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IT professional seeking a challenging and rewarding position.

March 2007 Present: Lc!hee" Mart#n$ Net%r! &ata C''(n#cat#ns S)ec#a*#st$
&e)art'ent + ,'e*an" Sec(r#t- an" Fe"era* A.#at#n A"'#n#strat#n
Provides support to the Information System Security Manager (ISSM) in the Certification and
uthori!ation (C") process and produced C " packages for the #ederal viation
dministration (#).
Tracks remediation recommendation using the Plan of ctions and Milestones reports.
$enerates remediation status report for various # systems and provides updates to the
Information System Security %fficer (ISS%).
ssists in the risk assessment for various # systems. Colla&orate with system owners to
verify of system changes.
naly!e the Security Control Compliance Matri' to identify weakness to the # systems.
Implement (uality control methods for completing the documents of the self)assessment
Perform (uality assurance of the finished products.
*erify feed&ack from the customer and incorporated in the final finished product of the self)
assessment and C " documents.
+efines network communications and designs and implements solutions within e'isting
Manages load configuration of central data communication processor and makes
recommendations for upgrade of data networks.
,valuates and reports on new analog and digital communications technologies to enhance the
capa&ilities of the data network.
Provides pro&lem resolution for all hardware and software elements of the data
communication network and ensures the availa&ility of the data network. lso provides
%perations and Maintenance to -indows %perating systems (.P/ 0111/ 0112 and 0113)
server and desktop support.
Proposes solutions to management to provide all data communications re(uirements are
&ased upon future needs and current usage/ configuring such solutions to optimi!e cost
savings. Coordinates network)oriented pro4ects.
J(*- 200/ March 2007: Tests Prs0$ S-ste' En1#neer$ &e+ense Inte**#1ence S-ste's A1enc-
5ead installation teams in the upgrade and install of $CCS)6 systems worldwide.
Configure and install workstations for the $lo&al Command and Control Systems 7 Integrated
Imagery Intelligence ($CCS)I2) and other 6+ISS programs.
+eploy to worldwide destinations supporting $CCS)I2 mission.
ssist developers and engineers in formulating corrective solutions for hardware8software
&ece'2er 2003 J(ne 200/: T#tan Cr)rat#n$ Net%r! Techn#c#an$ NMI$ S(#t*an"4 M&
9esponsi&le for the maintenance and administration of the 5ocal rea :etwork with the %:I
and 6+ISS infrastructure.
Perform trou&leshooting and fault isolation in large network environments in order to resolve
network pro&lems utili!ing diagnostic tools and testing procedures.
53367 8789:0:; &a'n S0 Ver'#**#n
&a'n S0 Ver'#**#n
2; ,ast #ort ve
<altimore/ M+. 0=021
Phone> (??2) 3;3)@1@=
9esponsi&le for the maintenance and installation of network communications e(uipment
including Marconi 5ayer 2/ TM and ,thernet switches/ media converters and transceivers.
,nsure user and server connectivity to re(uired networks throughout the facility including
6-ICS/ SIP9:,T/ :IP9:,T/ :SP:,T and additional <ilateral :etworks.
Perform network e(uipment installation including fi&er optic ca&le (single)mode and multi)
mode)/ ,thernet ca&le/ hu&s/ and switches/ :ICBs/ patch panels and other related and
supported networking e(uipment.
9esponsi&le for maintaining and utili!ing testing facilities simulation 5ocal rea :etwork (5:)
architecture for trou&leshooting and &ench testing ideas and solutions.
Provide support for special network re(uirements to include firewalls/ desktop/ video and
network monitoring capa&ilities.
Complete configuration management of IP addressing and su&net masking on several class C
networks using an ccess +ata&ase and ,'cel Spreadsheets system.
dept 9emedy user ) can effectively manage a (ueue and coordinate with client to ensure all
tasks are complete.
Maintained network)monitoring tools including> -hatBsCp$old.
J(ne ;<<: 9 Fe2r(ar- 2003 =S Na.-:
Frt Mea"e4 Mar-*an" A)r#* ;<</ A)r#* ;<<< an" March 2002 Fe2r(ar- 2003$ Sec(re
C''(n#cat#n S-ste's Ma#ntenance En1#neer
Provided support for over @111 communications circuits originating/ terminating and
interfacing in a multi)million dollar communications center.
+irectly responsi&le for monitoring/ maintenance/ and fault isolation of secure analog/ digital/
video and optical circuits.
=S Na.- >TMO4 C(2a an" Sa2ana Seca4 P(ert R#c A)r#* ;<<< March 2002$ Net%r!
Ma#ntenance Techn#c#an
9esponsi&le for the maintenance of all computer hardware and software pro&lems on all
network systems.
Maintenance of C%MST e(uipment suite.
Maintenance of one ==)meter and two 20)meter antennas.
$eneral electronic e(uipment maintenance.
Maintenance on all security/ communication/ and operations e(uipment.
In)depth knowledge of network system installation/ configuration/ maintenance/ and fault
isolation of network/ digital/ analog and video circuits and related e(uipment.
Cisco router and switch configuration
<ridge/ 9outer and Switch Installation
5:8-: technologies
9I+ array configuration
5:8-: ,'perience
-indows :T/ D3/ .P Professional/ *ista/ Server 0112/ and %ffice 0112
-indows ctive +irectory/ Symantec Corporate ,dition with command center
CT 28@ and #i&er %ptic Termination8Installation
,lectronic Principles
C%MS,C Training
,ncryption methods and C9EPT%
I+:.8Prominia installation/ configuration/ and management
53367 8789:0:; &a'n S0 Ver'#**#n
01?3 Multiple'ers/ SM?31
,'tensive knowledge of electronic test e(uipment including &it error rate tester/ signal
generators/ spectrum analy!ers/ scalar network analy!ers
2008 ,%ar" C(nt- C''(n#t- C**e1e
Currently working on MCS 0112 and CC:
2000 Nat#na* Cr-)t*1#c Sch*: Frt Mea"e4 Mar-*an"
:etwork Technologies -orkshop
Cisco 9outer Installation/ Configuration and Maintenance
#i&er %ptic Theory and Maintenance
Cisco 9outer Install and Maintenance
I)Fu& Installation and Maintenance
-ide rea :etwork Systems Maintenance
;<<: =S Na.- Cr-)t*1#c Techn#c#an Ma#ntenance A9Sch*
dvanced electronics repair and computer information systems repair school0
53367 8789:0:; &a'n S0 Ver'#**#n