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We are EF Explore America. Together with teachers, we’re helping students
experience the life-changing power of travel on educational trips throughout
North America. By discovering new places and cultures, your child will learn
more about the world—as well as themselves. And with EF on your side,
you’ll have the World Leader in International Education to make it possible.
For 50 years, EF’s philosophy has been the same. We believe that to
experience is to learn. By taking your child beyond the four walls of the
classroom, they’ll gain the skills needed for the 21st century, and have
the opportunity to earn academic credit while they’re at it.
With our Traveler Support Team, you and your child have a committed team
ready to answer any questions, handle payments or simply offer advice on
what to pack.
Professional overnight security, round-the-clock Tour Director and
24-hour emergency service are just the beginning. Your child’s safety
is our top priority.
We believe every child deserves the opportunity to travel. That’s why we
work with vendors across the country to offer an amazing, all-inclusive
experience at a price that makes travel more accessible.
My daughter came back from
her trip and said it was the best
experience of her life. What a
great way to introduce teens to the
wonders of travel and history.
Becca H., Parent
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Tour Directors are a huge part of what makes a trip great. It’s
that simple. As the group’s logistical guru and insightful guide,
they make sure travelers are staying safe, learning and having
fun every step of the way. We talked to a few Tour Directors about
their life on the road and why they love doing what they do.
What’s your favorite
unexpected non-itinerary
moment from tour?
“Every tour is loaded with
these moments so I could
never come close to picking
one. However, my favorite
moments often happen on the
bus. Although it’s the last part
of the tour that you actually
think about, it’s quite often
where we as Tour Directors
get to create the magic
of the experience through
things like karaoke, teaching
moments, selfie contests or
whatever opportunities present
themselves. On one of my most
recent tours, half the bus was
in tears when a shy student
came up to the front and sang
an original song about the
greatness of our bus driver!”
What’s a typical day
for you on tour?
“I am usually up around 6:30
or 7:00 and on the road with
the group shortly after our
breakfast. For the rest of the
day, I’m juggling my positions
as educator, entertainer, and—
most essentially—logistical
guru. When there’s a traffic jam,
I figure out what to do about it.
When a student wants to know
why the guy out the window
is walking 12 dogs, I tell them.
When we get to our next
hotel, I check-in the group and
make sure our security guard
knows what the Group Leader
expects of their students. In
short, there’s very little which
happens on tour that I don’t
Have you ever been
recognized by a traveler
years later? If so, what
did they say?
“My best experience was when
a young woman in a business
suit called out to me by name
as I walked a tour group up
Capitol Hill in D.C.
After she ran over to me, she
explained to me—and my
students—that I had led her
8th grade trip to D.C. six or
seven years ago. And that
ever since the tour she had
planned on attending college
in D.C. because she had such
an amazing experience. On
that particular day, she was
headed to her internship at a
Senator’s office and she was
giving the credit to me!”
What’s your best piece
of advice for a traveler?
“Talk to the locals; everyone is
proud on some level of where
they come from and who they
are, let them tell you about it.
Everyone has a story and it’s
probably fascinating.
Second best advice: Use your
eyes to see what is around you,
not a camera. (You should take
some pictures, too.)”
Where are your favorite
hands-on moments for
students to experience?
“Introducing students to the
local ‘flavor,’ whether it’s
a cannoli at Mike’s in Boston’s
North End or a hot dog from
a street cart in New York City.
I like seeing students get
excited about anything new.
I had a student from Canada
try a fresh raw Oyster in San
Francisco on Pier 39. He didn’t
like it but he was feeling good
about at least trying it. Another
favorite is riding a Cable Car in
San Francisco with students!”
What have you learned
as a Tour Director?
“Travel has the ability to change
all of us, to open us up and
make us more accepting. When
we travel, we realize that there
is so much more in the world
beyond ourselves. And that as
small as we are, we can have
an impact.”
Why do you love being
a Tour Director?
“I love being a Tour Director
because it gives me the
opportunity to share amazing
cultural and educational
experiences with students.
It’s also wonderfully inspiring
to see their excitement and
the transformative power that
travel has on each of them.”
Did you travel as a student?
If so, what was your favorite
“As a student, the only real trip
I ever took was to Mexico. I’ll
never forget how the people
were so kind. And they smiled
and tried to speak to me
even though they couldn’t
speak English very well. That
memory of the connection
between disparate cultures and
languages left an indelible mark
on me. The connection despite
the differences was what made
the experience amazingly and
beautifully human!”
What’s a common thing kids
get excited about that you
would never expect?
“I think the kids are most
excited to be away from the
familiar and from their parents!
They are excited to exercise
their individuality and freedom
in a foreign place—and to do
so with both familiar and new
friends. In 11 years I have found
that most students represent
themselves in ways that would
not only make their parents
proud but also give older
generations hope for the future!”
Tour Director since:
Tour Director since:
Tour Director since:
Home base:
Home base:
Home base:
888-333-9756 6 5
This was an experience that will stay with me.
The moment the trip ended, I felt the need to
go back. I am so grateful for this trip and am
looking forward to many more.
Madison P., Student
Above: Salutes all
around at George
Mount Vernon
estate. Right: Look
up to the sky. It’s
a bird. It’s a plane.
It’s dinosaur bones!
Left: Politics aren’t the only thing
you’ll find in D.C. Right: Pssst...
Statue of Liberty, you forgot to face
the camera and smile.
Above: Even the Grand Canyon
could use a hug every now and then.
Right: Unity is never more real than
when standing around the spot
where Martin Luther King Jr., gave
his “I Have a Dream“ speech.
Get the Anytime Protection Plan and protect your investment.
Signing up is easy.
To get the Anytime Protection Plan, check the “Travel Protection” box on your enrollment form,
which can be found either online at or in this booklet.
Questions? Call us at 888-333-9756.
Life is full of surprises. Whether it's a family emergency, job transfer, the seasonal flu or anything
else that might keep you from traveling, get a full refund with our Anytime Protection Plan. It covers
you from the moment you sign up until the second before you leave.* Take comfort in knowing your
investment is protected if you're unable to make it on tour, no matter the reason.
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From the
you enroll
To the
you leave
Get a full refund if you need
to cancel for any reason*
Only $149
Easily! With our flexible payment options, you choose when—and how—you want to pay.
You can pay in full upon enrollment, or choose to pay over time. With our free Automatic Payment Plan,
payments are automatically deducted from your checking account or ATM/debit card. With the option
for a monthly or bi-weekly schedule, it’s a convenient way to pay and extends your final payment deadline
until up to 25 days prior to departure.
Or choose our Manual Payment Plan ($40 plan fee) to pay in larger installments less often using an ATM/debit
card, credit card or personal check. See p. 11 for specific plan details.
Tour donations made easy
Donations are a great way to help you pay for your tour. That’s why we set up your very own Giving Page, a
tour donation feature on your personal tour website to help you raise money. Share the link to your page with
your family and friends via Facebook, Twitter or email. Donations can be made securely online, and they go
directly toward your account balance.
There are three simple and convenient ways you can choose to enroll: online, by phone or by mail.
Your group’s enrollment deadline is determined by the Group Leader and and an EF representative. If you miss
the enrollment deadline and enroll less than 110 days before your departure, the full cost of your tour is due upon
enrollment, plus an $85 late enrollment fee. See p. 14 for details.
Booking Conditions
Enroll online:
1. Visit
2. Enter your tour number
3. Complete the online enrollment form
Prefer to enroll by phone or mail? Give us a call
at 888-333-9756, or mail your enrollment form to:
EF Explore America
8 Education Street
Cambridge, MA 02141
(Please do not send cash payments.)
Monthly payments on
your preferred date
Bi-weekly payments on
your preferred weekday

* Cancelled participants will receive a full refund of all monies
paid on the cancelled account, minus any Non-Refundable Fees.
Non-Refundable Fees are defined as the Enrollment Fee ($99),
Anytime Protection Plan premium ($149) and Manual Payment Plan
Fee ($40), as well as any late fees, late application fees, Automatic
Payment Plan decline charges, return check/direct debit fees, late
special travel request fees and cancelled check fees which have
been applied to the account at the time of cancellation.
• The Anytime Protection Plan must be purchased for $149 at time
of enrollment and may not be transferred to another participant.

• Cancellations will be accepted for any reason, at any time prior
to the scheduled departure time of the tour. Cancellations must
be made in writing and by calling our Traveler Support Team
at 888-333-9756.
• In the case of Extraordinary Events, EF will not issue a full refund
for participants who purchase the Anytime Protection Plan.
(See p. 10 for a full description.)
• For those participants not purchasing the Anytime Protection Plan,
our standard cancellation policy will apply. (See p. 10 for details.)
888-333-9756 10 9
Can adults go on tour?
EF’s published ProgramFees are based on
student rates for transportation, admissions,
accommodations, etc. We do, however,
accept adults on our educational tours as
well. An adult is a participant who is at least 20
on the last day of the tour. In addition to the
ProgramFee, paying adults are charged a per-
person adult supplement of $100 (flat fee) plus
$35 per night ($55 per night for downtown
hotels) for all tours to cover the difference
between student and adult rates.
Are there guidelines for young travelers?
Guidelines for travelers ages 6–11 are
available to Group Leaders from their EF
representative. Children under the age of
6 are not allowed to travel on an EF tour.
Anyone younger than 18 years old traveling
apart from the group without an adult
companion must register with the airlines
as an Unaccompanied Minor. Please
contact each airline on the minor’s itinerary
to make arrangements. Any resulting fees
will be assessed by the airlines and are
the responsibility of the traveler. A parent/
guardian must provide written consent to EF
(after receiving airline approval) if he wishes to
decline the Unaccompanied Minor service.
All rooming requests including upgrades must
be submitted by 110 days prior to departure.
Non-smoking rooms cannot be guaranteed.
Most hotels are located outside the city.
How many students are in a room?
Students roomin quads with same-sex
students. Rooms contain two double beds
(beds meant for two people), and two students
are expected to share each bed. Consolidated
tour participants will roomwith same-sex
students fromthe entire consolidated tour
group with which they are traveling, including
students fromother schools.
Can students request a twin room?
Students may request twin room
accommodations for an additional $35 per
night for standard hotels ($55 per night for
downtown hotels).
How are adults roomed?
Adults are automatically roomed in twin
accommodations. Consolidated tour
participants will room with same-sex adult
members of the entire consolidated tour
group with which they are traveling.
Can adults request a single room?
Single room accommodations include
an additional charge of $35 per night for
standard hotels ($85 per night for downtown
hotels) in addition to the adult supplement.
Triple-occupancy rooming is also available for
students and their families. For other rooming
options, as well as details and pricing, please
contact EF at 888-333-9756.
No warranties, representations, terms, or
conditions apply to any tour unless expressly
stated within these “Booking Conditions,” in a
Booking Conditions Addendum, or in a letter
signed by an EF officer. Prices are subject
to change. In the unlikely event that your
group size falls below 10 participants and as
a result airline contract or other group rates
are not available, additional fees may apply.
EF makes every effort to ensure the accuracy
of its publications, but it is not responsible for
typographical or printing errors, including, but not
limited to, pricing information. EF tours are not for
resale and travelers must enroll directly with EF.
When does my tour officially start and end?
Each tour begins and ends at the EF
departure airport or bus pick-up location.
For those making their own travel
arrangements, the tour begins upon arrival
at the first scheduled EF activity and ends
upon departure from the last EF hotel.
What happens if EF has to cancel the tour?
EF may cancel any tour for Extraordinary
Events. If EF cancels the tour for any such
reason, participants will receive an EF Future
Travel Voucher for all monies paid, less any
Non-Refundable Fees. Cancellation by EF for
Extraordinary Events shall not be a violation
of its obligations to any participant.
What are Extraordinary Events?
The following events are Extraordinary Events:
instability in any city on the itinerary including,
but not limited to actual or threatened civil
war, rebellion, revolution, insurrection, riot,
sabotage, civil commotion, nationalization,
labor dispute, lockout, strike, embargo,
blockade and military or usurped power or
confiscation, war (declared or undeclared),
invasion, acts of foreign enemies, government
sanctions or restrictions, substantial currency
fluctuations, acts of terrorism or incidents
of violence, acts of God (including, but not
limited to earthquakes, hurricanes, tornados,
tidal waves, floods, droughts, fires, volcanic
activity, landslides and other natural disasters)
or severe weather conditions, chemical or
radioactive contamination, pollution, public
health issues, quarantine or famine, disruption
to transportation, interruption or failure of
electricity or telephone service.
What happens if my Group Leader
cannot travel?
A Group Leader must accompany
participants on every tour. If a Group Leader
cancels for any reason, EF will ask him or
her to assign a new Group Leader to the
group’s participants. The new Group Leader
is responsible for any increases in his or
her own airline costs. Any participants who
cancel at this point and choose not to travel
with their replacement Group Leader will
be treated as standard cancellations. If no
replacement Group Leader is found, the
affected participants will need to cancel to be
eligible for EF’s Standard Cancellation Policy.
What about lost belongings?
EF is not responsible for loss of passports,
airline tickets or other documents, or for loss of
or damage to luggage or any other passenger
belongings. In the case of a lost airline ticket,
the participant is solely responsible for meeting
the airline’s requirements (both logistical and
financial) for ticket replacement.
What coverage does my ProgramFee
• Supplemental Illness and Accident
Coverage for injury and/or illness contracted
during your tour
• Transportation, food and lodging expenses
for two relatives to be at your side in the
event of a life-threatening illness
• Combined coverage of up to $15,000 for
the above situations (limitations and
exclusions apply)
• 24-hour emergency assistance during
your tour
The Illness and Accident Coverage Plans are
underwritten by United States Fire Insurance
Company. Fairmont Specialty and Crum &
Forster are registered trademarks of United
States Fire Insurance Company. The Crum
& Forster group of companies is rated A
(Excellent) by AM Best Company 2012. This
is done through a certificate issued to EF
Explore America, Inc. This certificate does
not insure or cover any claim that will be paid
for through another insurance policy; other
limitations and exclusions may apply. For
complete terms, conditions and exclusions
please refer to the certificate, which may
be obtained by calling 888-333-9756 or by
The cancellation policies below take into
consideration the costs EF incurs long before
groups ever depart.
Should you choose not to purchase the
Anytime Protection Plan, or EF cancels a tour
due to an Extraordinary Event, our Standard
Cancellation Policy will apply. The date of
cancellation will be determined by the date
on which EF receives written notice from the
participant, his or her legal guardian or the
Group Leader.
• 110 days or more prior to departure
EF will retain 25%of the Program Fee

• 109 days to 45 days prior to departure
EF will retain 50%of the Program Fee

• 44 days or less prior to departure
No refund will be issued
Cancellation with replacement refers to a
participant who cancels but finds a person
to replace him or her for the same program.
The replacement’s enrollment form must be
submitted at the same time as the notification
of cancellation.
EF cannot guarantee the replacement
participant a place on the tour or the same
flights as the group. This is primarily due to
restrictions outlined in our airline agreements.
• 110 days or more prior to departure
Full refund minus a $250 substitution fee.

• 109 days or less prior to departure
Replacements can no longer be accepted.
Standard Cancellation Policy applies.
Please make all payments on time to qualify
for refunds in accordance to EF’s Standard
Cancellation Policy.

Non-Refundable Fees are also deducted
from refunds.
Refunds will be issued only upon written
request and after a participant’s check(s)
has (have) been on the account for 21 days.
Refunds will be issued in the name which
appears on the EF account. All refund checks
are mailed four to six weeks after the request
has been processed. There will be a Non-
Refundable Fee of $30 to stop-payment on
lost refund checks.
What are Non-Refundable Fees?
Non-Refundable Fees are defined as the
Enrollment Fee ($99), Anytime Protection Plan
premium($149) and Manual Payment Plan Fee
($40) as well as any late fees, late application
fees, Automatic Payment Plan decline charges,
return check/direct debit fees, late special
travel request fees and cancelled check fees
which have been applied to the account at the
time of cancellation.
Should your school board deem it not a safe
time to travel, you can change your group’s
tour at any time. EF Explore America gives
you the flexibility to change your tour and/or
departure date for complete peace of mind.
The revised tour must depart no later than
September 30, 2015. EF must be notified in
writing by the school board within seven days
of the change in policy not to allow any travel
for safety reasons. In this event, all payments
will be transferred to the new tour. If there
are additional fees resulting from the tour/
date change, participants will be responsible
for the increase. Tours may only be changed
once. Participants cancelling from a revised
tour will be charged a cancellation fee
based on the date that the original tour was
changed or the current tour’s cancellation fee,
whichever is higher. Call for more details.
© EF Explore America, Inc. 2014
Booking Conditions
These terms and conditions apply for all
tours departing on or between October 1,
2014, and September 30, 2015. Participants
enrolling on tours departing between
October 1, 2015, and September 30, 2016,
are subject to these Booking Conditions as
well as any changes to the 2016 Booking
Conditions and payment and cancellation
schedules. These Booking Conditions are
subject to change at anytime with or without
notice. Your agreement to these Booking
Conditions constitutes your agreement to
any updates which can be found online at
EF Explore America is the trade name of EF
Explore America, Inc. EF Explore America,
Inc. (hereinafter referred to as “EF”) is a
member of the EF global group of companies.
What does my ProgramFee include?
• Full-time services of a Tour Director
throughout the program
• Round-trip airfare or bus transportation
• Bus transportation while on tour, except on
specified subway (“metro”) itineraries
• Accommodations in quality hotels as
• Daily breakfast (except on arrival day)
• Nightly dinner (except on departure day)
• Comprehensive sightseeing tours and
activities as specified
• All transfers and transportation between
destination cities
• Overnight security at hotels for each
hotel night
• Gratuities for your Tour Director, bus driver,
licensed guides, restaurant and hotel staff
• 24-hour Emergency Assistance on tour
• EF backpack and luggage tag
• EF Travel ID Badge
• Illness and Accident Coverage while on tour
(see p. 10)
• EF’s Standard Cancellation Policy
These apply to all tours unless otherwise
noted on the tour itinerary. Should we ever fail
to provide a service outlined above, you will
receive a refund for it.
Once travel is completed on the first tour,
participants are eligible for the following:
• $50 repeat traveler discount on international
programs offered by EF Educational Tours
• Discounts on other EF programs
What items are listed separately
on your invoice?
• Optional add-ons, including additional
activities and excursions
• Lunches (if included on your tour)
• Adult supplement (if applicable)
• Anytime Protection Plan (see p. 8)
• Non-Refundable Fees
• Airline services, such as food and checked
luggage, which may be purchased at the
airport or in flight (For more information, visit
• Expenses caused by last-minute airline
rescheduling, cancellations, or delays
caused by the airlines or bad weather
• Passport and visa fees (for groups traveling
to Canada)
• Souvenirs and incidentals
• Lunches (if not included on your tour)
• Any expenses not specifically listed as
What is a consolidated group?
Consolidation provides small groups with the
best value. EF’s Program Fees are based on a
minimum of 35 paying participants. To qualify
for EF’s Program Fees, it is usually necessary
to combine a number of smaller groups into
a larger one. Your group may therefore be
combined with others that are not necessarily
of the same age range. If EF is unable to
consolidate groups on their requested tour,
we will offer a comparable tour and apply the
new Program Fee. In order to consolidate
your tour, EF requests some flexibility with
your date and destination choices. If we fail
to offer a comparable tour, participants will
receive a full refund.
What is a private group?
For large groups that want the privacy of their
own tour bus and Tour Director, EF offers the
private group option. The Program Fee for a
private group is based on a minimum number
of actual paying participants per bus and is
subject to a price increase if the minimum
is not met. Depending on the size of your
group, it may be necessary to divide into
smaller groups due to limited space at hotels,
restaurants and sightseeing venues, as well
as on airplanes, trains and buses.
Who meets groups upon arrival?
Every bus has a full-time Tour Director who
will meet you at your arrival airport. In rare
cases, your Tour Director may not be able
to meet you, but an EF representative will
be available to accompany you to meet your
Tour Director. Alternatively, groups bussing
from their hometown will be met by their Tour
Director at their first scheduled activity.
Can my itinerary change?
It may be necessary for EF to modify the
order in which sites are visited, alter the
duration of stay in a city, arrange ground
transportation to an alternate airport, etc. This
may also involve a change in the departure,
arrival or return dates of a tour. EF makes
every effort to ensure that the new departure
date will be within one to two days of the
requested dates (Options are available
for groups with less flexibility. For these
options, have your Group Leader contact
EF.) In rare cases, it may be necessary to
move dates by up to three days within the
requested departure dates. On certain dates,
especially holidays, or due to flight arrival or
departure times some tour inclusions may be
unavailable. In this case, EF reserves the right
to substitute inclusions at its discretion.
Entrance into Canada requires a valid passport.
If you do not already have a passport, you
should apply for one as soon as you enroll
on your tour. Late enrollment may require the
passport application process be expedited
for an additional fee. For more information,
Additionally, parental authorization forms,
which must be notarized less than 30 days
prior to departure, are required for Canadian
travel. Consult your Group Leader for more
Citizens of the United States do not need
a visa to enter Canada. Non-U.S. citizens
should contact the closest Canadian
embassy or consulate as soon as possible for
specific entry requirements.
If a participant traveling to Canada is unable
to obtain the documents necessary to enter
Canada, EF’s Standard Cancellation policy
will apply (see p. 10).

Which types of airlines does EF use?
EF reserves seats with most major carriers.
(The passenger contract in use by each
airline, when issued, shall constitute the
sole contract between the airline and the
purchaser of the tour.) EF reserves the right to
use charter flights.
Will we have direct flights?
Due to available flight routings, we cannot
guarantee non-stop or direct flights. (Options
are available for groups with less flexibility.
For these options, have your Group Leader
contact EF.)
Do I need to use all portions of
my flight itinerary?
Yes. You must travel on all legs of your itinerary.
If you do not travel on a portion of your flights,
the remaining portions will be cancelled and no
refund will be issued. You will be responsible
for purchasing a new ticket as well as any
service fees charged by the airlines.
Will my group fly together?
Due to space availability and size of available
aircraft, we cannot guarantee that all
members of a group will fly together on the
same flight. Groups may have an additional
overnight, layover and/or bus transfer due
to space availability, routings and legal
connection times. EF cannot be held
responsible for airline schedule changes or
mechanical, weather or capacity related flight
delays. In some cases, groups may travel
on an overnight “red-eye” flight, departing
as early as the afternoon before the tour is
scheduled to begin. You will receive your
seating assignments at the time of check-in.
Can we upgrade or use frequent flier miles?
Our airline contracts do not allow upgrades,
stopovers or the accrual of frequent flier miles.
Do groups depart and land at the
same airport?
Flights to and from the following destinations
may originate/end at any of the airports
serving them (listed below). On occasion, your
tour may return to an airport in your area other
than the one from which you departed:
• New York: Newark, LaGuardia or JFK
• Washington, D.C./Baltimore: BWI, Dulles or
Ronald Reagan National
• Houston: Hobby or George Bush
• Chicago: O’Hare or Midway
• Los Angeles: LAX, Burbank, Orange
County, Long Beach or Ontario
• San Francisco: Oakland, San Jose
or San Francisco
• Miami: Miami or Fort Lauderdale
• Cleveland: Cleveland or Akron
Can we take a bus instead?
EF offers comfortable chartered motorcoach
transportation as an alternative to air travel
for many of our tours. All bus groups must be
private groups (see ‘Group Travel’).
What if I need to depart froma
different airport?
EF is happy to arrange for an alternate
departure airport on your itinerary. Your
Program Fee will change to reflect the new
gateway and a Non-Refundable Service Fee
of $60 will apply. You will be responsible for
your own ground transportation to or from
your group’s location, and at the end of your
itinerary you must return to the city that you
initially departed. Please call our Traveler
Support Team at 888-333-9756 for details
and to obtain a Special Travel Request form.
• All requests are subject to availability
• Requests must be received by EF by the
group’s enrollment deadline or 110 days
prior to departure, whichever is earlier
I (or parent or guardian if enrollee is under 18) am an enrollee for an educational tour provided by EF Explore America, Inc. If I am participating
in a Service Learning Tour I acknowledge and understand that a portion of my tour may be operated by Me to We Trips, Ltd., a Canadian entity,
in collaboration with Free the Children. By signing the EF Release and Agreement, I understand and agree to the following:
888-333-9756 12
1. EF and its affiliates, which shall include
their officers, directors, shareholders and
employees (collectively “EF”) does not own or
operate any entity which is to or does provide
goods or services for my program, including,
for example, hotels, arrangements for or
ownership or control over houses, apartments
or other lodging facilities, tour directors, airline,
vessel, bus or other transportation companies,
local ground operators, visa processing
services, providers or organizers of optional
excursions, food service or entertainment
providers, etc. All such persons and entities are
independent contractors. As a result, EF is not
liable for any negligent or willful act or failure
to act of any such person or entity, or of any
third party.
2. Without limitation, EF and/or Me to We Trips
Ltd. in collaboration with Free the Children
and its affiliated companies, partners, any
companies acting on its behalf, each of their
directors, officers, employees, volunteers,
sponsors, independent contractors, agents
and authorized representatives (together
referred to as “MTW”) are not responsible
for any injury, loss, or damage to person or
property, death, delay or inconvenience in
connection with the provision of any goods
or services occasioned by or resulting from,
but not limited to, acts of God, force majeure,
acts of government, acts of war or civil unrest,
insurrection or revolt, strikes or other labor
activities, criminal, terrorist or threatened
terrorist activities of any kind, overbooking or
downgrading of accommodations, structural
or other defective conditions in houses,
apartments or other lodging facilities (or in
any heating, plumbing, electrical or structural
problem therein), mechanical or other failure of
airplanes or other means of transportation or
for any failure of any transportation mechanism
to arrive or depart timely or safely, dangers
associated with or bites from animals, insects
or pests, sanitation problems, food poisoning,
epidemics or the threat thereof, disease, lack of
access to or quality of medical care, difficulty
in evacuation in case of a medical or other
emergency, or any negligent or willful act or
failure to act of any third party, or for any other
cause beyond the direct control of EF or MTW.
3. I agree to release and hold harmless EF and
my school, my school district, my school board,
MTW, and my Group Leader (the “Released
Parties”) from, and agree not to sue the
Released Parties for, any and all claims, of any
nature related in any manner to my participation
in an EF sponsored tour or a Service Learning
Tour, including but not limited to, claims for
negligence, breach of contract, breach of
express or implied warranties, negligence or
wrongful death or any statutorily based claim.
I hereby unconditionally and unequivocally
waive any and all claims and demands for all
damages, losses, costs and expenses of any
nature whatsoever (including attorneys’ fees) on
account of or arising out of any and all personal
injury, death, bodily injury, mental anguish,
emotional distress, property or other damage
that I may suffer from any cause whatsoever
related in any way to my participation in any EF
sponsored tour or a Service Learning Tour. I
further agree to release and hold harmless the
Released Parties from any and all decisions
to cancel, modify or delay the tour as a result
of unforeseeable events that are beyond the
reasonable control of EF or MTW or which
become necessary or advisable so as to
increase the quality of the tour.
4. My tour begins with the takeoff from the EF
departure airport or bus pick-up location and
ends upon completion of the flight back to the
EF airport or return to bus drop-off location.
5. EF and MTW shall have no liability or
responsibility for me when I am absent from
EFor MTW sponsored activities or during non-
EF or MTW sponsored activities, such as visits
to friends or relatives or during stay-ahead/
stay-behind option periods if the stay-ahead/
stay-behind period does not include the services
of a Tour Director.
6. EF reserves the right to refuse or cancel my
registration at its sole discretion. In such event,
Standard Cancellation guidelines as outlined
in the Booking Conditions apply. EF and/or
the Group Leader reserves the right to decline
to accept or to retain any traveler on the tour
if that person’s presence is felt by EF or the
Group Leader likely to be detrimental to the
enjoyment of the tour by others, is dangerous to
the participant or others, or for failure to abide
by EF’s regulations and/or the directions of the
Tour Director. All participants are expected to
be respectful towards other tour participants.
Bullying and harassment are not tolerated
on tour and individuals who engage in such
behavior may be removed from tour. The use
of alcohol is not allowed and consumption of
alcohol by any participant, or any age, is subject
to disciplinary action, including dismissal from
tour. Travelers who have been removed from
their tour waive the right to a refund of any part
of the fee. EF may send the traveler home at the
traveler’s own expense.
7. To abide by EF’s and MTW’s regulations, the
directions of my Group Leader, my Tour Director
and EF’s or MTW’s personnel during my tour.
Failure to do so may result in EF terminating me
from the tour immediately. I understand that to
disobey such rules or directions is to waive the
right to a refund of any part of my Program Fee,
and that EF may then send me home at my own
8. To abide by all local laws when abroad or
while on tour, including those concerning drugs
and alcohol. I understand that if I abuse or
disobey such laws, even unintentionally, I waive
my right to a refund of any part of the Program
Fee, and EF may send me home at my own
expense. I also understand that should local
authorities be involved, I will be subject to the
laws of the country or state I am visiting.
9. If I become ill or incapacitated, EF, MTW or
my Group Leader may take any action deemed
necessary for my safety and well-being, including
securing medical treatment (at my own expense)
and transporting me home. EF retains the right,
in its sole discretion, to contact the participant’s
parent(s) and/or guardian with regard to health
issues or any matter whatsoever that relates to
the participant’s tour. These rights transcend
any and all privacy regulations that may apply. In
the event of a medical emergency, EF or MTW
will attempt to cause appropriate treatment to
be administered, and the participant authorizes
EF or MTW to do so. EF or MTW, however,
makes no warranty that it will be able to cause
effective (or any) emergency treatment to be
10. EF has the right to make changes and/
or cancellations in tour itineraries and
departure dates, and to modify transportation
arrangements, including hotels and any other
tour features at any time. In the event of
such changes, refunds will be given only in
accordance with the provisions of the Booking
Conditions supplied herewith. This release also
includes all activities not offered by EF.
11. Prices are subject to unforeseen surcharges
or increases, which, if imposed by airlines or
other suppliers, will be separately billed.

12. By enrolling on this tour, I have made the
choice to travel with the teacher/Group Leader
organizing my group, and I understand that
this choice is not the responsibility of EF. I
understand that my Group Leader is able to
make decisions on my behalf, including but not
limited to changing the group’s requested tour
or travel date and requiring that I purchase items
such as Anytime Protection Plan and optional
excursions. I understand that a Group Leader
must accompany me on tour. If my Group
Leader cancels for any reason, EF will ask him
or her to assign a new Group Leader. If I cancel
at this point and choose not to travel with the
replacement Group Leader, I will be subject
to EF’s Standard Cancellation Policy. If no
replacement Group Leader can be found, I will
need to cancel and EF’s Standard Cancellation
Policy will apply.
13. It is my responsibility to secure the necessary
travel documents (passport, visa[s] and parental
authorization forms.) Failure to do so does not
constitute grounds for a refund except according
to the Standard Cancellation guidelines as
outlined in the Booking Conditions.
14. I will be required to pay for any phone calls
or incidental personal expenses that I incur at
hotels, as well as for any damage I cause to
hotel rooms, buses or other property.
15. This tour has been designed for students,
as reflected in the pacing, educational content,
accommodations and other aspects of the tour.
16. That this agreement and EF’s Booking
Conditions constitute the entire agreement
between EF and me with reference to the
subject matter herein, and I do not rely upon
any promises, inducements or agreements not
herein stated, including but not limited to any
oral statements made to me by any agents or
employees of EF, or by my school or Group
Leader. This agreement may be amended or
modified only in writing signed by an officer of
EF. Any waiver by EF of any provision of this
agreement shall not preclude EF enforcement
thereafter. Payment of the required reservation
fee/deposit constitutes consent to all provisions
of these Terms & Conditions and to the general
information contained herein and in the catalog,
and for all travelers covered by the payment.
17. That this agreement shall be governed in
all respects, and performance hereunder shall
be judged, by the laws of the Commonwealth
of Massachusetts. In the event of any claim,
dispute or proceeding arising out of my
relationship with EF, or any claim which in
contract, tort, or otherwise at law or in equity
arises between the Released Parties, whether or
not related to this agreement, the parties submit
and consent to the exclusive jurisdiction and
venue of the courts of the Commonwealth of
Massachusetts and of the United States District
Court for the District of Massachusetts.
18. For participants in Utah only: I understand
that this tour is not sponsored by any public
school, public school district or other public
entity, and is operated and organized by a
privately owned company.
19. EF or MTW may use any film or digital
likeness taken of me and any of my comments
while on an EF tour as well as any project work
(including but not limited to online learning
programs offered by EF) for future publicity
without compensation to me and also use my
contact information for future EF promotions.
Sign your enrollment form only when
you have read in full and understood the
contents of this release and agreement!
Booking Conditions
• Travelers must select a payment method of either direct debit from a
checking account or an ATM/ debit card (card must display the Visa
or MasterCard logo).
• EF must have the checking account or card holder signature on
the Enrollment Form, electronic signature or verbal authorization
indicating agreement to EF’s Automatic Payment Plan Terms and
Conditions before the plan is activated.
• A minimum of three months of automated payments are required.
Travelers who are not eligible for the Automatic Payment Plan must
pay in full upon enrollment or enroll in the Manual Payment Plan.
• Travelers must provide a valid billing email address and pay the
tour’s $99 Enrollment Fee before the plan is activated.
• Travelers who choose monthly payments must choose a date
between the 1st and 26th of the month on which their account will
be automatically debited.
• Travelers who choose bi-weekly payments must choose a weekday
on which their account will be automatically debited.
• Due to weekends and holidays, EF reserves the right to debit the
travelers’ account up to three days after the scheduled date.
• The Automatic Payment Plan amounts are subject to change if tour
items or payments (other than the Automatic Payment Plan) are
added or removed in excess of $20. All other items or payments
totaling $20 or less that are added or removed will only be reflected
in the final payment.
• After the Automatic Payment Plan’s final scheduled payment, any
additional items are due at time of purchase. Payments will no
longer be automatically deducted.
• A non-refundable $35 fee will be assessed each time a payment is
returned or declined. In these cases the plan will be recalculated
to have the missed payment redistributed across the remaining
schedule. EF reserves the right to withdraw travelers from the plan
for returns or declines in two consecutive payments. Should the
final payment be returned or declined, travelers will automatically be
withdrawn from the plan.
• Travelers are not charged late fees while enrolled in the Automatic
Payment Plan. Should the traveler opt to withdraw from the plan
or is withdrawn by EF, the traveler will be enrolled in the Manual
Payment Plan and the $40 plan fee will be assessed.
• If travelers do not pay in full upon enrollment or choose the
Automatic Payment Plan, they will be enrolled in the Manual
Payment Plan and a non-refundable $40 plan fee will be applied.
You will receive invoices based on the following schedule:
– Upon enrollment:
$99 deposit (Non-Refundable Fee)
– 30 days after enrollment:
Account must have $350 total paid
Late Fee: $40
– 110 days prior to departure:
Account must be paid in full
Late Fee: $85
• Travelers can pay with ATM/debit card, credit card (card must
display the Visa or MasterCard logo) or personal checks.
• Payments made by personal check must be submitted with the
traveler’s name and account number.
• A non-refundable $35 fee will be assessed each time a payment
is returned or declined.
• Travelers are responsible for making on-time payments even
if an invoice is not received.
• All payment due dates refer to the dates by which each payment
must be received by EF.
• EF reserves the right to cancel the traveler’s reservation if any
payment is past due by 30 days (or 15 days after final payment).
You can rest assured knowing that travelers’ tour money is protected
in the unlikely event of EF bankruptcy, insolvency or cessation of
business under our participation in the United States Tour Operators
Association (USTOA) $1 Million Travelers Assistance Program. For
program details and a list of its affiliates, contact USTOA by mail
at 275 Madison Avenue, Suite 2014, NY, NY 10016, by email at
information@ustoa.comor online at
Should you choose the Automatic Payment Plan or Manual Payment Plan, the following Terms and Conditions apply. Payment plan options apply
to travelers enrolled after 9/1/14.
Booking Conditions
Should you choose to enroll in Paperless Billing, the following Terms and Conditions apply.
• Traveler will receive electronic invoices in connection with all information related to EF account, including tour invoices, and other notices that are
available in electronic format. Traveler understands this means that, once enrolled, traveler will not receive paper copies. Invoice reminders will be
sent to the billing e-mail address that traveler provides on their enrollment form. Traveler may view and print invoices by logging into account at
• EF is not responsible for any delay or failure to deliver any invoice, and traveler understands that nothing in these Terms and Conditions relieves
obligation to pay invoice.
• Traveler may elect to not receive electronic invoices and change to billing by US mail at any time by logging into account at
or by calling 888-333-9756.
• To the extent permitted by law, paperless billing is provided “as is” with faults and without warranties of any kind, either expressed or implied.
Traveler assumes all responsibility and risk for use of paperless billing. EF does not warrant that the information, processes or services will be
uninterrupted, or bug or error free.
888-333-9756 14
Other ways to enroll: ENROLL BY MAIL
Mail your enrollment form to:
EF Explore America
8 Education Street
Cambridge, MA 02141
(Please do not send cash payments.)
Give our Traveler Support Team
a call at 888-333-9756.
Enrollment forms are processed on a “first-come, first-served” basis.
All enrollment forms must be received by EF no later than your
group’s enrollment deadline, which will be determined by the Group
Leader and an EF representative; enrollment forms received after the
deadline are subject to availability. The enrollment deadline will be no
later than 110 days prior to departure.

When you enroll less than 110 days prior to your tour, you will need
to pay the full cost of your tour plus a $85 late enrollment fee. EF
only accepts payment by credit/debit card, money order or cashier’s
check for late enrollments. Availability is not guaranteed and
additional charges may apply. You will receive a full refund if we are
unable to place you on the tour. We cannot accept enrollments 35
days or fewer prior to departure.


TRAVEL PROTECTION Yes, enroll me in the Anytime Protection Plan (May not be added after enrollment) SEE P. 8 FOR DETAILS.
Legal first name:
(No nicknames. i.e. Robert, not Bobby. IMPORTANT! $100 minimum penalty for name change.)
(Provide only if included on your photo identification. If your photo identification displays a middle initial, list only a middle initial here. Your name must be an exact match.)
City: State: ZIP:
Home telephone:
Date of birth:
Optional: For travel to Canada, we will use this to provide you
the most accurate information on passport/visa requirements.
Are you a U.S. citizen? Yes No Gender: Male Female
Traveler’s Email:
Mailing address:
Prefiero comunicación en español cuando esté disponible.
Middle name:
Last name:
First Name: Last Name:
Contact Email:
Home telephone: Mobile telephone:
Check one: Parent Guardian Relative Spouse Friend Prefiero comunicación en español cuando esté disponible. Gender: Male Female
(Email of person not
traveling on tour.)
Your enrollment form must be signed below by you, and if the applicant is under 18, by your parent/guardian.
I have completely read and fully understand the “Release and Agreement” and “Booking Conditions” as supplied herewith, and incorporated herein by reference and agree to be bound by, and to comply with the
“Release and Agreement” and “Booking Conditions.” I have also read and agreed to EF’s Automatic Payment Plan and Anytime Protection Plan terms and conditions. Important Condition: Prices are subject to increase
prior to the time of full payment for reasons including, but not limited to, fluctuations in currency exchange rates, fuel prices, and government-imposed taxes and fees. This condition applies to any tour regardless of
travel date. By signing below, I acknowledge my acceptance of this condition to my purchase.
Signature of enrollee: _______________________________________________________________________________________ Date: _____________________________________________
I am the parent or legal guardian of the above (minor) enrollee. I have completely read and fully understand the “Release and Agreement” and “Booking Conditions” as supplied herewith, and incorporated herein by
reference and agree to be bound by, and to cause the above enrollee to comply with the “Release and Agreement” and “Booking Conditions.” If applicable, I have also read and agreed to EF’s Automatic Payment Plan
and Anytime Protection Plan terms and conditions. Important Condition: Prices are subject to increase prior to the time of full payment for reasons including, but not limited to, fluctuations in currency exchange rates,
fuel prices, and government-imposed taxes and fees. This condition applies to any tour regardless of travel date. By signing below, I acknowledge my acceptance of this condition to my purchase.
Signature of parent or legal guardian: ___________________________________________________________________________ Date: ______________________________________________
A non-refundable $99 Enrollment Fee must be paid at the time of enrollment.
Tour # (required for processing enrollment form):
Tour name and requested travel date and year:
Group Leader:
(Group Leaders should not fill out an enrollment form for themselves.)
2014/2015 EF Explore America
Total amount to be processed at time of enrollment: ($99 minimum) $: ________________________
Billing information:
Account/cardholder’s name: __________________________________________________________
Billing address if different from traveler address:
Billing email: _____________________________________________________________________
Account/cardholder’s signature: ________________________________________________________
Please do not enroll me in paperless billing. I want to receive bills by mail.
Manual Payment Plan - $40 plan fee
Bank routing number: ____________________ Checking account number: ____________________
ATM/debit card or credit card number: __________________________________________________
Billing ZIP code: ______________________________________ Expiration date: ________ / ________
Pay in full today
ATM/debit card or credit card number: _________________________________________________
Billing ZIP code: _____________________________________ Expiration date: ________ / ________
Automatic Payment Plan - Free
Select your monthly charge date: 7
Additional dates and bi-weekly options are available after enrollment. Call 888-333-9756.
Bank routing number: ____________________ Checking account number: ____________________
ATM/debit card number: ____________________________________________________________
Billing ZIP code: ______________________________________ Expiration date: ________ / ________