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The main intention of introducing this system is to reduce the
manual work at Airtel Prepaid Ofice. Every sort of task is performed
by the system, such as storing the subscriber, outlets details to
reducing much paper work and burden of the le storage and
calculating the credit and prot reports in easier manner.
This pro!ect is entitled with "Automation of Airtel prepaid
distribution Accounts #anagement$ is to make more user friendliness
to the Operators who are manipulating the %espective operations in
the rm.
The ob!ectives of the pro!ect are&
'. #anipulating the (ale Transactions,
). #aintaining the subscriber, outlet details,
*. #aintaining the daily and monthly transactions,
+. ,hecking the (tock -pdating,
.. /enerating 0aily, 1eekly, #onthly %eports,
2. /enerating credit %eports.
,urrently the rm is maintaining records manually. 3ow it has
to be automated for the day4to4day transactions and for all other
purposes. That means for generating day to day sale transaction,
monthly reports and 5early %eports.