIlIIlI;'IlI'S, arul ihe Fedcrul Regisler that HI h mHI H whol1plng 200,000 docurucnts in Scrtls,l, L10l"lLlIU:'lIt sharing uy govonlmc.:nt Fig '11 'Ie:; Is dearly a popular activity in Scrlhd. rOl'lI1el FBI DII'e~l:or J, Edgal' HnnVl'!

1l1l1~L Iw J'\dliHg over in his gruvc_ W1rhnlll- n doubt, Trip Adler is u lwen ty 6()I1l~th.ll1g I echru d.ogy,~llpl;![,Sl:lf whn, II ke Lucl [er Chu, Ii ITI In)' Wale,. Ri 'hard Baranluk, Hil I OI'Y Do !'PI'OW, llllTltly a revolunonnry of I he shared Intei nct. Such people arc [ust m, tit, dt:d in lilt! rwt'IHy·hl'M ccntu ry ilH Jnl1l1 Adfllll~, 1\\1 II Revel'p, [uhn Hancock, ~lI1d A [exnnder

I [umlltou W!.:!" 111 I h laucr half of the eighteenth.

All L1\l.!~e feotures rind optlons bt'lrtg h aps If us I'S 10 I he revolutlon I" dLJCII1l1l,':liI ~Imrlnll IhHl Scrihd hn~ 111~tI!;HI~J, Aeclwliil'lg 1'\' n vldu!! [urcrvlew o{ Trip Adler, 111 late 2007 Lltel'e were upproxirnnrelv 250,000 Scrib I visitors per day or 7,5 ruilllon vtsuors Ii 'I' Illllnth. When l iuer hill) In Mmc.h 200R. 111:' ~nid I'ilL" IHld :-drcHJ\, jumped In ihtrreen mllllon visit' II'S per rnonrh an I ("\VII 11IUULh~ later In Mny, it srumJ at twetlLY-OI1I' mill inn un ique vlsltors. /\L 20 percent wnwtll pel' III ( III tit , 111I~I'C Is cleml\, rl l hirst (01 ilocunu-nr sharlng IIml Liley are h ·jping \'0 quench. Such cxpnnslon has It.!d LO much nuraidc interest, lncludlru; n heahhy $1.9 million (I{ venture l'rlpilftl, Hy th late Call nf 1008, Scrilul hAd hl.:COllll' I Ill! lnrgesr ,~()Lifd J1l1hli,~h Ing Cnmt:lilllY in I he world wltl: liver j]fty m illirll) readers CVI~l'Y month nnd over fifty thul1stUld It IV 10 urnenrs ~Iplnnd~d euch tillY. NUl 100 SlIITwi~lllg, it was h~li1g Cill1lP:11'0d 1(1 I he em Iv grnwrh phns '1\ Ill' YUlITIlbe ;Inri Faccbook, In December 200S, Scrlbd received $9 milllon l){ tllkliliomtl. veuuir 'np!!, 1. At Ill· same "lin', Gl;'tlI'I!' C(l!1Sf\,gnl, Llw chieluperutlng \l(fl(.:l'l' uF B!.:bn, ~l !lurlld~II' soclal ncrworking software t:Olll[l<lllY, W<lS made preslrlenr of Sc.rihtl.'i!1

Will Scrlbd be orne Ih .. YOII'Tllbe oj' rhe du 11111'111 Wlll'ld! Tlmr l~ dlfhcuLt tu [l~cdil'l, What is certain I~ 111.11: 11\U,<;1. anynnp wrlrlug m' rcndl ng electronic dUCUD1ClltS wU I soon hie u lISQI' (If Scrllx] or some simllar tY[1t: or s .rvlc '. S rih!! makes (1'-' ducnrn 'nFll avallahlc 11\ ~\JucaLms ;:'Iml SII.ld!.'nlll arnund t he world, How rhey arc uri I ieed, repackugcd, lind shared will be highly lnteresthu; III watch unf lid, Vil)a Iii J'e"vu/millfl nd It,d Scrlhd t


Communltles nut lIiUY fonn around sharerl online documents such t1~ [[,o:w tnUl,J in Serlhd hilt urouru] I hI"' bntll(s one rends, Remember 1-hI· mmigr~l:J 411eSl Dr Aaron S 'hWAI'l2 fl'PIll the 1 nrc met Archive to creme a cnnl C .. 1 '-,11L1g f'{)r all thtl books (l plul1cl Earth I II. seems Tim Sp,dd Il1g (rnl11

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