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Wide Wonders

Social Studies Vocabulary Study

By the completion of the lesson:
Students will be able to define vocabulary centering around Knowing Your Family.
Grade Level:
Second Grade
Allotted Time:
One thirty minute session
NJCCCS Addressed:
Explain how and why it is important that people from diverse cultures collaborate to find solutions to
community, state, national, and global challenges.
Describe how culture is expressed through and influenced by the behavior of people.
Explain how an individuals beliefs, values, and traditions may reflect more than one culture.
Set Up Instructions:
Teacher creates a chart with three columns with the following headings:

On chart paper, the teacher writes a sentence for one of the vocabulary words, leaving a blank for the
Index cards will be created for each of the vocabulary words.
Student pairs will be preselected: higher and lower in language skills.
Required Materials:
Chart paper
Index cards
Unit 2: Knowing Your Family worksheet

Sentence Word Picture
Step-By-Step Procedures:
The teacher will read aloud a selection from the Social Studies text.
Following the read aloud, the teacher will focus on the word ancestors.
The teacher will then direct the students attention to the chart.
The teacher will read aloud the sentence from the book containing the vocabulary word ancestors.
On the chart, the teacher has already written the following:
All the people in your family, starting with your parents, who were born before you are your
The teacher will place the vocabulary word into the blank space.
Under the Word column, the word ancestors will be placed along with an illustration under the
remaining column.
Students will then be grouped according to their levels.
Once students are prepared they will receive a Unit 2: Knowing Your Family worksheet.
Students work in pairs to hunt for the words in their texts.
As a team, they will fill in the sentence blank and also in the word columns.
In addition, the student pairs will draw a picture of the vocabulary word.
Once students have successfully completed the assignment, the teacher will wrap up by quizzing the
students of the meaning of the vocabulary words they have just exercised using the index cards.
The teacher will present an index card with a vocabulary word. Students will be asked to define it, based
on the reading, in their own words.
Assessment Based On Objectives:
Student completion of the Unit 2: Knowing Your Family worksheet.
Teacher based observation of student responses to the wrap up quiz.