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Human Rights Essay

Mrs. Peggy French
September 1, 2014
Racial Discrimination in America
Human right is one of the most important thing in this world. We all have human rights
until we die. There are 30 kinds of human rights which protected by law and no one can take our
human rights. Discrimination is as similar as racism and discrimination is against the UDHR.
Discrimination is a situation when there is a group of people mocking another person or one
person mocking another person about their status . There are a lot of discrimination issues in
America, but there was a famous problem issue in America which was happened about 50 years
ago. It is about discrimination to African-American people. For decades, civilians had been
fighting this get equality for all American. This case involved Martin Luther King to fight about
discrimination and involved Rosa Parks as well. The reason why racial discrimination is not
allowed because discrimination is against UDHR, We are all born free and equal and no one can
judge us base on our race, there is a racial discrimination race in Indonesia as well.
Discrimination is against the law and UDHR which mean it is not allowed to happen. There are 2
types of discrimination, direct discrimination and indirect discrimination. Discrimination could
involve sex, race, disability, religion, nationality, and it could happened in everywhere and every
time even in a small place, our own house and it is not good. The discrimination about
Martin Luther King story is about race discrimination because they are African-American
people. Martin Luther King had been joined a color group to fight for black people racism since
he was a child. That is why 50 years ago African-American people fought this with Martin
Luther King, Jr as the leader because it is against human rights. In America, white people are
discriminated African-American people who live there. According to statistic, there are 88%
discrimination about African-American in America and 57% about white people in America. The
government did not do anything as well about this case. They thought why they did not have the
same rights but their live in same place and same government. Why they were mocking each
other, they are all same. Imagine if in this world there is only one race or one religion, life would
be absolutely horrible. I am not racist. I am against every form of racism and segregation, every
form of discrimination. I believe in human beings, and that all human being should be respected
as such, regardless of their color (Malcom X)
Every single person in this world are all free and equal since every single they are born,
when children are born, they are free and should be treated in the same way. Equal does not
mean that we are all the same. Each of us is different because every person has it is own
character, so each of us should be treated in the same way in dignity and rights. To be born free
means that people have right for freedom, but it does not mean we can do anything we want. All
human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights. they are all Gods creator. And
people have rights to do anything we want but it must has a good purpose. African-American
people absolutely do not have a right to their activities. They always disturbed by white people
who did racism. Almost the same case as in America about African American people, Chinese
people in Indonesia were in dangerous situation. They might
got killed or rapped if they do anything wrong. So they were trying to find a safe place to hide
from in danger.
Riots about discrimination in Indonesia on which is happened on May 1998, was because
Indonesia was in trouble by collapse of the national currency, the rupiah, and the countrys
deepening economic crisis. Rioting has erupted in at least 12 towns and cities in central and
eastern Java, Sulawesi and other Indonesian islands. The chief targets have been the shops and
stores of ethnic Chinese, who are being blamed for the rampant inflation. But the attacks on
ethnic Chinese are being deliberately fueled by right-wing Muslim groups, sections of the press
and senior government and military figures. People blame President Suharto as well because they
thought he was corruption and made Indonesian economic down. But then, Mr. Suharto blame
both the International Monetary Fund and Chinese Businessman for the financial crisis. So, they
try to coup Mr. Suharto to reduce economic crisis. This riot became more violent and violent
until people discriminated, killed, and sometime rapped Chinese people who lived in in
Indonesia. People burned cars, violet campaign in the street, people got inside in the building and
vandalized all the things inside. Until the police came they still fought for it. After this violent
riots happened, Chinese people tried to return to Jakarta to knew whether the situation is getting
better or not. There are a lot of corpse found in the street and wounded people. President Suharto
had been replaced to Mrs. Megawati Sukarnoputri which people said she is the one who saved
Indonesian economic crisis.
Human right is one of the most important things in the world. We are all protected by law and no
one can take our human rights. Discrimination is against the law and violate UDHR number 2.
The conclusion is, discrimination could involve sex, race, disability, religion, nationality, and it
could happened in everywhere. Marin Luther King, Jr is one of the most important person who
fought for discrimination. He had been fought for discrimination since he was a child. Every
single person in this world. They are all free and treated in the same way. People have their own
freedom, it does not means people can do anything they want. The violent riots about racial
discrimination happened in Jakarta on May 1998, when people discriminated Chinese people.
They blame Chinese people and President Suharto because they thought both of them caused
financial crisis in that time. So, they killed, rapped, and kidnaped Chinese because of it.

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