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Ben Bateman 12P

90 minute Synopsis

Watch your back:
Its a relatively cold autumns evening and the protagonist is
walking home after a normal day in school. She was previously
with her friends but they went a different way and she leaves
the school on her own and seemingly vulnerable. As she is
walking home she receives a text message saying I know what
you did. After receiving this text message it is apparent
that the protagonist is shaken by it wondering what is going
on, and what was a casual walk home suddenly escalated in to a
rush to get home as she was weary something could happen to
her. She started to speed up, almost running pace and
constantly looking around to see if she was being followed,
she was clearly paranoid and she was in a rush to get home so
she took a short cut through an alleyway. When she took the
alleyway the inevitable happened, and a dark hooded figure
popped up out of a bush with an object and took her, we next
see our protagonist getting dragged into a garage and then put
on a chair and tied up. It is then revealed that our
antagonist had a gun in his possession. The protagonist was
clearly in distress and her vulnerability was extensively
highlighted throughout.
Theres then a gunshot and the film blacks out, when it
returns the protagonist is then in real distress and crying
and is becoming increasingly desperate as she is now battling
for her life. There was then extreme torture and protagonist
was struggling to cope. It then became a battle throughout, a
battle where the protagonist who seemed powerless would try to
use her intellectual superiority to her advantage, and it
became intelligence vs. brute force. She tries to call his
bluff on many occasions and as the antagonist constantly
raises his gun to pull the trigger he becomes increasingly
hesitant in the end the protagonist could escape.