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SAP BW Release 3.5/7.

Session 1: Metadata Repository SAP BW Training
Session 1: Metadata Repository
Session O!e"ti#e
In this exercise you are going to learn how to use the Metadata Repository as a source of
information for associating different objects and analysing the structure of different objects. You
will be using the Metadata Repository to find out the different characteristics and key figures in a
query Incoming Orders (0SD_C01_Q011) to understand if it suits your requirement and to have a
closer look at the underlying InfoCube.
Tas$ 1: Analy%e t&e 'n(o)*e
a) In the dministrator !or"benc#, navigate to the Metadata Repository.
b) Oen the Metadata Repository and look for the cube Customer (0SD_C01)$
c) !ook at the set of C#aracteristics and %ey &igures in the cube. "lso look at the
schematic diagram of the cube.
d) #se the network data flow to obtain an overview of the queries defined on the cube.
Tas$ +: Analy%e t&e ,*ery
a) $ind the query Incoming Orders (0SD_C01_Q011) and dislay the information on the
b) %heck if any workbooks are linked to this query. If yes, which are the ones.
c) %heck if the query is assigned to any roles.
Tas$ 3: )&e"$ i( t&e ,*ery is a"ti#ated
a) &o to the cti'ated Ob(ects area in the Metadata Repository$
b) %heck if this query is roerly activated in the system.