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Letters, figures marks
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f, i, j, l, t  Capital I and numerical figure 1  All punctuation except question marks and dashes



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lowercase letters except m and w other numerical figures marks and spaces between words

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 Question

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• Lowercase m and w • All capitals except I, M and W • Dashes and symbols such as $, % and &

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• Capitals M and W

• LINE ORDER – It is a three-number sequence that tells you how many columns your headline should cover, what point size it should be, and how many lines it should fill. • Ex: 6-42-1 1-18-3

18 pt. 24 pt. 30 pt. 36 pt. 42 pt. 48 pt. 54 pt. 60 pt. 72 pt.

1col. 16 13 10.5 9 7.5

2 col. 33 27 21.5 18.5 15.5 13.5 12

3col. 40 32 28 23.5 20.5 18 16 14

4 col.

5 col.

6 col.

43 38 32 28 24.5 21.5 18.5 47.5 40 35 30.5 27.5 23 48 42.5 37 33 28

Bayombong, Nueva Vizcaya - About a year ago, the Philippine National Police found it difficult to attract police officials to come to Nueva Vizcaya to take on the job of provincial police director. Now, the post has apparently become so attractive that several police officials wanted to be included as candidates to replace outgoing police director, Senior Supt. Felix Caddali.

According to a source in the provincial government, at least seven police officers have signified their interest to replace Caddali. “(The aspirants) visited (Gov. Luisa Cuaresma) hoping that their names would be included in the short list of candidates and eventually, be the lucky one when the governor finally makes the choice,” the source told the INQUIRER.

Caddali will retire on March 5, after a 14-month stint in the province. Asked whether the police officers’ renewed interest in the post had anything to do with the revived operations of the illegal numbers game jueteng here, the source said:”Your guess is as good as mine.”

Catholic Bishop Ramon Villena, a staunch crusader against illegal gambling, earlier denounced local police officials for allegedly tolerating the operations of jueteng in exchange for bribe. Caddali has denied Villena’s accusations, citing the arrests of bet collectors in various towns here.

Caddali also said the allegations that the police officials’ interest in the post was linked to continued jueteng operations in the province were “merely speculations.” “There are many officers with the rank of senior superintendent who, at present, do not have (directorship) positions. Since I will be leaving, it is understandable that many of them would be interested,” he said.

But he said about a year ago, when the province was declared “jueteng-free,” PNP officials had a hard time looking for candidates. The competition for the post has become so intense that it has created animosity among some aspirants, the source said. For the past weeks, some officers have been busy doing the rounds among provincial officials and even mayors to lobby for their support, the source said.

Guide Questions:
What are the key words? What is the point of the story? What does the lead/lede and the nut graf say?

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