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When I checked in at the beginning of the quarter I set three goals for myself.

The frst goal was just to see if I could handle taking classes, stay focused
while working full time. To make this easier I chose to take an online course. I
also chose history as it is something that I always have an interest in. I tried
hard to give myself as much of a “running start as I could. !ne thing I did
not reali"e was that this was an eight week course. I originally signed u# for
three classes all eight week courses and decided to dro# one right at the
beginning. !ne of our frst assignments was a $%& hour schedule and even
though I originally #lanned to follow it religiously I found that much too
di'cult. Instead I did a majority of work for this class on (ondays and
Tuesdays from reading the te)t, taking the qui", and writing the assignments.
This really hel#ed me stay ahead of the deadlines and made sure I always
had time to dedicate to the class. *lthough I did meet my goal for getting my
classwork done and staying focused this was not without its challenges.
Towards the beginning of the class I was com#letely overwhelmed with the
workload of each class se#arately let alone combined. I think it was a smart
decision to dro# my third class as it would have severely negatively im#acted
my work on all my classes. The transition from years of no college courses to
having even two was very jarring. *t frst it was hard giving u# almost all of
my free time but now it seems #art of my normal routine. (y leisure time is
much reduced now, but it+s more enjoyable, not really sure why that is maybe
I just a##reciate it more. *s for staying focused that was a challenge as well
but it was hel#ed enormously by #rofessor and #eer encouragement. !ne
thing that concerns me going forward is how to maintain focus and
enthusiasm for a course that I have no #ersonal interest, or an a#athetic class
and #rofessor.
(y second and third goal was really the same and that was being able to
a##ly what I learned in ,- .istory to my life. This goal is a work in #rogress
meaning I will need more knowledge of history to fnish. What ha##ens after
$&/%0 I guess another ,- .istory class is in order. I did learn a great deal of
the environment and culture my ancestors lived in. 1eing of (e)ican and
*frican descent we learned how those #eo#les got to e)ist in *merica. The
(e)ican #eo#le are a mi) of -#anish and 2ative *merican descent which was
a #roduct of -#anish coloni"ation. The *frican side was also largely a result of
3uro#ean coloni"ation. 1oth these grou#s being brought together in the new
world somehow lead to my family origins.
3ven though this was not my original goal I feel as though I have greatly
im#roved my academic skill set. 4or e)am#le, before this class I was unaware
of what *5* citations were, or how they were used. I did not really know how
to do research either. 1oth of these skills I was able to im#rove gradually over
the course to where I now try to incor#orate multi#le sources when #ossible,
and cite them correctly. Taking this class has also hel#ed me immensely in
being able to organi"e my thoughts in a coherent manner. The frst cou#le of
writing assignments were very challenging in that I would struggle with how
to e)#ress my views, but I feel over the course I have im#roved in organi"ing
my thoughts. I know I still have much work to do in this area, and ho#e to
continue to im#rove my #rocess in future classes.
!ne fnal thing I learned in this class is that I greatly enjoy history, es#ecially
,- .istory. It does a great job of e)#laining why our culture is the way it is.
(y only regret is that we had to move so fast. 3ight weeks is far too short a
time to devote to such a large and im#actful #eriod of ,.- .istory. I would
imagine eight weeks could easily be s#ent on the *merican 6evolution, or
7ivil War alone. This class taught me that I want to study history on a more in
de#th basis and defnitely want to study the #eriods this class does not cover.