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Robbing the Future english version

Robbing the Future english version

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Published by bwarsara
Iron mine project affect community in southern Shan States, Burma/myanmar
Iron mine project affect community in southern Shan States, Burma/myanmar

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Published by: bwarsara on Dec 19, 2009
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In 2007 a survey office was built
in preparation for the construction
of the Pinpet Cement Factory,
located on the southeastern side of
the mountain between the villages
of Naung Kyo and Poung Taw
Choke and three miles from the
iron factory. A field visit in 2009
showed that there was little
progress on the factory, however;
only a signboard and flags marking
the area for the factory were in

place. The plot of land is estimated at 4,000 acres.29

Local residents say that the company
is experiencing financial trouble and so the construction has stalled. Once operational it
is projected to produce approximately 56,000 bags of cement per day.

Pinpet Cement Factory is a project of the Burmese Kanbawza Development Co. Ltd.,
which has invested USD 60 million.30

The factory is scheduled for completion in August
2010, though local workers have expressed doubt that this deadline will be met.31

Kanbawza’s office at the cement factory site

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