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Barns & Nobles - Case Presentation

Barns & Nobles - Case Presentation

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Published by: maheemanga on Dec 19, 2009
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Khandakar Galib Mohiuddin Prepared By group 502

Marketing Strategy in Action
A simple bookstore that becomes world largest bookstore by simply making some marketing strategy to influence consumer and made a history by branding a bookstore and creating a new era for analyzing consumer . Barnes & Noble approach to book selling has revolutionized the entire bookstore industry

Huge space, clubby, friendly environment, public restroom, music system, creating a homely environment ,coffee bar, live performance, discussion session etc.

What affective responses do you think the Barnes & noble environment creates? How might consumer’s cognitive systems interpret these responses? From a marketing perspective, which is more important to Barnes & Noble – affect or cognition?

Barnes & Noble environment creates specific affective in order to attract customer They mainly focus on consumer specific feelings and moods Feelings mainly work with consumer purchasing analysis Moods is a situation based affective response

When consumers are in good feelings and good moods they tends to concentrate on purchasing Barnes & noble creates the environment in such a way that consumer spend more time and feel relaxation and entire music system with coffee bar makes them in good moods

According to this case consumer’s Cognitive system interpret with meanings and belief . Consumer’s perception and belief about ‘ ‘ will positive and in future when they decide to go a bookstore they keep in mind of this Brand image. People’s affective system can be influence by their cognitive interpretations of their experience in a situation Oh! Its seems like a library. Next time I will buy from here From a marketing perspective affect is more important than cognition to “ Barnes & Noble”

Rob goes to a ‘ Barnes & Noble location to hang out and meet people. Lisa goes only when she wants to purchase a specific book or CD. Describe how their integration processes might convince them to choose ‘Barnes & Noble’ over the myriad options they have.

Stimuli From Environment

Consumer decision making process

Interpretation Process


Integration Process Memory

Retrieval Process

Our main concern about the integration stage for ROB and LISA. Why they chose

Integration process consumer’s attention and intentions grow and they take decision about brand.
It’s a homely environment . I can also sleep here while reading

Rob took the decision according to his past experience and his integration process works with his mind gave clear concepts about Barnes & Noble.

Lisa had a good knowledge about the purchasing situation in Barnes & Noble. She could have read a book before bought.

Many of the activities that take place at Barnes & Noble store or ( Barnesandnoble.com) do not require a purchase. Participating in discussion board and going to in-store performance are free and obviously it doesn’t cost anything to simply go in. sit a chair and read a book. So why do people buy? How do these activities influence consumer’s affect and cognition.

Barnes & Noble doesn’t require to purchase. They always suggest to participate , stay longer, read book and hang out etc. all of these indirectly influence a consumer to buy from this store Consumer always want to buy a book after reading some couple of page or chapter. They can evaluate a book before purchase. Book is a special product. Consumer can purchase same book from different store, but a store like ‘Barnes & Noble’ largely influence a consumer to buy book from their store. Marketer wants consumer stay longer in their store and after having fun they will buy a book today or tomorrow

A goodwill ,a brand image ,a Brand value is an asset for an Organization Extra activities links a relation with consumer’s affect and cognition When a consumer wants to buy a product the total affect and cognition works together and Barnes & Noble marketing strategy largely influence on that.

Consumer feelings, moods, understanding, evaluation and all of affect and cognition tools influence a consumer to choose Barnes & Noble for purchasing a book or CD

Create and associative network of your knowledge about Barnes & Noble. How did you acquire this knowledge? What might activates that knowledge structure? How can marketers activate our knowledge structure? What parts of your knowledge structure are most likely to influence your decision to visit a Barnes & Noble store? What parts are most likely to influence your decision to go to Barnesandnobl.com?


Music Relaxe d

Coffee bar

Free reading

We can acquire this knowledge by visiting Barnes & Noble website and some other web Forum like ‘webshot’ and from this case. Their entire features, marketing tools ,web design, case point of view made us and gave a clear idea of knowledge structure. Barnes & noble influence us by creating and providing some free article and free discussion in their website

Describe a script for shopping at a bookstore. Think Barnes & Noble could try to influence a stage in this script?

Visit the Barnes & Noble website (www.BarnesandNoble.com). Do You have any suggestions for how to make the site more “sticky”. (i.e. how to make visitors stay longer?

In order to make the website sticky marketer can take some strategy Organize a word puzzle game after reading some articles. Make a discussion forum on website Article sharing with others members for registered members

Slow beat music while reading some article

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