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Jennifer Cady MEET Jennifer

Location: Kansas

Age Range: Still holding on to my 30s!

Occupation: Graduate Level College
Instructor & Elementary Educator

Favorite Subject: Writing

Most Challenging Subject: History
I am compassionate.
I am driven.
I am creative.
I am dedicated.
I am organized.
I am extremely opinionated over topics I am
passionate about.
I need to continue to work on listening skills.
I need to work on not overdoing life. I tend to take
on far too much because I enjoy knowing that God
will see me through exhaustion.
I enjoy running half marathons (and, contemplating a
second full marathon).
I love listening to all types of music.
I enjoy photography and painting.
Above all, I enjoy spending time with my family and
being active together.
I will:
finish yet another academic program while giving my
lean on God when times are tough (and, thank Him
each day for all the blessings in my life)
share my ideas/innovations with others
What are three words other
people might use to describe you?

Intelligent (per my oldest son)

Short Autobiography
I grew up in Kansas, with both parents, and an older brother and a younger sister.
My mother later remarried and I obtained a wonderful stepfather who had two
children of his own. I attended Wichita State University for three of my four
degrees. I married my precious husband when I was 21; weve been married 17
years. We have two amazing boys, high school age, who have kept us busy with
competitive soccer since they were toddlers. My husband joined the military after
9/11 and I have embraced a national outlook on education as a result of several
transitions. I have taught in four states at the elementary level and have worked
for three different colleges at the undergraduate, graduate, and/or doctoral level.
Needless to say, I love education!
What is your favorite quote or inspirational saying?

Change occurs with uncomfortable pressure, frustration, and an internal
determination to be more than you have ever been before. ~ self

I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. Philippians 4:13

What is your favorite movie and why is it your favorite?

I am not one to ever watch a movie twice because I feel it is time wasted. That
having been said, Gangster Squad is at the top of my list. As well, I really liked
Schindlers List. I basically love adventure, laughter, and movies that prompt
critical thinking and reflection.
Academic Background

I navigated through elementary, middle, and high school in one district (with the exception of a
portion of my Kindergarten year and a month during my Sophomore year). I attended Wichita
State University and obtained an A.S. (Legal Assistant), a B.S. (Elementary Education; K-9), and a
M.Ed. (Curriculum & Instruction). I later obtained a Reading Endorsement while living in Georgia
and a Ph.D. in Educational Administration from Capella University.
Why are you drawn to special education?
I have always gravitated towards gifted learners (both of my boys have been labeled gifted at
some point or another). Before my husband joined the military, I had started a program in gifted
education, but had to remove myself from the program because we moved. I am not a quitter so
this was difficult for me. As the years have transpired, I have always found myself looking out
for the unique needs of all learners. I enjoy finding creative strategies to help students master
content. I also had a stepbrother who was underwater for approximately 20 minutes before his
father entered the cold/black water to retrieve his body and resuscitate him. His drowning
incident left him in a vegetative state (unable to walk or talk). He was only five at the time. He
passed away at 13 because his body simply shutdown. My mother was the nurse who took care of
him and eventually married his father; ironically, her first love (when she was 14). *I believe in
the circle of life, purpose, and karma.

What is your teaching philosophy?
In a nutshell, it is my belief that a solid education is carried out through the integration of the
multiple intelligences, the arts, movement, technology, and cooperative structures. And, the
teacher should act as a facilitatorguiding learners to problem solve through higher level thinking
skills while implementing a positive behavior system (individualized if need be).
Learning Strategies
That Work for Me
Learning Strategies
That Do NOT Work
for Me
Hands-on Memorization
Lengthy lectures
Visuals Lower level