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Ten Commandments in Using the Computer upon Teaching Mathematics

Thou shall ask permission before using the computer

There should be a supervision of a teacher while using the computer.
Do not take initiative to turn it on without permission. Once the rule is
being violated, no use of computer for the next session will be the
Thou shall observe silence
Using the computer is like reading books in the library. Project or task
in math will be easily accomplished when done silently.
Thou shall not bring foods and beverages
We all know that we set everything in proper places. So, foods and
beverages should be eaten in the canteen and not in the computer room.
This is to prevent from ants that would be a cause of computer damage.
Thou shall scan your flashdrive before connecting into the USB port
To prevent from unexpected situations like file corruption and
computer lagging, there is a must to scan your flashdrive before using it.
Thou shall not browse any restricted sites
Viewing of unnecessary sites for self-purposes is strictly prohibited.
Browsing is only subjected for learning in line with the subject matter in
Thou shall not open private files
Folders and documents that are not intended for learning should not
be used or opened by the user without any permission from the teacher.
Thou shall follow the instruction always
To remain focus all the time, listen to the instruction carefully and
follow it properly.
Thou shall not play inside the computer room
Remember our rule that, there is a proper place and time for
everything. Thus, computer room will not be the same as playground.
Thou shall not interrupt classmate who is working in his/her assigned
Each one is given a chance to explore in using computer as a medium
in integrating math lesson. If a classmate is being disturbed from what
he/she is doing then his/her rights to explore will be deprived.
Thou shall turn off the computer properly
After using the computer, each user should be responsible to make
sure that the computer is turned-off properly. This is to prevent short
circuit to occur. Make sure that the electrical cord is unplugged from the
electric socket. Accessories like earphone, mouse and keyboard should be
fixed in their places properly.