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Course Code: BTM 810 Credit Units: 04

Course Objective:
The course will help students to develop a general understanding of all areas in finance and how they relate to each other and the general
business environment. The student will learn to use various models and techniques for analyzing complex issues arising during the
business decision-making process. The course will encourage the student to develop analytical skills and evaluate theory and practice
within the corporate sector, financial institutions and markets. On completion of the course the student will have the skills and tools
required for independent research, analysis and resolution of business issues.

Course Contents:

Module I: Introduction to financial management
Aims and objectives of Financial Management Financial Analysis and Planning, Valuation of Securities, Cost-volume, profit Analysis,
Operating and Financial Leverage.

Module II: Capital Budgeting
Investment and capital Structure Decision, Methods of Capital Budgeting Cost of Different sources of Raising capital, Weighted
Average cost of capital, Optimum Capital Structure.

Module III: Capital management
Inventory, Accounts payable, Effect of Inflation on working capital Management, Instruments of Long-Term Finance, Internal financing
and Dividend Policy.

Module IV: Finance planning
Finance Function as Business; Approach to Financial Planning; Analysis of financial statements; Limitations of Financial statements;
Rational Analysis; Flow of Funds Analysis; Sources of Long and Short Term Finance; Management of Components of Current Assets-
Inventory Management.

Module V: Financial policies
Accounts Receivable; cash; bills payable, financial policies like working capital policy, Credit policy, Cash policy, Determinants; Basic
Features of Indian Money and Capital markets; Financial Structure of Indian Companies and Liberalization & Globalization policy.

Examination Scheme:

Components A CT S/V/Q HA EE
Weightage (%) 5 10 8 7 70
CT: Class Test, HA: Home Assignment, S/V/Q: Seminar/Viva/Quiz, EE: End Semester Examination; Att: Attendance

Text & References:

Khan & Jain, Financial Management, Tata McGraw Hall
I.M. Pandey, Financial Management, Prentice Hall India

R.P. Rastogi, Financial Management, Galgotia Publications