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Willing to be a Mentor
UNT Womens Faculty Network Mentoring Project
[Note: Information on this form will only be shared by the women organizing the WFN project.]

Name _______________________________________________________________________
School/College ______________________ Department ____________________
Email ____________________________________ Telephone __________________________
Academic status:

Associate Professor
Full Professor
Senior or Principal Lecturer
Other _________________________

Demographics (optional):

Race/ethnicity: ______________________________________
Age: _________________________
Other (e.g., physical ability, sexual orientation):

Kind of mentoring you are willing to do: (check all that apply):

Strengthen scholarship
Strengthen teaching
Evaluate strengths and weaknesses
Talk about tenure/promotion
Consider career path


Talk about promotion

Deal with a specific situation
Adjust to (non)diverse campus environment
General advice
Other __________________________

Attributes and experiences you especially seek in a mentee (check all that apply):

Is an assistant professor
Is an associate professor
Is a lecturer
Is a woman of color (specify: ______)
Seeks an administrative post

Willing to commit to (check all that apply):


Has the same specialty as I do
No preference on specialty
Other __________________

meeting/once a month
Other _________________________________________________________________