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Nobel Prize Winners List - 2014

The Nobel Prize in Physics 2014: Isamu Akasaki (Japan), Hiroshi

Amano (Japan) and Shuji Nakamura (Japan) - "for the invention of
efficient blue liht!emittin diodes "hich has enabled briht and
ener#!savin "hite liht sources"$
The Nobel Prize in Chemistry 2014: %ric &et'i ((SA), Stefan )$
Hell (*omania) and )illiam %$ +oerner ((SA) - "for the development
of super!resolved fluorescence microscop#"$
The Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine 2014: John ,-.eefe
((SA), +a#!&ritt +oser (Nor"a#) and %dvard I$ +oser (Nor"a#) - "for
their discoveries of cells that constitute a positionin s#stem in the
The Nobel Prize in Literature 2014: /atrick +odiano (0rance) - "for
the art of memor# "ith "hich he has evoked the most unraspable
human destinies and uncovered the life!"orld of the occupation"$
The Nobel Peace Prize 2014: .ailash Sat#arthi (India)
and +alala1ousaf'a# (/akistan) - "for their strule aainst the
suppression of children and #oun people and for the riht of all
children to education"$
The !eriges "i#sban# Prize in $conomic ciences in Memory
o% &l%red Nobel 2014: Jean 2irole (0rance) - "for his anal#sis of
market po"er and reulation"$
3hild labour activist Sat#arthi became India-s 4th Nobel laureate "hile the
champion for children-s education +alala became her countr#-s second
citi'en to be iven the most coveted pri'e$ +alala is also the #ounest to
be a"arded the loball# prestiious annual pri'e$