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Since time immemorial, man has been able to conduct its strengths to defeat the

enemy, but the question is, can we say that the pen is mightier than the sword?
I think so. Why?
"The pen is mightier than the sword" is an adage indicating that communication, or
in some interpretations, administrative power, is a more effective tool than direct
violence. Some modern day sources use irony to humorously invert the original
intent of the observation, often by a character using the quote after a pen has been
used as a physical weapon. It means also that a person can cause people to change
their opinions (e.g., to fight a war) and on a large scale whereas a sword can only
change a persons opinion by force and then often only results in the person's death.
For example be fore Islam united them << Arabs Were Too Often engaged in tribal
warfare Against Each Other, so much so That One of Their Many wars, One That
lasted for 40 years, started WAS between two tribes through a camel owned by one
tribe drinking from Reviews the other's water and the fight ensued That thereafter.
In Those tribal wars the poet of a tribe WAS highly esteemed and his Ability to
deride --other tribes In His poetry and claim pride for His Own WAS regarded the
height of the poet and might was given year honor Higher Than That of the warrior.
To this day a traditional dance Performed by men in Arabia revolves around the act
of men with swords facing Each Other in battle formation and Each is led by a poet,
so that's two poets Against Each Other, and the poets engage in a spontaneous
poetry match Where one starts with a line of poetry That Is His repeated by men in a
dance song behind _him_, and his opponent is required to answer _him_ with a line
of poetry That matches it in meter and rhyme - not easy thing to do year - and Until
One poet continuous it is Clearly the winner over the other, or, more Wisely, until,
Both poets seem to Satisfy Their men That The outcome had been resolved through
a display of mutual respect >>; That by, I mean, That Both poets strive to stand to
the occasion and show the --other That Their respective tribes are worthy of respect
and Will not be Intimidated, while displaying respect for each other.
What could serve the sword aside hurt people, support war, dividing people and
aggregate to be a major driver of violence?
The pen has been an important object for most of the big names in the world.
Namely writers, presidents etc. When we say pen, several things are combined in,
writing, thinking, philosophy etc.
Famous quotes from big names about the subject:
<< The ink of the erudite is more sacred than the sword of martyr>> (Prophety
Mouhamed PSL)
<< I'm more afraid of the pen of Abu'l Fazl than the sword of AKBAR>> (King
<< four hostile newspapers are more to be feared than a thousand bayonets>>
(Napoleon Bonaparte).
I think that mine is better because I gave some examples about the subject and its
like you have to choose between knowledge and violence.