My View on Africa¶s Development Today (my answer to a question in 1.

At a generic level, Africa is the next 'Resource Center' of the World. 2. It is also a hi-potential market for Technology to capital to consumption goods to tourism to education to health services to transportation and logistics to...just about every business and service. 3. What has happened to South Africa can happen in the rest of Africa: step by step. 4. The African countries that come up first in development will be those with educated African politicians who can understand the economic advance of Asia that started in the '90s, mixed with the lessons learnt from the tremendous intelligence and strategic foresight of Nelson Mandela in keeping South Africa together that strengthened it both economically and politically. The greatness of Nelson Mandela was the absence of a desire to settle µpersonal¶ scores, in favor of National Reconciliation and consequential National Economic Growth. 5. The µCold War¶, following closely on Colonial Suppression, kept Africa regressed, and spoilt the political class of those times, bombarding them with financial aid that meant nothing to its people , or to their future. 6. Today, it is µopportunity time¶ for those leaders who can think like Mandela, for their county¶s benefit. The World is looking for good opportunities. PS: I am not African, and this is not a 'speech'. I have exposure to some countries in Africa on development missions, and these are my core beliefs on Africa as a consequence of my personal experience.
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