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MNPC board meeting at Zzyzx - 9/26/14

Board members present: David Lamfrom, Paula Garrett, Michael Gordon, Lynn Davis, Dennis Schramm,
Linda Slater
Items: Agreement with NPS needs to be renewed; allocation of Rose Foundation funding; star party
planning; getting Mojave National Preserve designated as a dark sky park; board roles
501(c)(3) - concern about whether we are ready. Many new responsibilities occur when we take the
plunge. Primary benefit is fundraising. Need permission from Community Foundation when we want to
raise funds. Discussed whether we want to raise money to hire part time executive director/program
assistant. Paula will contact Ben to get the background he collected on getting MNPC its 501 status.
Rose Foundation grant: Reviewed grant proposal. Discussed. Hispanic Access Foundation group coming
to star party. Can coordinate with them. Overnight accommodations not available for kids to stay
overnight. Discussed events and speakers ideas for star party. Can we get the astronomers to do a solar
scope at Kelso? Have someone from JPL do an overview of the night sky before going to the telescopes.
Additional lanterns needed. Perhaps a barricade at 7pm to have no cars arriving in middle of show. May
need to produce a schedule. Electric cart to shuttle people? Lynn volunteered to write up schedule.
Should we produce postcards for the MNPC? We will have table at the event. Sign up members.
Michael will look into producing a couple of banners for our table.
NPS Agreement: Agreement has expired and needs updating to new format. Dennis will take on the
task of adding the language to the new format and updating as appropriate.