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Abundance Centres (Lambeth) Development Trust

Annual Report 2013-14
Our Vision:
We relate to education, health and social networking in ways that truly
nurture a much valued eeling o abundance in the lie o local
communities! "amilies and their members co#operatively ease into more
and more naturally uniied approaches to learning and well#being, so all
apparent learning barriers are gradually removed! We see that growth
and progress in this way will lead to more resilient communities and
socially engaged youth!
Executive Message
$rowing rom the community o Schools O !niie" #earning our Trust has emerged as a new
kind o institution allowing greater potential or communal synergies and harmonies! A$un"ance
%entres &#a'$eth( started %&
August '(%&, born in that living conte)t o challenge and driving
potentials needing to be realised! We spent much o the irst si) months raising our community
interests and management abilities* this was done by preparing a wholistic business case to bid or
several Adventure +layground and ,arly years -tay and +lay provisions as well as building
partnerships with .outh service provisions across Lambeth! This e)tensive e)ercise has consolidated
our ownership o our %o''unit) Rights (as per the #ocalis' Act 2012 and beyond into more
essential levels)!
Currently the Trust is part o the emergent Village %*% consortium http/00villageh1!wordpress!com!
Led by +e, *nitiatives and together with other partners* +lay23eart, -outhside 3armonics,
.emaya 4 5nspirational .ou, we together are the preerred bidders or the Adventure +layground
and .outh Centre in Willington 6oad, 7orth Clapham! The prospect o bringing this longstanding
community asset into community management is both rich in community empowerment potential
and ull o acute challenges! We, the Trust in the 8illage C5C partnership are ready to serve and
$oing orward we will concentrate on urther building the community led learners9 co#operative
dynamics o the Trust9s programmes as deined by our constitution! :nder the lead o A$un"ance
%entres &!-( there will be several key new initiatives developed with integrations to our core
uniied knowledge (cross#curricular) programmes, these include the development o a childminding
agency, the provision o local lotteries and an educational internet radio service!
A fly that has no one to advise it, follows the corpse into the grave. ~ Gambia Proverb
-tandard systems o education are under increasing pressure, as is the economy o the :; and
,urope! The Trust stands increasingly ready to support amilies and communities through the
changes that are clearly upon us! "or all that has taken place and our now greately strengthened
potentials going orward we give thanks to those who have come beore, to the e)pansive networks
o service users, volunteers, associates and partners* than. )ou!
Abundance Centres (Lambeth) Development Trust # Annual Report 2013-14
Loughborough Park, Inside the APG, Moorlands Road, London SW9 8UA
Tel: ! 8"## "$! eMail: thinktank%abundan&e&entre'org
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Acco'plish'ents an" /ighlights
This irst year9s activities have largely been ocused around developing our capacity to bid in local
government tenders and commissioning schemes! Although some what hidden rom the broader
community view a po,erul tea' ")na'ic was realised amongst the members! +lanning and
preparing to assume management or signiicant (capital) assets and community services has yielded
a greatly ortiied blueprint which has national and even international implications, this is an
intelligence asset o priceless value and its in our hands now!
A special thanks is due to the ,)ecutive <embers team and Advisors*
Astehmari =atekun, Director o -chools > :niied Learning (->:L $lobal)
+astor >lanrewa?u -holola, "ounder o Christian 8ictory $roup
=renda Lee (representative oicer)
Lloyd "rench, ormerly Treasure o The Trinity Centre (Dalston)
Donna Ale)ander (<amaD) , +rincipal o Community -cience
>diri 5ghamre, Director o ;ori Arts
7go@i 3eadley#"ulani, "ounder o ,mashi Dance ,nsemble
Through the support o /ealth)0lanet the Trust has been able to e)perience several types o high
value service#centre and administrative work spaces! Although these tenures have be inherently
le)ible and short#term by agreement they have non#the#less allowed the Trust9s members and
beneiciaries to know and en?oy the practicality o abundant learning spaces which helps ensure that
our Abundance Centres vision remains e)pansive and ree rom restrictions!
1inancial *nor'ation
Pro(it ) Loss *or Period +o,ering "-.8."- to "!.8."#:
Total Re,enue /!,!08'0
Total 123enses /",948'"#
5et in&o6e (or Period /!9'-4
Accounts or the period are being inalised, the above gives a drat outline not including added value
contributions! The revenue was largely received rom the services o seconded work orces rom
-chools > :niied Learning and +eoplescience as well as membership contributions! The e)penses
were largely spent on basic administrative costs!
*nstitutional 2onors 3 Supporters
-chools > :niied Learning (->:L $lobal)
+eoplescience 5ntelligence :nit
7arrative ,ye
Christian 8ictory $roup
Abundance Centres (Lambeth) Development Trust # Annual Report 2013-14
Loughborough Park, Inside the APG, Moorlands Road, London SW9 8UA
Tel: ! 8"## "$! eMail: thinktank%abundan&e&entre'org
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Our Mission:
=e a dynamic, community#led learners9 co#operative!
=e a sel#improving and sel#sustaining organisation by constantly seeking to know better
and share what really works to improve the learning o young people, amilies and their
Develop, establish and maintain services, meeting spaces and e)periences where the
learning co#operatives9 vision is realised!
,nable the highest recognition and regard o each learner9s inner tutor by sel, amily and
community in their own terms! Amongst other actors this involves respecting culture,
environmental conte)t and co#operative action!
Carry out activities which beneit local communities and members o the learners9 co#
operative in regard to community engagement, amily directed learning, personal and
proessional development!
6aise the value and practice o lie#long and cross#curricular learning* enable and enrich the
learning o science and maths through the arts, intelligent play, harmony with nature and
vice versa, thus sharing wholesome and best learning (pedagogical) practices!
7etwork and co#operate progressively with all key local stakeholders!
5nspire, empower and support new organisations o learners!
Develop and maintain a broad and diversiied range o highly active public engagement
initiatives, und#raising portolios and wealth generating management strategies!
-hare the ?oy o being conscious learners advancing in new competencies and an unlimited
range o creativity!
It takes a whole village to raise a child
Abundance Centres (Lambeth) Development Trust # Annual Report 2013-14
Loughborough Park, Inside the APG, Moorlands Road, London SW9 8UA
Tel: ! 8"## "$! eMail: thinktank%abundan&e&entre'org
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