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Les Miserables Casting Campolindo 2015

There will be two casts Red and Black (Red, the blood of angry men. Black, the dark of ages past)
Everyone is in BOTH CASTS and will perform 8 times. However, you will, for the most part, play different
roles and / or be a member of different ensembles in each cast this provides you the opportunity for
more varied work and a wider perspective on the show for example, being a member of the Factory
Workers as well as a member of the Lovely Ladies, where otherwise you would be in only one or the
There are still a few one-line moments that we will cast during rehearsal and there will most likely be
a few changes in the ensembles for balance. We still need to cast the Wedding, and we have not
separately listed the finale ensembles that include the full cast. It should also be noted that Lead
Characters and Supporting Characters are automatically members of ensembles but are not
necessarily listed separately in those ensembles. We have undoubtedly made a mistake or two as
wellmistakenly casting people in scenes that they cant possibly be in, but those exceptions will be
worked out as we go.
An important note: Les Miserables deals with adult themes. You may be asked to play a prostitute,
pimp, drunk or other unsavory character it is important to understand the distinction between
playing a role and glorifying or condoning the characters actions. However, if you are cast in a role
that you (or your parents) are uncomfortable with, please let us know and we will swap you into an
alternative ensemble.
Congratulations to everyone who auditioned. This is going to be a GREAT SHOW! Thank you for your
patience, and thanks to the other members of the audition committee: (Mark Roberts, Grace Chaffey,
Michele Miller) Dave Pinkham, Stage Director
Jean Valjean Ricky Lomas Ricky Lomas
Javert Sam Pride Sam Larson
Thenardier Alex Wilson Peter Jones
Enjolras Nathan Correll Abe Soane
Marius Jacob Molloy Frenel Francisco
Fantine Lucy Clearwater Kelsey Raftis
Mme. Thenardier Julie Meng Meg Newton
Eponine Marissa Monopoli Betty Galindo
Cosette Maddie Browning Ava Narayan
Combeferre Alex Kolm Garrick Manz
Feuilly Peter Jones Alex Wilson
Courfeyrac Matthew Bruck David Kuckuk
Joly Tim Lovelace Sam Pride
Prouvaire Ricky Betts Isaac Thomas
Lesgles Sam Larson Nathan Correll
Grantaire Abe Soane Ricky Betts
Sentry TBD TBD
Army Officer TBD TBD
Bishop of Digne Frenel Francisco Tim Lovelace
Convict 1 Alex Kolm Abe Soane
Convict 2 Sam Larson Sam Pride
Convict 3 Alex Wilson Peter Jones
Convict 4 Ricky Betts Garrick Manz
Convict 5 Tim Lovelace Isaac Thomas
Farmer David Kuckuk Jacob Molloy
Foreman Isaac Thomas Alex Wilson
Sailor 1 Tim Lovelace Matthew Bruck
Sailor 2 Garrick Manz Ricky Betts
Sailor 3 Isaac Thomas Jacob Molloy
Bamatabois David Kuckuk Nathan Correll
Pimp Peter Jones Alex Kolm
Fauchelevant Frenel Francisco Chad Sonnenschein
Constable 1 Miranda Protzen Nicole Dible
Constable 2 Sarah Chu Elizabeth Farnan
Factory 5 Allana Karstetter Brooke Finegold
Old Woman Claire Hathaway Haley Seyranian
Judge Sydney Lowe Kelly Evans
Montparnasse Paige McGill Michelle Anjani
Babet Rosalind Fraser Sarah Chu
Brujon Savannah Johnson Nicole Dible
Claquesous Kate Metcalf Miranda Protzen
Woman 1 Michelle Anjani Michelle Anjani
Woman 2 Sarah Chu Justine Bon
Woman 3 Paige McGill Jocelyn Purcell
Woman 4 Miranda Protzen Jenna Englund

Chain Gang Laborers Digne Beggars Factory
Ricky Betts Olivia Carver Michelle Anjani Emily Barlow Michelle Anjani
Matthew Bruck Kyle Davis Justine Bon Lucy Becham Patricia Bagalihog
Brother Finegold Nicole Dible Cameron Cort Ricky Betts Justine Bon
Frenel Francisco Jovana Durovic Kathryn Daniel Julia Blair Olivia Carver
Peter Jones Elizabeth Farnan Kyle Davis Whitney Botsford Cameron Cort
Alex Kolm Brooke Finegold Rosalind Fraser Chloe Bouchy Kathryn Daniel
David Kuckuk Evan Gabrielson Evan Gabrielson Matthew Bruck Nicole Dible
Chain Gang Laborers Digne Beggars Factory
Sam Larson Jessie Keppler Noella Kastner Natalie Davis Jovana Durovic
Tim Lovelace David Kuckuk Ryan Nagle Elle Diorio Elizabeth Farnan
Garrick Manz Connor Mathews Jacob Noyes Maddie Dolan Rosalind Fraser
Ryan McGill Ryan Nagle Jenny Winkler Danielle Dusauzay Betty Galindo
Tajveer Parhar Mary Noal Katie Woolsey Jenna Englund Allana Karstetter
Abe Soane Jacob Noyes Kelly Evans Noella Kastner
Sonnenschein Jessica O'Reilly Brother Finegold Jessie Keppler
Gabrielle Ortega Payton Fraser Jeanne Kim
Maria Sanderson Betty Galindo Mary Noal
Haley Seyranian Shaeleigh Hasler Jessica O'Reilly
Abe Soane Claire Hathaway Gabrielle Ortega
Isaac Thomas
Gyubin (Ashley)
Jang Kelsey Raftis
Savannah Johnson Maria Sanderson
Peter Jones Haley Seyranian
Maddie Koelzer Isaac Thomas
Garrick Manz
Camille Marinier Athya Uthayakumar
Ava Narayan Jenny Winkler
Frances Parsons Katie Woolsey
Zuza Petrushka
Jocelyn Purcell
Kelsey Raftis
Jesse Rusk
Chad Sonnenschein

Sierra Warshawsky
Maddy Weinberg

Docks Lovely Ladies Paris (Cart) Court Inn
Kyle Davis Lucy Becham Michelle Anjani Lucy Becham Patricia Bagalihog
Frenel Francisco Julia Blair Justine Bon Julia Blair Emily Barlow
Evan Gabrielson Madeline Botsford Olivia Carver Whitney Botsford Madeline Botsford
Peter Jones Whitney Botsford Cameron Cort Chloe Bouchy Sarah Chu
David Kuckuk Chloe Bouchy Kathryn Daniel Elle Diorio Julia Cushing
Docks Lovely Ladies Paris (Cart) Court Inn
Sam Larson Julia Cushing Kyle Davis Danielle Dusauzay Jenna Englund
Tim Lovelace Natalie Davis Nicole Dible Brother Finegold Brooke Finegold
Garrick Manz Elle Diorio Jovana Durovic Payton Fraser Brother Finegold
Connor Mathews Maddie Dolan Elizabeth Farnan Evan Gabrielson Frenel Francisco
Ryan Nagle Danielle Dusauzay Brooke Finegold Sydney Lowe Betty Galindo
Jacob Noyes Jenna Englund Frenel Francisco Connor Mathews Shaeleigh Hasler
Abe Soane Kelly Evans Rosalind Fraser Tajveer Parhar Gyubin (Ashley) Jang
Sonnenschein Payton Fraser Evan Gabrielson Frances Parsons Peter Jones
Betty Galindo Betty Galindo Jocelyn Purcell Allana Karstetter
Savannah Johnson Noella Kastner
Sonnenschein Jeanne Kim
Maddie Koelzer Jessie Keppler David Kuckuk
Camille Marinier David Kuckuk Sam Larson
Claire Meniktas Garrick Manz Sydney Lowe
Ava Narayan
Marinier Christophe Marinier
Frances Parsons Connor Mathews Paige McGill
Zuza Petrushka Ryan Nagle Ryan McGill
Jocelyn Purcell Mary Noal Claire Meniktas
Kelsey Raftis Jacob Noyes Kate Metcalf
Jesse Rusk Jessica O'Reilly Olivia Morris

Sonnenschein Gabrielle Ortega Ava Narayan
Maddy Weinberg Maria Sanderson Meg Newton
Haley Seyranian Tajveer Parhar
Chad Sonnenschein Miranda Protzen
Hayden Wells Jocelyn Purcell
Jenny Winkler Kelsey Raftis
Katie Woolsey Abe Soane
Chad Sonnenschein

Athya Uthayakumar
Sierra Warshawsky
Hayden Wells

People's Song Barricades Turning
Patricia Bagalihog Lucy Becham Michelle Anjani
People's Song Barricades Turning
Emily Barlow Natalie Davis Sarah Chu
Lucy Becham Maddie Dolan Jenna Englund
Madeline Botsford Kelly Evans Betty Galindo
Sarah Chu Brother Finegold Sydney Lowe
Julia Cushing Frenel Francisco Paige McGill
Jenna Englund Claire Hathaway Kate Metcalf
Brother Finegold Savannah Johnson Olivia Morris
Betty Galindo Peter Jones Ava Narayan
Shaeleigh Hasler Maddie Koelzer Meg Newton
Gyubin (Ashley) Jang David Kuckuk Miranda Protzen
Peter Jones Tim Lovelace Kelsey Raftis
Allana Karstetter Garrick Manz
Jeanne Kim Camille Marinier
Sydney Lowe
Garrick Manz Ryan McGill
Paige McGill Tajveer Parhar
Ryan McGill Zuza Petrushka
Claire Meniktas Jesse Rusk
Kate Metcalf
Olivia Morris Maddy Weinberg
Ava Narayan Hayden Wells
Meg Newton
Tajveer Parhar
Miranda Protzen
Abe Soane
Athya Uthayakumar
Sierra Warshawsky

Chain Gang B Laborors B Digne B Beggars B Factory B
Ricky Betts Madeline Botsford Whitney Botsford Patricia Bagalihog Lucy Becham
Kyle Davis Sarah Chu Kelly Evans Emily Barlow Julia Blair
Evan Gabrielson Nathan Correll Brother Finegold Chloe Bouchy Madeline Botsford
Alex Kolm Julia Cushing Payton Fraser Maddie Browning Maddie Browning
Chain Gang B Laborors B Digne B Beggars B Factory B
Sam Larson Maddie Dolan Claire Hathaway Olivia Carver Sarah Chu
Tim Lovelace Jenna Englund Savannah Johnson Lucy Clearwater Julia Cushing
Garrick Manz Brother Finegold Maddie Koelzer Cameron Cort Natalie Davis
Connor Mathews Payton Fraser Camille Marinier Kathryn Daniel Maddie Dolan
Ryan Nagle Shaeleigh Hasler
Marinier Nicole Dible Danielle Dusauzay
Jacob Noyes
Gyubin (Ashley)
Jang Ryan McGill Elizabeth Farnan Jenna Englund
Sam Pride Ryan McGill Jessica O'Reilly Brooke Finegold Kelly Evans
Abe Soane Claire Meniktas Tajveer Parhar Rosalind Fraser Brooke Finegold
Sonnenschein Kate Metcalf Zuza Petrushka Evan Gabrielson Payton Fraser
Isaac Thomas Jacob Molloy Jesse Rusk Allana Karstetter Shaeleigh Hasler
Frances Parsons Maddy Weinberg Jessie Keppler Claire Hathaway
Miranda Protzen Hayden Wells Jeanne Kim
Gyubin (Ashley)
Sierra Warshawsky Alex Kolm Savannah Johnson
Hayden Wells David Kuckuk Maddie Koelzer
Katie Woolsey Tim Lovelace Camille Marinier
Sydney Lowe Julie Meng
Paige McGill Claire Meniktas
Julie Meng Kate Metcalf
Marissa Monopoli Zuza Petrushka
Olivia Morris Miranda Protzen
Ryan Nagle Jocelyn Purcell
Mary Noal Jesse Rusk
Sam Pride Sierra Warshawsky
Maria Sanderson Maddy Weinberg
Emma Sonnenschein

Athya Uthayakumar
Katie Woolsey

Docks B Lovely Ladies B Paris(Cart) B Court B Inn B
Matthew Bruck Patricia Bagalihog Madeline Botsford Olivia Carver Michelle Anjani
Nathan Correll Emily Barlow Maddie Browning Cameron Cort Lucy Becham
Brother Finegold Maddie Browning Matthew Bruck Kathryn Daniel Julia Blair
Alex Kolm Olivia Carver Sarah Chu Nicole Dible Justine Bon
Docks B Lovely Ladies B Paris(Cart) B Court B Inn B
Marinier Lucy Clearwater Julia Cushing Kelly Evans Whitney Botsford
Ryan McGill Cameron Cort Natalie Davis Elizabeth Farnan Chloe Bouchy
Jacob Molloy Kathryn Daniel Maddie Dolan Brooke Finegold Maddie Browning
Tajveer Parhar Nicole Dible Jenna Englund Rosalind Fraser Matthew Bruck
Sam Pride Jovana Durovic Kelly Evans Jessie Keppler Lucy Clearwater
Haley Seyranian Elizabeth Farnan Brother Finegold Ryan McGill Nathan Correll
Isaac Thomas Brooke Finegold Shaeleigh Hasler Mary Noal Natalie Davis
Hayden Wells Rosalind Fraser Claire Hathaway Jacob Noyes Kyle Davis
Alex Wilson Allana Karstetter
Gyubin (Ashley)
Jang Tajveer Parhar Elle Diorio
Noella Kastner Savannah Johnson
Sanderson Jovana Durovic
Jessie Keppler Maddie Koelzer Hayden Wells Danielle Dusauzay
Jeanne Kim Alex Kolm Payton Fraser
Sydney Lowe Camille Marinier Evan Gabrielson
Paige McGill Christophe Marinier Noella Kastner
Julie Meng Ryan McGill Alex Kolm
Marissa Monopoli Julie Meng Tim Lovelace
Olivia Morris Claire Meniktas Connor Mathews
Mary Noal Kate Metcalf Julie Meng
Gabrielle Ortega Tajveer Parhar Jacob Molloy
Jocelyn Purcell Zuza Petrushka Marissa Monopoli
Maria Sanderson Sam Pride Ryan Nagle

Ungermann Miranda Protzen Jacob Noyes
Athya Uthayakumar Jesse Rusk Jessica O'Reilly
Jenny Winkler Isaac Thomas Gabrielle Ortega
Sierra Warshawsky Frances Parsons
Maddy Weinberg Sam Pride
Hayden Wells Jocelyn Purcell
Haley Seyranian

Isaac Thomas
Jenny Winkler
Katie Woolsey

People's Song B Barricades B Turning B
Michelle Anjani Patricia Bagalihog Michelle Anjani
Lucy Becham Emily Barlow Lucy Becham
Julia Blair Matthew Bruck Justine Bon
Justine Bon Kyle Davis Maddie Browning
Whitney Botsford Elizabeth Farnan Lucy Clearwater
Chloe Bouchy Evan Gabrielson Nicole Dible
Maddie Browning Allana Karstetter Elle Diorio
Lucy Clearwater Jeanne Kim Jenna Englund
Kyle Davis Alex Kolm Claire Hathaway
Elle Diorio Sydney Lowe Julie Meng
Jovana Durovic Connor Mathews Marissa Monopoli
Danielle Dusauzay Paige McGill Jocelyn Purcell
Payton Fraser Jacob Molloy Katie Woolsey
Evan Gabrielson Marissa Monopoli
Allana Karstetter Olivia Morris
Noella Kastner Ryan Nagle
Connor Mathews Jacob Noyes
Paige McGill Sam Pride
Julie Meng Isaac Thomas
Marissa Monopoli
Ryan Nagle Athya Uthayakumar
Jacob Noyes
Jessica O'Reilly
Gabrielle Ortega
Frances Parsons
Jocelyn Purcell
Maria Sanderson
Haley Seyranian
Jenny Winkler
Katie Woolsey