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Hyun Kim

Assignment 1: Information Literacy

This weekend was a record breaking one for Apple and their release of their new iPhone
6 and 6 Plus. Apple set a personal best of 4 million iPhone 6 and 6 Plus pre-orders during the
first 24 hour of availability. n their initial sale! they have sold a total of "# million devices!
besting their previous mark of $ million with the iPhone %s and %c. &ad it not been for supply
constraints limiting the amount of units available! would imagine that the total of "# million
devices sold would be much higher.
'or the two additional nternet articles on the same topic! used (oogle for one search
engine and )ahoo for the other. The sub*ect that searched was! +iPhone 6 and 6 Plus sales,! and
got plenty of information from both searches. would however have to give (oogle the better
rating for more relevant information. (oogle gave the most up to date articles and what is
trending. )ahoo gave me great information as well however also gave me articles that were
written a week ago.
T-AAP +Apple .ells "# /illion 0ew iPhones in 'irst 1eekend, The 0ew )ork Times
". This article was written at "#22% A/ on $322 and has not been updated since then.
2. The article relates very well to the topic and answers my 4uestion to the fullest.
5. The Authors of this article is 6rian 7hen and /ike saac. believe they are 4ualified to
write about this topic because they have been covering and writing about smart phones
for a good amount of years. found this information when researched who they were.
4. believe this article is accurate and trustworthy. t is completely supported by evidence
as they are using numbers that are provided by Apple themselves. do not know if it has
been test for accuracy! however would imagine that a company with Apple8s stature
would not share incorrect information.
Hyun Kim
Assignment 1: Information Literacy
%. The article was written to inform consumers of the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus release. do not
sense any bias in the article as it is more of a factual report on how many new iPhones
were sold on their opening weekend.
Pro9uest 7entral
:eywords2 +iPhone 6 and 6 Plus sales,
used the Pro9uest 7entral ;atabase because it gave me the most relevant articles
pertaining to the keywords that used. The other databases did not give me any good
The Pro9uest database is not as great of a search engine as (oogle or even )ahoo. The
articles are not relevant to the keywords used. (oogle is definitely the easier to use and with
more relevance and more up to date articles. Pro9uest did not find any article on the actual
amount of iPhone 6 and 6 Plus that were sold on the opening weekend. Although it found
articles on the new iPhone 6 and 6 Plus! they are old ones which had no relevance to the
keywords used.
Hyun Kim
Assignment 1: Information Literacy
1orks 7ited /<A 'ormat
=therington! ;arrell. >Apple .ells "# /illion Phone 6 And 6 Plus ;evices ;uring <aunch
1eekend ? Tech7runch.> TechCrunch. 0.p.! 22 .ept. 2#"4. 1eb. 22 .ept. 2#"4.
7hen! 6rian @.! and /ike saac. >Apple .ells "# /illion 0ew Phones in 'irst 1eekend.> The
New York Times. The 0ew )ork Times! 22 .ept. 2#"4. 1eb. 22 .ept. 2#"4.
(oldman! ;avid. >Apple .ells "# /illion Phone 6 and Phone 6 Pluses.> CNNMoney. 7able
0ews 0etwork! 22 .ept. 2#"4. 1eb. 22 .ept. 2#"4.
<ove! Aulia. >Apple 'an 'renBy as iPhone 6 &its .tore .helves.> Oakland Tribune.ep "$
2#"4. ProQuest. 1eb. 22 .ep. 2#"4.
.ebastian! Anthony. >Apple Cnveils the 4.D-nch iPhone 6 and %.%-nch iPhone 6
Plus.> E2#"4FProQuest.1eb. 22 .ep. 2#"4.