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Advance Search Page In OAF

Create worksapce and project
Select ur Dbconnection
Select u r dbc fle path and give the front end details
Create Page and AM
Attach AM to Page and give the Window title and Title in page
Create !
Click on ne"t # ti$es
Write u r %uer&
Click on ne"t # ti$es and click on fnish
Attach ! to AM
Double Click on AM
Select u r !
Click on appl& and ok
Select u r page create a region st&le as %uer&
'n %uer& region
Construction $ode ( autoCusto$i)ationSearch
'nclude Advance panel ( true
'ntial panel (advanced
*nder +uer& ,egion create a new region st&le as table b& using
Click on fnish
*nder %uer& ,egion create new advancedSearchPanel
*nder advanceSearchPanel create advanceSearch
-& default it will create . ite$s
'n frst ite$ give the pro$pt
in this e"a$ple we create / search ite$s so re$aing . ite$s
create like above
0ow create advanceSearchMappings under +uer& region
'n this e"a$ple create / $apping
one is crated re$aining . create like above
'n $apping
1ive the search ite$ and result ite$
0ow run the page