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Passage to Freedom and The Holocaust Denmark: Resistance to

Nazi Germany are two non-fiction stories that take place during WWII.
This was during the time that Hitler was threatening to take all of the
Jews to concentration camps. Passage to Freedom and The
Holocaust Denmark both had selfless, brave, and powerful men that
made a difference. These men did not care what others thought about
their actions. However, they dealt with their challenges differently. As
a result, they suffered different consequences.
Passage to Freedom and The Holocaust Denmark are both
stories about selfless men who fought for equality. They both helped
the Jews find safety, regardless of the danger or repercussions. In
Passage to Freedom, Mr. Sugihara helped many Jews get to safety by
secretly writing visas without his governments approval. On page 173,
Mr. Sugihara states, I may have to disobey my government but if I
dont, I will be disobeying my conscience. and I will issue visas to
each and every one of you to the last. In The Holocaust Denmark,
King Christian X also tried to protect the Jews from the Nazis and bring
them to safety in a different way. He, along with his country, hid the
Jews in various ways and escorted them to safety. As stated in the text
in paragraph 1, the author states, Doctors, shop owners, farmers, and
civil workers all helped Denmarks 8,000 Jews find hiding places. King
Christian X was fearless in fighting for his people. As stated in the text
in paragraph 3, The government protected all of its citizens.
Although Passage to Freedom and The Holocaust Denmark
both have men that were heroic and fought for the rights of others, the
way that they dealt with the Nazis was different. In Passage to
Freedom, Mr. Sugihara secretly wrote visas for the Lithuanian Jews
without the support of his government. In order to protect his family,
he worked alone in hopes that they would avoid punishment. In the
text on page 174, the author states, My mother offered to help write
the visas but my father insisted he be the only one so no one else would
get into trouble. On the other hand, in The Holocaust Denmark, King
Christian X was the head of his country and had the support of his
people. Unlike Mr. Sugihara, he publicly spoke his mind and showed
his support for the Jewish people. He ignored the threat of the Nazis.
In the text in paragraph 3, the author states, He would ride alone on
his horse through Copenhagen, Denmarks capital, every day. He would
not carry any weapons. He did not bring any guards to protect
Mr. Sugihara and King Christian X both courageously fought
against the Nazis and for the rights of the Jewish people. Through their
actions, they both made a difference in their countries and saved many
Jewish lives. They acted regardless of the consequences. However,
both men achieved their goals in different ways. Mr. Sugihara acted
alone and privately without the help of his government, and King
Christian X acted publicly with the support of an entire country.
Although both men had different strategies, they both fearlessly helped
the Jews and saved hundreds of lives during a difficult time in history.
They served as models for the world with their bravery and kindness.