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These were 45 min lesson plans.

The students were instructed on how to take PowerPoint
notes prior to the first lesson. Preceding my lecture or video, the students entered the classroom
and began working on a bell ringer. This was done to activate prior knowledge to connect it to
the current lesson. I implemented videos to recap the information in the lecture to reinforce the
knowledge learned. Some of the videos did not engage the students to their highest level. In this
case I replaced the video with more time to work on the activities such as a Venn Diagram. After
reading information on the sections, the students completed a Re-Teaching activity. This activity
reviewed the sections in the chapter. The Re-Teaching activities were graded in class to judge the
class’s comprehension of the material. This activity also allowed me to review and answer
questions the students had up to this point. I also had the students create a Triangle Trade
Diagram. I created the example on the board of what I wanted. I then had the students come to
the board one at a time and draw a section of the diagram. This was to prepare them for a quiz
the next day over the diagram. The diagram also reappeared on their chapter test to check for
I enjoyed implementing technology into the lesson. The only issue I had was internet
trouble. The class uses online textbooks, when the internet failed to work properly I had the
students pair up and share a limited classroom set of textbooks. The class used the textbooks to
create a “T” Chart comparing the items traded between the Old World and New World.
After teaching the chapter I provided a study guide for the test. The guide was well
received. I also provided an electronic copy of the guide several days prior to help the students
prepare for the test. The electronic copy allowed them to work on the study guide on their
Chrome Books. After allowing 45 min to work on the study guide, I implemented a study game.
I anticipated problems keeping them under control during the game. To maintain control I
stopped the game to regain complete control when the students got to loud. This worked
effectively since I used completing 50 Identification terms before class ends as the alternative
assignment for punishment.
When I gave the test, some students had trouble finishing the test on time. They were
allowed to complete the remaining areas the following class. The test showed that students were
able to master and are capable of describing the role of mercantilism and imperialism in
European exploration and colonization in the sixteenth century, including the Columbian
Exchange. These were also the standards I was attempting to reach.