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wow! that's great!

i'm really happy to hear that you're coming to castillo de teayo

sorry, i will be too occupied on october 25th at noon, so i could not go for you at station. Castillo
de Teayo has beautiful places where you can visit. probably you will arrive hungry, so you can eat
at Central Square Restaurant. Manuel's restaurant is near the station. it also offer delicious food,
but it's very expensive. Central Square Restaurant is better, because the food is delicious, cheap
and this place only offer a tasty water of Hobo. after, you can go to park thornton or central
square, some people sell souvenirs and there's a nice coffe shop.

the central square restaurant is really easy to reach from the station. when you leave the station,
go straight ahead to central square on hill street. turn left on Gilbert street and turn right on oliver
lane. you will see the restaurant on your left. it's across from the central square. when you finish
to eat, only walk to left on oliver lane, turn right on Ford street and turn left on Park Road . there is
the thornton park. i would see you there at 6:00 p.m.

can't wait to see you!

take care

Eli Norberto