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From: Chris Keating, Keating Research, Inc.

Date: October 14, 2014
Re: Colorado Congressional District 6 Likely Voter Poll

Key Poll Findings
According to our most recent
poll of likely voters in
Colorado’s 6
District, Andrew Romanoff
and Mike Coffman are
statistically tied in their
Congressional campaign with
three weeks left in this race.
The poll shows Republican
Mike Coffman with 44% of the
vote and Democrat Andrew
Romanoff with 43% of the
vote, while 13% of voters
remain undecided/other.
Registered Democrat base voters are solidly behind Romanoff in this election (83%
support among registered Democrats), while registered Republicans are equally solid
behind their candidate Mike Coffman (83% support among registered Republicans).
Among the registered Independent voters - who represent 31 percent of likely
voters in the 6
Congressional District – Romanoff holds an 11 point advantage
over Coffman (45% Romanoff - 34% Coffman), while 21% remain undecided/other.
This poll is representative of likely 2014 voters in Colorado’s 6
Congressional district
with a 5 point Republican advantage based on projected turnout: Registered
Republican 37%, Registered Democrat 32% and Independent/Other 31%.
About This Keating Research Poll
Keating Research is recognized as providing extremely accurate polling. This polling data is based
on 504 live telephone interviews, including cell-phones, conducted October 10-12 among likely
November 2014 voters in Colorado’s 6
Congressional District. For this sample of 504 interviews
the worst case margin of error at the 95% level is plus or minus 4.4%. Respondents were chosen
at random from a list of voters with phone numbers, including cell phones.