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Copyright 2012 Brad Johnson
All rights reserved.
ISBN-10: 1478179333
ISBN-13: 978-1478179337

This book is dedicated to my family and friends around the world as
well as everyone else who respects, appreciates and understands that
life is abundant everywhere on the Earth and beyond. Our journeys
are infinite and forever transforming and I dedicate this book to
those who have the passion to evolve and expand beyond any

Brad Johnson is an author, public speaker, psychic, healer, conscious
channeler and metaphysical practitioner/researcher living in
Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. He is the father of two
beautiful children, Larisa Cassidy Johnson and Hayden Cameron

Brad has always appreciated the allure of science fiction as a boy, but
has developed his spiritual knowledge into practice by involving his
way of writing through the genre of visionary fiction culminating
with non-fictional elements. Brad has written two other visionary
fiction novels entitled Citizen of Atlas and New Human. Day
Zero has been an idea that has been within Brads conscience for
over four years now. Brad is immensely excited to release this book
as his third official novel.

Brad wishes to acknowledge that even though the characters
portrayed in this book are fictitious, the knowledge shared through
the journeys outlined in a diary format within this book hold a great
deal of truth and vision on what the future can hold for us as a
civilization. This is Brads greatest intention for the reader to
experience personally through this book.

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With love and appreciation,

Brad Johnson


This is a book that has been presented by
not just one individual, but by many. We are what
you could consider to be a consortium of twelve
average people whose lives dramatically changed
simultaneously on the evening of December 21
2010. This is something that we will discuss in just a
Firstly, we want the reader to understand that
this is not your average book of research. This is
information that has been retrieved through the
twelve of us working together in unity for the past
two years. The content contained within this book
is simply a translation from our perspective, based
on our understanding of the original language, of
the events following a human female known as
Anadriya. She is indeed a part of us genetically.
Her knowledge and wisdom expands to that of the
stars as she defines herself in this book as a star
How did the twelve of us get involved in this
other-worldly experience? The twelve of us (the
translators of this book) come from every region of
the planet. We all had different jobs and were
completely aware of one another before this
project began.

Introduction of the 12 Translators
Our introductions shall be kept brief as the
information contained within this book is not about
our own personal lives and history, but our
combined commitment to work together in unity
to make this book available to you in the hopes
that it may very well change your life as it has ours.
Terrence Hartman
Terrence is a 49 year old father of 3 who
was a New York City taxi driver for 19 years. He is
happily married and lives within Brooklyn, New
York. He is a non-religious man who kept to
himself, yet was willing to give a helping hand to
anybody who needed it.
Mellissa Alvarez
Mellissa is a 27 year old wardrobe designer
living in Guadalajara, Mexico. She is a single
woman with no children who was only married to
her work. She was raised Christian by her parents
but had left the faith in her teenage years. Mellissa
once suffered a severe case of asthma that had
nearly ended her life on multiple occasions. It
wasnt until her awakening through the quest to
pursue this project that her illness dissolved prior
to the discovery of this work.
Jesse Cartwright
Jesse is a 25 year old club DJ from
Vancouver, BC, Canada. He was married at the age
of 21 and divorced at the age of 23. Through
intense situations with battling depression, Jesses
only escape was his love for music. It is through his
gift of the adept understanding of sound that much
of this work in its complexities was able to be
pieced together successfully.
Beverly Eleanor McGregor
Beverly is a 70 year old gardener from Bath,
England. Mother of 5 and grandmother of 10,
Beverly retired as a former dance choreographer in
1993 for a majority of large scale musical
productions internationally. Beverly returned to
her love of her garden growing her vegetables and
feeling a genuine completion in life. Throughout
our working together, Beverly was a strong
foundation for moral support as she knew like the
rest of us why we had all come together for this
Sade Akenzua
Sade is a 34 year old investigative reporter
born in Gauteng, South Africa. After serving
voluntarily as a field journalist in Afghanistan, Sade
was shot in the leg and rescued by a platoon of
American soldiers. Two months had passed and
Sade returned to his hometown working
passionately with educating homeless children. It
was what he had seen in Afghanistan regarding
thousands of children out in the open suffering and
near death that literally shattered his heart, yet
opened it to the commitment of making a
difference through his educational determination.
Monica Ashley Jones
Monica is a 20 year old woman working as
an intuitive healer in Denpasar, Bali. She was
adopted at the age of 3 months after she was
abandoned by her Mother leaving her in an alley
tucked inside a straw bassinette. She was rescued
by a kind elderly Muslim man known as Taymullah.
Throughout her later years, she became a
proficient pranic healer and intuitive life coach for
hundreds of indigenous Balians that have
supported her spiritual journey and presence
amongst the island since the day of her adoption.
Simon Edward McPherson
Simon is a 38 year old lifeguard born in
Brisbane, Australia. Hes been married for 18 years
and has four children. He often hosts sightseeing
tours by bus part time throughout Brisbane. Simon
is of the Catholic faith and never has been one to
follow intuition so deeply as he has done to come
upon this quest, yet through the loving support of
his wife to meet with each of us, it gave him the
strength to begin this project with the rest of us.
Kyung Loeng
Kyung is a 77 year old Hong Kong
entrepreneur, a widowed father of 9 and
grandfather of 17 that runs a successful chain of
mens formal clothing shops. With his immense
success, experience in travelling all over the world
and deep understanding of intuitive abilities, Kyung
assisted in being the first to contact all of us
individually and arrange our very first meeting
together at Mt. Shasta on December 21
, 2011.
Vladimir Govrilov
Vladimir is a 45 year old Russian Physics
professor teaching at the Moscow Institution of
Physics and Technology. Born in Reutov, Russia,
Vladimir was an exceptional child growing up
where he was able to calculate advanced
mathematics beginning at the age of 4. He also was
able to communicate very openly with spirits as he
spoke to the spirit of his Mother before her passing
just after Vladimirs 14
birthday. It was through
his fascination of both mathematics and
consciousness that he decided to pursue both
aspects intensely. It is through this fascination that
Vladimir is setting new ground in Moscow with
indoctrinating consciousness together through his
teachings of advanced physics.
Hayden Morrison
Hayden is a 30 year old ex-marine living in
San Diego, California. After being injured in the line
of duty after nearly being shot in the heart, Hayden
had used his recovery time beginning to take up his
art and literature studies that had excited him as a
boy. At the age of 27, he left the army and has
successfully published several poems on adopting
peace and ridding war that has appeared through
multiple newspapers and magazines across the
United States.
Seth OLeary
Seth is a former pub bartender from Dalkey,
Ireland. Divorced twice and distant from his family,
31 year old Seth had a very fiery temper at times as
well as a heavily negative outlook on life. Prior to
his involvement with this project, he was on his last
legs as he had felt that his whole life was filled with
bullies, cheaters and liars. As this project began,
Seths outlook on life has dramatically improved
and is much closer to God, his family who he has
re-kindled his relationship with and mother nature
Priscilla Rasmussen
28 years of age and born in London,
England but raised in Christiana, Jamaica, Priscilla
has been known as one of the most top Capoeira
artists in the world. Married to a very popular
Jamaican concert drummer, Priscillas entire life
has revolved around the art of dance and
movement. As we are transcribing this book,
Priscilla is 3 months pregnant with her first child
and has admitted that her pregnancy so far has
been absolutely painless with no symptoms or
sicknesses whatsoever.

The Beginning of the Journey
We were all completely unaware of each
other before the beginning of our commitment
towards this journey that started on the evening of
December 21
, 2010. It was on that night where all
twelve of us literally had the same dream as we
slept. We each saw our own perception of a very
dark cave where light was being shined on a
particular rock that had a symbol embedded within
it. This symbol is whats known as a vesica piscis: a
circle overlapping with another circle. It is widely
used in many cultures today as it serves a variety of
meanings: the womb of the divine mother and the
joining of the God and Goddess for example.
Through each of our perspectives in the
dream, we went up to the rock and brushed our
fingers over the symbol. It was in that moment in
the dream where a flooding of information came
through that distorted the dream. Each of us
experienced it differently. Hayden recalled that he
could feel his physical body shake in bed as he felt
mathematical algorithms enter his mind. Vladimir
was seeing stars move past his field of vision and
was easily able to calculate their mass, volume and
trajectory within an instant without having to
think. Both Priscilla and Monica were literally
speaking what could only be defined as tongues
out loud in their sleep for several minutes straight.
We all received what is known as a download
through our minds. It was in the instance of that
dream where not only our abilities were becoming
heightened and re-calibrated, but we were
becoming aware of each other from where we
were in the world.
We all recall the dream being very short.
Most of us remained asleep that night but couldnt
recall any other memory as far as additional
dreams were concerned. Terrence stated that he
needed to get up to get a glass of water, take a
deep breath and then went straight back to bed
and literally slept an additional 12 hours.
The weeks ahead were all very synchronous
for the twelve of us. We were literally having
telepathic dialogue with each other without us
even realizing it. It was a feeling as if the mind was
wandering, but it was in that moment where we
were having a conversation in regards to how each
of us was looking forward to meeting each other.
As we talked to one another in our minds, we saw
each of our faces clearly and felt each others
memories. It was like we had known each other for
years and we knew that we were already family.
More visions followed during our dreams at
night. We were in each others dreams for months:
all twelve of us. We kept seeing the sight of this
beautiful mountain where light would radiate upon
its surface. Our dreams were telling us that this
mountain was the holiest of holy lands this
mountain was Mount Shasta. Beverly recalled
hearing angels singing as she saw the mountain in
her sleep. The song had only one word repeating in
her mind in the most beautiful and majestic choir
performance one could hear: Shasta!
Synchronicity was continuously on our side.
Nine months after we all received our first dream
of awakening as we had called it, Kyung began to
call each of us. His connections reached vastly both
in the physical and in the spiritual world. Kyung
was able to go deeply inwards and retrieve our full
names, addresses and phone numbers literally
through his years of experience working in
harmony through intuitive training involving the
Akashic records: known by many as the cosmic
library, causal realm or universal mind.
It was shortly before his contact where we
were being summoned in our dreams to meet at
Mount Shasta. More specifically, we were being
summoned to meet around the northern end of
Mount Shasta in its outskirts to the entrance of
Plutos cave. This particular cave has nearly
200,000 years of ancient history and there have
been several documented cases of individuals
having intense spiritual sightings within the depths
of the cave. We knew that this summoning to
Plutos cave was going to be something special and
Kyungs phone call could not have come at a better
Kyung spoke to each of us as if we were
members of a family, as indeed we are. He was
able to accurately know everything about us and
we were able to know much about him without
him saying a word. Each of our conversations with
Kyung was positive, enlightening and insightful.
Kyung wanted to fly each of us out to Redding,
California and we would all take a rented van out
to Mount Shasta leading to Plutos cave. We were
all excited to hear this. Kyung was a man of action
and wanted to have everything organized. God
bless him as it was his passionate organization that
got all of us together to meet in Redding,
Californias Municipal airport of the morning of
December 21
, 2011.
As we all got together and met physically
for the first time, we were somewhat oblivious to
any type of expectation. We knew we had come to
Redding and that we were going to go to Mount
Shasta and enter Plutos cave, but that was it. We
literally had no concern of what were all doing
here. No one was worrying about so many of us
leaving our family and our homes to meet up with
a bunch of strangers who weve all had telepathic
exchanges with for the last year of our lives. Each
one of us was in such amazingly high spirits. Our
journey to Plutos cave involved each of us laughing
and sincerely enjoying each others company. Its
as if all the bad things that have happened to us in
the past or dramas that we know could ignite a big
group debate were tossed out the window. It was a
journey of peace between people who understood
each other as well as they understood themselves.
Whod of thought a single dream could have
brought twelve people, each of different walks of
life from every corner of the planet together like
this? It was truly nothing short of a divine miracle
in each of our eyes.
As the rented van pulled up alongside the
gravel road leading to a small hike that would get
us to the entrance way of Plutos cave, each of us
stared at the almighty energetic presence that
Mount Shasta conveyed. The day could not have
been a more perfect one: the sun was shining and
the sky was completely clear. We saw the beauty of
the mountain that stood so ominous in its
gracefulness and splendor. The snow covered
Shastas surface as if it was painted by angels. We
were in awe of the amazing view and each of us
could begin feeling the mountain calling for us as if
it was telling us to enter Plutos cave and retrieve
something that belonged to us.
With haste, we acted upon the feeling of
the mountain and made the hike up the gravel trail
with all of our gear consisting of food, water, first
aid and extra survival supplies leading to the open
entrance of Plutos cave. The moment we stood at
the entrance to the cave, each of us had a
simultaneous vision followed by a very large
energetic tug. It was a tug that felt like the cave
itself wanted to gently pull you inside of it. Much
similar to how a kind grandmother would tug at
their granddaughters arm to show them what
present awaits them inside their house. The vision
we had shared represented the symbol we all saw
through our dream of awakening: the vesica piscis.
The vision showed all twelve of our hands touching
the symbol embedded in the rock. The symbol
began to glow and a very large extruding box was
literally coming out of the rock. It was then when
the vision ended for all of us. We all interpreted
this vision as a form of confirmation to tell us what
was in store and we were excited to have received
it. Nobody had even the slightest glimpse of fear
going into Plutos cave, there was only peace
flowing through our souls.
Kyung was at the head of the line. He
turned back to us with a smile on his face: Be
careful as you go in and remember to watch your
step. Terrence patted Kyung on the back with a
friendly smile and we all partnered together two by
two: Kyung and Terrence, Mellissa and Priscilla,
Beverly and Jesse, Vladimir and Simon, Seth and
Hayden, Monica and Sade.
As we went inside the large mouth opening
of the cave, we could all feel the energies picking
up intensely as we ventured in. We each knew the
way to the symbol and where it lied. Our direction
is driven solely on our intuition. One might say that
could be risky business, however; with the purity of
our phenomenal connection with each other, the
twelve of us knew exactly where we needed to go.
We were determined to find this symbol. We have
come this far and there was no way we were going
to stop now.
The cave was completely empty of human
presence that day. Given the age of a couple of us,
we all handled climbing the cave quite well. Its as
if all of us were literally being guided step by step
internally by our own inner child. We were actually
enjoying ourselves laughing along the way as we
were never out of step and never lost a sense of
direction. We continued our way through Plutos
cave with a path of certainty in our anticipation to
see the embedded symbol of the vesica piscis.
As we ventured deeper into the cave, past
one-hundred meters from the entrance, we all
began to hear a very pleasant humming sound that
felt like it was being carried on the wind. We
looked around us, yet saw no other emanating this
sound. We all smiled as we knew this was a
blessing from the environment. We were meant to
be here and Plutos cave would see to it that we
would receive what we came here to retrieve.
The humming sound became longer and it
began to sound as if a beautiful woman was
attempting to sing a glorious hymn with her angelic
voice that reverberated throughout the walls of the
cave. It was a heavenly experience. We could each
feel our souls lifting as the hum became far more
We were at 250 meters past the point of
the entrance and we had noticed several symbols
that had been marked throughout the cave rocks
both from tourists and natives alike. But the
symbol we were looking for was unlike any other
marking that filled this cave. As we had seen it in
the vision, the symbol itself felt like it was
embedded inside the rock, almost as if one had
taken a laser and scribed it deeply into the rock. Its
brightness would illuminate the cave no matter
how much darkness covered us. We had a feeling
that we were getting closer.
We came through another hefty cave climb
and at nearly 300 meters past the point of the
entrance, we saw something ahead that was briefly
masked by a hanging cave rock. We ventured
further a few steps and Kyung was the first to see
Look! Theres the symbol! Kyung said. He
started to laugh with excitement and was thrilled
to see the vision we had all seen for the past year
to come to life before him. All of us laughed with
him. Mellissa hopped in excitement and cupped
her hands over her face. She started to cry tears of
the purest joy as did Jesse and Vladimir. It was very
emotional for many of us. This discovery was such
a magical moment. It felt through all of us that we
were about to discover something that has been
here for so very long. It was a feeling of living an
echo that had been preserved throughout the ages.
As we all looked at the symbol, it felt as if we have
all been here before within the cave of Shasta
thousands of years ago. This was such a strong
feeling which was that profound which we all
shared in this moment together.
We all huddled amongst the bright white
luminescence of the embedded vesica piscis.
Without a thought entering any of our minds, we
immediately put our right hands amongst the
symbol. As we did, we each felt this intense
warmth. It felt as if each of our hands were being
scanned in a way. As we all had our hands on the
symbol, it began to glow a white luminescence. It
grew so bright that we no longer needed to have
our flashlights on. The symbol grew bright enough
to illuminate the entirety of the environment
where we stood. Our faces were in awe as we
peered at the beauty of the vesica piscis as it
shined so brightly, yet without blinding light. The
light was accompanied with a sound as well. As the
light shined amongst the rocks within the cave,
there was a harmony of beautiful sound harmonics
that reverberated throughout the surrounding
structure, similar to what we had heard earlier,
only with so much more overtones and clarity. It
felt as if we were listening to an orchestra that
descended straight from heaven. The melody was
the most beautiful sequence of sounds any of us
had ever heard. Our eyes were wide sparkling with
the glow of the vesica piscis. Our mouths were
wide open and formed a smile of joy with awe
combined, and each of our hearts was singing as
beautifully as the melody of the light.
The light protruding from the symbol began
to dim slightly and the melody produced from it
began to become quiet. Within the center of the
symbol of the vesica piscis emerged a small flash
that briefly illuminated the entire cave and then
settled back into the background light. As we
continued to gaze at the beautiful luminescent
symbol, we each felt as if a presence was directly
behind us. It was as if something wonderful and so
inviting was gently rubbing us on the shoulder. As
we turned around, we saw a woman standing
directly behind us. This was a woman that each of
us was able to instantly recognize even though we
had never met her in the physical before. She was a
woman that had been part of our dreams. Likened
to a second reflection seen peripherally through a
mirror where you gaze into the reflection of
yourself. This is how she was remembered with
each of us. Her name was Anadriya: she was a
human star being.
Anadriya was absolutely beautiful. She
stood at six feet tall and wore a full body suit that
looked similar to a thick spandex, yet the material
appeared to be animated as it moved with
different shades and reflections of silver. She had
very light blond hair that went all the way down to
the middle of her back and her eyes were as
hypnotically blue as our own sky: highly angelic in
appearance. At the center of her chest, she wore
the symbol of the vesica piscis and it too glowed in
luminescence just as the symbol embedded in the
rock did.
Anadriya slowly approached us with a very
wonderful smile on her face. She walked with
confidence and love where each step she took had
a distinct purpose of observation behind it. She
looked into the eyes of each of us from left to right
showing us how much she absolutely loved us as
her gaze continued. Anadriya first approached
Kyung and gave him a deep embracing hug. Kyung
was overwhelmed with such joy as the tears
flooded down his face. Anadriya whispered in his
ear and said Kyung, I love you. Kyung brought
himself into composure and replied with an
enormous smile: Anadriya, I love you too.
Anadriya continued down the line
embracing each of us with the warmest hug one
could possibly ever receive. It was as if her soul was
literally hugging our own souls. As she hugged us,
she replied with each of our names first followed
by I love you. We were each enriched as she
blessed us with her touch and her voice. Each of us
was in tears as we were so happy to see her. Its as
if an angel came down from heaven to share with
us her unconditional love to warm and enrich our
Anadriya stepped back from us and smiled
as she continued to look each of us in the eye.
Kyung, Terrence, Mellissa, Priscilla,
Beverly, Jesse, Vladimir, Simon, Seth, Hayden,
Monica and Sadeeach of you is a part of my
family as I am yours. You have been summoned
here in this place as it was my last place on Earth
before I was called 22 years ago of your time. I
leave you behind a gift that has been dear to my
heart for so long. It is a diary. But, this diary is
something that can only be interpreted by all of
you. I do not mean only one of you, or only some of
you, but all of you. Through the holographic
language contained within my diary, you each
possess the abilities within you to translate aspects
of it. Every symbol upon its page is a form of
activation for each of you. It is required through
the twelve of you, in unity, to fully translate this
diary to the languages of your people. What is
contained inside my diary holds my personal
experiences throughout my galactic upbringing.
You will learn of other beings and other worlds.
You will learn about the forefront of galactic
society just as I had to before being able to become
a part of it once again. You will understand the
purpose of why so many of us are here together
now. There is a deeper meaning to it than you may
realize. You will see my hardships and challenges
that I needed to overcome to be who I am now. As
you begin amongst the cosmic journey, challenges
will come forward. You will learn this in the years
ahead, my dears. And most importantly, you will
learn about what is taking place now upon your
world. You will learn about what has been termed
by many civilizations living within and above your
world as Day Zero.
Anadriya held her hands together in a
prayer posture at the center of her sternum. My
family, I am with you always. This is not good bye
as no such meaning truthfully exists. You only need
to become what you wish to see. And I look
forward to becoming your reflection to smile along
with you as much laughter and love awaits all of us.
In saht mayin, et kan ala sout.
As Anadriya closed her eyes, her projection
dissolved back into the light of the vesica piscis. It
was presumed that Anadriyas presence was that
of an advanced holographic projection encased
with her own consciousness. After what we had
just witnessed, the entire environment where we
stood was stilled with our silence for moments.
What broke the silence was Jesse as he murmured:
In saht mayin, et kan ala sout. That means our
lives are the extension to our love creation.
We all looked back at Jesse and just knew
that he was right as it was ringing truth through all
of our hearts. Its as Anadriya had said, each of us
hold parts of the translation and all of us hold all of
the translation.
We looked back at the vesica piscis symbol
and saw that the rock containing the symbol had
extruded out a good foot in length. It was as if
somebody budged out the rock with incredible
force like it was a type of compartment. We all
noticed this and began to investigate as we
scanned the area of the rock. Kyung placed his
hand gently on the rock. Upon doing so, the rock
tumbled off the wall and to the ground leaving the
rock undamaged. As we all stared down at the
rock, we each raised our heads back up to the
empty space where the rock once occupied and
saw a wide shaft that was hollowed out. The wall of
the shaft felt metallic in its texture. Kyung took out
his flashlight and shined it into the shaft. We saw a
shiny silver metallic box with a U shaped handle
embedded into it. Together, Kyung, Jesse and
Beverly put their hands over the handle and
yanked the box out of the shaft. As the box was
exposed, we each took a look at the box and saw a
lid at the top of it. We carefully opened up the lid
and saw Anadriyas diary inside. A gasp from all of
us filled the cave. We were amazed to see such a
beautiful book left behind from a star being that
was now in our possession and our job was to
translate it for everyone on Earth to read.
The diary looked like something one would
find on Earth. It was a cordbound book with a
beautiful turquoise cover that had several symbols
imprinted on its surface. Drawn on the surface on
the center of the cover was the symbol of the
vesica piscis colored in black. What was also
surprisingly interesting was that there was English
that was written on the cover near the bottom of
the diary. The English writing read Cassidy
Freedman. Below Cassidy Freedman was a set of
five symbols:

This was later revealed to be the spelling of
the name of Anadriya in her native dialect. The
origin of what the substance was that formed the
markings and writing of the book was not ink, but
more like holographic light embedded upon the
cover and pages in the diary. We were amazed as
we gazed at the cover to see the markings reflect
the surrounding light.
With the rock that was embedded with the
vesica piscis symbol, we decided to take it back
with us. It was not meant to be taken back for
scientific exploration, but for the sentimental value
it holds deeply with all twelve of us.
For the record, none of the material
consisting of the rock, the box or the book has
been submitted for scientific scrutiny. To us, these
articles represent sacred artifacts and they will
remain treated as such. There is no information
that we will convey within this book as to their
current locations.
After the expedition concluded, we all
decided on a location to begin work on the diary. It
was decided that we would have a space
designated for our work within Negril, Jamaica.
Priscilla was able to facilitate usage of a private
resort that was owned by her Uncle. After we had
presented her Uncle with our Plutos cave
encounter and showed the gifts brought back first
hand, he had offered us full stay within the resort
for as long as we desired.
Priscilla was so excited to have us so close
to her home that she surprised us the first day we
all came together. As we walked into our meeting
room, Priscilla had a large canvas positioned on an
easel with a gold drape covering it. As we all came
into the room, Priscilla shouted with excitement: I
have a surprise for you guys!
Priscilla quickly pulled off the drape
covering and we saw a beautiful painting of
. The whole room was silent, yet filled
with so much love as we gazed at such a beautiful
piece of art that literally brought all of us to tears.
It was the energy we needed to have within the
space to begin our work on translating Anadriyas
beautiful book.

Art painting of Anadriya by Priscilla is on the next page.

The Diary
With the conclusion to our introduction of
our journey and discovery of Anadriyas personal
diary, we now present you with the content that
has been translated through the twelve of us
together that will make this book that you have
purchased our most cherished gift to you.
It is through all the insight and personal
experience that Anadriya has shared so openly with
us that it has transformed our very way of life
based on all the aspects that can be expressed. We
are but twelve people as common as anyone else
that have been blessed with being a part of this
most surreal experience. After five months of
intense translation through all of the knowledge
we have been bestowed, this information has been
made available for the public. Anadriya has said
that she is in no way a deity. All information
brought through this diary is a form of her own
perspective. It is only we ourselves who are
capable of changing us. No one else can change
anyone. Therefore, with all the information that
shall be provided in this book, its your decision to
determine its value. Nonetheless, we hope you
enjoy what you are about to read as we can only
speak on our account in stating that it most
certainly has allowed us to look at reality and
existence in a whole new way never before
With Blessings and Appreciation,
Terrence Hartman
Mellissa Alvarez
Jesse Cartwright
Beverly Eleanor McGregor
Sade Akenzua
Monica Ashley Jones
Simon Edward McPherson
Kyung Loeng
Vladimir Govrolov
Hayden Morrison
Seth OLeary
Priscilla Rasmussen

The following content is the translated workings
from the diary of the Human star being known as
Anadriya. Some of the translations may consist of
additional footnotes to assist in the context of the
dialogue that could not be fully expressed through
the English language.
Images contained within the translation remain
authentic to the genuine article.

1st Dawn of Armens - Trie
(Title Translation First Dawn: Day of introduction.
Armens: Journal of activity. Trie in the sub-heading is
defined in translation as beginnings.)

I write these words now knowing that these
words are being read at the same time by
extensions of my being in pondering. My family,
what is it we ponder today together? Do we
separate ourselves through experience, yet not
realize our relationship in expression is always
connected? I lay here amongst the grass of the
world called Handarr to share with you an idea.
The idea to share is the idea itself. How many ideas
have you come across today, my family? Hold true
what means the most to you, and it is an answer
only conceived and acknowledged by you.
Therefore the idea itself holds the essence
to all moments that lead to what can be found that
patternizes to that which was once unthought. Yes,
my family, it may seem unclear. But let your mind
make sense of the words. Think not of how the
idea can come, think only of the idea itself that
now emerges to thought from unthought. Where
was that thought before? Did it cease to exist? No,
my family, as nothing can. You simply didnt align
to the thought to make it so. See how easy it
becomes when the idea you seek becomes the
thought born into the mind?
It is of my nature to lubricate your body,
mind and spirit with the wisdom of unlearning and
re-gaining. I shall speak now to my extensions
unfamiliar with my experiences that have led me to
this moment on Handarr. You may ask: am I a
Pleiadian? Handarr is after all the third planet that
exists within the star known as Atlas, which is also
popularly known as part of the Seven Sisters as
my human family calls them on Earth. No, I am not
a Pleiadian in this form, my dears. This body I
occupy is 100% human of Earth. It was Earth where
I was born and where I had lived for 3 orbits
around her sun.
My human Earth mother, who I still talk to
frequently in spirit, was known as Megan Felicity
Freedman. Megan was an absolutely beautiful
human being. She endured her pregnancy with me
completely alone without any assistance from
another. My father was someone I had never met
during my time of Earth. My mother and father had
met briefly making arrangements on occasion.
During one night after being very intimate amongst
the campgrounds around Mount Shasta, my father
had mysteriously disappeared the morning after. It
was not a matter of simply walking away
afterwards. To my mother, it was literally as if my
father disappeared from existence. People who
had seen him the previous evening had no
recollection of him whatsoever even with
photographs taken through my mothers camera.
This was a very difficult time for my mother as she
had felt that she had finally found someone who
had understood her.
My mother decided to take a lone hike into
Plutos cave. She had always enjoyed caves ever
since she was a little girl as her father would take
her into caves amongst other regions of the world
from California, to Mexico and Hawaii. There was a
feeling inside her to go inside of Plutos cave and
explore the surroundings as she had felt something
was calling to her.
As she ventured deep into the cave, she
could feel a warming sensation touching her
shoulder. There was this wave of energy that
passed through her body that felt comforting and
familiar. As she turned around, she had saw a very
beautiful orb of light directly floating in front of
her. The orb transformed into the shape of a
crystalline human surrounded by white light. It
began to speak to her internally telling her of the
gift that she was carrying inside her. The being
revealed that she would be mother to Anadriya.
The earth name my mother would give me would
be Cassidy Anna Freedman. What was unique was
that the word Anadriya could be spelt through
the letters contained in my full Earth name.
The being told my mother of the great
importance Anadriya has and that I had chosen my
mother to nurture me and to be my guide while on
the Earth plane. Through the unconditional love
that the being radiated, my mother broke down in
tears and hugged the being to embrace the
support. She had asked about my father and what
happened to him.
The one whom you speak of was not of
this world, Megan. The being responded. He
simply returned where he needed to be. And in
time, past this life you a part of now, you will meet
with him again.
Even though it was something my mother
did not expect to hear, she knew in her heart that
this was true. How else could such a man literally
disappear from her life without a trace of
familiarity from anyone who had previously met
The being concluded in saying: Your
daughter will be speaking to you, Megan. Open
your mind and do not dismiss it as imagination or
hallucination. She has much to share with you
before coming upon this plane.
The being transformed once again back into
the appearance of a white bright orb. Before
departing, it stated boldly in my mothers mind,
Remember, Megan, our lives are the extension to
our love creation.
The orb began to dim until it was no longer
existent and my mother dried her tears, raised her
head to the top of the cave and said in a whisper
with her hands clasped: Thank you, God, for this
As my mother discovered her pregnancy
through the crystalline being In Plutos cave, it was
confirmed several weeks later by her doctor.
During this time as well, my mother began to
receive guidance from my spirit. I was in constant
contact with her throughout her entire pregnancy.
I have complete clarity of this entire experience
watching her from afar, yet so near.
My mother took time away from her work
selling homes to have alone time through the
privacy of her summer cottage in Redding,
California. It was there where my mother had put
many of my suggestions into practice relating to
her diet and her state of mind. My mother had
never become an artist before her pregnancy, yet
she painted a different portrait every day filled
with colors and abstract designs. These were her
personal definitions of beauty. Elements of the
universe channeled through her consciousness
created on canvas. These paintings filled her walls
and brought her peace as she worked on getting to
further understand herself.
Through deep states of meditation, mother
communicated with my grandfather to conclude
years of unsettled frustration between them. As
they were both part of a religious faith known as
Christianity, their debates about what God was
between them had led to each other hating the
other. To this very moment, I could not understand
the necessity of competition in regards to the
creator that resulted in conflict with others. I had
attempted to ask my mother more about this and
posed the question: Mother, why do so many of
you compete with each other over the imagery of
It was through questions like this where my
mother had the opportunity to step outside of
herself and realize that all the years of debating
with her father over what God was didnt signify a
resolution. It was simply going back and re-visiting
the basic question: What is God? The moment
where that question entered her mind, all she felt
was love throughout her entire being. God was
always interpreted through the means of form that
represented an almighty one. But look not towards
God, but towards creation. Creation was neither a
he nor a she. It was the totality of form and
formlessness that existed beyond the image of
what was conceived and worshipped as God.
Creation simply iswhat is. It was in that statement
where my mother had felt peace inside her heart.
She could feel the allure of guilt and anger over my
grandfather dissolve as she truly felt humbled and
could love him again without the sensations of
conflict re-emerging.
My mother was going through a
detoxification during her pregnancy. She was
purging herself physically, mentally, emotionally
and spiritually. Her environment was now perfect.
Her state of being was now perfect. All that
resembled pain and hardship was no longer
present within her life. She felt completely free and
boundless. It was through this where she was able
to give birth to me by herself without any pain felt.
It became a birth of beauty as I had emerged
through her birth canal, come between her hands
and embraced her in the physical for the first time.
I was very quiet as I allowed the energies to work in
the ways they must so that our bond could be
complete. My mother softly started crying tears of
joy as she had felt that she had given birth to an
The months passed and my mother was so
amazed at how fast I was picking everything up. I
was able to begin walking at three months of age. I
understand this is a rarity through most children on
Earth, although my body literally appeared as a six-
month old body at the age of three months. I
began speaking and understanding the English
language at around the same time. There were
times where I was beginning to scribble as my
mother had put it, where I drew several algorithms
resembling holographic language. At earlier ages, I
was told by mother that I was rich in baby talk,
although, my intent was not to speak gibberish, but
to summon energies through holographic language
to enrich our environment and to bless both myself
and my mother.
On my first year of birth, which is heavily
celebrated on Earth, I was taken to Plutos cave
with my mother. Most of the way, I was carried
through, but there were times where my mother
had allowed me to climb on top of some of the
rocks. I was enjoying myself so much. I began
laughing and twirling my way through the cave and
with my mother seeing this in me, she enjoyed it
even more. We went very deep within the cave
until we came to a very large wall where there
were crawlspaces leading to other areas that would
go deeper through the cave. My mother sat down
to have a rest and passed me my drink of water. As
I sat down with my Mother, I had seen a part of the
wall that had been getting my attention. The
nature of its design and appearance was very
compelling to me. Without a thought, I pulled a
piece of chalk from my pocket where I had been
drawing hearts on the cave walls earlier, and as I
approached the wall, I began to draw one large
circle as perfect as I could make it. After I finished
drawing that circle, I drew another circle right
beside so the two circles overlapped with each
other. This is a symbol that is familiar on Earth
known as the vesica piscis. To me, this was my
personal symbol that represented the bond of love
that connects all things. All circles of life must join
to see the enrichment of all that is shared and
created together. I saw myself and my mother as
two circles of life sharing in our experience creating
together with love.
It was this very symbol that had remained
in this cave for so many years. It is through this
very symbol, dearest ones who have been chosen,
that you are able to access this diary. Live this
symbol within your hearts each day knowing that
all of our circles connect and we each share and
create in our experiences together.
After I had reached my third age, I had
noticed that my mother was becoming very ill. At
the time, there was neither a diagnosis nor
treatment of this disease. My mother had a hard
time getting in and out of bed. I spent a great deal
of time with my Aunt during this period. She had
been taking care of me during the time of my
mothers doctors visits. My mother wanted to
have me by her side as she said that my presence
gave her so much strength to continue. My mother
would only paint if I was in the room with her.
Together we would paint portraits, let them dry
and hang them on the wall of my mothers room.
My mother would make smaller portraits for me in
my room and being surrounded with that much
love allowed me to have deep sleeps every single
A month had passed and my mother had
grown even weaker. She had reached the point
where she could no longer speak or feed herself.
My Aunt had hired a personal nurse to be by my
mothers side during this time to help her even
though my mother had objected to it, but had no
strength to argue.
There were times where I was crying alone
in my room as I knew my mother was going to die. I
had such a hard time letting her go as I couldnt
imagine a day without her. I could feel my mothers
heart in my own chest pumping slower and slower
every day. I knew that night would be the last night
my mothers heart would stop working.
I went out onto my balcony and said a
prayer amongst the stars. I wished that the stars
could make my mother better again. I didnt want
her to die and I didnt want to live my life on Earth
without my mother by my side. There was a very
long silence outside as if the whole world remained
quiet for those few minutes. I walked down the
steps of my balcony into my backyard looking up at
the stars with tears coming down my face. Please
do not take my mother. I begged. I buried my eyes
in my shirt sleeve wiping away my tears. As I did, I
heard a voice of a man that appeared right beside
Anadriya. The man said.
I turned to the man and he looked very
strange. He was human, with dark hair, but he
wore a type of silver uniform that was filled with
reflections. I looked upon his chest and I had seen
my symbol upon it. The vesica piscis was shown. As
I looked at it, I smiled.
Anadriya, do you know who I am? The
man asked me.
I looked into his eyes. My guidance was
telling me exactly who he was, but I didnt want to
admit it. I said back to him: Youre a stranger and
my mommy said I shouldnt be talking to
The man smiled a grin of joy. He briefly
Anadriya, Im not a stranger. He replied.
I looked at him directly in the eyes as he
approached me slowly and started to bend down
to look into my eyes.
Who are you? I asked.
Im your father, Anadriya. Im the one who
was with your mother until I was called away.
I looked closer into his eyes and saw the
sincerity that was behind his words.
Youre my daddy? I asked.
Thats so cute, the man stated, but yes,
Anadriya. I am.
Why are you calling me Anadriya? My
name is Cassidy. I explained to him.
Anadriya was a name I only heard in my
dreams. At the time, I didnt understand what it
meant, or why I was being called it. But as my
father was about to explain:
Its your star name, my dear. You are like
me. Were both from the stars. I am not someone
who has been born upon the Earth. Im from up
there, Anadriya.
My father pointed up to the stars. But as I
followed his finger, I saw the star that he was
pointing to. I smiled as I saw him point to the star
and I looked back at him with a big smile on my
Thats my favorite star! I said excitedly.
Yes it is. Because its the star you had a life
with before you decided to come to Earth. That
star is called Sirius. Its the brightest star in the
Earth sky. Thats where Im from Anadriya. And
thats where youre from too.
A spontaneous question entered my mind
that I stated out loud without thinking about it.
Is my mommy from Sirius too?
My father looked at me and shook his head.
He pointed further away from the star into an area
of the sky that didnt have any stars.
You cant see it from here, but your
mother came from a star called Alcyone. Its part of
a constellation called Taurus. In a star cluster called
the Pleiades. Alcyone is considered one of the stars
of the seven sisters. But your mother hasnt been
back there for quite some time, although the
opportunity is about to present itself to her. Your
mother is returning to her spirit and she will be
able to function as whatever she chooses. My
father said.
Mommys leaving me. I said with my head
I recognized my mothers voice and I saw
her walking amongst the grass of our backyard.
I ran over to my mother and gave her a big
Mommy! Youre better! I said while more
tears came down my eyes.
In a way, my angel. Im no longer in my
body anymore. My body has died, but I have not.
But Mommy, I can hold you. I said to her
still hugging her tightly.
Because our will makes it so, sweetheart.
My mother said in such a loving tone.
I turned back around to my father. He was
standing there smiling at both my mother and I.
Is that man really my daddy, Mommy?
My mother nodded her head and smiled.
Yes he is, Anadriya. And your life is going
to change in a way you cant even imagine yet. This
is going to be your last night on this world as you
are going to be moving into a new one. Your father
is going to be your guide to helping you embrace
your new life.
My new life? I asked.
My father stepped forward. You have been
chosen to perform a task, Anadriya. Its a task that
has been offered to no human before you. You are
going to live among us. Youre going to be part of a
galactic community. You are going to be a part of a
very large group of star beings that are going to
help you in all the ways they can so that you can be
trained as the official ambassador for the Earth
human race. As you learn, Anadriya, humanity will
learn. You are going to be an example to help
humans along their path so that one day, they may
enter a galactic community as a mature, thriving
civilization. This will happen as they begin to
understand day zero within themselves, but
I interrupted my father: Whats day zero,
My father sat down on the grass cross
legged. He pointed his index finger out and drew a
wide circle in the grass.
Its the balance point of a scale. Its the
center of a new beginning. It represents a time
where the human race is given the chance to start
anew in a direction that represents a change
leading to balance. Its at the point of day zero that
your society begins making the choices that
become beneficial for themselves and for the
Earth. You will literally work together as one
organism. You will function for the blessing of what
life offers. You will be receivers to ideas, not
servants to stagnation. Day zero brings you the
opportunity to become what it truly means to be a
human being: the ability to explore all possibilities
that enrich experience.
I sat down beside my father and hugged his
arm. My father turned to me and kissed my
forehead and he began to rub my blonde hair.
So where are we going to go, Daddy? I
asked him.
Well, Im going to be showing you your
new home for a while. Its going to be on board a
spacecraft where youre going to meet a lot of old
friends who are going to help you with your
I jumped up excited and started shaking my
hands amongst the air laughing. I was absolutely
thrilled about this and started circling around my
parents. They simply looked back at me and smiled
with absolute love. Both of my parents held out
their hands. I came to both of them and held my
fathers hand with my left and my mothers with
my right.
On the count of three. My Father said.

1st Twilight of Armens Au Seshuad
(Title Translation: Time elapsed from morning to
sunset of the same day. Au Seshuad refers to the sub-
heading defined as The Visit)

I decided to wait until the twilight before
continuing with my introductory story as the next
phase of my life falls upon a different theme. What
I discussed before was my life leading up to my last
moment on Earth. What I am about to discuss with
you now are my beginning experiences off planet.
After my father counted to three, I found
myself still in my pajamas and in bare feet looking
above the Earth through a wide oval window that
showed my once beautiful world that I occupied. I
could see the North American continent clearly as
it was the only continent in view at the time. It was
absolutely stunning to me to see the Earth from
this distance. I felt like I was saying good bye to my
family that was solely the Earth. I blew a kiss to
Earth thanking her for my life on her surface. As I
turned to my left I saw my father still holding my
hand, but no one was holding my right. My mother
was gone. I was starting to panic, but just then, I
heard her voice in my mind.
I am not gone, my dear. I am with you
always. Speak to your father more on how to
communicate with me and he will show you. She
assured me.
My father looked down at me. Anadriya,
this is our ship. It contains over 2000 different
beings aboard from Sirius, Cygnus, Centaurus, Wolf
359, Regulus, Ceti, and even some visitors from the
Pleiades. This ship is whats known as a mirror
vessel. It forms to the dcor of your own
preference and brings about surroundings that you
feel the most comfortable in.
Every room is different? I asked while
holding my fathers hand.
Thats right. We all perceive the rooms
differently, yet they hold similarity as everyone is
on this ship based on their own passionate
choosing to do so. Let me show you the grand
center of the ship.
My father took me by the hand as we
walked down a long hallway that to me, was
covered in beautiful white light. The floor
illuminated in a brighter white essence as you
stepped upon it. My father was able to tap into my
frequency and could see the hallway as I did. He
loved it and smiled at me as he was so happy to see
such wonderful inner peace in my mind.
We entered through a door that was similar
to passing through liquid. No doors opened or
closed on this ship. As I stared at the grand center
of the ship, I saw a lush forest with an open blue
sky where the sun was bright and a rainbow was
present in the sky. I felt grass beneath my feet that
was healthy and green. It felt like I was back on
Earth with the beauty of the environment that
surrounded me.
As I looked into my fathers eyes, I saw the
environment change. The sky became stars and the
floor became filled with mist. It was equally
beautiful as I enjoyed looking at the stars that he
As I brought my focus back to the grand
center, my vision of it returned. I saw other people
who were in the center as well. My father and I
walked up to a small group of beings called the
Azurites. At the time, I didnt have a clue to their
races name but I was amazed by their appearance.
They were human in form, but were blue-skinned.
Their skin naturally glowed. I was amazed by their
presence and ran past my father to say hello to
The four of them bent down and smiled at
me. They began speaking an alien language in my
mind that I couldnt understand, however, there
were sensations that I could recognize after a
sentence they spoke.
The blue beings wore tight spandex-like
black uniforms covering their entire body. Their
eyes glowed with a darker blue and their ears were
slightly more rounded and smaller. The being at
the front of the group rubbed his finger across my
forehead and felt these sparkles of colors racing
across it. I could feel the energy go inside my skin
and it felt like a fizz of bubbles was racing inside
your head and was tickling you. It was the most
exciting sensation I had felt and I couldnt stop
giggling. The others started painting my body with
these fluorescent colors that were coming out of
their fingers. I was laughing so hard that I literally
felt I was going to go out of my body. The joy was
so intense and the love so strong, I could barely
keep my energy together. This was an attempt for
the blue-skinned beings to take you out of your
body so you could play with them in their astral
form. This was something I learned later on in my
years and some of the most amazing experiences
are playing together with the Azurites in the astral
I was laughing so hard, I couldnt focus to
allow the energy to take me out of body. Instead, I
just laid on the grass laughing and kicking around.
Its very similar to how an Earth child would have
too much sugar and end up getting extraordinarily
overactive. I was too pre-occupied using the energy
for my own benefit rather than surrendering it and
allow it to channel through me.
My father saw me on the ground and he
placed his right hand on my forehead and held his
left hand up to the sky. He dispersed the energy
and I was beginning to calm down. I could feel my
father telepathically explaining to the Azurites
about me. They were nodding their heads in
understanding and helped me up from the ground.
Each of them gave me a loving hug and concluded
with a quick bow. My father took me by my hand
as I waved good bye to them.
In time, youll learn how to utilize their
energies for play, Anadriya. Right now, I believe
youre just as curious to them as they are to you.
This is the first time those particular Azurites have
ever met an Earth human. My father explained.
My father went on to tell me about a game
he once played with the Azurites. It was a game to
strengthen your manifestations. In the astral realm
with the Azurites, you would attempt to manifest
objects that pertained to a similar theme. When
there was a change of theme, you needed to find a
way to represent the current manifested object
that matched the newly appointed theme. It would
be similar to the human game charades except
with actual object manifestation involved.
Throughout the grand center, my father
and I came across other groups who I was unable
to interact with as they were more puzzled by my
presence on board. There were beings that were
mantis-like, thin-limbed, long-neck humanoids,
sasquatch-like beings and various other humanoids
that had different types of skin tone: green, violet,
orange and jet black.
Who are these people, Daddy? Where are
they going? What do they do? I asked. My father
was very attentive and patient, so he was happy to
answer all the questions I provided.
These people are part of our efforts,
Anadriya. Theyre volunteers here to assist with
many different tasks from across the galaxy. Some
are journeying to the outer rim territories to begin
their voluntary tasks assisting with planetary
engineering, others are going to help out worlds.
Either disembodied or while still in body depending
on arrangement. Theres a lot that needs to be
explained to you, Anadriya and it wont be done
in a day. It will take time. But thats exactly why
youre here on this vessel. Youre going to be
trained. Im going to be introducing you to three
very special friends of mine, who are also friends of
yours. That is, when you were in your Sirian form.
I had a vision of the three beings that my
father spoke of when he mentioned them. The
beings were part human, part feline. They were not
furry, but their eyes and nose appeared very cat-
like. Many of them were without any hair. I later
learned that they were called the Handari. They
were indigenous to the world of Handarr: the third
planet in the star of Atlas contained within the
Pleiades. They would be best understood in
similarity to the Earth human monk. There is no
form of technology on their world whatsoever.
Handarr is one of the most beautiful worlds
I have visited. I now lie here broadcasting my
thoughts holographically imprinting them upon the
pages of this book gazing across from the Valley of
the Omen
. This valley is called that because it
contains a Vretetza

This geometry is used in sacred fertility
rituals where the male occupies the top triangle,

Valley of the Omen: Translated as Se-in zet ksen ta. It would
be defined as one of the most sacred, holy lands on the
surface of Handarr.
Vretetza: Translated as a form of sacred geometry where
within a large circle, twelve overlapping circles form the
center circle with a circular opening on the inside containing
two opposite facing triangles (Octohedron) in the nexus of
the structure.
and the female occupies the lower triangle where
they meditate on the love they have for one
another that amplifies through the vortex and
spreads throughout the planet. This ritual lasts
thirteen Seraipi
, and the couple are separate for
the same amount of time to ground the energies
being sent to them from Gizen
where they meet
immediately afterwards as they have been purified
by Gizen. Once they return to each other, they
engage in intercourse to conceive new life.
A large part of my life has involved being
amongst the Handari people. With my father about
to introduce them to me for the first time, this
would be the first large step into a whole new
universe where I would get to understand myself in
all the ways my extensions could reveal to me.
We stepped beyond the grand center and
entered into a type of lift. It was not like an
elevator that some of you may be familiar with on
Earth. This lift had more to do with materializing
and de-materializing your physical body to other
regions of the ship instantaneously. You could refer

Seraipi: A measurement of time that is approximately 1.3
Earth days in duration.
Gizen: Handari word meaning one infinite creator.
to it as a teleportation lift. Father explained to me
how it worked.
As you enter the incline, simply state your
destination inside your mind and we will be taken
there. We are going to the sanctuary chambers. So,
Anadriya, think sanctuary chambers in your
I squinted my eyes shut and repeated the
words in my mind. When I opened my eyes, my
father and I were in front of a very large wall
decorated with moving mandalas. The energy on
the wall felt like it was breathing just as we were.
There were glorious designs of flower-petals and
spiraling vines comprised within a glowing
turquoise diamond. The walls energy would
change form based upon the energies it was
observing before it. I was smiling as I gazed at the
magnificence of what appeared before me.
Father smiled with me and gestured me by
the hand to continue forward. We walked through
the liquid wall and entered the sanctuary
chambers. Before my eyes, I saw a room
completely comprised of crystals of every shape
and size. A violet plasmic energy was flowing
through the structure of every crystal inside the
room. The room itself was very dim with pale white
light emanating strongest in the center of the
At the center of the chambers, the floor
was inclined in a circular formation where at the
absolute center, there was a large crystal bowl that
was filled with enchanted water. Seated amongst
the bowl in the grooved circular floor that
contained a triple helix DNA spiral embedded
within it appeared three individuals. These were
the Handari 1
and the friends that my
father had talked about earlier.
They were completely silent. They wore
long white robes with hoods and their brows had a
painted golden circle with a dot made out of a
specific gem in the center of it. These three all
wore the gem of violet amongst their brow as it
signified the level of the high priest within a 1

Chenn. Their faces all looked identical. Their eyes
were shut and they were seated cross legged in the

Chenn: A sacred triad that comprises a Handari priesthood.
There are Chenn that occupy every village on Handarr where
they function as the keepers of wisdom for the village as well
as sacred healers. The 1
Chenn represents the highest order
of Priesthood that assists in the spiritual governance of
Handarr that can also carry the responsibilities of a galactic
council as well.
formation of a triangle with their hands resting on
their knees with palms open facing outwards.
I looked at my father as I was not sure what
to do. I didnt want to disturb them as my Mother
told me about showing respect to those in
meditation. My father simply gestured for me to
walk forward toward the Handari with a peaceful
grin on his face. I looked him in the eyes in a glance
that said how could you do this to me? Im your
daughter. I hope I dont embarrass myself. Where
at times I knew I was only 3 years of Earth age, I
felt like I was 3 times that age most of the time.
And as I was deeply empathic, I had considered
peoples feelings far too often at that age and I
would get embarrassed easily.
Nonetheless, I listened to my father and
slowly started to take a step forward as quietly as I
could not to disturb the Handari. I paused for a
brief moment and took another very quiet step
forward. Still no sound. Good. I was in the clear. As
I was taking another step forward, I could hear in
my mind so clearly: Her politeness is the way of
the Goddess emanating so strongly within her.
Welcome, Anadriya, daughter of Lar.
I turned slowly over to my father as I was
surprised to hear his star name. My father
answered back in my mind:
Yes, Anadriya, my star name is Lar. It
needed to be revealed from the Handari, my
guardians, before I could reveal it to you.
When we found him among us, he was the
same age as you are now, Anadriya. Gizen gifted us
with his star name. Lar represents the name of a
sacred shield sworn to uphold and protect the
innocent from danger. And as Lar came to us all of
those ages ago, you come to us now with your love
to complete the circle of harmony. The voices
spoke together as one in my mind. There was no
way to individuate who was speaking as what was
being relayed to me was coming from the three.
Our dearest, come sit with us amongst the
chamber. We have much to share with you.
I went over to the circular groove and sat
beside one of the Handari elders. I looked over to
my father and he politely bowed to me and the
I shall return later on, Anadriya. And yes, I
will teach you how to commune with your mother
as well. My father said to me in my mind.
She is beautiful. So beautiful. The Handari
voices said all together in my mind.
I hear you so loud in my mind. I said
Yes, our child. This is what is known as
telepathy as you call it amongst your planet. The
Handari never speak aloud. We are mind speakers,
Anadriya. The Handari nearest to me spoke to me
in my mind with a single voice. He looked upon me
with a wide smile.
We have trained your father the speech of
mind at an early age, although he still prefers to
speak aloud at times. The Handari to my right
Why is that? I asked within my mind.
He has grown accustomed to the company
of humans. The Handari ahead of me stated. His
work has involved much interaction with them in
an attempt to better understand their culture and
instruct others who require to operate on the
surface of the planet.
Why would other people want to work on
Earth? I asked curiously.
When your world requires assistance and
cannot receive it from humans, others stand ready
to assist her. This is all about working alongside the
nature of your world. As she grows, evolves and
expands, areas of her body require assistance so
that she is able to expand to prevent danger from
the people on the planet. The three spoke as one
in my mind in a pleasant, jovial tone.
For several minutes, the wise Handari spoke
to me about the ways of my world and how openly
communicative she is as long as you are willing to
listen. They proceeded to tell me that she has
spoken to her human children since their
beginnings on Earth.
In the beginning, humanity listened to the
Earth and worked together in harmony. Then, the
troubling times came as other beings from another
world came onto the planet claiming they were
cosmic masters when in fact they were only
students. These students were trained into the
belief of control and deception. Over time, they
deceived many of the original caretakers upon the
planet unleashing a great war between these
beings and the rest of the planet.
The war was completely out of control as
the students were looking to use all of the Earths
knowledge and life forms as weapons for their own
means. Guardians who cared for the Earth on other
levels of consciousness warned these false masters
not to pursue this path of control and had decided
to place a veil made from the radiation of the Earth
known as the Van Allen belt to surround the planet
and protect it from further intrusion. The false
masters did not listen to this warning and grew
angry about the newly appointed quarantine shield
that sealed further intrusion or escape from the
planet. This warning and action from the realm of
the Guardians only fueled the false masters anger
to create an intention of pure global control.
Through utilizing the strength of crystals on
Earth, a portal weapon that would be triggered
through specific alignment areas of the planet was
created that would attempt to crack open the
Earths quarantine. The alignments were incorrect
as they had mistaken the alignments of their
former home planet of Mars with the Earth and the
weapon backfired. The use of the crystals that
were meant to establish an escape instead led to
the demise of the false masters. They literally
destroyed themselves and everyone else upon the
surface of the world. This led to the great
cataclysm that ceased the era of Atlantis and MU.
After the great disaster, there were still
some of the false masters who had survived. They
migrated to Egypt and slowly began their rule there
in an attempt to rebuild their old empire.
Throughout the centuries, the histories of great
kings, emperors and priesthoods were the
hierarchies of these false masters that lead up to
the present day of Earth. Now these false masters
are dying along with their systems as humanity will
no longer submit their freedom for a second time
only to be deceived and destroyed by those who
hold the might of false power through the illusions
they create.
This is what the Handari had shared with
me that accompanied my mind along with shared
visions as they told the story of Earth. I was amazed
that I was part of a planet that had such a rich and
powerful history behind it. It was greater than any
movie that could be told or any book that could be
Now is the time, dearest Anadriya, that
Earth receive the assistance she needs so that she
may meet her upliftment before the time of day
zero. The Handari shared with me.
My daddy told me about Day Zero. When
is Day Zero? I asked in my mind.
Day Zero can only be measured through
the way of alignment. A great planetary
conjunction will be occurring within the next
twelve creth
that will create an alignment causing
the dimensional planes to come together and
synchronize with one other allowing a great
advancement to occur not only on this world of
Earth, but on other worlds as well that meet the
dimensional planes synchronicities to uplift. It has
been prophesied by your great teachers of your
past that the plane to venture toward day zero on
a collective level shall begin its first stages upon
your Earth date of December 21
, 2012. The times
ahead after this moment will eventually lead your
culture to the understandings of timelessness as
they operate together in unified maturity. The
Handari nearest to me stated.
Keep in mind, child, that much is still to be
done on your former world before crossing the
threshold toward day zero. As you prosper through
your training functioning as a member of the

Creth: An intergalactic measurement of time. Exact
measurements are uncertain but they range between the
cycle of 4 4.75 Earth years in duration.
galactic community, you will know what to do and
who to appoint to assist you as you make personal
contact with the Earth and its people when the
time is right. We have much more to tell you,
young one, but this revealing will come to you at
the appropriate age for you to fully realize its
message. Meet with your father outside as we
prepare to return to our world of Handarr where
you shall begin within your school for formal
training. The Handari at the front stated to me
I got up off the floor and gave all three of
the Handari a big hug. They all chuckled jovially as
they thoroughly enjoyed the love that flowed
through me.
When I stepped through the wall of the
sanctuary chamber, I saw my father crouched
down in front of me holding a beautiful sapphire
crystal pendent in front of me. I smiled as my eyes
locked with the beauty of the sapphire crystal. As I
looked deeper into it, I could see the crystal sparkle
as it said to me in my mind, I am yours. My face
lit up and the smile I had on my face was one that I
would never forget.
This is how youll be able to connect with
your mother, Anadriya. Anytime you want to talk
to her, simply close your eyes and think of her, and
when the timing is perfect, she will answer. My
father said as he placed the pendent over my head
and onto my neck. I gave my father a big hug and
whispered a thank you into his ear.
I have another present for you as well,
Anadriya. Its a new garment for you. Lets find a
place for you to try it on.
My father had instructed me how to create
a silver uniform for me to wear. There was no way
to put the uniform on. The uniform is literally
embedded onto you using a holographic laser
device that scans your body and the clothing is
manifested onto you. I now wore a beautiful silver
reflective overall suit with the vesica piscis
imprinted on the center of it. I looked just like my
father as he was excited to see me wear the same
uniform as him.
We went up to the main operations room of
the ship. As we walked through the wall, we saw
four beings dressed in blue overall uniforms. They
looked very similar to the beings that had been
commonly referred to on Earth as the Greys,
except they were not grey in appearance. Their
skin was a bright orange and their necks were
slightly longer. They took one look at us and then
completely ignored us as their mentality is very
similar to that of a worker bee. They will only
answer you if there is a complication occurring.
This race too was highly telepathic yet was devoid
of any form of emotion. These beings were known
as Acryla and their home star was Regulus.
The Acryla walked amongst the room
touching certain panels with their hands where
parts of the wall would change color from green, to
red to blue. After all walls remained with the color
of blue, the four Acryla sat down on their chairs
that formed a half circle in the center of the room.
My father turned to me and held my hand.
Get ready, Anadriya. Youre about to see
Handarr for the first time.
I held my fathers hand and squeezed it as
hard as I could as I felt the anticipation growing
stronger in my stomach.
On the screen in the operations room, I saw
Earth up close. The next thing I remember is a jolt
where the colors had transformed into streaks of
light briefly only to snap back to normal and what I
saw on the screen next was a whole new world
that looked slightly similar to Earth, only much
larger with more land than water and a small hue
of a halo of turquoise rings that indicated the
planet had an axis tilt of eleven degrees. The planet
was absolutely beautiful as I could see several small
craft coming to and from the planet. This was the
world of Handarr: my new home where my first
day of galactic education was about to begin.

2nd Dawn of Armens Skriltri
(Sub-heading Translation: Skriltri refers to being
educated by the wise.)

I awake to this beautiful morning to bid all
of you the most wondrous and exciting moment for
you to experience. Our lives are based upon the
one moment, as there is nothing else within all of
creation. The past and the future, my family, are
nothing more than the side effects that we live
through as we grow accustomed to continuity.
What has yesterday brought me? Shall I live in it?
What will tomorrow bring me? Shall I live in that?
You cannot create in yesterday or tomorrow. You
can only live now. Let this moment be the most
cherished to you and feel the possibility of creation
of what is directly in front of you now. It is now
that is all we have.
As I had discussed in my previous entry, I
was about to come upon the surface of the planet I
am on now in this very moment. My father piloted
a small shuttle pod that was completely
transparent where you could see everything
around you. The only color throughout the pod was
a beautiful sparkling violet aura that encompassed
it. This had to do with the consciousness of the pod
itself as it was indeed alive. My father would pilot
the vessel with two transparent spheres that were
stationed on a panel directly in front of him. He
was telepathically linked to the shuttle and all
information pertaining to pitch, acceleration, hull
integrity, etc., was being displayed in his mind as
this is why he piloted with his eyes closed. I am
sure that on standard flight vessels on Earth, this
would frighten a human immensely if they found
out that the pilot was flying with their eyes closed.
However, through this telepathic interface, the
best pilots that fly are the ones with their eyes
closed as their focus is pure and they can see
beyond what their physical eyes deliver.
The pod contained me and the three
Handari priests. They were seated amongst three
transparent chairs at the rear of the pod and were
in deep meditation. As we descended down to the
planet, I was in sheer amazement of the beauty of
Handarr. The world was so clean, lush and
beautiful. The trees of Handarr looked very similar
to Earth maples except that the leaves were fluffier
and furrier. They appeared more to the color of
indigo and the bark was much more of a lighter
auburn. Some of the trees that I saw literally stood
over three vertical miles in height. I had never seen
something so beautiful where the forests were so
alive and prosperous.
As we made our descent, I went over to my
father and touched his shoulder.
This place is so beautiful, Daddy.
My father turned to me and smiled as he
seemed to enjoy the fact that I would enjoy
Youre looking at the most beautiful planet
in all of Atlas, my dear. My father said with great
Whats Atlas, Daddy? I asked.
Atlas is the name of the star here. At least,
thats the name that humans call it. The Handari
call it Sharattu. It means bearer of light. But
whatever you wish to call it, Anadriya, is
completely fine. The Handari are a very loving
people and everything that takes place on this
world are elements of expression.
Spontaneously, I asked: Are there any bad
people on this world, Daddy?
My father shook his head. No. Handarr is a
world of peace. Its protected by a shield that
works on a certain vibration. Its like a filter that
keeps out unwanted beings. If a being isnt able to
vibrate to the settings of the shield, they simply
wont be able to make it past the atmosphere of
the planet. Their ship will literally bounce off the
shield like a wall and theyll be denied entry until
theyre willing to work on themselves through the
nature of love. Only until you match the frequency
of the shield, can you pass and enter Handarr. Your
Earth has a similar form of shield in place as well,
my angel.
I smiled and gave my father a big hug. I held
onto him as I continued to look out at the gorgeous
scenery of the planet. In the distance, I could see
that we were approaching a landing pad that was
literally manifested from stones. The pattern of the
landing pad was extraordinary. There were so
many stones of different shapes and colors that
comprised the pad to look very smooth and color
coordinated that stood out strongly even during
nightfall. My father also told me that the stones
colored in fluorescent pink and purple would light
up during nightfall so pilots could always make
their landings safely. The fluorescent stones were
outlined in a series of rings comprising of ten
circles together. It looked very similar to a target
sign, only far more beautiful. The landing pad
extended to 20 grets
in diameter.
My father set us down on the center of the
landing pad, and as we touched down, the back
door of the pod opened and extended outwards as
a ramp that hit the ground. The ramp started to fill
with the auric color of violet making it easier for us
to watch our step as we departed the pod. The
Handari priests awoke from their trance and rose
from their chair and followed my father and I from
I was so excited to see this beautiful world.
The air was like nothing I had breathed before. It
was as if you were breathing in a meal of fruitful
aromas with each breath. It was later revealed to
me that the Handari do not eat. They sustain
themselves completely from the breath. They were
not against anyone who enjoyed their fruits and
vegetables for nourishment, but would never taste
them through their own accord. Its to this very day
where I have yet to eat any of the fruits and
vegetables on Handarr as the breath has sustained
me well.

Grets: A form of measurement where one unit is equal to
approximately 18 of our meters.
Before I was passionate in running off and
exploring the planet, my father called my name
telepathically. I turned myself to him and ran over
to him. He held me by my shoulders and bent
Anadriya, I will need to leave for a little
while as I am needed back on Earth to complete
more ambassadorial tasks Ive promised to
complete. My father told me through a sincere
tone I heard in my mind.
This was news that had started to upset me.
I had barely known my father and I was hoping he
was going to stay here so we could spend time
together. I slowly started the signs that I was about
to cry. My father could sense this and quickly gave
me a hug.
My angel, this is your new life. You are
going to learn so much here beyond your wildest
dreams. What a beautiful, intelligent young woman
you are going to become.
I wrapped my arms around my fathers neck
and began to sniff as the tears came out.
But I dont want you to leave me, Daddy.
Mommy left me. And I dont want to lose you too.
My father broke the hug I gave him and
looked me in the eyes with his deep blue eyes
meeting my gaze. He simply smiled at me and said:
Anadriya, let me tell you a story about the
universe. The universe is an infinite machine filled
with the mechanics of perfection. Every situation
that exists in the universe is bound with purpose.
We are the very gears of this infinite machine that
occupy the universe giving every situation
meaning. We do this as a way of bringing purpose
in our lives. There is never anything that happens
without purpose as we are built to give meaning to
situations. You have given yourself meaning
coming with me, boarding your first spacecraft and
coming onto another world. I am one of your
extensions, Anadriya. I fulfill a certain purpose in
your life, as did your mother. But the extensions
are always ever-changing, sweetheart. Themes of
new experiences are being birthed all the time at
every moment you and I exist. It is simply the way
of the universe.
There is a theme here on this planet that is
meant for you and only you to explore. You are to
define the extensions that associate with you here,
Anadriya. My extension will always exist, it is
simply not meant to exist in this current theme. Let
this theme reveal itself to you and live within it.
Embrace the moment, my beautiful daughter, and
you will find surprises in store that you thought
could never exist.
My father always had the stories that were
capable of cheering me up. I smiled as he explained
this to me. I was excited to hear about new themes
in my life and new extensions that would make up
those themes. It made it easier for me to
understand my fathers departure as I explored this
new world and began my educational training. He
knew how bright I was and knew I would
My father reached onto the side of his arm
and pulled off a thin silver cylinder. He held it up to
me to show me what it was.
This is a device where you can
communicate with me. Its called a holo-display. All
you do is hold it up to your face, close your eyes
and repeat in your mind the person you wish to
contact through it. You will see a holographic
image of that person that will appear through the
lens of the holo-display, and they will see an image
of you. If ever you need to urgently talk to me,
Anadriya, use this. When I want to get in touch
with you, your suit will notify you through a
telepathic calling. Keep the device attached to your
I took the device from my father. It felt like
a thin cylinder of plastic simplistic in its design. I
attached it to my right arm of my uniform. I gave
my father another hug and a kiss on his cheek. He
gave me a kiss on my cheek and rubbed my back.
I want you to contact your mother tonight
before sundown. She will be within the alignment
to speak to you, alright? My father reminded me.
I will. I said nodding my head.
My father smiled at me and gestured me to
go with the Handari priests. He waved good bye
and re-boarded the shuttle pod. I ran over to the
Handari priests and looked back at my father as the
pod ramp re-sealed itself closed. I saw the shuttle
pod lift up from the platform and make its ascent
past the sky of Handarr. In that moment, I could no
longer visibly see the pod and I knew my father was
As I walked with the Handari priests, they
could sense my mild discomfort with my father
leaving me behind.
Your thoughts dwell strongly on your
father, young Anadriya. The voices of the three
Handari said in my mind.
Yes, I miss him. I replied.
To miss another that never leaves you
does not have to bring you into a form of loss,
dearest one. They stated with smiles across their
That statement was very strong and I was
greatly intrigued.
I never thought of it that way before. I
guess its just seeing them that make me happy. I
It is seeing them all the time that can
preserve your happiness. Energy is all around us. It
is part of us, and we a part of it. We are never
apart from the field of energy, dearest Anadriya.
Our loved ones are always amongst us even if we
feel they are not. It is to see past the fog of
confusion and come into the light of
understanding. This is a knowing that we shall
teach you.
I didnt quite understand at the time, but I
had a rush of excitement coursing through me that
was due to the energy around me. I understood
what they meant by the energy filled my loved
ones surrounded me always. I wanted to harness
that energy and allow myself to utilize that energy
and create with it. I started to giggle and hugged
one of the three priests. He returned my hug and
picked me up off my feet to cuddle with me. In the
arms of the Handari priest, we walked into the
village where I would meet my future teachers to
educate me in the galactic arts.
Across the village, I had met several of my
teachers. As the Handari did not have names
appointed to them, they were only known for what
they did that indicated a label which one could call
them. I had met the elder Queset-at
who was
knowledgeable in regards to all life forms that
existed on Handarr: from the plant life to the
animal kingdoms. He would teach me in the ways
of botany, gardening, harvesting crops to feed the
animals, and teach me more about the cycle of
nature on Handarr.

Queset-at: One who has a full understanding of the ways of
all life within nature on Handarr: botany, herbalist and animal
I had met the elder Vendren
who trained
her students to help design clothes and fabrics for
the village. I had also met with Oostet
where a
guild of elders consisting of five would instruct the
young children how to build homes and public
foundations using the materials of stone, Handari
prairie vines and earth. I concluded my day by
meeting my teacher that was labeled by the
Handari as a Yiserah.
The elder Yiserah was of
the same age as the Handari priests spanning over
300 aipi
After meeting with the people of the village
and the teachers, I remember falling asleep in one
of the Handari Priests arms. They took me home to
their hut and laid me down softly on a large Ren-
. They covered me up in a beautifully colored
blanket as Handarr nights during the time of
season could be very cold.

Vendren: A clothing maker.
Oostet: A consortium of builders/stone masons.
Yiserah: A master teacher of language, symbols and
Aipi: A measurement of time where one unit would equal
to 2.4 Earth years.
Ren-yer: A large bed made from firm stuffings sewn into a
circular mattress. The stuffings are a type of padded moss
called jeenta found commonly within the forests of Handarr.
As I slept, my sapphire necklace began to
twitch on its own and illuminated itself brightly. A
slight warm breeze came into the room and was
brushing my hair back. I was being visited by my
Mother through my dreams.
In my dream, I was surrounded by a void of
luminescent white light. I could see outside of my
body as it too was luminescent. I was dressed in my
silver uniform wearing my sapphire pendent and
my hair was braided into a beautiful pony tail. In
the distance, I could see my mother approaching.
She was absolutely beautiful. She wore a gorgeous
white dress with a long train and beautiful white
fabric hung down from her arms. My mothers hair
was long and free flowing accompanied with a
wonderful smile on her face. She was the epitome
of an angel through her remarkable appearance.
I ran over to my mother and gave her the
biggest hug I had ever given her. My mother
embraced the hug and held me tightly. She gently
kissed my cheek and rubbed the back of my head
as she always did when she was alive.
I am so happy for you, my angel. My
mother said.
I didnt know what to say as I was so
captivated in the moment to feel my mothers
presence. I missed her so much; I didnt want to
say anything else.
You are beginning the journey few humans
will ever experience. From the time before you
were born, you communicated with me. You taught
me how to be a wonderful parent and how to look
after myself so that you could be born into the
world. This is not something that every mother
goes through, my dear. I knew from the moment I
first made contact with you, that something
extraordinary was going to happen with you
throughout your life. And here you are now. On
another world learning from the Handari fulfilling
your purpose to embark on a journey that will
exceed your wildest imagination.
I pulled myself back from my mother as the
curious thoughts were starting to flow through my
What do you mean, Mom? What am I
going to be?
A woman of divine wisdom, Anadriya. You
are literally going to be of service to an entire
galaxy. You are part of a galactic prophecy that had
been prophesied for thousands of years through
the galaxys greatest sages and mystics. You are the
beginning step of an example that the human race
is meant to be.
My mother stood up and put her right hand
upon my shoulder and looked down at me with an
expression of absolute love.
Anadriya, this may not seem clear to you
at first, but in the times ahead, you will
understand. My mother assured me.
The human race contains the most
advanced genetics of any other race in the galaxy.
Our people were engineered by a galactic
consortium of volunteers that consisted of twenty-
two different races. Combined together, our race
was created through the combination of one-
hundred and forty-four DNA strand helixes. These
raw strands became compressed into groups of
twelve and fused together to be assembled into
what is known as the twelve DNA helix archetype.
Three of our DNA strands inside our bodies are
visible with the human visual spectrum, the
remaining nine are not as they are composed of a
higher spectrum of holographic light coded
sequences that cannot be seen by the naked
human eye. Anadriya, you are one of the few
humans that have reached the point of the fourth
DNA helix activation. It is through this activation
that you are a natural conduit to the universal
mind. This will unfold and will be more apparent to
you as you reach your fifth year of age. Your body
is literally transforming now, Anadriya, and you will
have access to knowledge that even the greatest of
mystics present among you cannot access. You will
be the living example of an incarnation pure to the
mind of the universe. This is your destiny, my
When I was in the dream state hearing my
mother speak these words to me, one might think
that a young girl at the age of 3 wouldnt be able to
understand what was being discussed here as it
seemed very advanced for a child, but surprisingly,
it was not. It was as if I could easily understand and
integrate everything that was spoken from my
mother before the words formed. I knew exactly
what she was talking about and I knew how
important the human race was. I literally felt like
my soul was dialoguing with me as I took in the
concepts that my mother spoke of so that
everything shared with me made perfect sense. I
knew my mother was right about what awaited
me. I could feel that there was a path unfolding
before me where I didnt quite know specifically
where it would lead, but I knew that it would be
I placed my right hand on top of my
mothers hand where she touched my shoulder
and began to rub it. My curious mind sparked once
again and I asked: What about these new people
Im with mommy? Are they my new family?
They are indeed. She replied with loving
confidence. You are going to learn a great deal
from the Handari 1
Chenn and from many others
upon the world of Handarr. You will also explore
other worlds and befriend others who will be
beneficial for your own development. There will be
times where you will be challenged, my dearest,
but understand that challenges only exist to help
you discover what is truly pure inside your heart.
My mother wrapped her right hand around
mine and stepped back to extend our arms fully.
I want to show you something, Anadriya.
She said with a wide smile on her face.
We began to levitate off the ground of the
white void and began flying past the surface and
into a new realm filled with a variety of different
colors that were manifesting into images of people,
planets and stars. As I turned to my right, I saw an
image of my father smiling back at me.
What youre seeing Anadriya are images
that will hold experiences dear to your heart
throughout your life. You will explore a great deal
of new territories no human has ever explored
before. You will meet new people you could not
have dreamed existed. My mother said raising her
voice as we flew through the realm of color and
We halted for a moment and I saw the
image of myself aged 25 years in the future. I was
in my silver uniform and looked very tall:
approximately six feet in height. My hair was very
long and flowed all the way down to my lower
back. I saw myself in front of audience of
thousands as I was appearing in front of an
immense gathering of people contained within
spheres in a large spherical chamber. My eyes
appeared bright and I was levitating off the ground.
No words were spoken, only the language of the
mind. I felt I was not meant to hear it at this time.
But what I did notice was the love of the beings
that were with me in this gathering. Their hearts
were singing with truth as they did not see me as
someone superior to them, but as someone who
was simply confirming what they knew to be true
all along. I was a living mirror that was reminding
them of their own greatness within. After I finished
speaking through this gathering, I saw myself
remaining still as I was tapping into the collective
consciousness of the gathering and breathed out a
sigh of fulfillment as the people in the room who I
honestly loved so dearly felt the completion within
themselves. We had healed each other within this
gathering. Our hearts were no longer tied down
with conflict, they were now unbounded and we all
knew what we were capable of in this moment.
I saw myself in the vision stepping down
from the podium and was embraced by the love of
the wide assortment of beings that had travelled
far from many different worlds to be with me in
this moment. The image of myself began to fade
out and I could feel the reciprocating effects of love
that was shown before me. I began to smile as my
heart itself felt uplifted. My mother floated over to
me and looked me in the eye with a gaze of a
mother who had such unconditional love for her
The amount of hearts you will touch,
Anadriya, will be the very form of fulfillment that
helps you see the best of you.
Mommy, I look so pretty. I look like you. I
love who Im going to be! I replied with such
unbridled excitement.
its the love of who you are now that will
echo across the ripples of time manifesting who
you will love to be, Anadriya. Let your love be the
fuel for all the actions you take in this life.
The environment around me began to
dissolve and my mother slowly disappeared with
the environment. Within the next moment, I awoke
to the morning on Handarr with the sun shining
brightly through my nearby window. As I rubbed
my eyes to wipe away any leftover fatigue, my eyes
became wide and I grinned looking forward to
what awaited me throughout this day with my new
As I got up out of bed, I could hear the
telepathic calling of the Queset-at approaching my
door. I opened the door and there he stood
dressed in his work poncho covered in stains of
dirt. He smiled at me as he spoke in my mind
Anadriya, are you ready to come with me?
Im going to tell you all about the plants today and
we can also observe many animals in the western
forest of Handarr. And if we have enough time
before dusk, I will show you how we prepare
feedings for the Algo.

I nodded my head in excitement as I took
the Queset-at by the hand and we left the hut
heading directly toward the village.
Throughout my beginning times of Handarr,
I was able to pick up on everything fairly quickly.
Within fifteen Traiaipi
I gained the basic
understanding of the plant life of Handarr. As we
ventured out into the wilderness, I was able to
name every plant we came across. The Queset-at
was such a wonderful teacher as he not only taught
you how to identify plants by sight, but by scents as
well. Through the scent of each plant, I was able to
diversify each one from another. I was taught how
to understand their herbal properties and healing
benefits and also knew which plants the animals
ate and which ones they would leave alone.
The Queset-at and I would also venture out
into the forests and we would observe the

Algo: A type of animal similar to that of an Earth pig. They
possess a trunk similar to an elephant and are covered with a
thick black coat of fur.
Traiaipi: A measurement of time that represents a
standard day on Handarr that is the equivalent of 27 earth
abundance of wildlife that existed. He would
explain to me the function of each animal that we
would encounter and how they are able to keep
balance within the forest. We saw a wide variety of
animals as well as insects. There are particular
insects that appeared in combination to fireflies
and hornets I found very fascinating that would
literally pollenate the branches of a very unique
tree called a Siheetal. Its structure was more
similar to a seed plant rather than a tree as its
branches were made up of pollen. Every third
season, the Siheetal would be in bloom and the
aroma of the large trees would literally whet an
appetite of sweetness as their scent smelt sweeter
than sugar plums.
Most of my days for the past 30 traiaipi
were spent in understanding the nature of
Handarr. It fascinated me immensely on how the
plants and animals functioned as well as their role
in maintaining a harmonious balance within the
natural cycle of life on Handarr. Throughout the
rest of my times, I had spent learning other aspects
of life on Handarr relating to home construction
and the creation of clothing and fabrics.
Through my grand exploration of the
education I was learning, I was always pleased to
tune into telepathic conversations of the people of
the village as they expressed what a delight it was
to have me around. They had never met anyone so
young who was so attentive and so quick to pick up
the education being shared. They especially did not
expect to see this occur so quickly within a human
as what they had heard about humans was not
always so positive. Nonetheless, the villagers were
absolutely thrilled to have me around and deeply
loved me from the bottom of their hearts.
As I got up each morning and said hello to
everyone in the village, I was often greeted with
my fair share of warm hugs and blessings from
Gizen. My feline human extensions to this day are
dear to my heart as I honor the privilege of being a
part of their world and their acceptance of me to
learn the ways of the Handari.
It is said that many beings in the galaxy had
hard times learning from the Handari as the
Handari felt uncomfortable in having to teach
lessons a second time to one who is not willing to
pick up on it quickly. Although they are a very
loving race, they are very direct towards their
sharing of education. It is the Handari way to learn
quickly or to not learn at all. This has to do with the
advanced form of Handari discipline that every
child goes through. No mistake is ever met with
cruelty in any form as the Handari do not believe in
such a system. Their method of learning is if one is
not passionate enough to learn a skill the first time,
it is the belief that the individual is not yet ready to
fully understand the lesson. Another lesson must
be discovered through the individual where their
attention is at its sharpest to adapt to the learning
the first time around. It is often where the
individual discovers their gift through what they
can focus their ability and energy on passionately.
It is through this method that becomes their
primary trait for life where they eventually become
masters of the craft and happily pass the
knowledge onto others.
What was my favorite activity on Handarr at
this time? I honestly did not have one as I was in
love with everything I was learning.
The first day I met with the Yiserah, I felt a
little intimidated because I had always overheard
the frustration of some of the Handari children as
they had felt the ways of mathematics shared by
the Yiserah was too much for them to
understand. In Handari culture, very few are
appointed the master role of Yiserah as the
passion must lie deeply with language, symbols and
On the forty-fifth day of my life on Handarr,
as I approached the Yiserahs hut to learn my first
day of math, language and symbols, the Yiserah
answered the door with a rather unimpressed look
on his face. His facial expression turned very blank
as he looked upon me as another who would not
be able to master the trait of language, symbols
and mathematics.
You are Anadriya: the human. The
Yiserah stated within my mind with a rather
unenthused tone.
I simply smiled at him and gave him a big,
warm hug and replied: Yes, Yiserah. I am
Anadriya. I wish to learn more about mathematics,
language and symbols.
Hmm. The Yiserah muttered vocally.
Very well, young one. We shall begin.
Come inside.
As I stepped inside his house, the Yiserah
made up his mind to test me on the spot.
How many fully grown Vacoral
did you
see outside before coming to my home? He asked
With a brief pause, I answered, seventeen
fully grown Vacoral where three others are
beginning to expose their stems past the soil.
The Yiserah barely nodded his head and
went to sit down on his wide chair created from
sculpted earth clay.
En chanu comez ayen set el iz comatra.
The Yiserah said to me telepathically with no
expression as he projected the words in my mind.
What did I just say, Anadriya?
You dislike the lack of interest from young
ones regarding mathematics, master Yiserah. I
replied telepathically.
So, you have recalled our ancient language
that was once spoken aloud centuries past. Good,
Anadriya. Many are simply content with telepathy
and the generic translation for all to understand
through the beams of consciousness we project.
For one to research our language is the indication

Vacoral: A beautiful flower mixed with colors of orange,
yellow and violet through its petals with a very sweet aroma.
of a great Yiserah master one day. The Yiserah
pronounced confidently.
I have not studied the Handari language,
master. The words present themselves to me with
meaning I already understand. I replied truthfully
The Yiserahs eyes widened as he received
my telepathic response. He sat up straight in his
chair with his mouth wide open.
You have never read the sacred language
texts of the Handari people? He asked.
I shook my head while still smiling.
The Yiserah sat back in his chair
bewildered at my reaction. The thoughts occurring
in his mind were that of awe and unspeakable
Master? I questioned.
He was silent for a moment and then
replied: Anadriya, I have never encountered
anyone like you. The ability you possess has always
been proclaimed as myth or a trait that a Handari
could never achieve. But you are proving that this
trait exists. You respond with the gift and light of
GIzenAnadriya, I have a final test I wish to show
The Yiserah got up from his chair and went
over to his chalkboard that hung on his wall. He
pulled out a piece of chalk and wrote down a very
sophisticated formula on the chalkboard. The
chalkboard became filled with a lengthy Handari
mathematical equation that I could sense the
Yiserah was having trouble with for many aipi.
After he wrote the equation, he gestured
me over to the board and asked:
Anadriya, can you assist me with this
equation. This relates to the process
Of the convergence of tachyon particles to
be harnessed and initiated for the passage of the
physical body to engage light travel transference
appointed to the mass to any point in space. I
finished his sentence telepathically.
The Yiserahs jaw nearly dropped as he
was amazed that I was able to finish his sentence
Yes, that Is correct, Anadriya. Where do
you see the incompletion in this formula? He
asked me.
The Yiserah passed me the chalk and I
looked over the equation. Without any thought in
my mind, I was simply guided by my intuition that
resulted in erasing several parts of his formula that
fed back not on integration of the tachyon, but
only on integration to the mass of an incomplete
constant involving the speed of light. I replaced the
former equation with a new equation that related
to the constant of harnessing the tachyon particle
through the means of a space/time stasis field
capacitor, commonly used by several races existing
within Sirius B. This technology was capable of
stilling the faster than light particle to be harnessed
and integrated together through the
dematerialized breakdown of a beings atoms. The
capacitor would be configured to control the
output materialization where the mass could travel
to any point in space through the speed of tachyon.
As I completed the essence of this formula
mathematically on the chalkboard with my
intuition guiding me through it, I could feel the
Yiserahs excitement rising as he saw the formula I
was completing.
I finished writing the last portion of the
equation and placed the chalk on the ledge dusting
off my hands. All done, master Yiserah.
The Yiserah slowly approached the board
and was astounded by what he was reading. After
all the time it took him to attempt the formula for
faster than light being travel, the equation was
now completed right in front of his face by a three
and a half year old human child.
Minutes passed by and I found myself
holding the Yiserahs hand as we walked together
quickly to the hut belonging to the 1
Chenn. The
Yiserah knocked loudly on the door and one of the
Handari priests answered. He was very pleased to
see the Yiserah visit him.
This human child isa gift from Gizen! the
Yiserah exclaimed telepathically to the Handari
We went inside and the three priests
remained seated on their clay couch. The Yiserah
was too excited to sit. I was busy playing on the
floor attempting to assemble one of the priests
three-dimensional peg puzzles.
This is beyond anything I have an answer
for, my friends, the Yiserah explained
telepathically. She knows the answers to
questions so many of us have pondered for ages.
She is attentive and it is as if Gizen is speaking to
her directly. The mysteries of the universe can be
answered through Anadriya. I have never seen a
child, let alone a human child, so in touch with the
With such joviality and contentment, the
three priests replied in one telepathic voice:
Yiserah, we know of Anadriyas abilities. That is
why she is here with us. It is of the nature of the
one infinite creator for Anadriya to be blessed in
this place where she is loved by many. It is through
the spirit of fellowship and community that
Handarr offers where Anadriya will receive the
necessary education on all the levels she can learn
to fulfill her destiny through the divine blessings of
Yiserah nodded his head in understanding.
He looked down at me as I was nearly finished
putting together the pegged puzzle and for the first
time in a long time, he smiled as he looked at me.
She is beautiful, and she is a blessing from
divine creation. He stated as he looked at me with
such love in his eyes. I turned my head to him and
I love you, Yiserah. I said telepathically
and gave him another hug.
It is important that you teach her
everything you know, Yiserah. It is through the
passionate gifts you offer where they will meet the
benefit of one who will be equally passionate in
passing them onto beings beyond our world. The
Handari priests said together in one telepathic
The Yiserah bowed in respect which also
represented his intention to depart. As he left the
home of the 1
Chenn, the Handari priests got up
from their couch and approached me.
Anadriya, would you like to take a walk
with us? They asked me telepathically.
I would love to. I replied.
As we walked outside the hut, we ventured
down a long dirt path that led to a nearby pond
where several Handari children were playing
nearby. They were throwing around a large
transparent ball and running off towards the
mound laughing as they enjoyed the sunshine and
each others company. The Handari priests seated
themselves by the pond with their legs crossed and
postured in a meditative position.
Sit with us by the pond, Anadriya. The
Handari priests invited.
I sat across from them feeling the grass
around me. It felt like it was the perfect spot to sit
on a day that could not have been more wonderful
with the weather as perfect as it was and the
environment completely serene.
Anadriya, we want you to let yourself relax
and go as deeply into yourself as you possibly can.
Allow yourself to be as comfortable as you can be.
The telepathic whispers of the Handari priests
projected into my mind.
I lied back on the grass completely sprawled
out and closed my eyes. I felt absolutely relaxed as
I was under the sensation of being a part of
Handarr herself. I could feel the planet and all the
life on her surface. I was aware of the entire
presence of the planet. I stepped outside of my
physical being and was omni-present in my
awareness as I entered deeper into my own inner
being where my conscious self began to slip away.
Very good, Anadriya. We want you to
continue to relax and just let yourself be where you
wish to be. Allowing yourself to hear our voice, but
become present everywhere. The priests said
softly through their telepathy.
I am everywhere and I am everyone. I
Wonderful. We want to ask you some
questions, Anadriya. And feel free to respond in
your comfortable state of mind.
Alright. I said.
What can you tell us about the world of
Handarr, Anadriya? The priests asked.
Without a thought in my mind, I answered
naturally: Handarr is a world bred for the teachers
to share wisdom through an open library of life for
students seeking knowledge to form equilibrium
with their own divine selves. After 12,000 aipi
when Handarr was rescued from the tyranny of the
Orion syndicate, your people began to rebuild the
planet away from technocratic functionality and
restored its natural beauty. To ensure that such a
takeover would never occur again, the Handari
sought the assistance of the Sirians to construct a
vibratory quarantine shield using crystalline fractal
trees. The trees became tuned to the precise
harmonic that resonated in correspondent energies
of the pure ones that were designated by the
collective consciousness as the safekeepers of
knowledge upon Handarrs surface.
Thank you, Anadriya. Through your
viewpoint, what is the purpose of serving others?
The priests asked.
Service to others is the representational
state of acting genuinely with the self by
acknowledging contentment with all facets of the
selfs extensions termed as others. It is the
recognition and acceptance of the self upon all
degrees of being through conscious/super-
conscious states of awareness.
And what about the polarity of service to
self, Anadriya?
In the nature of fulfillment, it is the
requirement of harmony in all degrees of
contentment to note all expressions and
circumstances enacted through the self as facets of
expressions to align the self into balance past a
positive or negative polarity context achieving the
mindfulness of the entire spectrum. Upon the state
of balance comes self-fulfillment which then
harmonizes with the tranquility of service to others
which is the achievement to full self-balance as all
is portrayed in love attained to knowingness of
oneness convergence.
Well done, Anadriya. And please tell us, is
it becoming easier for you to access this
With the assistance of the present higher-
vibratory energies of this world, this instruments
functionality for instantaneous reception of
increased universal contemplation rapidly
increases allowing this instrument to be an open
resource for an abundance of knowledge-based
We thank you, Anadriya. As we count to
three, we wish for you return to your conscious
self, your physical body and return to the present
moment amongst Handarr retaining all information
that you have shared with us through this
conversation. Onetwothree.
I opened my eyes and instantly retained all
the information that I had shared when I was in the
altered state of consciousness. As I awoke, I had
felt as if my body was lighter than air. Every part of
me was tingling pleasantly. I sat up and smiled as I
looked at the Handari priests as I had felt
absolutely wonderful.
The priests smiled back at me. You are
doing very well, Anadriya. We have much to share
with you within these times ahead. Return with us
to our home as we have errands that we would like
your assistance with.
Okay! I replied excitingly.
Over the several traiaipi that passed, I
gained an immense amount of insight from the 1

Chenn Handari priests as I was becoming regressed
on a daily basis to assist in the increasing of my
connection to the universal mind.
The times passed leading to my sixth year of
age. Amongst that time, I had stayed in contact
with my father as he contacted me frequently
asking how I was adjusting to life on Handarr. He
had told me of the exciting travels he has had
attending several sacred ceremonies he assisted in
performing with three different tribes existing
within Polynesia, Hawaii and South Africa. My
father was also spending a large amount of time on
several orbiting mother ships instructing other
beings that were classified as the ground crew of
Earth on areas of the planet that required
purification. I was happy to see my father meet
his work with so much passion and I was looking
forward to the time where I would see him in
person once again.
The 1
Chenn priests had assisted me
through meditation to engage the energies of my
parents to fuse into my being. To miss another was
a concept that was foreign to every Handari as not
a single soul is ever lost to them. Through
meditation, I could feel the essence of both my
mother and father together with me as if they were
sitting right beside me as I drew their energy into
me. This was a practice I had learned to do every
single night before going to sleep. Over time, I felt I
no longer missed my parents as I could feel their
energy and love around me all the time now. It
grows the strongest when my passion emerges. My
very spirit of determination is my sacred
connection to the heart of my parents. The Handari
priests noticed this change in me and they labeled
the state of being I had achieved as Sismasen
Heilt. This term in Handari referred to one whose
mind is clear and devoid of distraction.
I had also become fully acquainted to the
skill level of the masters of Handarr. I had become
a full initiate in all the areas of my assigned
teachers: Yiserah, Queset-at, Vendren and
Oostet. I was able to speak the three dialects of
the Handari language and draw the symbols of
their alphabets. I had also reached the advanced
level of mathematics which enabled me to become
far more familiar with the basic understanding of
galactic physics.
Through the learning of the Queset-at, I
had memorized all the form of life from the plants
to the animals that existed on Handarr. My master
was a phenomenal teacher with an adept
knowledge of the life forms of Handarr. His support
of my accomplishments meant a great deal to me
as I had astonished him with all that he had taught
me nearly every day of my life on Handarr.
As a Vendren student, I had nearly re-
decorated my shared hut with the Handari priests
with an abundance of fabric I had created. I quilted
my very own comforter for my ren-yer, I had sewed
ponchos together for the Handari priests and
several of my child friends that worked alongside
me, and I had sewn curtains together for my hut
and for my neighbors. They were decorated with
the brightest colors of orange, blue and purple.
Through my understanding of learning
under the Oostet guild, my talent was
understanding the structure of how foundations
were built. There were certain tasks that I did not
have the physical strength for, but I assisted in
gathering supplies such as barrels containing earth,
stones and collecting the durable Handari prairie
vines to reinforce the foundation. The projects
ranged to certain structures being created from
stone and certain structures built of earth and vine.
There was a group pyramid project led by the
Handari 1
Chenn priests and assisted by the
Handari orbital supply station to coordinate exact
measurements for the placement of the pyramids
apex. This was a project I was extremely excited to
be a part of as it was known as the Western village
pyramid that would be constructed in the heart of
town. It stood over five grets in height aligned
precisely over a planetary ley line. This pyramid
was completed shortly after my fifth birthday and
is the epi-center for meditation across the village.
Over the time that I had successfully
accomplished the basic knowledge of the Handari
skillsets, an initiates skill level never reaches a
point of completion as one is always learning,
however; the knowledge I had obtained met the
ability for me to teach others of the ways of the
Yet, through all that I had accomplished
throughout this time, I felt there was a skillset that
I was not being subjected to on Handarr. In my
dreams at night, I felt the calling of a particular
Handari that lives in isolation amongst the central
plains of the Eastern continent. It is as if he was
calling to me as there was something I was to learn
from him relating to my natural empathic abilities.
His appearance in my dreams matched that of
someone desperate to contact me, yet he was
contained behind a transparent wall that he could
not pass. When I approached the Handari priests in
regards to this dream, they were unwilling to assist
me as if to prevent me from knowing of this beings
existence. They suggested I looked into other
matter to devote my attention toward, yet I could
not ignore the message I was receiving in my
dream state. It were as if I was meeting a
contradiction from my elders as they had always
taught me the importance of the interpretation of
ones dreams, and for it to be sought out to
understand its message.
I had made the decision to seek out this
being that existed within the plains of the Eastern
continent. The Handari are never ones to prevent
one from seeking their soul journeys, however;
they were not assisting in helping me discover who
this being was. As far as this person living in the
eastern continent was concerned, the villagers
displayed a vow of silence where no information
would be shared with me telepathically in regards
to his existence.
When dawn arose, I made my way to the
landing pad and summoned down an orbital
shuttle from the orbiting supply station of Handarr.
A young Handari pilot opened the ramp of the
shuttle and I came aboard with the request to be
taken to the central plains of the Eastern continent.
The Handari nodded in acknowledgement and I
took a seat in the shuttle eager to meet this being
who had spent so many nights to summon me to
him. I trusted in my intuition that I would know
where to go once I reached the central plains.
The shuttle departed from the landing
platform and I looked out the window as we
ascended to the sky en route to Handarrs eastern
continent. I felt a sensation of adventure arising as
I left the western continent. It excited me that I
was acting on my instincts to find someone who I
had a feeling was willing to teach me something
important that no other Handari was willing to
teach me.

3rd Dawn of Armens Angaquay
(The sub-heading refers to an ancient Handari word that
roughly translates to the term of a psychic master)

Good morning to you, my beloved soul
extensions! Where I left off last day, I spoke of my
journey to the eastern continent to meet a being
who felt willing to teach me a trait no other
Handari was willing to teach or even share with
As the orbital shuttle pilot docked with the
landing pad amongst the central plains, the winds
began to pick up and I exited the shuttle shivering
as the weather was nowhere near as warm as the
western village. It was in that moment where I
recalled a technique that the priests had taught
As the orbital shuttle departed, I sat upon
the grass of the central plains calming my mind and
felt the internal heat of my body rising as I called
upon the atoms in my body to ignite and expand
like a candle. Through my quick, intense breathing,
I imagined as if each in-breath sparked a flame in
my atoms and each out-breath strengthened every
flame ignited. Within moments, the shivering had
stopped and I was immune to the cold of the
chilling wind.
I looked around the environment to see if
there were any homes or structures in sight. There
was nothing but barren land all around me. As I
started to look around to get a feel for a direction
to take, I felt a telepathic signal emitting from my
holo-display: it was my father.
I took the holo-display cylinder off of my
arm and held it up to my face. The holo-display
activated and my fathers face appeared. He was
dressed in his silver uniform and was calling from a
mother ship orbiting Earth. His face seemed very
serious as he seemed displeased.
Anadriya, the Handari priests have told me
that you have ventured off to the eastern
continent alone. Why? My father asked.
Daddy, I had to go to the eastern
continent. I was following visions I have had in my
dream of someone who is hear who can teach me
something that no other Handari can teach. I
Listen to me, Anadriya. I know who you are
attempting to find. You are looking for a hermit
that once held the title of Angaquay. Ages past,
this Handari was teaching other Handari the ways
of psychic defense techniques. Many of these
Handari were undisciplined enough to understand
it and the tactics that the Angaquay had taught
led to the fatality of a student because another
underestimated the power of their own psychic
ability. His ways were considered forbidden by the
Handari people and he was not permitted to teach
another Handari the techniques he knew. The
Handari would not prevent you from seeing this
hermit, because you are human. Every Handari
already knows not to learn the skills of the
Angaquay. Any Handari whose teachings have
cost a life, their teachings will not be learned by
any Handari as they are branded as a danger. With
this accident that occurred, the Angaquay
departed to the central plains of the eastern
continent and lived in exile away from the
population of other Handari. Anadriya, I beg you.
Do not seek the teachings of this Handari. If
anything were to happen to you
I interrupted my father: Daddy, I know you
are worried, but you dont need to be. These
visions in my dreams have been constant and I
cannot ignore what I have felt every night. My
guidance will not lead me in vain. It never has. I
understand that an accident had occurred from
times past, but as the Handari have taught me, the
heart focuses upon the now, never what had
occurred yesterday or what may occur tomorrow. I
know the Angaquay has summoned me for a
reason and that he has something important to
share with me. I give you my word that I will not be
in danger and I am being divinely guided. Please,
Father, trust me.
My father took a moment to think of the
words I shared. He nodded his head and looked
back into my eyes.
I love you, Anadriya. And if there is any
trouble, please contact me immediately. He said
in a protective manner.
I will, Daddy. And I love you too.
The holo-display shut off and I placed the
cylinder back onto my arm.
After I had placed the holo-display away, I
heard a voice echoing within my mind. The voice
was calling me: Anadriya walk directly ahead. In
the distance, you will see my home. Come to my
front door. I wish to meet you. We have a great
deal to discuss.
I knew this was the telepathic calling of the
Angaquay. I got up from the ground and began to
walk directly ahead.
After minutes of walking, I could see an old
earth hut in the distance. The land surrounding it
was bare with no vegetation in sight. It was
isolated among an empty plain where no life
flourished. I continued to walk toward the hut and
withstood the chilling wind as my energy continued
to maintain my body heat strongly within and I was
still not fazed by the cold.
As I approached the old wooden door, out
of politeness, I knocked on it a total of three times.
I heard no footsteps approaching the door or no
sign of response. The telepathic flow was quiet.
With the silence present, I felt it was evident that I
enter the hut myself.
As I opened the door, I saw the hut of the
Angaquay in poor maintenance. Much of the
items inside were covered in dust: tables, cabinets,
candleholders. In the corner, I saw a Handari
crouched in silent meditation. He wore a black
cloak around himself with the hood drawn over his
head. I stepped inside his hut closing the door
behind me. The Angaquay remained still, yet was
aware of my presence.
Master Angaquay? I projected
I saw the head of the Handari rise up
It is you, Anadriya. The human who has
won the respect of the elders of Handarr?
I have learned from them and they have
taught me a great deal, Master Angaquay.
The Handarri nodded his head slowly.
They have taught you a great deal,
Anadriya, but what has been primarily shared with
you lies through the understandings of knowledge,
but not wisdom. What they have taught you, you
already know. You are no stranger to simple
errands, or dogmatic beliefs that only keep you
imprisoned within a larger box. You are capable of
so much more. To be wise is to be observant
through the learning of your own experiences and
surpass pre-conceived elements. You will at some
point reach this mentality... few beings succeed to
understand what this means. Even the 1
Chenn do
not fully understand the essence of this nor what
you are completely capable of, dearest child. The
Angaquays telepathic flow spoke with natural
He knew greatly of what I was capable of
even more than I did. I could feel him at home with
my thoughts and he understood why the thoughts
were there. Unlike any Handari I had ever met, the
Angaquay knew me better than I knew myself.
The Angaquay rose up from his corner but
with his back still to me.
Are you aware of the destiny that has been
bestowed before you, Anadriya? Do you know
what awaits you, child?
I smiled and responded: I have a very
bright future ahead of me, master. I help a great
deal of beings open their hearts. I become one who
is driven by the heart to fulfill
Anadriya, the Angaquay interrupted
telepathically, those are romanticisms luxurious to
the self no doubt. But still, you do not realize the
importance of your existence in this life. You are
literally the first of your human race that has
reached an untouched level of consciousness. This
is both a blessing and a curse. As many hearts as
you feel you will touch, you will attract those
committed to silencing you by any means
necessary. Like your planet Earth, the galaxy
remains in conflict with beings that hold a strong
love of the self and for each other, and also for
those who wish to keep their illusions of power
preserved. So far, you have gained learning from
pacifists and mystics who have only scratched the
surface of what you truly possess. Their ways are to
reflect the role of safe-keepers keeping you secure
under a bed of philosophies that they do not even
understand. Typical teachings all comprise of
musings of the self and fail to touch the alignment
to Isness. It is communion with Isness, not the self,
that will bring you into balance.
And you understand these philosophies,
Master Angaquay? I asked out of curiousity.
The Angaquay removed his hood to
expose the back of his head that carried a large
scar diagonally that nearly encompassed one side
of the head to the other.
Through my experience, philosophies are
the result of thought dialogue created through
beings who wish to deem their knowledge vital for
advancement. This is nothing more than a
distraction, Anadriya. It is the actions we take in life
that allows us to gain the experience of wisdom
that we can profess to.
The Angaquay turned around and I saw his
face. His eyes were wide with a deep tone of hazel.
His snout possessed another small scar that ran to
the top of his lip. His cheeks and forehead showed
great signs of age as they were deeply wrinkled.
The Angaquay showed a smirk as he gazed at me.
I have summoned you here, Anadriya
because your mind is filled with dogmatic thinking
and needs to be freed. In time, you will have the
ability to access whatever you need through the
universe as you learn my ultimate lesson. And that
lesson is experience. There is only experience
from what you take action upon. One who is
passionate in learning will always strive towards
perfection with what they seek. Do you
I was somewhat bewildered by the
statement he made. I was always under the
impression of rules and set principles to follow to
work toward an achievement. We have masters
who have taught the ways of what we know to
help pass on knowledge through experience. As I
thought this, the Angaquay simply nodded his
head and replied:
There will always be masters, Anadriya,
but what you do not yet realize is that you are the
master upon yourself. You feel you need another
soul to teach you lessons you are not aware of. For
many this may be true in their thinking, but for
you, it is not. You cannot evolve to what you have
been designed to evolve to by thinking in the ways
of beliefs that confine you, not free you. It was
through this understanding where I had shared this
idea with other Handari. It was not subtle enough
for them to grasp.
Upon the sharing of my experiences that I
had learned through my own actions, the sharing
transformed into disaster as those who had
attempted to understand it distorted it with
beliefs. This led to a fellow Handari losing their life
because they could not think beyond the dogma
they had implanted inside. You know this story as
your father had told you it before you came to me.
And your father is correct. I have been deemed as
an exile to the Handari people. No other Handari
would ever consider learning from one so reckless
as I. But you are different, Anadriya. You follow
your intuition. It is your strongest ally, and it is
something the Handari have not learned to do,
even though they preach it to death. They cannot
step past the shells of their own limitations but
you can.
The words he spoke rang so true to me. As
he told me this, my thoughts dwelled on the
pondering of why the Handari would be
contradictory to their own teachings. Why the
Handari would banish one who simply thought
differently. Ones own imposed departure to the
spiritual realm is never the fault of another. Why
would the Angaquay be blamed for a death he did
not cause? The very nature of blame was not a
Handari concept. The Handari were a race of
problem solvers, not of blamers. Much of these
actions that led to the Angaquays exile confused
You mustnt waste time concerning
yourself of matters that have already been set,
Anadriya. The heart is always aligned to the now,
never to the then. Let me show you your own
capabilities, Anadriya, that is not censored by belief
or confining through limitation. If you will allow
me, I will help to show you what you are truly
capable of. Do you accept this offer I present to
you, child?
There was not a doubt in my mind that this
is what I wanted to understand. I wanted to know
what I was capable of in all the ways it could be
expressed. I sensed the sincerity of the Angaquay
as he was passionate in helping me unlock myself.
I accept your offer, master Angaquay.
The Angaquay nodded his head in
The only thing I shall say, Anadriya, is to
dispose of the master title. You are the master and
the student just as I am. Always understand how
the polarities complement each other and must
work in alliance to understand the relationship of
balance that will lead to your unlimited self.
Minutes passed and we both sat amongst
the floor of the Angaquays hut in meditation. We
dove deeper and deeper intertwining together with
each others thoughts. We were creating an astral
realm together as I ventured deeper into our
dreamweaved reality, I could see the central plains
of the eastern continent in my mind. As I looked
around, I saw the Angaquay appear directly
behind me with his hands grasped at his back. He
began to walk around me as I watched his
movements. He began to study my posture, my
thought process and my mindfulness.
In this realm we had created, the wind
began to pick up and I could feel the chill again like
I had before. I attempted to warm myself up as
before, but the Angaquay approached me with a
curious expression. In this realm, the Angaquay
spoke through his vocal chords:
Why do you create protection upon that
which you could cease? He asked me.
I know how to draw warmth from cold
conditions. This was taught to me by the 1

Chenn. I replied.
The Angaquay shook his head in
disapproval and placed his right hand on my left
Anadriya, that is your instinct because it is
programmed into you by belief. It is not your true
natural instinct. The Angaquay advised.
I couldnt fathom what he meant. Confusion
splashed upon my face.
My true natural instinct?
Have you ever considered stopping the
wind yourself if it causes such discomfort? He
Stop the wind? How was this possible? I
couldnt stop the wind any more than I could stop
the sun from rising or setting.
Your thoughts become plagued with
dogma, young Anadriya. The very notion that one
suggests an idea, you rationalize it to make it
feeble or impractical. Thinking in this way will only
create your illusion of living inside a confined box
of control orchestrated by programming.
I defended my action: But Handarr exists
within a collective consciousness. Our ground rules
are made up by what has been forged through
collective agreement.
You are not in a collective consciousness
now, Anadriya. We are together in each others
mind and this is no different than interacting
amongst the awoken world. I am not asking you to
change the world, I am only asking you to change
your world. When you exist among Handarr, you
live in your world. You walk in your world. You talk
in your world. As this is your creation, are you
suggesting you have an inability to change it?
Remove the barricades of belief from your mind
and consider the possibility of stopping the wind.
I took a deep breath and closed my eyes. I
set aside anything that I considered to be
impossible and imagined the central plains
completely calm and silent where the wind was
fully dissipated. As I slowly opened my eyes, the
wind became calm and the cold ceased. I smiled as
I was amazed at what I had done. A realization had
struck me and I looked into the Angaquays eyes
with deep sincerity.
I only operate in my reality where
everything else within it, you, the 1
Chenn, my
friends, my family are just reflections of myself?
So that means anything in my reality can be
altered? I asked.
Only if you know it to be true through
naturalness, Anadriya. The Angaquay replied. So
many beings attempt to control their reality and
this brings them further apart from living within it.
Do not seek control. Seek naturalness. Do not
attempt to bend rules as there are no rules to
There are no rules? I asked.
What are rules, Anadriya? Rules are
creations manifested through the mind to establish
a form of control. What is control? Boundaries
created by another with an attempt to impose that
illusion onto others fed through a craving of
superiority. Do you not see that you are enacting
within a system of manifested illusion? Dont try to
change yourself, just be yourself that exists within
the change. There is only your reality. There is only
you. Experience the naturalness of you.
What the Angaquay shared with me felt
more authentic than anything I had ever learned: it
was teachings without borders. It was the
realization of the true potential we all hold within
ourselves. I thanked myself to the very depths of
my soul of meeting up with the Angaquay as I
knew he was going to teach me so much about
becoming what I have always strived to become:
unlimited and unconditional.
The Angaquay began to walk around me in
Anadriya, what I say to you to now is only
that of truth and not that of harshness. What I shall
do to you now is not out of cruelty, but out of
preparation. You are going to experience
reflections of what you are about to witness within
the years ahead of your life. Whereas you will
experience those whom you will touch very deeply
with a bond of compassionate love, you will meet
others who do not wish to seek your love, but who
only wish to stop what you are passionate in
Why would anyone wish to stop what Im
doing when it comes to love? I asked.
Why is there black and white, Anadriya?
The Angaquay asked me.
We live in a universe where expression is
endless. The spectrum never ends and the contrast
is full of limitless possibility. Among that limitless
continuum exists beings who are not ready to
embrace love: they fear it. And they fear it because
they are compelled to function in a reality of
control, not equality. There are those beings that
exist throughout this galaxy. They are diluted to
exist in illusion as that is what they feel exists
through the programming they have succumbed
to. These beings believe in the illusion so blindly,
that they will go to the lengths to end the life of
another to maintain their illusion of control. You
will encounter beings like this throughout your
journey in the times ahead, Anadriya. It is not
about entering into fear, but into resolve. That is
what will bring us to the next phase of your
The Angaquay stopped his circular pacing
around me and vanished from the central plains. I
attempted to look around for him but did not see
him anywhere. I heard a very loud noise of what
sounded like a large metal foot stomping upon the
I turned around and saw a giant covered in
metal with eyes glowing red. There were long,
razor sharp talons protruding from his shoulders
along with red glowing lights throughout the top of
this wrists and the center of his chest. This being
was very menacing. All that existed in his mind was
the desire to hate and destroy. I stepped back and
my mouth was wide open panicking as I stared at
the horror that this being represented. It was as if a
demon had come alive and existed only to torment
me. I had never felt a sensation like this before. I
was frightened and was frozen in shock. The being
reached to his back and pulled out a weapon that
extracted into a double bladed spear that
emanated green toxic plasma around the blades.
The blades were long and serrated and an eerie
buzzing tone emanated from the toxic plasma
covering them. How could a being filled with so
much hate possibly be involved in my life within
the times to come? I felt I was in a nightmare with
no escape. My hands clasped around my mouth as
the tears rolled down my cheeks as I watched this
metal monster walk closer and closer with the
intent to kill raging in his mind.
I closed my eyes and held my hands out
yelling Please dont hurt me! Please!
There was silence
As I opened my left eye, I saw that the giant
was frozen entirely. His weapon raised high above
his head about to end my life with a vicious fatal
strike. His body was completely motionless as if he
was literally incapable of moving in this dimension.
I lowered my hands as my heartbeat started
to reduce. I stared into the relentless, sadistic
glowing red eyes of this giant mechanical man and
slowly started to walk around him in a clock-wise
direction. My mouth still wide open as the sheer
presence of him continued to cause me to shiver in
How did this happen? I asked myself.
It was you who made it happen.
I heard the voice of the Angaquay as he
appeared directly behind me. I turned my head to
look into his content eyes. There was no shock
upon his face. It was as if he wasnt even surprised
that I had literally frozen this sinister being.
I asked curiously: I was the one who
rendered him motionless?
Anadriya, he is you. This being is someone
whom you will meet as you travel upon your lifes
journey. You brought him into manifestation here
and now to learn the lesson of overcoming your
fear. If you overwhelm yourself with the vibration
of fear, you will lose your focus of everything that
exists around you. You will literally bring your
connection with the universe to dormancy. It
cannot communicate with you if you are unable to
listen to yourself. Fear is the very impulse of what
keeps you contained in the drama of life. It is what
contains you in focusing yourself within the
projection of reality. You cannot see within yourself
or within the universal mind if you reach that
But I was able to render him motionless. I
Only because it was the thought that was
strongest within you at that moment. The
strongest thought focused through intention with a
mind as powerful as yours shall be the thought to
pattern your reality. This is the realization for you,
Anadriya. Your mind is open and it holds potential
few physical beings can even imagine. Harness the
power of yourself to create an outcome to a
situation that you resolve through observation.
I lowered my head to attempt to grasp what
he was saying. Within the moments that past, I felt
as if a very large block of energy crammed itself
into my head to gain insight on the words of the
What was shared with me through this
insight, I shall share with you all reading my words
here and now.
Humans on Earth contain themselves
heavily through their reality based on the
projection side of the illusion. It is only through the
nature of involvement that they rely on the
impulses of the ego where they function in a world
that they believe is controlled by something
outside of them. By embellishing the ego, the
humans live in a painted concept of rules that are
nothing more than illusion. The fear we humans
encounter keeps us as confined to the proverbial
corner as possible. If we give into the demands of
the ego that relate to fear, desire, anger,
aggression, pain, suffering, lust, pride we contain
ourselves in the bubble that the projections cast
through ourselves.
From the words of the Angaquay: harness
the power of yourself to create an outcome to a
situation that you resolve through observation.
Yes, this made perfect sense to me. Only through
the perspective of objectivity, can one truly see the
dramas they carry with them as they are connected
to Isness rather than just the self. It is only through
observation that one can resolve these dramas as
they step outside of themselves and disconnect
from involvement. If we can do this, we are flowing
in harmony through the stream that flows through
the universal mind. The universe will speak to you,
and you will notice the signs that is shows you
through your reality.
It was this trait that the Angaquay was
passionate in sharing with me. All situations,
circumstances and events contain meaning through
the one who perceives them. Through perception,
we create signs for ourselves that are a direct
symbolism being shared by the universal mind.
These signs contain traits about who we are as we
attempt to understand the enigma of the self. Our
reality is telling us portrayed through the
projections we experience at every moment. Few
beings dont potentially realize how much the
universe is talking to us. As you stay in the state of
observation, you train yourself to listen to the
Isness as you function in every second of your
reality. It was this understanding that opened me
up to new messages I did not realize were there
before. And it was through this training of de-
programming myself where I learned that the
universe was my ally, my best friend and my family.
These meditative sessions with the
Angaquay continued daily and I began to sharpen
my abilities that complimented my understanding
of allowance working together with discernment.
One might think that acceptance and discernment
cannot co-exist, yet it is my understanding that
they can. It is through the acceptance of
observation regarding all paths that await ones
decision and discerning them based on the highest
levels of experiential benefit. By becoming mindful
of what the universe is manifesting before you, you
examine the nature of the circumstance that
magnetizes the attraction of your direct
involvement relating to it. Through this, I felt a
stream of balance I was not able to feel before. The
Angaquay showed me imbalances that I carried
based on my impulses of being timid or confused.
Though I had learned much through my assortment
of teachers, there were pondering questions that I
knew I could not ask as I know I would not receive
any answers. It was the teachings that kept me
within boundaries of my knowing. But as the
Angaquay helped to explore the points where the
boundaries existed, those limitations were
rendered obsolete and my own field of expansive
awareness continued to grow.
I remained within the presence of the
Angaquay for a little over nine coraaipi
. Most
of my learning did not come from physicality, but
through astral experiences that elevated my
perception of reality, revealed aspects of my
abilities that could not be shown in physical reality
and readied my mind for intensive psychic training.
The Angaquay showed me ways of defending
myself from attempted psychic attack that involved
astral holographic intrusion from masterful astral
operatives highly utilized within the Orion
syndicate. The greatest tactic was the ignition of
love frequency. It was through the mechanics of

Coraaipi: A measurement of time on Handarr that is an
equivalent to 35 Earth days.
light color frequency fused together through the
upliftment of natural love that would cause any
bombardment of psychic intrusion to be rendered
harmless. The more we are able to love and stay
within such a frequency, the less we attract the
ramifications of fear and hate. Two opposing
frequencies cannot co-exist. As love operates on a
higher spectrum of reality and exists within realms
consisting of less density, the two realities draw
each other apart allowing love frequency to
become more malleable with creation. Fear is the
densest of energies and aligns to stagnation based
on concepts of limitation fed through a tainted ego.
My relationship with the Angaquay was
something that I could not put into words. He was
more than a friend, a teacher or a family member.
He simply was a deep part of me that transcended
identity. He existed as an extension of me to reflect
the teachings of balance. I never looked at him
through a concept of polarity. He was neither
positive nor negative. His teachings were of the
Isness. His presence was of the Isness. He
represented the very existence of the Isness to me.
Throughout the conclusion of another day
of intensive astral training, I awoke from my
meditative state to feel the sapphire crystal around
my neck glowing a bright radiance of blue light that
filled the home of the Angaquay. I removed the
necklace around my neck and held the crystal
tightly closing my hand containing the light. I
closed my eyes and tapped into the light that
emanated from the crystal. I could feel the energy
bonding with me communicating through a
language of light. Within a moment, I had received
a download from the crystal itself.
I opened my eyes to see the Angaquay
smiling out of appreciation. He received the
message just as I did. The crystal told me of
wonderful news relating to my mother: she had
acquired a new incarnate form encapsulated within
the sacred crystal of Alcyone. She had requested
my presence to be with her as a friend was
coming to retrieve me from Handarr to take me to
Alcyone III.
I rose from the floor, bowed in respect to
the Angaquay that had also signified my intent to
depart, and left his home. As I stepped outside of
the Angaquays house, I saw through the
spectrum of the astral the approaching craft that
would retrieve me to take me to Alcyone. The
being on board was unlike any entity I had
previously met and possessed a great intelligence. I
made my way toward the docking platform to
await the arrival of this new friend and smiled in
delight as I looked forward to my first trip to the
Pleiades star cluster to visit the realm of the
galactic teachers amongst the star of Alcyone.

4th Dawn of Armens Alcyone

This entry is special to me as I feel such
excitement to share an experience that forever
changed my perspective on the nature of
incarnation and re-birth.
As I stood upon the beautifully constructed
landing pad manifested from rock and earth, I
gazed up at the sky as I could see a spacecraft
approaching. The craft appeared in a silver arrow
design and was no longer than sixty enpi
. The
silent craft gracefully descended down while
hovering with its shadow cast upon the center of
the landing pad.
As the craft landed upon the pad, I saw the
pilot of the vessel walk through the wall of the craft
similar to how I passed through the walls of the
mother ship I was on when I was three years old.
The pilot of the craft was one of the most beautiful
beings I had ever set eyes on. He stood at nearly
eleven enpis in height and was comprised entirely

Enpi: A form of measurement where one unit represents
an equivalent of approximately seven inches.
of a clear crystalline shell humanoid in shape. The
transparency could be compared to a clear Earth
quartz crystal. More amazing than that, colors
formed from clouds of plasma swirled throughout
his entire body. As he stared back at me, swirls of
bright indigo blue and violet filled his entire being.
I was unable to read this being whatsoever.
His mind was completely clear and I was not able
to establish a telepathic connection with him. He
was not a complete mystery to me, however; as I
was told of his race by the Handari.
Theyre known as the Sxanacovas: a race of
crystalline beings literally grown from the caves of
their world named Sxixevi. It is the sixth planet
surrounded with twelve golden moons located in
Gamma Centauri. The Handari were never able to
establish direct telepathic contact with these
beings. A liaison that spoke in verbal dialect would
need to be present with the Handari to function as
a telepathic to vocal translator to convey thoughts.
Although the Sxanacovas are able to speak
telepathically, such conversations are one-sided as
the receiver could not communicate back through
mutual means.
Throughout the entire galaxy, the only race
that could speak telepathically with the Sxanacovas
was another Sxanacovas themselves. Due to this
telepathic prevention, many races within the
galaxy learned the ability to read the Sxanacovas
plasma cloud patterns as a language. This form of
communication is taught widely among many
different associations across the galaxy as part of
the basic language teaching shared across twelve-
hundred worlds.
As the Sxanacovas thought patterns are
impenetrable by natural means, many councils
utilized the Sxanacovas through their keen
intentions to be of assistance to act as messengers
and safe-keepers of sacred information. It is not at
all surprising to me that one was sent to
accompany me to Alcyone. As I had never seen one
physically before, what amazed me was the sheer
awe of this beings magnificent appearance.
The Sxanacovas remained completely still
and awaited me to approach. I smirked as I walked
towards the spacecraft and stared with my eyes
widely dilated as the captivation of the beings
internal plasmatic aura was spellbinding: it was
enough to nearly engage me into a trance state.
You are the Anadriya. The Sxanacovas
spoke with a deep masculine voice emanating from
his solar plexus.
It had been so long since I had spoken any
English. It also felt strange as I was resorting to
vocal dialogue as telepathy was completely natural
to me.
Yes, and you are my liaison to accompany
me to Alcyone? I vocally replied.
Yes. I am Xel. If you will come aboard, we
will make our departure. He said in a monotone
expression. The Sxanacovas are notorious for their
somewhat mechanical personality. Although they
understood the nature of emotions, they were
incapable of expressing them; even at times they
tried in the most neutral ways possible. What was
also interesting about them is that they refer to
others in an objective manner.
As I bowed in respect to Xel, he could sense
that I felt like I was out of my element with the
inability to express myself telepathically.
The Anadriya does not need to concern
herself with such uncomfortable feelings relating to
communication. The Anadriya will find that her
ability for vocal communication represents a
benefit to many different civilizations incapable of
telepathic expression. This simply provides the
Anadriya with the opportunity to rekindle this
ability through her. Xel assured in a more
comforting tone. As he spoke through his solar
plexus, the clouds of plasma energy filled his entire
crystalline body with a beautiful assortment of
deep blues and aqua marines.
I appreciate your kindness, Xel. I must
admit, the knowledge of your race escapes me. I
have only heard stories of you relating to others
personal experiences with your civilization.
This is understandable as much that we
must withhold is vital for the preservation of
knowledge for those who have not yet reached
maturity to attain its purity of meaning. In the
appropriate timing, we will be able to reveal more
to you. Xel shared while he followed me through
the fluidic wall of the spacecraft.
As I entered the spacecraft, I saw the
environment transform into a spacious crystalline
chamber. I was always amazed of how a spacecraft
could appear so small on the outside, and
enormous on the inside. But as my teachings had
always reminded me, reality is the canvas we paint
with our minds. The space inside the craft was
large enough to fit nearly a hundred people
comfortably. But what was even more amazing was
watching Xel absorb light through the crystalline
matrix of the vessel into his body to assimilate
information, instructions and assignments through
a majority of different councils from all over the
galaxy. His body filled with a plethora of different
colors ranging from all colors of the spectrum. Xel
outputted the plasma light information that
extracted from his body back into the crystalline
matrix that surrounded the entire interior of the
Once the matrix received the information
from Xel, the spacecraft began to lift off the
ground. We had set our course to Alcyone. A flash
of bright white light had filled the interior that only
lasted a brief moment. After the flash had passed,
the front of the vessels interior had manifested a
viewing window. I could see the beautiful violet
world of Alcyone III, otherwise known as Imantia;
which in Handari meant violet haven.
Imantia was absolutely lovely. You could
see the atmospheric violet clouds travel across the
surface of the planet. Above the atmosphere, you
could see orbital cities manifested completely out
of crystalline that shared an arc of beautiful colors
similar to a rainbow that connected across each
city. This world was majesty in brilliance and one of
the most precious gems that existed across the
I saw several spacecraft departing the
planet as well as many other ships that had jumped
out of dimension arriving. Imantia was a popular
place, but like Handarr, only certain beings could
actually enter her orbit or walk her surface due to
the vibrational energy shield that operated within
the violet spectrum surrounding the world.
Handarrs vibrational shield operated parallel with
the aquamarine spectrum. The difference related
to the level of frequency a being must emit that is
closest to the level of self-humility. Through the
range of frequency parallel to violet, one would be
considered the level of a harmonious mentor or a
spiritual prodigy.
During my excitement of the visual beauty
of Imantia, Xel sat cross-legged upon the floor with
his hands rested across his knees. As he had no
eyes, nose or mouth to speak of, it wouldnt be
appropriate to say that he was staring at me, but
more appropriate to say he was observing me as
his energy flowed through him calmly and serenely.
A bright hue of indigo settled throughout his entire
body which was extremely pleasing to view. Almost
as pleasant at looking at the beauty that was
outside the viewing window.
Xel rose from the floor and stood up. The
energy within his body converged strongly into his
solar plexus. The energy rippled in waves as his
voice projected:
The council is ready to speak with the
Anadriya now. I will remain here until you are
finished. May harmony follow the soul of the
Before I could even say a word, I was
transported off the vessel and into a room that
was unbelievable.
The room was similar to the books I read
with my mother when I was a young child. It
literally appeared like a throne room contained
within a castle except the walls were glowing with
beautiful white and violet light. Where there
should be windows, there were mandalas that
transformed into different forms of brilliant
Beyond the wall of this light filled throne
room emerged a very large crystal coated in a deep
sapphire. The crystal was approximately five times
my size and was levitating. This was the obelisk of
Alcyone that the Angaquay told me about. As the
crystal moved through the white and violet wall, I
could make out faces contained within the crystal.
Each face was apparent through each facet of the
crystal. I could view four different faces within my
field of view. One represented the image of an
elderly man with a white beard. The second
represented the image of a very attractive older
woman with white hair. The third represented the
image of a middle aged man that looked very
similar to the appearance of my father. And the
fourth represented the image of my mother. All of
the faces contained within the crystal smiled upon
me as they were pleased with the energies they
felt emanating through my being.
You come with questions. The four faces
spoke vocally at once.
Before I could answer, they spoke again.
Time is not necessary to carry the inquiry
that your mind has already spoken. We represent
your family, dearest Anadriya. All of the faces here
are the images that represent your closest
caregivers throughout your ages of being. Upon
them all represents the essence of one soul. The
soul you know to be a part of your current life, the
caregiver you term your mother.
The crystal suddenly emitted a bright white
light that filled the entire room. The light was
neither painful nor uncomfortable to look at so I
had no need to squint. A female silhouette figure
emerged from the white light and as she ventured
closer, the details of her appearance came into
view. It was the figure of my mother encapsulated
within a sapphire crystalline body. Her long hair
appeared soft, yet comprised entirely of crystalline.
Her beautiful blue eyes remained intact through
her crystalline form. Her entire body was sculpted
in perfection through the beauty of sapphire
crystal. She approached me and embraced me with
the most heartfelt hug I had ever felt.
As she hugged me, I had felt my own body
begin to change form. I was advancing in age past
the form of a child into an adult. Energy was
beginning to fill my body and I literally had a
euphoric experience where I could feel the essence
of the universe itself envelope energy into me. I
began to illuminate as bright as the light in the
room. Within these moments, I could see the
transition of my child form into my adult form as if
I had lived years within seconds. The knowledge I
had accumulated within this nearly instant passage
of time filled my mind and I understood so much in
regards to advanced language comprised from over
600,000 races, quantum mathematics, universal
paradox mechanics and so much more that I could
not even label.
My mother released me from her hug and
briefly rubbed my shoulders as she smiled at me.
My beautiful girl! You are my daughter.
You look just as I did when I was your age.
My mothers crystalline form turned
reflective and I was able to see myself through her.
I was surprised to see the size of my body as I was
nearly six feet tall in human measurements. In the
form of age, I must have appeared approximately
twenty-one Earth years of age. What was the most
surprising for me to adapt to were my breasts as I
was not use to this much weight in my chest. I was
amazed that my silver uniform was able to
successfully adjust to the growth I had sprouted
within this short amount of time that had passed. I
was a woman, no longer a child.
Before I could even ask the question on why
this happened, my mother replied:
For you to carry out what you have
requested to carry out, you needed to have your
body configured to full growth. The amount of
information you have acquired can only be
contained within an adult conduit, my dear. You
had experienced the full capacity of your child
years within seconds. It was an acceleration that
was necessary. There was no time for the universe
to wait for you to naturally get there on your own.
You have much to accomplish and now is the time
for your journey to begin. You are here to be of
service to the galaxy, Anadriya, but most
importantly, you are here to be of service to your
This was a lot to take in. I knew I had the
ability to look deeper into what she was saying if I
chose to as the universe was my ally. But I felt that
could bring more confusion. The Angaquay once
said: The universe holds all knowledge, but only to
one who can maintain the connection between
human and spirit. To see too far ahead or too far
behind reduces ones self-power. It is the now that
creates and the now where our full power lies. I
know I had chosen this path in my life and I knew
that some great adventures and experiences were
along the way. But here I was now seeing myself in
this adult form when only a moment ago I was a
child. How could one compare that experience to
anything else? It was exhilarating and frightening at
the same time.
My mother could sense the racing thoughts
that were coming into my mind and she knew that I
was confused. She placed her hand upon my right
cheek and smiled.
My dear, I know this is a lot for you to take
in. You have experienced something no human has
ever experienced before. And with all of your
abilities, even this will take some getting used to.
But please believe me when I say that you are
needed, Anadriya. You are the pioneer where
humanity will eventually become. And you are here
now amongst the galactic community to blaze the
trail for humanity.
What do you mean, Mother? Do other
races resent my kind? I asked seriously.
My mother lowered her head for a moment
and then looked back into my eyes with a very
somber stare.
The Earth human is a civilization that is
greatly misunderstood. Many races dont see the
value in the human. They believe that they are a
failed experiment. They have been caught up into
the gears of a Luciferian project and have no way
of getting back on track to what they were meant
to be. But others think differently. The great
masters that span the stars have never given up on
humanity. They have been the proverbial glue that
has held the consortium of allied races together.
The Earth human is the most advanced race in the
entire galaxy. They were developed for a purpose.
And they know that once day zero approaches,
humanity will be entering an era of maturity
throughout their civilization. However, many
others disagree and believe humanity is on its way
to self-destruction.
And Im here to show many races that
humanity has more potential than they realize. I
In your own way, Anadriya. This is not a
determination shouldered by us. It is what you
have expressed to achieve through your own soul
plan. And it is a plan that has compatibility with
many agendas that represent sacred councils who
hold humanity in a very high light.
I recalled what I had saw in the throne
room of light relating to my mother and the
question appeared in my mind like a spark ignited.
Mother, back in the throne room of light,
you appeared with four faces. One of them looked
like my father.
My mother nodded.
We are the same soul, my dear. You could
say that your father represents a strong masculine
extension to my souls expression.
And the other two. I recognized the faces.
They were
Your parents in a previous life on Earth:
your first life on Earth. My mother interrupted.
Approximately 8,500 years ago in human years.
My soul represented the extensions of both
parents upon your life in Atlantis. Our closeness
was as unique as our closeness now. But that is a
story for another time, Anadriya. I must return to
the crystal as I am being called to other realms.
Please remember, my daughter. The universe is
your ally, your guide and your true caretaker. Work
alongside her and she will provide you with all that
you need.
In a flurry of brilliant white and violet light,
my mothers crystalline body retracted back into
the sapphire crystal and I returned to the beauty of
the throne room of light. I had felt so humbled by
my mothers presence and I could still feel her as I
grasped the sapphire crystal that was chained
around my neck. I kissed my crystal as I felt my
mothers essence inside. I could hear her voice
saying to me I love you and I am always with you.
I felt my body transporting back into Xels
vessel. I appeared back in the center of the
crystalline interior where Xel stood beside me to
my right.
The Anadriyas experience was most
remarkable. Xel stated confidently.
His body began to show brighter colors of
violet energy flowing thought it. He crossed his
arms and nodded.
The Anadriya is ready to know moreI
have been summoned by the high council of
Alcyone to be the Anadriyas personal liaison
throughout her travels. I will be pleased to guide
the Anadriya through proper etiquettes and
procedures that will aid her upon her
understanding of functioning as a delegate of
It was at that moment where I had recalled
my vision that my mother had shared with me
when I was younger. The vision where I stood in
front of many beings sharing great insight that
caused the audience to show a great love and
appreciation for my expression.
Youre going to help me become an official
delegate, Xel? I asked.
Indeed. And our journey begins by visiting
the star of
Sirius B. I added. I need to have my own
vessel configured from my own energies to travel
to the locations necessary.
That is correct. This vessel can only be
operated by a Sxanacovas. The Anadriyas vessel is
an extension of herself and must be adaptable to
the energies of the Anadriya.
This made me smile. I was now ready to
construct my very own spacecraft where I could
travel anywhere across the galaxy. I was eternally
grateful for the excitement I had felt in this
moment as I could sense the possibilities that await
me to meet more of my cosmic family.
Very well, Xel, I said with a grin stretching
from ear to ear, set course for Sirius B. I have work
to do.

5th Dawn of Armens Asamanus

Throughout this journal, you have read a lot
regarding my upbringing and education from a very
localized and secluded area within the star of Atlas.
My journey was on the verge of a massive
expansion as the universe guided me to new
worlds and realms that were necessary for my
intervention to take place.
The dreams I had at night were within my
full state of recall. I could see myself out upon the
fields of Handarr literally speaking with the stars
that represented the consciousness of this galaxy:
the Milky Way as we humans call it. The Handari
referred to it as Asamanus: The Goddess of great
As I spoke with Asamanus, she contained
great sadness within her. She was sad for her
children as they warred with each other based on
belief. This was not only apparent on Earth, but
many parts of Asamanus are recovering from a
great war that literally shattered the unity of many
cultures throughout her body. But as Asamanus
looked at me, she began to smile again. She saw
the value of the knowledge I possess and the love
for the Earth human. We are the ones that are
destined to restore balance to the galaxy.
Earthlings are so special, Anadriya.
Asamanus told me. Many of you may believe that
you are a race bred for conflict, but it is the
contrary. You face great disaster so that you are
able to resolve it. Earth is only the first step of
many within your future. My children need to
know the teachings of their early descendants.
Their ancestors held ancient texts contained
amongst planets that are now in ruin. Follow your
heart, my child, and you will find the answers that
can bring balance back to my children.
I smiled as I looked up at the stars and told
my mother how much I loved her and how
beautiful she is to me. Her love caused the sky to
radiate with beautiful colors of green, blue and
yellow that gently coated across all that I could see.
A question entered my mind: What was the start
of this war between the races, mother?
Grave misunderstandings, my child. A
failure to communicate with what had been given
to those chosen to occupy my body in the
beginning times of this realm. It was the allure to
attain perfection with the failure to acknowledge
the necessity of advancement through experience.
Races that were calibrated to be fluent in genetic
calibration known as life blueprinters grew heavy
with their energies of desire. The children that
were masterful at building, thinking and planning
met with those masterful at life blueprinting and
forged alliances. These alliances related to the
matters of superiority as they were incapable of
attaining serenity with their spaces. Through a
flurry of impatience, arrogance developed, and
races that were never meant to interact with other
races warred due to indifferences relating to the
nature of being. Others sought harmony with the
nature that existed amongst them. Others found
nature the distraction and only action driven by
those mighty enough were worthy enough to
advance to greater realms. Distortion grew and the
contortion of energies was entangled with
misunderstanding. It led to great wars where
children fought against children all for the victory
of settling a grand argument over the delusion of
But mother, if the cyclic plan relating to
this galaxy was to be instilled in harmony, what
went wrong in the way of energies to bring about
Life itself is calibration, my child,
Asamanus told me as the stars sparkled while she
spoke aloud, where an idea is forged, barriers left
unresolved appear through the mixture of energies
that share the space. These energies manifest
circumstance that assuages the desired result of
And these energies emerge from other
themes of existence? I asked.
Yes, my child. Other universes that reach
sanctum with the Isness attain a balance where the
incompatible energy is cast out from their
experiment. This energy flourishes upon another
realm to co-create an experiment. The goal is to
attain harmony for this universe itself to uplift and
become one with the Isness. A process such as this
that you would understand literally would take
several trillion Earth years to attain.
So the incompatible energy takes over the
grid of this universe to attempt to create a realm of
In a way. Intervention upon unconditional
service can apply in regards to, shall we say,
safeguards to be deposited in place to preserve the
experiment from extinguishment. Therefore,
guardians and caretakers are called upon from
higher platforms of existence to oversee the
growth of an experiment. However, their place is
known as observers and safe keepers to prevent
the themes extinguishment and will never involve
themselves within the free will complex initiated
for the incarnate game players. Anadriya, you have
emerged from the planes of ether as a guardian to
interact within the game of the incarnate. In your
heart, the calibration of a guardian remains within
you, and your very theme of existence in this form
is the preservation and teachings of such
knowledge from the realms of the sacred guardians
that dwell past space and time.
This information was astounding to me. It
thrilled me beyond measure to receive such divine
information from my galactic mother. Yet, my
thoughts dwelled upon uncertainty relating to how
I could accomplish a task that would bring an entire
galaxy back into balance. After all, I was only one
being amongst countless others. What could I say
or do which would allow the galaxy to consider the
path to harmony?
The truth that has been omitted by
distortion. Asamanus replied. You are not re-
telling what is already known, my child, but what is
unknown that opens the door for intrigue and
realization. That is what shall bring balance.
And all will listen to these discrepancies I
bring into the light?
No. Not all. Yet, for those passionate
enough to pursue and investigate past the form of
dogma will be the guiding wind that will set the
pace for change.
This is true. The galactic council is filled with
chosen elders from all corners of Asamanus. Many
of them are arrogant and ignorant as they are bred
by formalities, dogmas and procedures that solidify
their take on reality. And to them, the thought of
an Earth human showing them the ways to balance
could be portrayed as the ultimate contradiction.
They see our civilization as disorganized,
irresponsible and childish. It was because of this
narrow thinking that the Handari withdrew their
ties from the Galactic council as delegates and
remained in isolation upon their world only for
visitors to come see them.
You are the light to cast upon the shadows,
my dearest, Asamanus shared with me, Let the
purity of who you are be in the alignment of
observation, not involvement as you will only lead
yourself to the distortion of false belief. The nature
of a guardian is based upon the principle
mechanics of neutrality. Your understandings are
the essence of paradox. Your teachings are the
ways of the infinite contained within the finite. Be
strong and steadfast in who you are beyond the
body you occupy and the reality you interact
within. But see the Isness in you and all whom you
I nodded my head in understanding, stood
up from the grass and bowed out of respect to my
galactic mother.
I understand, mother.
Allow the creation of your chariot upon
Sirius and guide yourself where the ray of your
heart directs you. Be the confidence, trust and love
that you are and always shall be. With blessings to
you, my child.
As I bowed to the stars once again, I felt a
white light fill my vision and within moments I had
awoke. I found myself back in Xels spacecraft. Out
the viewing window, I could see an enormous blue
world with three silver moons orbiting it. We had
approached Sirius B.
6th Dawn of Armens Sirius

We had entered the orbit of the third
planet of Sirius B that sustained three particular
civilizations. The first are the blue skinned
humanoids that are known by many as the
Azurites. The second are the Dolphinoids; which
are literally dolphins in bipedal form. Finally, there
are the Mammalians. Like the Handari, they
resemble a feline humanoid, yet show more cat-
like features such as claws upon human fingers,
tails and amber colored fur.
The world that we came upon is known
throughout Sirius B as Ypen: a label defined in
many Sirian languages as a place of exchange.
What New York City is to Earth is what Sirius B is to
the Galaxy. It is one of the most populated star
systems with over 1,300 races visiting regularly.
Sirius B is known very well for its beautiful
assortment of worlds with a rich history and
culture, as well as its notorious reputation for
trouble makers, haggling traders and short
tempered mercenaries.
One night upon Handarr, my father had
contacted me through my holo-display and told me
of his dealings with a group of Sirius B Reptoids
that attempted to project their minds into his
space. My father had a deep ocean of secrets
relating to planets of great elemental riches and
valuable genetic stalk which any ruthless trader
would love to know about. As they failed to desist
with their intrusion, he had to flash his particle
beam sidearm to get them to back off. He
cautioned me that night that if I were to ever
venture into Sirius B, I needed to watch my step.
Xel was preoccupied with interfacing with
the crystalline matrix of his vessel to scan for the
most appropriate match relating to my request to
construct my own vessel. As the yellow plasma
swirled through the top of his head illuminating
into a humble orange, Xel turned to me.
The Anadriya will be pleased to know that I
have discovered a compatible match that would be
very willing to assist you with your vessel design.
The being is an Azurite and is referred to as Rorin.
He can be found within the 5
district located in
the southern tip of Yspiin, the southern
Thank you, Xel.
My presence will be required as the 5

district contains a wide populace of different
beings. I will retrieve information and download it
directly to the Anadriya when the timing calls for it.
Proper etiquette is required in dealing with many
that occupy the surface of Ypen.
I was appreciative of the help. I knew Xel
contained a vast assortment of knowledge with
thousands of different races. Even though I could
retrieve the information on my own, understanding
that knowledge and bringing it into etiquette form
could take time.
Xel began to swirl with a deep red energy
that filled his body and we were instantly
transported off the vessel.
I found myself before a great hall that was
surrounded in beautiful nature with elegant purple
foliage filling the corners of a finely polished golden
metallic structure. Throughout this great hall
contained hundreds of beings each appearing
different from the other. My mind was becoming
flooded with telepathic chatter that became
exhausting. I had to stop and close my eyes for a
brief moment to center my mind as the insecure
thoughts of so many beings was overwhelming. I
imagined the lands of Handarr upon sunset with a
gentle breeze caressing me. I became relaxed and
was able to silence the thoughts in my mind that
were not my own. As I opened my eyes, I could see
so many different beings staring at me, yet their
thoughts were in the background and no longer
coherent through me as I was centered in my own
Xel began to name every race I was
beginning to walk by.
That is an Oopach of Cassiopeia of the fifth
planet. The pastel orange being to your right
represents the sub-race of Alamen indigenous to
Regulus 4. The tall female being with long violet
It was bad enough to attempt to block out
the thoughts of this crowd I was in, but now I had a
crystalline being that wanted to add to the noise
vocally. I turned to Xel calmly.
I appreciate the vocal commentary, Xel,
but do you think you could only introduce me to
the beings that I will actually interact with? This
constant vocal chatter isnt very beneficial while
Im attempting to concentrate.
My apologies to the Anadriya. Do you
require assistance to sustain your comfort? Xel
I appreciate that, but Ill be alright, Xel.
Thank you.
Very well. May I add that your thoughts
dwell on the unusual nature of these beings. I am
curious to understanding
Xel I interrupted while holding my head
attempting to block out the background thoughts,
could you please just not talk vocally. Trying to
concentrate here.
My apologies to the Anadriya. I could not
help but notice that you
Shhh! I said while attempting to continue
to block out the background thoughts.
I felt I was being very harsh to Xel now that
I reflect on these moments. I never held any of the
talkative nature against him personally. Sxanacovas
are very talkative beings and are highly justifiable
with their philosophies, opinions and actions.
I heard Xels voice in my mind:
Anadriya, we will need to proceed to the
eatery. Rorin is located there.
Yes, I sense him in that area. I replied
I could sense something strange with the
being known as Rorin. His mind felt very closed off
to me. Obviously this represents someone who has
had extensive training in psychic defense. Most
beings are as open as a book. When I focused my
energies upon Rorin, I would only get small chunks
relating to him. He represented the feeling of an
outcast. He felt very irrational and was at the
mercy of his emotions. He had the tendency to
leave his guard up as he had issues with trusting
others. I could sense there were moments of
severe mistreatment throughout his life, but
nothing specific. The ability for him to lock his mind
so tightly was commendable. However, I did feel
that he was extremely adept at holographic design
and conveyance mechanics. It was as natural to
him as breathing. Regardless of his personality
traits, I knew he was the one to help design my
craft, and it would be created quickly and
efficiently which was what I required.
As I made my way down the great hall
heading toward a pod door located near the left
corner, I bumped into a very wide being that
resembled the eyes of a Zeta Reticulan, but the
skin of a reptilian. His face too was very wide and
was absent with a neck. His physical height nearly
doubled that of mine. He gasped in shock as the
feeling of a human entering his space was nearly
Eeka! Sere fae o buuchem! The being
spoke with an outraged tone.
Xel approached him and bowed with his
hands across his chest that was a representative
form of apology to his race.
The Anadriya has angered him profusely.
As I was able to sample his language, I
picked up that he was a Zrel that existed within the
constellation of Hercules. I replied:
Doch, kieet sorr e tan zetala.
The being gasped in offense again. He
raised his hand up high as if he were to strike me.
Xel stepped in front of me and held his hands out.
He was sending the being a telepathic message as
his plasma energy was filling his body with a rapid
appearance of different colors. The Zrel suddenly
became relaxed and dropped his guard. He walked
off muttering to himself in a grotesque manner as
it was the most repulsive feeling having a human
collide into him. I turned to Xel and placed my hand
on my shoulder.
I sensed his language and replied
according to his dialect.
Xel turned to me. The Anadriya is
mistaken. You were able to download his dialect,
but the pronunciation was in error. The Zrel
alphabet is extremely complex and one
mispronunciation could lead to a fatality. The
dialect reflected that of one who is very low in the
social class. With an untrained dialect, it would be
more offensive than the worse odor to a higher
class Zrel.
This taught me a valuable lesson that there
is more to the assimilation of knowledge that is
attained through instantaneity. It is the process of
feeling the energies within my awareness to
complete the achievement of knowledge through
mindful action. To receive the language, for
instance, is only a portion of the matter. Tapping
into a beings expectations of the language to
reciprocate a peaceful dialogue is the other. I was
learning as I go and the universal mind was with
me all the way to remind me of my teachings as
they emerge through the light of action.
Xel and I had entered the eatery. The room
was enclosed with heavy brackets of metal stacked
upon each other with an emanation of yellow light
piercing through the crevices. Dozens of beings
formed lines behind the eaterys materializer.
The materializer is an instrument that
would manifest the thought of a food item as a
being approached it. The food needed to be
constructed within ones mind for it to solidify into
physical reality. It was connected to the realms of
the ether where the consciousness of the being
projected their thought. As they projected the
thought, through specific sound frequencies
emitted by the device, the atoms began to
manipulate material contained within its stasis field
to manifest the item from the very thought birthed
by the being.
This was a helpful technology perfected
heavily through Sirian craftsmanship, but it had
been through many dreadful incarnations
throughout the course of galactic history. It takes a
culture of great responsibility to utilize such a
device for simplistic and docile needs. Civilizations
that decide to use the essence of such a device for
any hostile service-to-self requirements are often
infiltrated through combined intervention and the
technology is literally phased out of their reality in
totality. Not only would physical removal transpire,
but the memory to create such a device is
extracted out of the inventors akashic field leaving
them oblivious to develop any further devices.
I observed several unique dishes become
produced through the materializer. The majority of
food items manifested represented many gel-like
substances that could be somewhat similar on
Earth to a combination of jelly and ice cream
merged into one. Based upon the reactions of
those who were consuming it, the taste reflected
no such similarity. Many of the food items were
actually flavorless. The point was the ingestion of
nutrients, vitamins and minerals, not taste. In fact,
the idea of a food item that presented taste would
be considered inappropriate to these beings and
something that would be looked at reprehensibly.
For example, if a human decided to indulge in a
flavorful Earth dessert in front of these beings, the
human would be designated as an addict of lustful
desire and would often be frowned upon for a
disgusting lack of self-control.
Around the room, there were thirteen
different species of humans and non-humans that
occupied the eatery tables. It was fascinating to
observe how many of them consumed their food,
yet it was considered impolite to stare. As I
glimpsed unnoticeably at the beings, some had,
what could be considered on Earth as delightful
table manners, and others would be branded as
absurd in the way of eating by human standards. A
race of Iksanestaks, an insectoid race, used large,
elaborate suction instruments to funnel the food
into their snouts. The Behar, a race that could be
referred to as a Sasquatch in their appearance,
consumed their food with dyer haste as if the
planet were about to explode in seconds and they
had to finish their meal on time. It was at this time
where I was grateful that I was one who could do
without the consumption of food as I found it very
I decided to pay no mind to the eating
habits of these beings and returned to the task at
hand: finding Rorin. As Xel and I continued further
into the spacious eatery, I had observed the
glimpse of a Azurite that was seated at the corner
of the room reading an information pad and
sipping on a nutrient beverage. As I walked in the
direction of the Azurite, I was suddenly confronted
by two very large Orions. They were a
human/reptilian hybrid race. Their face was scaly,
yet the skin color was a pale white like a Caucasian
Earth male. Their noses and mouths were covered
with a black breathing apparatus feeding them
hydrogen. They wore thick, polished black armor
that extruded to a sharp point on both shoulder
blades. The Orions stood at over ten feet tall. They
looked down at me with a lustful stare. I could hear
the voices in my mind.
You Human Far from home?
I made no sign of a hostile thought or an
evasive action.
You have strong mental discipline many
abilities that could serve our purpose. Let us read
your desires, human. Perhaps we can make them
come true. They said within my mind with a cold
I formed a crystalline light barrier within my
mind so the Orions were not able to extract any of
my thoughts. I remained neutral and stood my
ground not allowing a single thought to escape
from my mind. Xel attempted to step in front of
them to initiate a conversation to soothe the
energies between us, but the two Orions stepped
past him and surrounded me.
You dare to block us? Are you trying to
upset us? Do you know what we are capable of
doing to you, little human girl? Maybe we go after
your planet. Seek out your family. Put terrible
thoughts in their minds. Harm those you care
about. Is that what you want, little girl?
I closed my eyes to tune them out as I saw
their threats as empty words.
The Orions began to growl at me in anger.
As I opened my eyes, I saw the Azurite at the
corner of the table grab both Orions by their arms.
It was Rorin. The Orions turned to him with their
intentions passionate on wanting to rip him apart.
We have laws on this world, lizzies. Rorin
stated telepathically to the Orions. If youre going
to start trouble here, itll be the last time you ever
set foot on this planet. Your race is walking a very
thin line and very close to violating a treaty that
was signed in mutual sincerity.
Both Orions looked at Rorin and began to
growl. Their thoughts filled with rage as this Azurite
was humiliating them. They were compelled to
start a fight, but as they thought about it, Rorin
motioned for his particle beam pistol he kept
holstered at his right side.
You want to end the treaty right here, right
now and say good-bye to your Sirian mining
rights? Rorin asked them without a glimpse of fear
within him.
The Orions dropped their guard, stared
down Rorin and slowly started to walk away exiting
the eatery. Orions are not well known for walking
away gracefully, so I knew this would eventually
not end with their intention for retribution.
Rorin watched as the Orions left the eatery
and loosened his grip on his pistol. His feelings of
aggression began to fade away. It was his hope that
the Orions tried an offensive move. There was lust
within him and that lust related to combat against
a race he personally despised.
Rorin turned to Xel and took a look at him
with a smirk on his face.
Thanks for keeping out of the way there,
glowy. Rorin spoke vocally in English. I was
surprised. Rorin shifted his eyes to me and his head
turned in my direction.
And a human on Sirius? I never thought I
would see the day. This is a moment that wont
leave me anytime soon.
I looked at him curiously. I never imagined
seeing an Azurite thisself-assured.
You are Rorin, the spacecraft designer? I
responded in English.
Right to the point. How interesting. Well, if
you must know, constructing ships is one of the
things I do. Im also quite the avid explorer. Ive
even been upon your planet quite a few times, and
I must say, Earthlings are the most interesting
species Ive ever met.
Really, why?
Are you kidding me? Each of you are so
different. You each hold your own opinions, you
create your own paths in life, and a lot of you are
just filled with ego. Your planet is a blast to be
And this isnt really a trait that many
Sirians wouldnt share. I added.
No, not a chance. To so many of them,
youre strange, youre savage and youre
unpredictable. Any decent Sirian wouldnt really
waste their time with an Earthling. But guess what?
Im not your average Azurite. I enjoy the company
of humans. You may have a hard time finding a
designer that could tolerate you. But look no
further. Id be happy to help you out. Anything for
an Earthling.
I was pleased to hear of his interest in
helping me, but there was something more that he
was hiding behind his words. As he was an
excellent safe keeper of his thoughts, that feeling
was not clear to me. But I felt that it was something
relating to a means of exchange as if he wanted to
use me for a purpose that would benefit his needs.
We require the expertise of the Rorin to
develop a holographic trans-dimensional cruiser
integrative with the Anadriyas life suit. Xel
Alcyone technology integrative with Sirian
mechanics; I like what I hear. Youre actually
making this easy for me, Captain Crystal. Rorin
proclaimed as he slapped Xel on the shoulder as he
showed his own way of respect.
Rorin was indeed unique. He acted more
human in front of me than Azurite. From my
experience with them when I was younger, they
are a very telepathic race, playful and extremely
adept as builders. It is unusual to witness an
Azurite speak vocally, let alone be proficient in the
English language.
If you two want to come with me, Ill take
you to some other friends of mine and we can get
to work on your vessel. Theyre located on the beta
moon, 17
district north
Area 12 near the east omni-plex tower.
Xel intruded. A transport will not be necessary.
Please leave this to me.
Xel began to swirl with bright blue colors
and placed both his hands upon my shoulder and
In the next moment, we appeared inside a
narrow, dimly lit corridor. The air tasted very stale
as there wasnt a lot of oxygen in this location.
Were on the beta moon? I asked.
Maybe next time, you can warn me before
beaming me over here before I have a chance to
get an oxygen purifier. Rorin stated sarcastically.
My apologies to the Rorin and to the
Anadriya. However, our presence must be in
Whats the hurry? Too eager to get to a
council of squabbling old bureaucrats thinking
theyd listen to you?
I was surprised. Rorin was able to sense my
thought, yet my ability to sense a great deal of his
still eluded me.
You know of my intention to visit the
galactic council? I asked.
Hunny, its impossible not to know. You
want a fancy holographic ship like this similar to
your typical council delegate. Youre in haste which
means you have to conform to their deadlines for
Earth delegate approval before their next
adjournment. Ive played these games with the
council before. Not relating to Earth, but amongst
other similarities. Frankly, I think youre wasting
your time. Travelling all the way to Vega to attempt
to teach the ways of balance to a bunch of races
that havr been dogmatic for almost as long as the
universe has been around isnt really that
productive. I can just imagine what your father
would say, Anadriya.
My eyes widened as I heard Rorin speak his
last words.
My father You know my father?
Lar and I have been friends for a very long
time, Anadriya. I may not look it, but Im about his
age. Going on about 300 in Earth years. Why do
you think Mr. Crystal here was able to pinpoint me
out of thousands of inhabitants on Sirius? He found
me because I held the strongest resonance with
your energy. As your father and I have known each
other for so long, Im compatible to you.
This was something that had bewildered
me. With all my training and my ability to see the
universe as my ally, I still felt that I was involved
somehow in preventing me to see past the
moment and look deeper into energies. Rorin was
a step ahead of me and could sense that there
were leaks in my thought management.
Believe me, kiddo, I know youre here to
help restore what this galaxy has surely been
lacking since the first Lyran migration, but you still
have a lot of centering to do. Now, Im not big on
your whole mystical crusade that you got going for
you. Maybe because Ive been around awhile and I
know the personality of the galaxy. And to be
honest, its the sound of a Mother pleading for help
only to find no one replying to the call.
Something was bottling up inside me. The
sheer cold statement that he made brought out an
emotion I had never expressed before. It was the
emotion of anger.
How dare you say something like that! I
yelled. I have made a personal promise to be one
of those who have answered the call. I know my
souls journey and its to help Asamanus in her
restoration that I will willingly work to bring back!
And how do you expect to do that? Let
alone a human who still doesnt know her own
power. Have you learned nothing from the
Angaquay or from the 1
Chenn? They see such
promise in you, but I say where the hell is it? Youre
too involved in everything you do. You see
everything as a quest waiting to be fulfilled and
thats where youll lead yourself to a dead end,
Anadriya! Rorin retaliated with his truth exposed.
The way to be a true human is to stop
acting like what you think is one. Its not about
acting on behalf of the universe as the self, its
about acting on behalf of the universe as the
universe! You still do not understand what youve
been taught. And its no surprise as you are still
young and inexperienced. When you are in the
presence of your masters, you become this beacon
of unlimited potential as you are amongst the wise
who back teachings with experience. But when you
venture on your own, that potential diminishes
because you thrill for the adventure. You fall back
on excitement only and not wisdom. Excitement is
a path revealer, but it cannot walk a path. The
excitement works together with mindful wisdom to
attain stability. It doesnt stand alone as that
represents polarity. You have adopted
How could you know all this? Were you
trained by the 1
Chenn? By an Angaquay? I
You think you were the first chosen one on
this mystical quest to restore balance to the
galaxy? Thousands of adepts throughout the galaxy
thought that they could do it just like you believe
you can do it. Guess what? They all failed because
they didnt understand the principle of what it was
to be of true service to the galaxy. It is without
emotion, it is without pride, it is without the will of
the self. It is about nature. You do it because it is
you beyond the self. It is physics.
Rorin paused for a moment and walked
down the corridor. I was speechless on what I had
heard as it felt like the Angaquay was speaking
through him. I knew if he were here, he would
probably say the same to me in his own way. Rorin
saw through me and he was right. This is
something I did not realize until another observed
it. But I believe this was the beginning of my
wisdom. It was to know ones self, and sometimes
that is best achieved through the observation of
Rorin lowered his head and placed his hand
on the silver metallic wall releasing a very deep
I thought I could understand these adepts
that were first chosen. I was so excited to help
them. I built them vessels just like what Im willing
to do for you. They told me all about their
experiences talking to the councils: galactic logos
councils, sub-logos councils, planetary councils. All
of them were so excited to talk and preach of the
wondrous amazement that the galaxy had shared
with them in prophecy. A golden age was coming
upon the galaxy and we all had to do our part. It
filled many upon the council that werent
indoctrinated with close-minded belief with new
hope. Races across the outer and mid rims were
becoming excited as these adepts were living their
lifes purpose. Then just as quickly as it started, it
ended. These adepts were hunted down and killed
by powers that existed to keep disorder alive. My
heart died every time I gained news of the death of
each adeptespecially for one. And that one
There was a long pause. I was eager to hear
Rorins next words with my mouth open in awe.
What? Who? I asked.
Lar never told you, did he? Rorin asked as
he turned to me.
Told me of what?
There was a long pause of hesitation from
NoI cant. This is something your father
needs to bring up with you.
My defense was starting to elevate more as
information was present but I couldnt access it.
You speak like a man with no secrets, yet
you keep them from me?
Its not for me to reveal to you, Anadriya.
Under whose judgment? I replied with
You cant know from me Rorin said
trying to keep his voice calm.
I cant know from you, or you just dont
want to tell me? Here I am believing youre one
step ahead when I see through your
If I tell you, it will violate everything and
you could be lost! Rorin shouted. His words kept
me frozen in my space.
Now I cant tell you anymore, and as your
pal here has said, youre in haste. Were wasting
time, lets get back on track and do what we came
here to do, alright?
I stared at him for a moment pondering my
own thoughts. The idea that such information from
him could lead to me being lost perplexed me. It
didnt make any sense.
I became mindful of my lapse and I jolted
out of my trance to bring my mind back into the
present. With a deep breath, I nodded my head in
agreement with Rorin.
Yes, lets proceed.
We walked down the corridor leading to a
large steel blast door. Rorin placed his hand on the
door closing his eyes sending a telepathic request
for the facilitators to allow him entry. The large
circular door slowly slid open only to reveal a room
kept completely in darkness. We ventured inside
only to be greeted by some truly remarkable

7th Dawn of Armens Encheedu
(The sub-heading is a Handari definition of a
reconnection from ancestors to its children)

As I entered the next room, I stood within
an oval-shaped holographic construction
laboratory massive in size: nearly approximate to
the radius of a small Handari village. I was thrilled
to find three dolphin humanoids staring back at me
with enormous smiles upon their faces. They had
been expecting me and emanated profound love
toward me. They shared their feelings with me
telepathically and it was affection beyond measure.
They knew exactly what I was here for and have
already agreed to be of assistance.
The dolphinoids appeared very much like a
dolphin upon Earth, but were bipedal. Their skin
shined a beautiful reflective silver. They had
flippers for feet and three wide fingers upon their
hands and stood at well over seven feet in height.
They radiated a joyful playfulness that few beings
within this galaxy could fully understand. More
important than that, their intelligence equaled the
love the shared.
Young Anadriya of Earth. Welcome.
Welcome! The dolphins shared telepathically
together as they moved their long snouts up and
down with joy.
I smiled back at them and gave each of
them a very long loving hug. They embraced it and
it felt like the overwhelming amount of love they
shared amplified even stronger.
Dearest child, this moment is precious.
And we understand why you have come. You
require a conveyance. We have already begun to
design the craft of your preferences. Reflection is
key to the essence you share.
Rorin walked past the dolphinoids and went
over to a nearby holographic control panel.
Looks like you really didnt need my help
after all. Dolphinoids are only a hundred steps
ahead of you at all times. Rorin said aloud with his
unusual sarcastic undertone.
Perspective speaks to us before the time it
exists in catches up to this very moment, dear
one. The dolphinoids replied telepathically to
myself and Rorin.
Rorin shrugged the perspective from the
dolphinoids away and pulled up a holographic
schematic of my spacecraft. The image
materialized directly in the center of the
laboratory. The spacecraft appeared incredible to
me. The shape was embedded in the form of a
vesica piscis where two spheres were embedded
into each other. The outer layer reflected the
surrounding environment so clearly. There were no
doors and no windows throughout the spacecraft.
The size of the craft was roughly no bigger than a
twelve foot radius.
Rorin retrieved an apparatus from the
holographic control panel. It was a small silver
cylinder that had a blue slit through its center. He
walked over to me and placed it upon my inner
right wrist that attached to my suit.
Did your father ever tell you the benefits
of the suit your wearing, Anadriya? He asked me
Only that it was the only suit Id ever need
to wear. Its functions are multi-faceted: life
support, communication devices, metamorphic
attire capability.
And spacecraft integration. As your ship is
holographic, it can materialize and dematerialize
through this interface. Your spacecraft functions
inter-dimensionally based on vibratory signature
outputs. Meaning
Meaning that I can literally transport to
any area within the galaxy instantaneously. I
interrupted with a smile on my face.
Rorin nodded. Very good. It also aligns
magnetic time punctures upon each jump, so you
will not feel the effects of time displacement
wherever you decide to go. Its also multi-
dimensionally adaptive as its field can appear in
higher octaves of dimensions. That may come in
handy for you as you have a lot of people in higher
places to talk to upon your journey.
Rorin turned my wrist into my field of view.
Look inside your craft now. Command your
remote through thought and let the request
become so.
I looked at the small cylinder embedded
into my suit. I closed my eyes and requested to
brought inside my ship.
As I opened my eyes, I was ecstatic as I was
the inside of the craft. It was as large as an open
field and radiated an internal spherical blending of
silver and white light. The surroundings of the craft
were somewhat transparent and I could see
everyone contained in the laboratory. I could also
feel the craft speaking to me internally. Not
through words, but through feeling. This craft was
very much alive and was literally a technological
vessel synthesized to house my very own light
body. It felt as I felt, knew what I knew and could
sense what I sensed. This spacecraft was literally
my own inter-dimensional chariot assembled
through my own higher aspect of being.
The energies were already beginning to
share their feelings to me. Through an instant, I
could feel the calling of a world funneled through
my craft that penetrated deep into my soul. My
eyes began to widen as the vision became
I could see a world that was ravaged by
war. Cities that were marvelously created with
thought, crystalline in beauty, were burned to the
ground by such hate. I could see marching feet
parading amongst the ground determined to
destroy all life upon the surface of a once rich
world filled with ancient history. Manifestations of
great leaders formed as statues that were twelve
miles in height were laid to waste.
I saw the face that accompanied the
treading, dirty feet of a soul who wanted to inflict
such destruction to all around him. It was the face
of a reptilian warrior. I saw him roar a battle cry as
he mercilessly slaughtered defenseless human
beings that fell to the ground dead. The hate he
had for these beautiful humans could not be
measured. As he saw beauty in their eyes, he grew
even angrier. As he saw them fall to the ground, it
didnt satisfy him enough that they had perished
from their bodies. He wanted to see everything
that represented this culture incinerated where
nothing remained but dust.
The visions I felt made my heart beat
rapidly. I was shocked by the horror I had seen. The
vision moved forward in time where the state of
the planet now was shown to me. A world so rich
with life was now lifeless. Yet, there was something
upon the planet that the invaders could not find
even with all of their technology. It was an artifact
buried deep within a vault hundreds of miles
beneath its surface. It was a vault that contained
an indigo colored krystal
skull. The vision showed
me the skull up close: it was completely intact with
no damage inflicted upon it. Deeper within the
vessel of the skull exists a consciousness. As I tuned
in deeper to the skull, I felt the consciousness that
was a shard of Asamanus. A shard splintered from
the soul of Asamanus once walked this planet as an
incarnate upon this world and embedded herself
into the vessel of this krystal skull through sacred
ceremony so that one day, one would be chosen.
This chosen one would be pure of heart and
determined to restore balance back to her people.
She would find this vessel and deliver it to the
councils that sought to maintain order that would
ignite the beginning of galactic restoration.
This world once existed within the star
system of the first humans seeded in this galaxy. It
existed within the constellation of Lyra. The star
that brought its warmth was known by the Lyrans
as Dessai: Giver of light. And here, the planet floats
lifeless. Annhilated for over 247,000 aipi (592,800
Earth years). This was the planet that was calling to
me, and I knew the time was now to answer that

Krystal This term is defined as crystalline enchanted by
the energies of Kryst: the frequency of white light
representing the oneness of existence.

call as I had now been given my chariot to travel
across the dimensions.
I saw my eyes make contact with Xels face.
Without a thought projected from his mind, he
nodded knowing what I had to do. While Rorin
spoke with the Dolphinoids, I activated my ship
through thought and saw it rise up further from the
ground. My vessel begin to illuminate with brilliant
white light intensifying the space around me as
ripples of sound from the dimensional distortions
produced from my chariot could actually be seen
through my human eyes. Within an instant that
passed through a flash, I was in orbit of this lifeless
world feeling the call of the skull beneath its
surface calling to me much louder than before
awaiting my presence.

8th Dawn of Armens Lyra

With the hydrogen-rich content upon this
world deep within the heart of the constellation of
Lyra, I decided to take my vessel into the
atmosphere. The cloud cover that filled the skies of
this world was incredible. Layers of clouds were
penetrated until I was approximately 25,000 feet
from the surface. I flew across the southwestern
continent as this is where I could feel the
entranceway to the krystal skull chamber was
located from what my intuition was telling me.
However, the journey was not an easy one. Tuning
into the entranceway, I could sense a stairwell that
descended down nearly one Earth mile before
reaching the chamber. It was evident to me that
this was a false path that would only lead to more
challenges. I felt the surroundings of the chamber
in my mind and discovered that there was a
holographic wall just to the right where the stairs
began. One would be able to pass right through
with a fair bit of resistance. I sensed that a large lift
followed past a short corridor that would take me 3
miles deep to the bottom of the chamber.
I spoke directly to my vessel and requested the
manifestation of an oxygen production device if I
was to venture any further. Within a moment, a
swirl of beautiful white sparkles produced an
oxygen production mask for me to wear. It was a
transparent breathing mask with a small
detachable rectangular shaped box to wear on the
hip. This apparatus would convert all known
gaseous forms into pure oxygen. I gave thanks to
my vessel for her care and I was greeted with
beautiful light that reflected throughout the inner
My vessel teleported me outside. As I looked
back, my vessel was hovering several feet from the
ground. I pressed the small silver cylinder on my
wrist and my vessel slowly phased out of reality
and its energy collected back into my suit. I turned
back around and took a moment to observe the
view of a once proud and historic world.
Many travellers kept away from this world
simply on the basis of clich superstition. Some
have said that as you walk across the sands of
Dessai, you disturb the ghosts of the past whom
are unforgiving. But with what I have come to do, I
find those beings that have been labeled as ghosts
to be very appreciative. The intention I hold would
get the galactic council to listen to anybody that
held the krystal skull of Dessai in their hands; even
a human.
I looked up and saw an enormous monument
that was partially destroyed due to war that
occurred here millions of Earth years ago. The
monument was created through pure thought
manifestation resembling the galaxy goddess:
Asamanus. This in fact was her tomb as her krystal
skull are all that remains of her presence within
physical reality.
I remember the stories of Asamanus
incarnated upon this world. It was told to me
telepathically while gathered at a ceremonial fire
shared by the 1
Chenn. The story told of a very
special child placed upon the world of Dessai by
the divine architects. She held incredible
knowledge at such a young age and foretold
prophecies of great migration across the stars and
wars that were to come. She went by the name of
Dianshamat: beloved messenger of the cosmos.
The story told how during the times of the
great invasions, she was able to defend the Dessai
from the invaders as she became one with the
elements of the world. She caused great floods,
great winds, and great tremors to remove the
invaders. She was successful in keeping the planet
safe for over 600 aipi. However, there was a time
of great sorrow as she began to grow weak due to
a connection of equality she could never find. With
her fractured consciousness, her abilities could not
remain strong, so she performed a ritual that
would embody her essence into a krystal skull that
she personally manufactured that contained indigo
crystals from every open cave within the four
sacred directions of the planet. She fused the
crystals together through the means of thought
sculpting and formed the shape of her elongated
skull. With her final breaths of strength, she
performed a ritual chant that embodied part of her
life essence directly into the crystalline matrix of
this krystal skull that was solidified under the white
rays of Dessais sun.
And now, the legacy of her creation will be
utilized once again. Only this time it will be a
symbol of peace and unification rather than war
and separation.
As I approached the opening to the
chamber, I could sense some very strong energies
that represented some very misaligned individuals.
This tomb had attempted to be raided on dozens of
different occasions. Beings of almost every kind
have visited this tomb over a span of several
million years. And through all the raids that had
taken place, not one party was able to retrieve
Dianshamats krystal skull. Beyond the stairs
contained a very wide gap that was surrounded by
a vortex of energy. It was an artificial star gate
created by Dianshamat and any being that
attempted to pass it would be transported back to
the mouth of the tomb opening. The obvious path
to the tomb was a paradox. It was an unbreakable
circle always repeating itself and never leading to
what lies beneath the tomb. None knew of the
secret wall beside the stairs.
I pushed through the holographic wall of the
chambers and came upon a short, pitch black
corridor. Fortunately, I was able to naturally see in
the dark as an enhanced ability that I had made
natural as a child. When in darkness, always
imagine the brightness of light around you. As you
imagine, your body molds to your will and the
ability becomes adapted.
I noticed that this very cavern was manifest
through thought as there were no discrepancies on
how the earth was shaped to form such a corridor.
Technology often leaves ripples, burns or tears
through the soil, but none of that was apparent.
Dianshamat manifested this entire underground
cavern as her final resting place within mere
I came to the end of the corridor and as I felt
the wall, I discovered the lift I had envisioned
earlier. This lift was not mechanical, but rather
controlled through de-polarized magnetic current.
It would require a being of great sensory mastery
to operate such an ingenious method to descend
miles beneath the surface within seconds. If one
could de-polarize a stone and cause it to levitate,
one could operate this form of magnetic field.
I opened the door to the lift made of solid
earth and stepped into the chute that was braced
by the magnetic field. As I crawled into the chute,
my entire body became weightless. I closed my
eyes and I could see the magnetic currents that
flowed through this field. I began to de-polarize the
currents through my mind and within an instant; I
dropped through the chute with the magnetic
current flowing with me. The acceleration was
intense, but thats not to say that I wasnt
thoroughly enjoying this exciting ride to the
I reached the end of the chute and dropped
out safely upon the ground landing on my feet as
the magnetic field cushioned my drop as I re-
polarized the field before hitting the floor. Before
me, I saw a grand, spacious resting place where the
coffin that rested the body of Dianshamat. To the
coffins right, I saw the krystal skull. It was encased
in a spherical vibratory shield. Only those of divine
intent could pass their hands through this field to
retrieve the skull.
I smiled as I walked toward the skull. I was the
first being ever to see this resting place of the once
great Dianshamat. It was quite the honor for me
to be where I was now. This was a moment that I
was eternally grateful for.
I approached the krystal skull that levitated in
the center of the vibratory energy shield. I put my
hands together near my chest in the position of
prayer, sent love to Dianshamats spirit thanking
her for allowing me to be here now. I passed my
hands through the vibratory energy shield
successfully and held the krystal skull in my hand.
Within an instant, I had felt the essence of
Dianshamat as if it were a rush of excitement on
her part that I be the bearer of her krystal skull. I
could feel her entire life in my hands and in my
mind. This was a moment of moments.
I pulled the krystal skull from the vibratory
energy shield and clutched it around my arms and
chest. The energy that it beheld was so soothing.
However, this soothing feeling would not last.
As I turned around, I had seen the monster
that I had once saw in my visions with the
Agnaquay. It was the giant mechanical man who
stood before me. My jaw dropped in awe as his
presence was overwhelmingly menacing. The hate
that he was emanating was indescribable. He
walked toward me and took ahold of my shoulder.
His grip was so tight and it was excruciating to me. I
tried to enter his mind, but it was not possible. The
dark holographic embedded armor that he wielded
made it impenetrable to sensory probing. I was in
so much agony as he was looking to crush my collar
bone. Out of pure frantic instinct, I used the energy
around me to propel him at such a velocity that he
was sent crashing through the rear wall of the
I knew this monster was not to going to be
negotiated with. I had no idea how he was able to
get down to the tomb, but nonetheless, there he
was. I felt he wanted the krystal skull, so I was able
to manifest its vibratory location into a temporal
dimensional realm that only I could access. It
dissolved out of this physical reality and was stored
The large mechanical man with his glowing red
eyes sat up from being thrown through a thick cave
wall and rose to his feet not even dazed. He
reached around his back and acquired his lethal
weapon of choice: his toxic double-bladed plasma
spear. It became activated and the radiation levels
in the room were beginning to climb as I could feel
the radioactive heat emerging from the blades.
I attempted to contain the monster in a stasis
field, however; he was able to easily break free
from it. This being was able to bend space, time
and matter just as I could. I had no idea that
anyone else was at the level of advancement like I
As the monstrous mechanical man walked
forward, I thought I had anticipated his plan of
attack, but suddenly, he was able to teleport
directly behind me and struck me with a harsh
blow using the back of his fist against my jaw as I
flew back several feet. I could not even feel the
right side of my face and my vision had become
blurry, yet I was able to regain consciousness and
ran to the end of the tomb cornered by this
All of a sudden, I could hear my fathers voice
in my mind.
Anadriya! No! Dont fight him. You will not
succeed. He will kill you!
Father! I cried aloud in my mind. I dont
know what to do! I cant stop him! Who is he?!
What does he want?
Listen to me, Anadriya, youre only going to
end this one way, and that is not through a fight.
You need to love this being. If you can show him
love, his power will weaken and he will not be able
to harm you.
But Father, I dont know how
Sweetheart, trust me, please. He assured
me. Show him love and he will become
Theresso much radiation. I can barely
breathe I gasped as I sent my telepathic
Draw the residual traces of oxygen from your
lungs, Anadriya. You are in control. And love, my
dear. Please love.
The mechanical man approached me and
grabbed me by the throat. He lifted me three feet
off the ground and stared into my eyes. In my
agony of pain, I was able to clear my mind by
letting the pain go and bonding with the spirit of
this mechanical man. No matter how much
technology was around his flesh, his spirit was
always there. I could see into his spirit and my eyes
reflected the feeling of unconditional love. The
mechanical man saw this and his grip slowly began
to loosen. I heard the being grunt in hesitation.
As I continued to reflect this love, I began to
rub his arm that held me up and pinned to this
corner, but yet, I showed him affection.
He looked at me and I could tell by his body
language that he was calming down.
Anadriya. I heard him mutter in his deep
mechanical voice.
He released his grip and I fell to the ground
severely weakened barely able to stand.
Anadriya! Youre hurt I can feel. But youre
alive! Thank the Isness youre still alive! My father
projected to me telepathically.
Father... I I stated out loud.
The mechanical man turned to me with shock.
Father?... OURFATHER!
The large mechanical man retracted his
plasma spear, placed it on his back and teleported
out of the cave with a spark of red light following
from behind.
Although I could not read the monsters thoughts, I
sensed he had the intention to seriously harm my
father. But more than that, he mentioned that Lar
was our father.
Father, I gasped trying to catch my breath
while I worked to heal my face from being struck,
what did he mean that you are our father?
I could feel great hesitation through my father. He
did not want to admit what I wanted him to admit
to me.
Its too dangerous to share this where we
both are. Anadriya, leave Dessai with what you
came for and meet me back with your friends on
Sirius. I will rendezvous with you there and explain
everything to you.
While I could read my fathers thoughts, I was
bewildered that my father had kept this secret
from me for so long. Lar obviously had highly tuned
mental training to keep this from being leaked
through telepathic probing.
I rose to my feet and my vision was coming
back. I was able to breathe easier as the
mechanical mans plasma spear dispersed so much
radioactive heat that it nearly suffocated me.
What shocked me more was that the monster
had all of the abilities that I had. His suit felt
literally indestructible and he could predict my
movements whereas I could predict nothing from
him. This frightened me to realize that a being like
him existed and the lives he could endanger shook
me deeply.
I pressed the cylinder on my inner right wrist.
My vessel appeared levitating in the air before me.
I re-materialized the krystal skull out of the
temporary realm and held it against my chest. I felt
the healing energies of the skull as Dianshamats
consciousness was working to heal my injuries.
Within seconds, my face felt fully healed. I kissed
the top of the krystal skull as my way of saying
thank you.
I was teleported back into my vessel. I sat on
the floor of my vessel in the lotus position placing
the krystal skull beside me. I shared telepathically
with my vessel lets head back to Sirius. My father
is waiting for me.
Within an instant, I found myself back in the
hangar bay of the laboratory where I saw Xel,
RorinAnd my father. As I looked at my fathers
face, he was filled with worry. He did not want to
tell me what he was about to reveal, yet he had
made his decision to do so.

9th Dawn of Armens Sherepp Se Na
(The sub-heading is Handarran meaning unpleasant
revealed truth)

This sharing of my life was very challenging
to express as it was full of deep emotional reaction
relating to my father. It was a truth that jolted me
out of reality and for the first time ever, questioned
my role as one whom Asamanus had chosen to
help restore balance to her. All my teachings of
patience, awareness, tolerance and love were at
the foundation of being shaken from what my
father was about to tell me about the mechanical
man. Xel could tell that my emotional state was
rising into instability and attempted to stabilize me
with soothing telepathic feelings.
Father, you have some explaining to do. I
want to know why that monster said our father to
me. I said with raw feelings unleashed.
Anadriya Its true. The man you
encountered that was trying to kill you is my son
and he is your older half-brother.
My eyes bulged with shock. I had emotions
so raw and untamed that had risen to the surface.
For the first time ever, I wanted to strike my father
as I was so angry at him. Rorin and Xel restrained
me trying to calm me. My anger was so great, that I
literally bent a computer panel to my right that
folded into itself.
I shouted aloud: How could you keep
something like that from me! How could you
possibly not tell me this when I was a little girl! You
lied to me! How could that monster possibly be
related to me!?
I was emotionally distraught. I knew
nothing of neutrality at this point. I could not
contain myself. I could not center my being. I was a
distortion of misdirected energies as everything
within the laboratory was being destroyed by my
raw emotion.
Anadriya, please listen to me, this needed
to be kept from you until the moment when you
were ready to hear it. I could not risk you knowing
as it would taint everything you are meant to be.
But now that you know, I will tell you everything
you need to know about your brother.
Dont you dare relate him to me! He is
nothing like me! He is a murderer! I yelled.
Only because he is programmed to
murder, Anadriya. You felt it in him at that moment
and even the technology through his body couldnt
hide it. He spared your life because he
remembered you and who you are inside. He did
not kill you because he loves you. That memory
returned to his mind that was once implanted only
to be triggered at the right moment.
I was still angry at my father. I wanted him
to tell me everything, but as my energies were
scattered, he could not project the information to
me telepathically. But that did not stop him from
explaining this to me verbally.
Your brothers name is Cade. He is human
just as you are, Anadriya. He was born ten years
before you were. His mother chose me as I chose
her. The love we had granted an experiment to
take place. Cade was to be the original selection to
perform what you have now been chosen to
perform. But it was not meant to be in the galactic
councils eyes. Because of the karma that your
mother and I had carried relating to the Orion
Syndicate, she was targeted by them in the astral
realm when she was younger. She was tagged by
the Greys and was the subject of birthing two
hybrid children during her teenaged years. During
that time, she was astrally implanted with
sophisticated holographic sequence code that ran
deep into her DNA: it was a form of energetic
tracking that could not be detected by common
telepathy. Cades mother was compromised, and
when the Orion Syndicate learned that she was to
birth a son through my genetics, they took
advantage of this situation immediately. Cade was
implanted when he was in his mothers womb.
They worked in shadows as Cades mother went
through severe forms of depression and took
medication that would leave her body open to such
intrusions. Because of these intrusions, Cades
future plans to be a human galactic representative
were dissolved. It was not meant to be.
I shook my head.
But how did he become such a monster?
Cade had a unique soul contract that I did
not discover until after, Anadriya. Cades soul
incarnate essence had been split between two
worlds: Earth and Orion. A parallel version of Cade
existing in the fourth planet of Gamma Orionis
disembodied himself to incarnate through the
window of intrusion blending into the soul matrix
of Cades human body. All of the karma that the
being carried with him from Orion embodied as
part of Cades soul contract here. Cades life would
be a challenging one. With the funneled karma
bonded together with his Orion essence, Cade
would have a very disturbing set of beginnings to
his Earth existence. Everything that could represent
something foul within a childs life from neglect by
the parent, to social instability and impulsive,
destructive thoughts was what he went through as
a boy. All of these situations molded Cades mind
to become self destructive without any intention
from him to change. But his Earth spirit held
moments of strength, and that strength related to
the love of Earth herself. Cade found this through
photography as he bonded with Earth through the
love of his camera. With all the poison that came
from the Orion side of Cade, he was a young man
who could be saved. And I needed to help him save
I started to calm down as I knew the
explanation that my father was giving me was true
and from his heart. As I started to center myself
more and more, my father was able to send me
images telepathically between him and Cade.
I saw images of Lar and Cade together upon
a beach talking and smiling with each other. I also
saw Cade learn teachings shared from my father
that helped him gain understanding of his abilities.
My father spoke of me to Cade and had admitted
to him that I was his sisteryes, it was true. Cade
was indeed my brother. I continued to scan deeper
into the visions.
Father, you funneled through time to
attempt to save Cade. But to save him fromkilling
me. I mentioned while cycling through the visions
sent to me.
Anadriya, had I not of done that, you
would have been killed on Dessai by Cade. And I
could not live with myself if I lost you. You are too
important to the galaxy.
I tuned into the visions further and saw the
nightmares that Cade had each night he went to
sleep. He was tortured every single night due to
the telepathic intrusions from the Orion Syndicate.
I held my mouth in shock and tears rolled down my
eyes as I saw my brother being tortured.
How could they be so cruel, Father? Why
are they so cruel? I asked.
I wish I could tell you, sweetheart. And the
last thing I would want would be your brother to
be a victim of their twisted experiments, yet this is
what happened. My father explained
My father sent me a vision of Cade
infuriated after more information relating to me
and my journey throughout the stars. Jealousy
filled Cades mind and his Orion side became
completely apparent. His anger was unleashed and
it reached such a degree that he nearly destroyed
Earth along with the entire galaxy. My father had
rendered him unconscious through telepathic
suggestion to save Earth and the galaxy as Cades
raw power was revealed. I had never imagined
Cade being capable of such ability. But I sensed this
related to the abilities within my father.
Father, you are a child of the Elohim. I
Yes, my dear. You and Cade both inherit an
ability that was considered weak in me, yet
unbelievably powerful through my children. It has
to do with the human-based genome. As the Earth
human is the most advanced model of incarnate
form in the universe, these abilities inherited
genetically are greatly enhanced through you. As
my body is nowhere near as advanced as an Earth
human body, I only experience the raw power of
this ability in a diluted form. Anadriya, both you
and Cade have the ability equally to naturally
manipulate space, time and matter. And this is why
the Orion Syndicate wanted both of you. However,
they were not able to implant you as your mother
had no previous involvement with me on other
physical planes and was of a natural higher
vibration. You were protected well by spirit, my
But Cade wasnt. I concluded.
No, he was not. Upon my return to Earth
to help to alter Cades path, Cades intruded mind
was far too complex to reprogram through
telepathic re-wiring. Together, we sought the
assistance from the Galactic Council of the
Guardians. A non-physical realm that represented
the legion essence of Asamanus. They were not
able to alter Cades path as they are not to impede
on another souls chosen journey. Even when Cade
gave them permission to do so to save himself,
they refused. But the Goddess of Asamanus was
able to do something. She left him a trigger. It was
this trigger where she admitted the greatest quality
of the human being origin, and it was that of love.
When Cade was taken from me off of Earth, he
transformed into the monster you saw a short time
ago. Cade does not function linearly, Anadriya. He
is a traveller that can venture anywhere in time, to
any space in time and do whatever he pleases
issued as instructions from his masters, the Orion
Rorin stepped forward and looked at Lar
with serious eyes.
Ive just about heard enough of this. This is
what Ive been telling you for so long, Lar. We
shouldve launched a full scale assault against the
Syndicate. With alliances combined, they could
finally be defeated, and now you let them use your
son as an invincible weapon. How the hell do you
expect us to fight against some one that has the
powers of the ancient architects!? Rorin snapped.
Its about love, Rorin, I interrupted, you
cant defeat him any other way. As long as you are
on his level of hatred and fear, he will defeat you.
And on that level, you are correct. He is in
invincible. But when it comes to bringing him into a
frequency of love, he is vulnerable.
Rorin scoffed at my words. His mind was
aligned to resolving this matter through war, not
Give me a break, kid. This is has been going
way before you were born. For thousands of years,
weve sat back on this truce between us and the
Orions. They carry on thinking they own everything
and everyone. And quite frankly, Ive had enough.
My father stepped in determined to resolve
this debate. He turned Rorin around so Rorin could
face him.
If you convince the council to go back to
war, you will be repeating history. Galactic chaos
that took over 600,000 years to cease would
return, and how many more would die, Rorin:
billions or trillions this time?
The stubbornness in Rorin was taking over.
He was not listening to us, only to what served his
Fine, you go ahead and be in your little
love frequency. Your daughter is no different than
all the other adepts that have come and gone. She
may have extraordinary abilities as well, but it will
not save us all. Theyve developed a weapon
through Cade, and that is the last straw. Im going
to address the council and we are going to run the
Orions out of the galaxy for good this time and
truly bring the galaxy to peace.
Rorin started to walk away. I wanted to him
to see reason, but my father held me back.
Anadriya, dont. Remember what the
Handari have taught you. Always stand aside of the
path where another chooses to walk. If he wants to
start war, thats his journey. I know its not going to
be ours. Thousands will perish because of their lust
for war as they feel thats the only way to bring
But why doesnt Rorin understand Cade
cant be defeated with war? You only increase his
power if you choose to fight him.
Anadriya, those who havent walked a path
of experience arent able to accept anothers
viewpoint until they go through it themselves. Only
the experience of what he chooses to encounter
will give him the realizations he seeks. We must let
it be. It is his choice.
Although my father was correct through
such teachings, I didnt want to believe it. Through
what I have learned based upon experience, its
that nothing is truly destined for one unless they
believe it. It was my intention to reach the council
before Rorin did. And as I had the ability of space,
time and matter at my disposal, I set this moment
now to appear before the council as I held the
krystal skull of Dianshamat and I would get their
I walked away from my father. He could
sense what I was planning on doing, but did not
stop me.
If you feel that this is something you can
achieve, Anadriya, Im not going to stop you either.
Please just remember that you cant change
anothers journey. My father reminded me.
I have no intention of changing anothers
journey, father. I only have the intention to offer a
better option that could replace it.
I teleported back upon my vessel. Seated
beside the krystal skull, I summoned my craft to
take me to the first plan of the Vega star system
where I would appear before the galactic council.
Its time they knew of me and the plan I had to
avert war and bring Asamanus back into her
balance as I have chosen to speak for her: not as
Anadriya, not as a humanbut as her.

10th Dawn of Armens The Council

My technological light body vessel
appeared before the great tower of the ancient
council. Amongst a world that was surrounded by
glorious structures, and ancient relics, such an
intrusion where a spacecraft would appear so near
would be considered an outrage. Yet, to me, it was
not about formality, it was about exposing truth.
I materialized myself from outside of my
vessel as I summoned the holographic matrix of my
craft back into my suit phasing it out of sight. I saw
a very long red carpet that led the path to the great
hall atop of this enormous temple that was well
over three earth miles in height. Its foundation was
chrysalis and finely polished with a captivating
aqua marine that shined gloriously across the sky.
The red carpet ran past a very large crystal
doorway that was sealed shut, but only for the
As I ventured down the spotless red carpet,
the enormous aqua-marine crystal door slid open
to reveal two ten-foot tall Council guardians with
white polished armor carrying very heavy lances
that were as long as I was and razor sharp to the
tip. They held the upper part of the lance over their
shoulder as they slowly walked toward me. These
beings were not of the same frequency as I was
and so their telepathy was scrambled and
somewhat incoherent. It was more of a mixture of
feelings, yet nothing came together that was
As I walked toward them, I materialized the
krystal skull that appeared within my hands. Within
a moment, they recognized what they saw and
kneeled down before me leaving an opening for me
to pass through. I greeted them with love as I
ventured past them.
I walked through the enormous crystalline
door and saw a great hall. The building was a living
vessel for past clerics that once housed council
chambers with their commitment to galactic
preservation. I could feel their very presence
throughout the crystalline walls with their souls
smiling upon me.
There were sculptures of great Vegan icons
that were portrayed carved out of the living crystal
symbolizing their heroic deeds from making Vega
independent from the Orion Empire. This was an
event that occurred well over a million Earth years
ago during times of brutal galactic warfare
between hundreds of stars. As I walked past the
hall of ancient heroes, I was before the great
chambers where the council of a thousand worlds
met. The chambers entranceway was a portal as
the actual chamber itself dwelled within a
dimension that was unknown to outsiders, and
even to most council delegates. Only the high
clerics knew of the location where the true council
chambers dwelled, but they were sworn to secrecy
never to reveal it to those not within their rankings.
I looked into the clear colorless portal
entrance way that casted my reflection through it. I
knew this was the moment where clarity needed to
be brought together after thousands of years of
dogmatic formality. This was causing the galaxy to
remain polarized to petty aristocratic idealisms and
star nation bureaucracies absent of any form of
unified spirit. It was this moment in time that the
day of change had arrived. I had been sent by the
universe not only to speak on her behalf, but to
become her with her words, mentality and spirit.
With a deep breath, I passed through the portal
entranceway and into the chambers housed within
another dimension of reality.
On the other end of the entranceway, I
found myself surrounded by beings levitating
above me contained within clear crystalline orbs
that represented a spherical cluster. The council
chambers itself was spherical in its design and at
the center housed a great white light that shined
throughout the chambers, yet was encased within
an orb itself and wasnt even paid of mind by all
who attended these chambers.
I stepped toward the bottom platform at
the lower portion of the chambers. As soon as I did,
all eyes contained in all spheres centered directly
on me. Within moments, I was flooded with
outraged thoughts. Very similar to how a homeless
girl may intrude upon the mansion only to be
discovered by its wealthy, heartless owner.
Many thoughts were enraged. I could hear
the voices of so many:
An Earth human! How grotesque!
A dreaded homosapien! Our council
chambers are forever soiled with her stench of
Disgusting, I heard the thoughts of a black
insectoid being, another repulsive and impulsive
human female. Hideous!
But as many thoughts became outraged and
offended, many others were also curious and were
eager to hear what I had to say as they were more
neutral to the idea of Earth humans.
I felt every soul collectively within these
council chambers as I could see every energetic
chord that attached to every being through myself.
I stepped forward and projected a thought to each
I come here now not as a human, but as a
representative to Asamanus. She has chosen me to
be her vessel.
More outrage followed as the thought was
transmitted throughout the chambers. The five
high clerics that orbited the central light in the
council chambers raised their hands to administer
silence of thought. These five beings looked at me
with curious eyes. They were beautiful beings
glowing with silver light amongst their bright
metallic looking skin. Their large almond eyes
shielded with large black lenses. Their heads
enormously large in width, height and depth.
Continue, my child. One of the clerics
shared telepathically.
I hold here in my hands the krystal skull of
Many were spellbound as they saw the
krystal skull that was in my possession. Some
doubted that I had the genuine skull. Others who
were open knew this skull to be of true origin.
I will function now as the conduit to
Asamanus as she will address this council through
me. I projected.
The crystal spheres containing the council
delegates spread themselves out to create a
vortecular pathway from the top of the chamber
where the great white light of the chamber
remained in the center. I set the crystal skull down
on the floor, sat down upon the floor cross-legged
and looked deeply into the eyes of the krystal skull
of Dianshamat. As I did, the great white light in
the chamber began to fluctuate and expand in
greater intensity. The delegates in the chamber
were amazed as this had never happened before
through the entire existence of the galactic council.
As I stared through the eyes of the krystal
skull, I was summoned to close them. As I did, I
could feel the coating energy of Dianshamat come
through me. However, she was not the only energy
present. I began feeling the collective energy of the
stars enter through me like a funneling vortex. I
was becoming aware of all life within this galaxy as
the oversoul of Asamanus calibrated my energies
to become hers. I stood up and opened my eyes
only to be aware that my blue eyes were now
glowing softly. My silver uniform was now glowing
beautiful silver light. The vesica piscis symbol was
now glowing a radiant white light. And my blonde
hair was now vibrantly shining christed golden
light. The council was purely astounded as they
gazed upon the radiant energies that flowed
through me. My consciousness was simply in the
background, although I attained full memory of
what transpired through me, yet I was not
permitted to speak from my personality of
thoughts. The thoughts that flowed through me
now were of the oversoul of Asamanus as she was
ready to address the council.
My children Asamanus projected
telepathically to all of the minds contained within
the council. It has been so long since we have all
spoken as one...
My body began to elevate itself upwards. It
levitated up to the point where the great white
light that was as bright as a star was directly
beneath my body. My face looked amongst the
council chambers and my cheeks smiled as
Asamanus looked through each of her children.
The origin of Tritens Asamanus said as
she gazed towards a green skinned delegate that
spoke on behalf of his world within Alpha Centauri.
Your dueling with your own creations will cease.
Your artificial constructs are but an extension of
the hate you still feel between yourselves. Know
the peace you have within your hearts, and the
fighting will cease. Let us remind you of what you
My right hand produced a glowing white
orb that was released from my hands grip. It
travelled throughout the chambers and entered
the heart of the Triten delegate. As it did, his facial
expression went from being blank, to being filled
with love. With what he experienced, he felt love
all around him no matter the alignment of the
other. He bowed out of respect and presented
Asamanus with a sacred Centaurian blessing where
he stomped his right foot twice, placed his hand to
his third eye and opened it widely with the palm
faced inwards and fingers expanded. It was the
traditional blessing of acquiring divine knowledge
in the physical for it to return to the ethers of
creation. My head nodded as Asamanus gazed at
him with such unconditional love. My head turned
forward as the entire council were to be addressed
My children, Asamanus continued
through telepathic projection, the being you know
as Anadriya is the conduit for my words. She has
been chosen because we knew that she was the
only one who could set aside her own thoughts so
that she may relay ours. The times that you have
referred to the coming of day zero approaches my
bodys alignment, and so many of you become
weary of such a tremendous gift bestowed upon us
all. For some, this has produced love and
preparation. For others, this has produced fear and
haste to take up fiery action upon your family. As
long as you continue to produce fear through
yourselves, it will be a battle that will never end.
Enemies are an illusion, my children. The hate
comes not from another individual, but only
through you. And you have allowed that hatred to
cast reflections upon others who you cannot align
with. Where their alignment is true to themselves,
to many of you, it is detestable. Only for the reason
being that you are not able to see the creation
within yourself through such a state. My children,
being unconditional is being open to all forms of
life and creation, not to attempt to shape it to your
will. By doing so, you limit expression through
yourselves, and this is an act that will continue to
repeat through your lives endlessly until you reach
a point of unconditional love throughout
The energy shifted, and I could feel one that
was determined to ask a question. Asamanus
turned my body to the one who shared such
determination to speak. As my body turned to this
being, I saw that it was Rorin contained in a
crystalline sphere with his arms crossed.
Your words are beautiful, dear spirit of
AsamanusYet there are those that do not share
your example for unconditionality. And they will
assert themselves violently in order for their
establishments to be solidified upon this galaxy:
your body. It was not long ago where a dear friend
of mine travelled through the dimensions only to
prevent his Earth-born son from becoming an
indestructible force engineered by the Orion
syndicate. The conduit that hosts your energy now
is aware of this and even helped to shape young
Cade from transforming into his destiny. Now he is
rampant and ready to unleash a fury of destruction
in his path. How do you propose we stop him and
those who have created him?
Love has always and will always be the
antidote to such hate, dearest Rorin, Asamanus
replied, you will encounter such beings upon your
life as you transition further into a state of
acceptance and forgiveness. When your enemies
decide to raise their fists in anger, love them, and
their lust for power diminishes. When they see that
you do not share the anger they do, they become
uncertain as no one will present them with the
attention of rage they thirst for. Please understand,
dearest Rorin, war only breeds more war. Hate
only creates more hate. Look to the other path.
The path of what is genuine throughout you and all
who occupy this realm. That is the genuine quality
you all possess: it is love.
Rorins face blushed a smile and a nod of
mutual respect. My head nodded as Asamanus
bowed in respect to his spirit. Rorin descended
back down to the vortex of delegates who were all
feeling the love of Asamanus through my being.
My beloved children, a grand event awaits
you all. It is the awakening of the cosmic spirit and
it flows through each of you. As you learn the ways
to accept, forgive and love, all will transform. You
will no longer need to live a contingency of lives
through incarnation to understand your ultimate
lesson: it is to see creation in all things. Even what
you consider to be the most hideous to you, can be
the most cherished by another. You are all mirrors
of each other. It is not about the surface, it is about
the heart of all life. Look there for truth and you
will reveal the way of love that you have felt
missing throughout your life. Accept, admit, allow,
forgiveand love, my children. As I love all of
My eyes closed and my body began to
descend to the lower portion of the chamber as I
could feel my feet touch the ground. I crouched
slowly as I landed as I felt the spirit of Asamanus
leave my body. Before she did, I could feel her
caress my shoulders as she whispered in my mind:
you have fulfilled yourself, my child. You are
greatly loved and appreciated by all of us. Weare
always here for you.
As I came too, tears ran down my face as I
wiped them away and smiled. Many of the
delegates came down to the lower platform to
greet me. So many of them had tears in their eyes.
They had never heard such beautiful messages
within them since their entirety of being part of the
council. Even the insectoid beings that found me
repulsive embraced me with love as they hugged
me for such a long period of time. I even heard
them say in my mind We are sorry, Anadriya.
Please forgive us. I nodded out of forgiveness and
told them how much I love them.
It was an amazing time to be alive. A day
ago, whod of thought an Earth human would be
standing amongst a council that saw them as
destructive and conflicting only to embrace them
now. This was the momentum of change that
would restore balance to the galaxy. As I was
surrounded by over a thousand beings from a
thousand different worlds, I understood how
different so many cultures are, yet how similar we
can all be brought together by the same essence
that flows through us all. The essence that love
delivers unites worlds, forms families and makes us
truly one.
It was at this moment where I had fulfilled a
vision that was brought to me by my mother. She
showed this to me and knew that this would
happen. I stand now in such deep appreciation
understanding my role in this body. It is not about
the self as Rorin had put it. It was about putting
that aside and being part of the needs for the all as
the all. I understood this now and Rorin knew this
about me.
As Rorin began to enter my thoughts, I saw
him stand in front of me. His arms were crossed
and his blue eyes met with mine. He opened his
arms wide and said: Come here, kiddo. I hugged
him and we shared such a beautiful embrace.
You were right, Rorin. I needed to let go of
myself and let go of the spirit of adventure. It
wasnt about thrill, it was about service. I shared
I only told you what you already knew,
Anadriya. And I wanted you also to know that I had
no intention of going to war with the Orions. I only
wanted to bring out this reaction to you so that you
understood your duty as an adept. You are the one
that has been chosen by Asamanus, and I will
always be here to protect you at all costs to make
sure you speak through her, as her, with her
always. It is your beginning steps to move past self,
and understand what it is to be all in this body.
Thank you. I replied as I kissed Rorin on
his cheek.
Rorin stared at me and his face began to
turn serious.
Cade? He asked.
Yes, Im going to find him. I said.
Are you sure you want to do this alone?
Cade is very powerful.
Trust me, Rorin. I know how to approach
him and I know how to find him. Im bringing him
back to us. He needs to come back to his human
side. He no longer needs to serve as a machine.
You see this? Rorin asked me.
No. But it is something the galaxy requires
me to do. Its time to bring family back together.
Rorin nodded in understanding. He put his
hand on the side of my face and smiled.
Go bring your brother back to us,
Rorin turned away and made his way
towards the portal exit way of the council.
To my right, I saw the council clerics bow to
me as they held a deep level of respect for what I
brought myself here to do.
Young Anadriya, host of Asamanus, we
officially welcome you to the Galactic Council of
Asamanus. We are honored to have you as our
delegate representing your home of Mother Gaia.
We have felt your presence for some time and we
knew one day you would find yourself here, as it
has been foretold for eons of one who would
house the spirit of Asamanus and return to impart
her wisdom before us.
I bowed out of respect to the spirits of the
We know you have other matters to
attend to, but know that this is the beginning of a
great unity that will spread across the galaxy. You
have helped to heal a wound that has been open
for such a grand amount of time. And it is our duty
to let you know that the Goddess, Asamanus has
granted you such profound abilities as you housed
her spirit.
I could feel this, but was unable to receive
insight on what was being re-organized through me
as I was within a trance state.
Asamanus asked us to inform you that the
vessel you used to travel is no longer necessary.
You hold the ability within yourself to materialize
to any point of space, any realm of dimension you
desire guided by your intention of thought.
It was true. I could feel it within me. Very
similar to how one would see multiple exposed
frames within one picture, I could see other realms
as semi-transparent images throughout my vision.
All it required was my guidance to initiate the
direction of focus based on where and when to
travel. This was indeed an ability that was
heightened as I did not contain it previously.
I give my love to you, clerics of the council,
and I will return to perform my accepted role as
official Earth delegate to the Galactic Council of
Asamanus. Bliss be with you all.
In my mind, I searched throughout different
chords of vibration to locate Cade. I was able to
find him where I could not sense him before. He
was on board a mother ship carrying out his tasks
through the demands of the syndicate. It was a
Pleiadian vessel and Cade had slaughtered many
soldiers that attempted to retaliate against him.
The entire ship was lifeless as Cade had destroyed
all of the occupants. I could sense him standing
upon the central control center of the vessel
looking upon the carnage he had caused.
Within an instant, I materialized myself
upon the Pleiadian mother ship directly in front of
Cade. He turned his head to meet with my eyes.
Cade extracted his toxic double-bladed plasma
spear wanting to slaughter me as he did everyone
else. I used the energy around me to take the
plasma spear from his hand, dismantled it to pieces
with my mind and rearranged the atoms to
completely obliterate its presence out of existence.
No more fighting and no more killing,
Cade. You have me to deal with now. And I will not
leave until I feel my brothers human heart beating
once again.

11th Dawn of Armens Cade

I felt the anger so strongly in Cade. His rage
was overwhelming, yet he could not bring himself
to harm me, even though the mechanical side
wanted him to do so eagerly. It wanted him to rip
me apart, to tear out my life so that the craving to
kill was answered.
Cade took his glowing red eyes off of me
and turned his back to me.
Why do you turn your back to me? I asked
Anadriyaleavebefore I change my
mind. Cade replied with his deep mechanical voice
synthesized through his suit.
I walked over to him and stood in front of
him. Cade turned his head as he did not want to
look at me.
Cade, you were not able to end my life
before because I showed you love where others
would show you fear. I show love to you once
again, and you cannot accept it why?
Cade breathed heavily and groaned.
You have no idea how hard it is for me not
to kill you right now. I am not able to hold this
sensation at bay for much longer. If you truly wish
to live, I demand that you leave nowmy sister.
Cade warned me.
You remember me, CadeThat means that
youre still human beneath that metal and altered
genetic programming.
Cade met with my eyes.
The brother you once knew is dead. I live
only to serve upon the rule of my masters. And I
will kill all of you that oppose the rule of the Orion
Syndicateincluding you!
Then you do it. I told him boldly. I will
not allow you to slaughter any other innocent life,
because I know this is not who you are. And if I
oppose you, you obviously have no choice but to
kill me. So, why dont you do it?
Cade roared and his telekinetic powers
were in a fury. Cade ripped out an entire
communication panel twice his size and imploded it
until it was a quarter of its own size. Cade hurled
the imploded panel through the wall causing an
impact crater. Cades breath was rapid and he was
panting with rage.
You cant do it, my brother, because you
love meas I love you.
Shut up! Cade shouted at me as he leaned
over looking down deep into my eyes. Shut your
pathetic mouth, you worthless mound of flesh!
Cade rose back to his posture. He groaned
again in rage and started to walk away from me as
he ripped the metallic door apart and hurled the
bent metal aside. He left the central control center
with each foot step echoing the anger that was
boiling over inside of him.
I materialized once again in front of him.
I told you that I will not allow you to harm
another innocent life. This is going to stop, Cade.
Cade halted and moved his head to the left.
They are coming for you, Anadriya
I could sense what he meant. There was an
Orion boarding party that was only moments from
my position.
You must leave now or they will destroy
you. I have rendered this vessel neutral so that
they may possess it. And they will not hesitate to
find you and kill you on sight.
And would you allow them to do that,
Cade? I asked him.
I could feel some sympathy through Cade,
but the anger spoke again concealing his true
What I would allow means nothing. I serve
the Syndicate.
Only because youve been programmed to,
Cade. I remember the talks we had while you were
human. Father was helping you to preserve your
humanity, and at the end, you were grateful for
everything hes done. Thats why you couldnt
harm him or me. We love you, and that is the
weakness to this being now encased in this
holographic armored suit.
You must leave now, or you will be
destroyed! Cade warned me once again.
It was the Goddess of Asamanus that told
you that the greatest quality of the origins of
humanity was love. And that love would be the
monsters weakness. Your weakness has been
exploited, Cade, and its time to come back to your
origins. I feel the human heartbeat in you, and now
its time you felt it too.
I was able to seep through the holographic
armor of Cade that beforehand would prevent such
intrusions. But as I could see so much more, his
armor no longer blocked my communications. I
shared with him the moments of our time together
during my fathers attempt to redeem Cade. How
beautiful he appeared as a human being: the
mixture of the Caucasian genetics of my father, and
the genetics of the African from his gorgeous
mother combined to produce a young attractive
man. I showed him images of how we hugged and
how I held his hand telling him how much I loved
him. And while I was about to depart, I showed him
how he got up and wanted to tell mehow much
he loved me.
I could feel the manufactured algorithms of
his DNA becoming infused with light. Like the rays
of the sun would shine upon darkness, the
chemical programming injected into Cades
genetics were becoming unwritten. His natural
human DNA was beginning to strengthen slowly,
yet prosperously.
With the unconditional love I showed Cade,
he could no longer look me in the eyes.
Please, AnadriyaLeavebefore they find
Its too late, Cade
I turned around and I saw half a dozen
Orion soldiers dressed in similar armor to Cades,
yet nowhere near as advanced. The soldiers stood
tall at seven feet looking down at me like I was a
A human! Their telepathic voices
projected in my mind.
Their images of horror filled my mind as
they were attempting to telepathically attack me. I
was able to create a barrier through my mind, but
these beings were adept at telepathic intrusion. I
could hear their repulsive voices in my mind: you
cannot resist us!
Their hate was becoming too much. I
became disoriented and slammed back against a
wall as dizziness came over me. Cade simply stared
down at me as the Orion soldiers gathered in front
of him to look down at me.
She has power, this one. She may be
worthy of experimentation. One of the Orion
soldiers admitted.
No. She is of no use to you. Her heart is
too strong. It is best to leave her be as you now
have what you have come for: this ship and its
artifacts. Cade stated aloud.
The Orion soldiers cruelty became more
Leave her be? Noshe will be sacrificed on
behalf of our Overlord. Prepare her as we will allow
her death to be the most excruciating for the
Overlords feast.
The Orions picked me up from off the floor.
One of the Orion soldiers pulled out a long dagger
with a jagged edge. The Orions began to chant a
ritual in their language that was unpronounceable
as they brought the dagger close to my abdomen.
Cade was behind them looking on what was about
to happen.
Yes! Her energy will be a find feast for our
OverlordShe is RICH in spirit! The Orions
admitted together telepathically.
I began to scream in pain as the dagger
began to penetrate through my skin. An incision
was beginning to form as blood was gushing from
my wound. I began to cry as the pain was so
excruciating! The dagger worked slowly to
penetrate my organs as my face was filled with
tears of agony!
Cade looked into my eyes and I could feel
that he couldnt bare my torment any longer! Cade
suddenly threw all of the Orions back with the
power of his telekinesis. I fell to the ground
attempting to catch my breath and heal my open
wound where a patch of blood from my abdomen
stained my suit.
I felt Cade grab the Orion that held the
knife. Cade lifted him three feet off the ground and
broke his neck. After the life left the Orions body,
Cade threw him to the floor.
Another Orion attempted to battle Cade as
he struck him across the face with a hard, clenched
fist. Cade was unfazed by the attack and grabbed
the Orion by the throat and dissolved him out of
existence as he rearranged the atoms in his body to
deconstruct his physical form.
The remaining four Orions opened fire on
Cade with green particle beams penetrating his
body. The beams absorbed into his suit as he was
unaffected by their attack. Cade held out his hand
towards the four Orions and exploded their hearts
from inside their chest killing them all instantly.
The Orions fell to the ground dead as Cade stared
at their lifeless bodies.
Something changed inside of him. The
hatred he once had no longer thirsted to thrive on
his slaughtering. He did not indulge the energies of
the beings death to fuel his rage further. Instead,
he decided to walk away from it. Cade went over to
me and bent down.
Anadriyaare you all right? Cade asked
me with concern.
My brother was back to his human side!
I wrapped my arms around him and hugged
him. For a moment, he hesitated but then
embraced me back with a hug. His glowing red eyes
were beginning to change as they transformed into
a beautiful deep blue color. My brother had
redeemed himself as he felt no urge to kill for a
pleasurable lust, but only to defend another whom
he loved.
Cades mask began to phase away as the
holographic grid removed itself from his face. Cade
revealed his face that was of light black skin tone
and dark brown eyes that gazed upon me with a
look of concern. I could see my beautiful brothers
human face fully. His dark hair was short
accompanying thin side burns. His eyes were no
longer filled with a black void feeling, they were
warm as the natural brown human eyes returned.
He placed his hand on my shoulder and helped me
to sit upwards as I was able to heal my wound and
clear away the stain of blood from my uniform.
Come back with me, Cade. I want you to
be with me and father. Its time for you to come
back with your family. There is so much we can
accomplish together as the galaxy requires us more
now than ever.
Cade looked at me and shook his head.
That is not my destiny, Anadriya. There is
something far more critical that only I can resolve.
You know your path. Its time I knew mine.
The very thoughts that Cade was thinking of
were far too dark for me to fathom in my mind. All
I could sense were surface feelings relating to other
experiments. The Orion Syndicate has been
experimenting with others. Cade was only the first
or their insidious attempts to keep the galaxy
under their hierarchical order. The Orion Empire is
fighting a war against this Syndicate to stop them,
but they are seriously under-matched. I could see it
so clearly in my mind. The Syndicate was planning
something far more catastrophic. It was a plan that
Cade was originally created to lead.
You sense the thoughts I have shared,
Anadriya. But you only understand a very small
portion of it. The Orion Syndicate is power hungry
and they have gone to great lengths to create a
manufactured psychic army. As you had felt, I was
to be their General to lead the charge but my
sister youve helped me so much. I never thought
I could return to a side I was programmed to
neglect for so long. While in this body mindlessly
obeying every order, travelling back and forth
through time, I felt I have lived centuries as this
machine. But now its time I turned what I thought
had been a curse into a blessing.
You are human again, Cade. And I only
hope that the human side of you will remain intact
along your path. I wished.
That will never leave me again. But if the
original plan goes forward, the galaxy will continue
to face darker times ahead. I have to stop the
Syndicate and prevent this agenda from happening.
They have created copies of me, but these are
copies that are nowhere near as powerful as I am.
They are nothing more than forged clones from my
genetic template. They are without soul, Anadriya,
and I am the only one who can track their
movements. They plan to take over the stars of
Bellatrix, Meissa and Betelguese encompassing
them entirely under Syndicate rule. As you said
you wouldnt let me harm any innocent lives. Now,
I cant let them harm anybody else I must stop
the one responsible for this plan of massacre I
must face my father.
I sensed he wasnt talking about Lar.
The one who made these experiments
possible he is known by the Syndicate as the
Overlord. These soldiers have pledged a life oath to
him as they were intending to sacrifice your body
and spirit to his twisted worship. He is a monstrous
Draconian, Anadriya. His very appearance has
caused his victims to perish in absolute fear. He is
hideous, remorseless and could be defined as the
personification of evil. As long as he lives, this
galaxy will always have a cancer bred within it that
will never be free.
You plan to kill him? I asked.
Yes. He will die by my hands. Cade
responded with a serious expression on his face.
I did not want to see my brother go down a
path this dark. My face showed disgust and I
scoffed at Cades response. I was getting upset and
Cade felt this in me.
Cade, resolution is not about killing others!
You take lives so easily and you show no
hesitation why do you feel you have to kill to
create solution?
Cade looked at me sternly. When one as
sadistic, heartless and deceitful like the Overlord
exists, their death is the only solution for peace. If
he is to be killed, one just like him needs to do it so
it occurs. I have to do this, Anadriya.
I heard Lars voice in my mind. I nodded my
head in understanding and replied:
Like father had told me, its impossible for
me to stop another from choosing their path.
Cade helped me to my feet.
You have changed me more than you
know little sister. But you cant go any further
without jeopardizing yourself. You need to leave
the rest to me, and you have a destiny that will
unfold involving our homeEarth. Follow that path,
Anadriya, and let me follow mine. Contact the
Pleiadian Command and have them retrieve the
casualties aboard this ship. They deserve a proper
burial and are to be remembered honorably. Its
the least I can suggest that could deliver some
decency from the horror I have committed.
You have my word that I will contact them,
Cade. I assured him.
Cade activated his mask to come back upon
his face. His blue glowing eyes represented
someone who was imbued with compassion. I
could sense that he truly cared about those who
could not defend themselves against such
misguided souls as the Orion Syndicate and he was
going to be their protector. His human heart was
now beating stronger than it ever was.
Cade began to walk down the corridor past
the dead soldier bodies. Cade halted and turned
back to me.
You will see me again, Anadriya. I
promise. He said with his mechanized voice.
With a red glow of energy that filled Cades
body, he dematerialized himself from my presence
and I was alone aboard this lifeless mother ship
surrounded by the energetic stench of death.
I closed my eyes and summoned the
attention of the Pleiadian task force commander.
He felt my presence and responded back to me. I
explained what had occurred here and that his
people require retrieval. It was important to ensure
all casualties return back to their home world and
be buried with love from their families. A
distraught commander concurred and informed me
that they were on their way.
Through all the carnage that occurred upon
this vessel, I flooded the lifeless corridors of the
entire mother ship with love to give those that
remained discarnate to return back to the realm of
spirit. As I sent the ship love, I could feel so many
returning to the light. Though their body lay
slaughtered, their spirit remained untarnished and
forever pure in joyIncluding those with deeds
After I had blessed the ship, I knew it was
time to rendezvous with my father. He was making
his way back to Earth on board a councilor ship
filled with Sirian passengers. He was aware of my
mental probing, felt where I was and had
something important to discuss with me. I
responded stated that I would be there
It had involved me returning back to Earth

12th Dawn of Armens Hesaren

The name of the ship that my father
occupied was called the Hesaran. It is an Azurite
word which translates as the Odyssey. The
Hesaren was a vessel that had history as it saw
many different adventures throughout its time. It
had functioned as a rescue ship and saved
countless beings from near death encounters
involving skirmishes and celestial disasters.
Criticized as an outdated vessel centuries old, its
one of the most respected spacecraft in Azurite
As I materialized aboard the vessel and felt
the energy of the two-hundred beings on board,
this vessel felt like it had lived a life similar to what
I am living. My life has been full of adventures with
both inspirational moments and detrimental
challenges. Many have seen me as a prodigy and
others have seen me as a mere child that needed
to be disciplined with experience. I found it to be a
divine synchronicity that I occupy a vessel that
shared the same fluctuation similar to what I have
received: It was replete with distinguished heroism,
as well as ridiculed with unrelenting, harsh
The oval-shaped metallic vessels central
deck was completely transparent. Many beings
would find comfort viewing the stars from this
section. As I saw Earth through the transparent
opening of the Hesaren, my heart fluttered as it
had been so long since I had returned home. I felt
like an alien looking at my home planet from this
point of view. It was a feeling I had never felt
I saw my father a short distance away from
me looking at the Earth with a proud smile on his
face. He turned to me and held out his arm
wanting me to come and join him at his side. I
smiled back at my father and came over to him. He
wrapped his arm around me and gently squeezed
me with a loving hug. I placed my head on his
shoulder as I gazed upon my beautiful blue world.
Welcome home, sweetheart. I know its
been a long time since youve seen your true
home. Lar said aloud.
I love Handarr, father. And I have so much
appreciation for every place Ive been. But out of
all those worlds, this is the one that calls to me
louder than any of them. Earth feels so much more
alive than any other world in the galaxy. I
admitted to my father.
Theres no other planet like it in the galaxy,
my dear, my father replied, it is a gem that shines
so brightly amongst countless others. Whereas
other worlds are their own jewel, you just know
that theres something so profound about this one:
its one that stands out. Its a jewel that has been
chosen and favored by the gods.
I turned my head to my fathers eyes as I
removed myself from my fathers shoulder.
Father, I had an encounter with Cade
I know, sweetheart. You have done
something that I could not do. You helped your
brother become his human self again.
I saw his transformation before my eyes
and I could feel his human heart beating. But there
is still so much hate inside of him. I wanted him to
come back with me so we could share our
experiences together. I wanted him to see you, and
to see Earth.
But as he told you, that was not his
journey, my father interrupted, Anadriya, it is
going to take some time before Cade can fully
return to his humanity. He has only begun to
realize that it still exists within him. He is exactly
where he needs to be.
I understand, but even though he has
come back to his human senses in some degree, he
only wishes to slaughter as a form of protection to
assist others. Why does he have to be so violent?
He kills with such ease and feels no remorse
whether being the offender or the defender. It was
difficult to observe.
Its his way of understanding his own
challenges. He will continue to kill and that is
something we can't prevent.
I shuttered as my father said that. Those
words frightened me. He could sense my
Killing isnt the answer, father. It never is. I
could never, ever do it. Its savage and disgusting.
Anadriya, In lives past, we were all like
him. We didnt realize what was considered right
from wrong and we needed to go through our own
hardships to realize that it wasnt about being the
abuser or being abused that made a difference.
When you hit rock bottom, Anadriya, the only
direction from there is up. Cade will realize that at
some point. Right now, he needs to pursue his path
to realize the true answer. Hes enacting the karmic
result to those that created him. With all the
destruction they cause, it is only a matter of time
before a boomerang effect returns back to them.
Cade is the essence of that boomerang that will
cause their self-implosion. Love your brother,
Anadriya, no matter the challenges he goes
through. No matter the drama one faces in life,
their love is always true in spirit. Thats what we all
are beyond these bodies, my dear.
I nodded my head as I understood what my
father had shared with me. He made me feel so
much better as I was so attached to my brother. It
wasnt something I was used to. I had always felt
the people around me to be my family. But to have
a part of my lineage that I had been unaware of for
so long to come into my life so quickly, emotional
attachment became so strong in me. I believe its
what humans had called wearing your heart on
your sleeve. With all of my experiences being the
conduit for Asamanus and receiving personal
mentorship from my father, this helped me to
ground understandings relating to being an
observer. It is what the galaxy is in all her glory. She
is the epitome of hindsight.
Anadriya, my father said to me softly, I
called you here because I would like you to see
your home again from the surface. Its time you
made your return to your people.
But father, I was always told by the
Handari that humans arent quite ready for
everything Ive been taught. It isnt until their
collective form of maturity that they would only
begin to understand a fraction of what I have
They were correctat the time. Humanity
is growing by leaps and bounds every moment that
passes, Anadriya. Right now, so many of them are
confused as they are evolving past systems they
never quite realized were there in the first place.
They are entering that beginning stage of collective
maturity. And in the times ahead, we will have the
opportunity to be invited by them to assist them
further. Right now, they require a nudge. I would
like to see you be that nudge.
I was flattered that my father had the
confidence to choose me for this task, but a part of
me was in doubt.
Father, I am one person. How can I be a
nudge for nearly seven billion humans? I asked.
My father turned back to the window.
Anadriya, when a human plants a seed in a
meadow, will that seed instantly grow a
I could see where my father was going with
this. I began to smile.
Yes, my dear, it will take time for that seed
to grow. But as time passes, that seed will have
sprouted into a mighty tree where all nature
flourishes and adapts to the addition of what has
been grown. Through that one seed emerges
growth and promise.
My father turned to me and placed his
hands on my shoulders smiling down at me.
Plant those seeds, Anadriya. You are more
in tune with the universe than anyone I have ever
known. You will know what to do. But you need to
be with your people as their souls are calling for
you to come back home. Even Cade knew this is
something you had to. The only question isdo you
feel it too?
I feel it, father. I admitted.
I could feel the Earth talking to me. She felt
like a mother that wanted her child to come back
home. She was welcoming me back with open
arms. I would not deny my mother the return of
one of her children.

Hours past as I was alone within the ships
projection chamber observing the thoughts of
many humans amplified into visual projections
through this space. I was both excited and
somewhat disgusted at the same time. I felt
humans who were so loving and caring, and I felt
others filled with lust, greed and aggression. There
were moments where I needed to stop as the
feeling of such dense emotions nearly
overwhelmed to the point where I felt dizzy.
I could sense help from my own intuition
coming through:
You will only interact with those that
require interaction, Anadriya. Observation is the
key to solution. It is the state of the purest
strength. Trust your feelings.
I rose from the projection chamber as I had
no further interest in preparing for human
encounters. As I had always learned from my
teachers, preparation only creates limitation. Walk
the path of your journey and adaptation will
commence through spontaneity.
With the power of my mind, I had
manifested my silver uniform into a common Earth
wardrobe. I wore a bright blue dress that went
down to my knees and wore a silver necklace with
the emblem of the vesica piscis that hung from it. I
straightened my long blonde hair that went down
to the middle of my back and tied it back into a
pony tail. My feet remained bare as I had no idea
what the purpose of shoes were at the time.
Within an instant, I materialized myself
down to a beautiful meadow that was located in
the region of Ireland. I took in the fresh smelling air
and was so pleased to be at home.
I spent so long wandering the long meadow
until I came to a small town called Dalkey
according to its signs. I saw several townspeople
look at me strangely as they could see me walking
amongst the streets bare foot. As my dress was
very bright, I suppose one could say I stood out
compared to others who wore colors that were
more neutral. I could feel the thoughts of all the
people in the neighborhood. Some were quite at
peace enjoying their day at their jobs, others were
stressed beyond belief and in such a hurry to get
As I walked past a brick building known as a
bakery, an elderly man who was balding and had a
thick white beard was smiling at me.
Did you forget your shoes this morning, my
I looked down at my feet and smiled.
Im afraid Im not in the habit of wearing
shoes. I never really understood their purpose.
The old Irish man projected an enormous
belly laugh.
You have made my day, sweetheart.
Would you like to come in for a spot of tea and a
freshly baked scone?
I nodded my head and entered the old
mans bakery. It was completely empty. There
were only six wooden circular tables and two chairs
beside each one.
We only opened five minutes ago. Ill be
expecting a crowd shortly before noon. The old
man stated as he walked behind his counter.
Your building is beautiful. Its so quaint and
old, yet very humbling. I said.
The old man let out a chuckle as he put on
his white chefs apron.
Lass, every part of Dalkey is pretty much
old and quaint. Youre obviously not from around
here, are ya? He asked with his deep Irish accent.
I sat down at one of the nearby tables close
to the counter.
Im visiting.
Where ya from? He asked while he
poured my tea.
I was born in Redding, California. In the
United States of America. Its in the western
hemisphere of this planet.
The old man laughed again.
Yeah, yeah, I know where the USA is, my
dear. Ive been there several times. Buncha jokers
living over there. Dont think Id ever go back.
I could feel his memories. He opened a
bakery in New York City a decade ago. He was
bullied by many customers and a great deal of
vandalism occurred where his property was
You had a very unpleasant experience
there. A lot of people abused your trust. I said.
Yes. How did you know that?
Your tone of voice told me. I replied
covering my tracks.
The old man reached into his oven and
pulled out a large raisin scone. He used an
apparatus humans call tongs and placed onto a
white plate.
It was very uncomfortable. So I came back
to my home town here and re-opened my
business. And its like God sent me a sign that
everything I went abroad to start, I could find right
here. Since that day I returned, lifes been so good
to me.
Yes. The universe truly is on your side,
The old man looked up at me in shock.
How did you know my name? He said
with such surprise.
I didnt really know how to respond. I took a
moment, looked up at him and smiled.
I suppose you could say I have a gift.
Youre psychic, are ya? Patrick asked
I have always been able to listen to others
through thought rather than through voice if thats
what you call a psychic.
You knew about my experience, and you
knew my name without me saying a word. You
should be working for one of those psychic hot
lines, lass. Patrick suggested.
I have no idea what that is. I admitted.
Patrick placed the tea and the scone down
on the table I was sitting at and stared into my
I have this strange feeling when I look into
your eyes, lass. Something really is different about
you. Its like youre reading my very soul.
And a beautiful one it is, my dear. I said
smiling at him.
Patrick straightened his posture and put his
left hand on his hip. His face was filled with
curiosity. A smirk blushed across his face.
Of all the years Ive been in business, Ive
never met someone like you What else can you
tell me about me, my dear? He asked politely.
Youve been married for 33 years, you
have a son named Seth, although you wanted to
name him Kelly. Hes been divorced twice and has
been very distant from you and the rest of your
family right now, but that will change in the times
ahead. You have a fascination for trains. You love
to read romance novels, yet you keep that to
yourself. You also enjoy working with your hands.
Doing chores in your garden makes you feel truly at
peace. Your mother is still around you in spirit and
she blesses you every single morning when you get
out of bed. Many nights you have tears in your
eyes because you miss her so much. Baking is your
passion, but youre becoming very eager to explore
Earth. Next year, youll win a trip to Australia and
you will absolutely love it there.
Sweet Jesus, Mary and Joseph! How
Patrick sat down next to me.
How are you able to do that? He asked.
I turned to him with a puzzled look on my
Do what, my love?
You read my entire life. I didnt have to tell
you a thing. I can usually spot lying cheats a mile
away, but you youre so pure, my dear. I cant
find a single bad thing about you when I look at ya.
Youre as pure as you are gorgeous.
What I have, anyone can have through
themselves, Patrick. I shared.
The last time I heard anyone with such
profound abilities as you say that, he had twelve
disciples with him. Patrick stated in a joking
He was human just as you are.
Knew him personally, did ya?
His spirit is with this Earth, always. He talks
to all of you through nature as he is one with it.
Patrick smiled and he pulled the scone
closer to me.
Enjoy your breakfast. Its on the house.
I looked at him curiously.
On the house? What a strange
expression. I said while I giggled.
You really arent from around here.
Patrick said again while he smiled.
I didnt really know what do with the scone
or the cup of tea as I had never eaten since I was a
young girl. The whole concept eluded me. Patrick
could sense my hesitation.
Something wrong? He asked.
I looked up at him.
Patrick, Ive never eaten since I was a
young child.
Patrick gazed at me like I was from another
What? How are you able to live without
food, lass?
I looked down at the plate with the scone
on it and then looked back up at Patrick.
I live off the energy of the universe.
Patrick started to smile again. The smile
turned into a chuckle.
Oh goodness. Just who are you, my lady?
My name is Anadriya.
No, no, no Patrick waved his hands out
and shook his head.
Who are you, dear? Where did you come
from. I dont know any lady from California that
acts like you. You from outer space or something?
I looked at Patrick with a serious gaze.
You were able to understand my
thought? I admitted to him.
Patricks face became confused.
Uh I was joking.
I shook my head.
No. You were correct. You only thought it
was a joke, but your intuition spoke true to you.
Patrick just sat down again. He rubbed his
head as he was becoming very confused. I smiled at
him again, got up from the table and rubbed his
I should go, Patrick. But I want to thank
you very much for your kindness.
I bent down and put my mouth close to his
ear and whispered:
Spend this day as you would if you were in
heaven. Because you are there already, my love.
I kissed him on the cheek. His eyes closed
for a few moments. He looked at me and smiled.
He rose from his chair excited as if he were a young
man and began to sing.
Too-ra-loo-ra-loo-ral, too-ra-loo-ra-li!
I smiled widely as I saw him in the kitchen.
The energy that was pouring out of him was
channeled straight from his inner child. Little
Patrick emerged and he was re-living his
excitement as an eight year old boy helping his
mother in the kitchen baking scones.
I slowly and quietly walked out of the
bakery as I left Patrick to his excitement. As the
street was devoid of anyones presence, I de-
materialized my presence away from Ireland and
materialized my body to other hemisphere of the
planet. I found myself near an alleyway in one of
the most popular areas of Earth: New York City.

13th Dawn of Armens - Integration

My mind was becoming filled with
thousands of distracting thoughts. New York City
could be referred to as the area of white noise as it
was very difficult to center ones self with so much
thought being broadcast in such a condensed area.
As I walked through the streets, I could
sense so much frustration through so many
humans. Many shared their dislike for their jobs,
yet they continued to go to work. There were those
whose personal mistreatment enacted misdirected
rage to everyone they came in contact with. Very
few people on this street had any form of positive
I also discovered a large amount of
holograms as I continued to venture down the busy
Main street pathway. Many of these humans were
not actually here in the physical. A lot of the people
that were walking off having no attention centered
on them were simply projections. They were
products of other beings amongst the world
unconsciously bi-locating to this area as their
vibration suited so much of the lack of attention
others gave them. Other holograms were merely
produced through mother Earth herself. It was a
test for humanity that so many did not notice. It
was a sign to show humanity how it could break
out of trance to show compassion to each other.
New York City as well as several other populated
areas across Earth flourished with holograms. In
fact, 50% of people that are contained within the
background through a humans daily life are not
even that of the genuine person. They are all
reflections attempting to gain the attention of the
human in question to invoke a response based on
that beings soul contract.
It was as if I was looking at humans that
projected a very narrow beam of light that
represented a destination. If there was anything
aside from the path of the beam, it was ignored
and would be refused acknowledgement from that
person. Humanity was very much in a trance state,
and it would take a thought form of great
magnitude to break so many out of this trance
state. So many people I personally encountered in
New York City were frozen into this trance, and it
was something that truly frightened me.
I stopped in the middle of the street. My
arms were at my side and I closed my eyes bringing
in an image of serenity. As I did, I slowly opened my
eyes and everyone on the street remained frozen. I
was able to move freely within the moment.
Hundreds of people that walked upon the
sidewalk continued to broadcast thoughts though
their bodies were motionless. Only their minds on
a sub-conscious level were operational through this
still moment.
I walked down the sidewalk looking at each
person: old men, young women, children, business
men looking at their watch and teenagers talking
into trance-inducing mobile technology. This
society was so heavily programmed that it ignored
its own power and capability. I was sad as I
continued to walk down the street staring at these
lost human beings.
There was a strong feeling that came over
to me. I walked over to an older Asian gentleman
and he was able to move. He smiled as he saw the
whole world frozen before him as if he knew that
this moment would occur. The man was well within
his late 70s and went by the name of Kyung
. He
turned to me knowing that I was the one who
stilled this moment. He smiled at me and
approached me.
Asai yo teem set marus! He spoke aloud.
This was an ancient Lyran greeting. It meant
the echo to my spirit answers!
As I felt this beautiful energy coming from
Kyung, I smiled back at him and we embraced with
a long hug.
Kyungs thoughts were wide open and
expressive. Kyung has been a part of the Earth
experience for nearly fifty years now. He would be
known by the term given by many humans as a
walk-in. His spirit was disembodied from his
Lyran body which is contained encapsulated on
Earths moon. His nature of intuition was very
powerful, yet he was able to suppress it deeply to
interact daily with the human populace.

This is the same individual that is assisting to translate
Anadriyas diary. As we discovered what was about to
revealed, this only brought forward a greater confirmation to
the validity of our work.
Anadriya, it is so wonderful to see you!
Kyung vocally shared. I have so much to tell you
and I knew this day was coming!
Kyung escorted me to a nearby bench that
was occupied near the busy city street. We both
sat down and smiled as we stared into each other.
You are the official delegate for Earth. I
received the transmission based on your arrival
through the council.
Yes. And Ive returned to Earth through the
request of my father. I wanted to see how far Earth
has come since my absence. It seems that not
much has changed. I admitted.
No, Anadriya, so much has changed since
you went off planet. The people no longer trust the
illusion of their would-be leaders. More are
realizing their self-empowerment and are taking a
role in leading their own lives. I interact with
dozens of new humans every day and I can see
their hearts becoming free. I know I do not speak
for the entire population, but the momentum is
becoming so strong within so many. And that is the
very effect needed to drive humanity into a new
stage of awareness. Kyung assured me.
I looked towards the people whose bodies
remained still, but minds continued to chatter.
So many of them though are still caught up
deeply within an illusion. They allow so much
possibility to pass them by.
Kyung nodded his head.
I have met quite a few of those types of
people as well. But compared to the populace en
masse, it is a very small number. There is so much
love in this world now and humanity is reaching
new ground. I have been with them for over fifty
years now and during those earlier times, I was
afraid for humanity. I was afraid we would never
reach a critical mass that would surpass the
illusion. But we have. And it is a wonderful time to
be alive, Anadriya. Kyung said to me with such joy
in his heart.
I wish I knew of a way that I could reach
them. Share everything I know with so many of
them. But their minds are cluttered with such
irrelevant thoughts that such a projection from my
mind to theirs would be so easily dismissed.
Kyung held me hand and patted it gently
with his other.
A diary is the answer, Anadriya. Kyung
said with certainty.
A diary?
Kyung reached into his black leather brief
case and pulled out a cordbound notebook with a
beautiful turquoise cover. He handed it to me.
Yes. This is for you, Anadriya. I just bought
it this morning as I had the feeling it would be
brought into use later on in the day. Let this be
your tool to document your thoughts. If you wish
to reach people, you need to come to their level.
Thought transmission is something that is too
advanced for the human race to acknowledge at
this point in their evolution. Though a select few
would be able to attain your intention, the purpose
that you are attempting to achieve would never be
understood by so many. The diary you create must
be encrypted. So may on this planet are skeptical
of how something so genuine could come into
existence. It needs to be an element that would
require an extraordinary circumstance that could
not be misrepresented obviously.
I could sense what Kyung was leading to.
A transmission created through sequences
that could only be accessed through those that had
the innate quality to translate certain portions of it
The magic number is 12, my dear. It is the
number that embodies the essence of
transformation. You must choose twelve
individuals that are of the calibration needed to be
your official translators. I would be honored if you
chose me to be the first.
I smiled at Kyung and nodded.
Consider yourself my first official
Kyungs smile was so wide. There was such
a great deal of excitement in his heart that I knew
he had not felt for such a long time.
The other eleven have already been
chosen, my dear. You have already chosen them
Kyung looked up at the sky and began to
Magnificent is the magic of synchronicity.
He said with such appreciation.
Kyung was a very wise elder and so
adaptable to any situation. I can see now why he
was chosen amongst his group to be a volunteer
here. He accepted the role of the ground crew with
such sincerity and joy. I value so much of him as if it
were not for him, this diary would never have been
As Kyung and I got up from the bench, I
agreed to take Kyung off planet with me back to
the Hesaren so that he could meet my father. As
we de-materialized together, the time cycle
continued and everyone returned functioning
through motion.
I had so much to learn from Kyung as he
was about to give me a crash course relating to my
future interactions with humanity. As we returned
to the Hesaren, Kyung and I shared another walk
that helped me to understand my biological family
so much better than I did. It was through Kyungs
detailed telepathic transmission that helped me to
understand integration so much better. It was also
an opportunity through him that allowed me to
speak to other members of my family

Dawn of Armens - Culmination

With a short time of a few moments with
Kyung, we shared a grand conversation that would
have taken years to have vocalized. Kyung shared a
great deal of information pertaining to his
perspective on humanity and his interactions with
them. I felt I was understanding them a little better
given everything they have gone through relating
to a very sophisticated luciferian program.
After thanking Kyung and parting with him, I
journeyed further upon Earth and went to many
different lands: Guatemala, Hawaii, Malaysia,
Indonesia, Australia and Peru. Through these
different destinations, I saw pieces of my ancient
heritages where relics remained out in the open to
give humanity an understanding of who was truly
here before their time. Every ancient form of
structure and hieroglyph was left here as a puzzle
piece for humanity to embark further upon the
meanings of their origins.
My father had joined me in some of my
travels as he thoroughly told me many of the races
that left behind much of their history
unintentionally due to the nature of evacuation.
We went deeper into portions of the planet
through astral projection where structures yet to
be discovered remained. My father told me of the
Lemurians and their underground tunnels during
the time of great war.
Enormous vaults contained miles
underneath Earth housed many different
civilizations that still exist today keeping out of
sight from humanity. This ranged from races that
appeared as primates: sasquatch according to
humans. Other races appeared very much human
yet with very minor differentiation of physical
features: skin tones, eye socket sizes and cranial
Upon our travels on Earth, I met other
beings that existed on other worlds living amongst
the human population. These were the incognito
extraterrestrials and many of them lived very quiet
lives watching humanity from an isolated
perspective. Some of them would only come
forward for the benefit of sacred ceremony with
other indigenous groups that knew of their truth,
yet kept their origins confidential for security
reasons. The human race never has been alone as
seventeen different ET races are present with them
on the Earths surface.
In linear terms, I spent about two weeks
travelling around the Earth going from place to
place. Ive gained a lot more wisdom through
experience then the knowledge I thought I knew
through assumptive pre-cognition. What I have
learned so strongly throughout my travels is how
experience creates the greatest definition of
wisdom beyond anything we may feel we know.
But there is a grand difference between knowledge
and wisdom, assumption and true experience. This
is something that has stuck with me and I have
learned not to solely rely on what is felt only by
premonition, but what is understood through the
benefit of experience.
I had decided to return to Handarr to begin
my work on my diary. On my return, I caught up
with Xel and Rorin offering them my deepest
appreciation for the company along my journey.
Xel presented me with a crystalline tablet that he
personally fashioned that would allow me to
interact more deeply telepathically with him and
his people. It was shaped in the form of a pyramid
where a crystalline ring remained afloat above the
tip of its apex. I meditate often with this object
and have gained a deeper understanding with the
inner mechanics of crystalline life and their
functioning as vessels for spirit.
Rorin greeted me with a great deal of love
and admitted to me that I was indeed the adept
who would help to bring balance to the galaxy. He
revealed that much of his hesitation was his way of
motivating me further. I told him he did not need
to explain as all of his actions spoke for themselves
and have helped to mold me into who I am now.
For this degree of learning, I am forever grateful to
Here I lay now amongst the open field of
Handarr about to conclude this diary. I know that
many of you who will read this may realize that
there is so much more I could speak on, and that
time will come again where more will be revealed.
This information has led to the point of culmination
where I am at the point of reflection and I have
gained a much deeper fundamental understanding
about everything has returned back to me full
A transmission was waiting to come
through to my conscious awareness. It was a
consciousness I had not previously spoken to this
consciousness before, yet this energy was eager to
speak through me.
I closed my eyes, took a deep breath and
allowed the telepathic transmission to come

Dawn of Armens Paradox

Dearest Anadriya
We speak to you now through the request
you have made summoned through the revealing
of the conduit you know as Kyung.
The twelve have been chosen to assist in
your intention to help spread your seed of
knowledge and wisdom amongst your people.
These twelve beings represent the twelve
forms of awakening expression consistent with
your energy of spirit. They have all come within
their realities to enable a convergence of harmony
as your translators. All of these representatives
have emerged as aspects of yourself throughout
different cycles of Earth realities and timelines.
They all represent possibilities of expressions that
were conceived by your soul functioning in other
realities: individuals coalescent with your algorithm
on a soul level. These other expressions of yourself
have volunteered themselves to represent you as
they journey to unlock who they are through the
volunteer work they have agreed to.
You must complete the assignment to
achieve paradox. It is of your task now to return to
Handarr and begin on the working of your diary.
Let no thought be suppressed and no feeling be
unrevealed. This diary you will create will only be
the beginning of an endless interaction with your
people as you will help them to become integrative
into galactic society.
When you have completed your diary, bring
it into the sub-terrain region of the area you know
as Shasta as the cave deeply holds your energy
from times past and present that which will house
the preservation of this diary. The preservation of
the diary must come not from the bending of
matter, but from the bending of time. As you
create the field necessary to distort the area you
have chosen to house the diary, you will create a
bubble of time that will function upon the events
that succeeded the times of the destruction of
Atlantis. It is through this course of time that is
needed to sustain the energies that remained pure
upon that space/time period of Shasta that will
encase and preserve the integrity of your diary.
Shasta was one of the last pure beacons of
feminine energy consistent within that time. The
crystallization of the walls within the sub-terrain
will contain the energies necessary to allow those
who will be your translators to feel the coherence
of its infused energies to culminate their visions of
synchronized clarity.
Humanity will greatly embrace this diary as
a return to their own self-realizations. It will be a
gateway that will hold the opportunity to become
aware of how far they have comethrough your
actions. They are just as you. As you have learned
throughout your journeys, they will learn
throughout their own. You are the messenger of
the stars to them. You will be the liaison between
the galactic community and the human race as
talks begin to open up between you and your
people. Many who can tune themselves to you will
want to communicate with your personally,
dearest Anadriya. Do not deny them of that right. It
is no longer the time to contain secrets. It is now
the time to reveal them to all who may ask. Utilized
what has been released within yourself to become
this liaison for humanity.
You will know that the humans that ask for
such assistance will be in the state aligned to day
zero. For that is the only moment they can remain
coherent with your frequency.
Prepare humanity in your own way on what
is to come for their people. A glorious time awaits
many of them. Within these next cycles of their
time, so much will change throughout the
reflection of humanity. Help them to show how
they can help each other. You are the living
example of a human star being. Humanitys future
speaking to humanitys past to create humanitys
Before we leave you through this gateway
opening through your space/time nexus, we wish
to present you now with these statements to
ponder, dearest Anadriya:
Keep yourself close to your planet.
Do not refuse an inquiry from one that
requests wisdom to expand their awareness.
Show the pureness of reality to those that
know that there is more to reality.
Respect the journey of ones free will, no
matter the alignment.
Only through the state of day zero can
mutual understanding be fully acknowledged.
We leave you now in the love and the light
of creation and all the way it has of expressing
itself to you, through you. May the bliss day zero
brings within you be with you always.
In oneness, we bless you
The Founders.

I was released from the trance state and came
back to my present environment. It was there that I
looked upon my diary and saw the words written
holographicly through my consciousness present
on the pages from the founders. As I channeled
them, the symbols became etched within my diary
My family of Earth, this is not good bye as I
have said, the term truthfully doesnt exist. This
only concludes an extension of learning that I have
been so excited to share with each of you.
Your world is going to be going through such a
prosperous time within these next several years
ahead. It will be as if you are living upon a whole
new planet, which indeed you will be.
It will be the end of deceit and the birth of
truth. The end of suppression and the beginning of
revealing. You will have the ability to bring the
dream plane into your daily lives as the
preservation of experience within a moment
outlasts the illusion of time its placed within. More
of reality in a grander degree will become revealed
to you all, and this is something we will all
experience together.
Until that time, my beloved familyall is now,
all is one. And remember my dears, our lives are
the extension to our love creation.
Kian en etchal mi sai soto ra lench.

Kian en etchal mi sai soto ra lench roughly means
Preserve the experiences within that fulfills the infinite

This is the concluding dialogue from the
twelve translators of this book.
We write this conclusion on the date of
December 21
, 2012. So much within has
transformed us to the point of culmination. We are
gathered here together for the final time as today
was the official day of the books public launch. Our
work throughout this past year has been
Anadriya has visited each of us personally
within our dream states at night helping us in our
own way to complete the translation of the book.
Her presence within our lives has been an
The events today have been absolutely
profound! The great pyramid of Giza within Egypt
now contains a beautiful capstone finely polished
in granite. No one is certain how this occurred as it
was literally constructed and placed on top of the
pyramid within a matter of minutes overnight.
It was also reported today that many UFO
sightings have been seen all across the planet,
including areas considered as our ancient sacred
sites. The mainstream media has greatly ignored
these events, yet they are showing up on every
type of social media we come across. We all know
that this is a sign of great occurrences that will lead
us to a more prosperous and personal contact with
our star family within the times ahead.
Kyung has been much more open with his
personal dialogues with Anadriya. He is in
conscious communication with her regularly and
we are receiving more consistent updates from her
through Kyung that have turned out to be
completely accurate. She has told us of events that
are unfolding as well as an intention to make more
of a public appearance in person within the next
year of December 21
, 2013 as she has agreed to
speak to the committee of the United Nations in
New York City relating to the discussion of first
contact. Many committee members discovered
word of what we have been working on throughout
this past year and requested an advanced copy of
Anadriyas translated diary as well as copies of the
original untranslated diary. We concurred with this
and the committee responded very positively to
this material.
Through telepathic transmission between
Kyung and Anadriya, Anadriya had agreed to meet
with the committee members under the stipulation
that the entire public was to be made aware of this
meeting and that it would be broadcast around the
Where one might think this wouldnt be
considered by the committee members, they have
agreed to the term allowing this event to be
broadcasted through every television network and
Internet social media. Times are wonderfully
As for us, we are currently setting up our
plans to commence a worldwide tour promoting
Day Zero all across the planet. Our telephones have
been ringing non-stop with convention centers all
across the world wanting to hold venues for us. We
are no strangers to synchronicity and know that
this has been all part of the hard work we have
been doing this past year that is now setting its
results into motion.
Anadriya has also shared more information
with us through Kyung relating to a second diary
that has already been completed. It contains
information that relates to our future selves and
our integration into galactic society approximately
38 years within our future. This will be material
that she will submit to us personally on December
, 2013.
All of us would like to thank you, the reader,
personally for your consideration in reading this
book. We know there may still be much left
unanswered relating to Anadriya and her origins as
well as her interactions with all of us. But we know
more is to come from her and that this is only the
We conclude by saying to stay tuned to
Anadriyas vibration and to the work that we will
continue to share through her submitted material.
We have entered the era of awareness. The times
ahead will only project a momentum of positive
transformation for our cultures to help us realize
that were are and always will be one together in
With Blessings and Appreciation,
Terrence Hartman
Mellissa Alvarez
Jesse Cartwright
Beverly Eleanor McGregor
Sade Akenzua
Monica Ashley Jones
Simon Edward McPherson
Kyung Loeng
Vladimir Govrolov
Hayden Morrison
Seth OLeary
Priscilla Rasmussen

Painting of Anadriya By:
Monika Futa
Cover Design by:
Brad Johnson
Chris GM

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