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All of the United States should

legalize same sex marriage

Project #2, Part 2
Bethany Ruvalcaba
Speech 6, Argument and Debate
September 24, 2014
Same sex marriage is currently legal in 17 out of 50
states in the United States of America:
Same sex marriage has been debated about in our country
for many years, some have made it legal and some are still
against it, being that many people still have a problem
with it.
Since 17 out of 50 states have legalized same sex
marriage, why cant the 33 left legalize it?
In this presentation I will be explaining the
Why same sex marriage should be legal in all 50 states.
Why they deserve the same rights as heterosexuals.
Divorce rates are currently increasing in states that
have legalized same sex marriage.
Harm #1: Homosexaul married couples should recieve
the same rights as heterosexual couples:
Homosexual married couples are currently not receiving the same rights
as heterosexuals such as hospital visitations, inherency, adoption, and
Homosexuals are currently trying to find other solutions in these specific
areas and in the mean time are protesting against it and are causing a
Harm #2: By keeping same sex marriage illegal in other
states divorce rates are just going to increase:
Our society is currently defending the traditional marriage, but heterosexuals have
many reason why they are divorcing such as drug and alcohol problems, domestic
violence problems, medical or lave problems. If you were to find one homosexual
married couple that are currently getting divorce these problems wouldn't be their
In states where same-sex marriages are legally recognized, the divorce rate is 20
percent lower than in states that only allow marriages between a man and a woman.
The Causes:
We are currently dealing with an attitudinal inherency
which is when beliefs and attitude prevent the plan.
People that are against it are just going to start a bigger controversy
if we make it legal in all states,
which is why we need a good plan.
The Plan:
Agent: The United States of America
1. Congress will pass a bill that legalizes same sex marriage in whatever states it is currently illegal in.
2. Congress will see how same sex marriage is benefiting other states in many ways, such as not
protesting, less divorce rate, etc.
3. When same sex marriage couples get a marriage license they should be allowed to receive the same
exact rights as heterosexual married couples such as adopting children, taxes, inherency, hospital
visitation rights, etc.
a. If homosexual couples do not receive the rights they deserve they shouldnt make same sex marriage
legal in that state.
Harm #1 Same sex marriage couples are getting married
but aren't receiving the same rights as heterosexuals
which isn't the term of traditional marriage.
Please take into consideration same love; support same
sex marriage.
Legalize Same-Sex Marriage in ALL of the
United States!