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Lesson Preparation

Teacher Candidate: Kaci Philpot
Title of Lesson: Replacement Behavior: How to Appropriately Seek Attention from Teachers
Grade Level: 7th
Subject Area: Behavior

1. Lesson Topic (What is the “big idea?”):
There are alternative ways to seek attention that are more appropriate in the classroom setting.

2. What standard(s) will it address?

3. What IEP goal(s) will it address?
This student does not currently have any behavior goals.

4. Main Objective of Instruction (What do you want the student(s) to learn?):
The student will be able to reduce disruptive attention-seeking behaviors to no more than 1 occurrence in a
90 minute class period by using replacement behaviors to seek teacher attention.

5. Supporting Objectives:
The student will be able to raise hand politely.

6. Specific Strategies (conspicuous) to be taught/modeled:
Modeling and role playing appropriate ways of seeking attention from teachers.

7. Planning for individual differences (mediated scaffolding): What are the accommodations/modifications you
need to prepare?
-The student may have difficulty reading the script (The script should be written at the student’s reading
level, but just in case), if this happens, the student can teach any lesson or pretend to give a presentation.

8. What background knowledge do the students have? How will you assess students’ learning – pre, during and
post? (please paste your pre and post assessment here)
Background Knowledge: The student knows that his behavior is disruptive and inappropriate and has asked
for help from myself and his math teacher. I have good rapport with the student.
-Pre assessment: Behavior frequency chart
-During learning: Monitor practice of appropriate/replacement behavior.
-Post: Reassess the pre-assessment.

9. What management/grouping issues do you need to consider?
-The student may feel embarrassed during the lesson; I will need to reassure him that it is important that
“practices” appropriate behavior with me. I will also reassure him that he is not the only one that engages in
this behavior, but the frequency of his behavior is affecting both his and his peers’ learning.

10. Materials and Resources:
-Name tags that say “teacher” and “student”
-Teacher script for student to read.

11. How/where will students be able to integrate (generalize) this learning?
The student will be able to use replacement behaviors across all academic and extracurricular areas.

12. How will you evaluate student learning from this lesson and build review into ongoing instruction (judicious
The student will be monitored for progress in behavior and challenged to reduce the frequency of disruptive
behavior to zero occurrences through self-monitoring.

Lesson Title: Replacement Behavior: How to Appropriately Seek Attention from Teachers.

Main Objective of this lesson: The student will be able to reduce disruptive attention-
seeking behaviors to no more than 1 occurrence in a 90 minute class period by using
replacement behaviors to seek teacher attention.


I. Opening: (SET – How will you get the student(s)’ attention?) Relate lesson to prior learning.
Communicate the objective of the lesson.
I will remind the student of our previous discussions on his want to improve his behavior and grades
and then I we will discuss the behaviors documented during the FBA process. After we have had a
conversation, I will communicate the lesson objective.

II. Procedure: (Is this an informal presentation, direct instruction, or structured discovery?)
Direct Instruction

o Strategies (I Do/ how will you guide students to construct meaning for themselves):
- The student will be given a script and the teacher name tag. I will wear the student name tag
act as the student. When the student is reading the script, I will exhibit behaviors similar to
the student’s problem behaviors.
- After problem behavior discussion, we will redo the same role play scenario, but this time I
will raise my hand to ask questions or make comments and then approach the “teacher”
when his lesson is over.

o Guided Practice (We Do/students present):
- Once the problem behaviors role play is over with, we will have a discussion about how he
felt as the teacher with me interrupting and making rude comments about what he was
- Following the replacement behaviors role play, we will have a discussion about the
difference and how he felt as the teacher when I raised my hand to speak and waited until
the end of the lesson.
- The student and I will engage in role play, this time with the student acting as the
student and I as the teacher.

III. Closure: Student(s) summarize, demonstrate learning of lesson. Independent Practice (You Do).
Formally END the lesson.
I will restate the objective and use the students own words stated in the role play discussion
to remind him of the importance of raising his hand and waiting until the end of the lesson to engage the
teacher. I will ask the student what he thinks about the replacement behaviors and we will discuss goals
around reducing problem behaviors (student buy in).