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1 | Outline for keywords MAIN, MOST, KEY, GREATEST (ie t!

e need
for e"#li$it $o%#&rison'
Should government policies be concerned mainly
with economic gains ?
Interpretations :
Government's concerns / duties that the government should perform =
- economic gains / growth / prosperity / progress / development
- defence / security
- social cohesion / peace & harmony
- ensuring the fundamental rights of the people are fulflled
mainly = primary, of greater importance than the rest
Full Introduction :
The government is argualy the most in!uential
determiner of the a"airs of any country# $t certainly has many domains to
direct and plan for in order for the country to survive and e%cel# &f all these
domains, economic success is often regarded as the government's main
priority# (owever, the other pillars of nation-uilding such as security, social
harmony and environmental health cannot e overloo)ed ecause the
asence of any one of them could adversely a"ect the people's welfare and
prosperity# *et, my view is that the government should e concerned mainly
with economic gains, without neglecting other concerns, ecause wealth
underpins almost all other domains of a country's success#
Body Paragraphs :
1. First and oremost! without economic
gains as its main concern! the government would not have the
means to do its core duty : to meet the rights and needs o its
people. The people's right to shelter, healthcare, sanitation, education are
considered universal according the +nited ,ations' -eclaration of (uman
.ights# These rights give people dignity and safety# Thus, it would e morally-
correct for the government to fulfl their citi/ens' rights# (owever, schools,
medical facilities or proper housing cannot e achieved if the government
does not have enough fnancial resources to fund the construction of the
essential infrastructure or hire the necessary e%pertise# (ence, the
government should ma)e the accumulation of fnancial gains its main priority
since so many other needs of the people rely on money# &ne prominent case
to illustrate this is 0ingapore# The tiny island state is one of the top fve
richest countries in the world 1according to the 2orld 3an)'s and $45's
ran)ing of countries y their gross domestic product6# 7s such, the
government can invest to meet the people's rights# 0ingapore's
developmental achievements include her people's high level of literacy, 2014
8 | Outline for keywords MAIN, MOST, KEY, GREATEST (ie t!e need
for e"#li$it $o%#&rison'
longevity and employment opportunities in many felds that are re9uired for
economic growth such as iomedical sciences, petrochemical industries,
manufacturing, port and airport services#
". &nce the asic needs are met, economic gains are needed to achieve a
higher standard of living, 9uality of life so that people than realise their
# $he government should be concerned mainly with this because i it
does not help the people achieve their dreams! then... %IS$ :
dissatis&ed population! lose con&dence in the govt's ability! desire
to migrate! loss o votes or the govt social ( political instability
- :70; < 0g = how the wide income gap is mitigated will a"ect the pulic's
opinion of the ruling party, the >7> = current measures still do not address
wage gap and high price of housing
). Indeed! we must ac*nowledge that in more e+treme situations!
without economic gains! there would be political and social chaos or
severe human rights violations
- :70; < poverty and fght over con!ict minerals in :ongo = militia emerge to
wrest power from corrupt leaders who do not focus on economic gains for all,
ut rather on consolidating their own positions
- :70; < famine in ,orth ?orea = government does not invest in agricultural
technology or industrialisation = low yields and production of goods = people
try to escape from totalitarian
regime, govt punishes the families of defectors
,. -aving said all the above! I thin* that the main concern o
government policies should speci&cally be sustainable economic
gains # not .ust the reaping o short#term rewards. /nly the
government can bring the other sta*eholders o the country
together to see this through.
- The other sta)eholders in society have their own uni9ue agendas# @$0T < the
private sector is mainly proft-drivenA advocacy groups have niche causesA
the pulic ma)e their own rice owls and personal happiness their priorities#
Therefore, it is really up to a responsile government to get everyone on
oard to ma)e economic gains sustainale for all# 2014
B | Outline for keywords MAIN, MOST, KEY, GREATEST (ie t!e need
for e"#li$it $o%#&rison'
- @$0T < The government leads, coordinates, consults, udgets, plans phases
of development, legislates where necessary, galvanises the other
sta)eholders in society, and represents its people when see)ing to
collaorate with other countries#
- 0enerating sustainable economic gains has to be the government's
main concern because it .ust simply is not at the top o anybody
else's list o priorities! partly due to the act that the other parties
do not have the ability to wor* towards such a grand goal.
1. Some may argue that deence! social cohesion 2or national spirit3
or even environmental protection are actually more important
concerns than economic growth.
- Their reasoning is this < even when economic gains decline, social cohesion
is what the nation needs to face the hard times together#
- -efence is also useful to help maintain security when the nation is
threatened# 1e#g# ?uwait < rich, ut unale to defend itself from $ra96
- 5rom the environmental perspective, if there is no control over how the
environment is e%ploited, then we may very well run out of the materials
needed to generate economic growth in the frst place#
4. -owever! my view is that the country's non#economic pursuits
cannot be built without economic gains to und it.
- defence capailities - many countries need to invest in weaponry
- @$0T < $ndia ought 18C 5rench .afale Det fghtersA 4alaysia = 1E .ussian Dets
to carry supersonic cruise missilesA 0g, :anada = German @eopard tan)s
- funds for uilding social cohesion = pulic education through
entertainment / govt's e%tension of its soft power
- :70; < 0g = F1E8m udgeted in 8G1B for media content creation that raises
social issues, HGI will e disursed to private sector production houses
- .esources from economic gains fund research in green technology and
alternative energy
5esolution6 Full 7onclusion : 2014
H | Outline for keywords MAIN, MOST, KEY, GREATEST (ie t!e need
for e"#li$it $o%#&rison'
To conclude, economic gains should e the main
concern of government policies today# 2ithout these gains, many pernicious
outcomes will ensue# There are, of course, concomitant concerns that
governments must always loo) into even while it places most of its attention
on its fnancial state = or the economy and all else would surely e lost#
(owever, wealth is critical for so many areas that it deserves to get the
government's greatest attention#
(Essay Outline has about 1000 words) 2014