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Instructional Module/Training Plan Template

AET/520 Version 3
University of Phoenix Material
Part I: Vital Information
Author Cara Spencer
Instructional Topic The importance of technology in nursing
Instructional Module/Training Plan
Understanding the importance of technology in nursing
earning Setting The learning !ill ta"e place in the classroom and online
Audience #ursing candidates !ho passed the nurse entrance e$am !ith a
%&' or (etter)
*eli+ery Modality ,online- hy(rid- and so forth/
The deli+ery modality of this instructional plan !ill (e hy(rid
Total Time Allotment 10 !ee"s
Instructional Module/Training Plan
2y the end of this course students !ill (e a(le understand the
importance of technology in #ursing)
T!o Performance.2ased 3(4ecti+es After +ie!ing a +ideo on nursing and technology- students !ill
successfully (e a(le to !rite an essay e$plaining !hy "no!ledge
of technology is important in healthcare)
After conducting a case study- students !ill (e a(le to effecti+ely
e$plain ho! technology played a role in the outcome)
Summati+e Assessment *escription Using 5IPPA guidelines- students !ill successfully (e a(le to
create an online pri+acy policy for a company)
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Instructional Module/Training Plan Template
AET/520 Version 3
Instructional Module/Training Plan Template
Part II: *e+elopment
Attention 1etter Music)
I !ill use this method to get students attention and also
(et!een transition time) Students !ill already (e informed of
that e$pectation that !hen the music is on- +oices are
completely 7uiet) 8or e$ample- !hen a class gets loud !hile
ha+ing a discussion- I !ill play the music for 9& seconds and
gi+e the group a chance to refocus)
*etailed Input of Content I Students !ill understand ho! technology is important in
nursing education)
A) Students !ill e$plore different scenarios of
!hen technology !as used in the nursing
2) Students !ill list different !ays technology
helped to ma"e the nursing career accurate
and effecti+e)
II) Students !ill impro+e accuracy and fluency !ith the
A) Students !ill learn to type reports on a
+ariety of cases and (e responsi(le for the
accuracy and efficacy of the report)
III) Using online resources- students !ill (ecome familiar
!ith the 5IPPA policy)
A) Students !ill (e a(le to ans!er the 7uestion
!hat is 5IPPA and !hy is it important
2) Students !ill gi+e ma"e connections (et!een
5IPPA and technology
1) Students !ill ans!er the 7uestion of
ho! the internet can (e used to
+iolate 5IPPA)
C) Students !ill (e responsi(le to research and
summari:e a case study of one to t!o 5IPPA
Part III: Implementation
Instructional Strategies A +ariety of instructional strategies !ill (e utili:ed to
accommodate the uni7ue learning styles that each student
!ill (ring)
Integrating technology. Technology !ill (e utili:ed not only
to communicate !ith students- (ut to delie+er notes (efore
class) Students !ill ha+e immediate access through
electronic e.mail and !ill also ha+e the opportunity to re+ie!
class notes (efore class and !ill (e e$pected to come
prepared for discussion)

ecture: At the start of class lecture !ill (e continued from
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Instructional Module/Training Plan Template
AET/520 Version 3
the online notes) To accommodate different learning styles-
a po!er point !ill (e pro+ided for students so note ta"ing
can (e easier)
1roup discussions. students !ill ha+e the opportunity to
!or" in groups to support different learning styles- share
ideas- and learn from one another) Students !ill (e
e$pected to contri(ute e7ually to the discussion in order to
ha+e a meaningful outcome) Students !ill also (e
encouraged to share !hat their group discussed so that all
learners can (enefit)
8ormati+e Assessment At the end of chapter study or unit- students !ill (e gi+en a
7ui:) This !ill help dri+e instruction for future lessons) Also-
students !ill (e gi+en the opportunity to repeat the 7ui: if a
passing score !as not meant)
The e$it tic"et strategy !ill also (e used) A 7uestion !ill (e
posed at the end of class and students can ans!er on a
post it or small card and lea+e it in a (as"et on their !ay out
the door)
Thin" pair share !ill also (e used in our learning
en+ironment) Students !ill (e posed a 7uestion and ha+e
time to ans!er the 7uestion and then pair up !ith another
students and share each other;s responses) astly- students
!ill ha+e time to share their ans!ers !ith the rest of the
Closure This program is intended for nursing students) #ursing
students !ill (e introduced to se+eral !ays technology is
integrated in the nursing field) Se+eral learning strategies
!ill (e utili:ed so that all learning needs can (e
accommodated) The group is small- di+erse- and one on
one learning can (e pro+ided if necessary) In addition-
students !ill (e encouraged to participate acti+ely in
discussions in small groups and !hole groups)
Materials and <esources Internet- 4ournals and articles- te$t(oo"- Po!er Point
Microsoft =ord- case studies
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Instructional Module/Training Plan Template
AET/520 Version 3
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