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Automatic Search Page

Create worksapce and project
Select ur Dbconnection
Select u r dbc fle path and give the front end details
Create Page and AM
Attach AM to Page and give the Window title and Title in page
Create ! in server
Click on "e#t button $ ti%es
&nter u r select State%ent
Click on ne#t button $ ti%es and fnish
Attach ! to AM
Double Click on AM
Select u r ! and Add to AM
Click on Appl' and !(
Create a region st'le as )uer'
And in *uer' region properties select Construction %ode as
,nder the *uer' -egion create new region St'le as table using wi+ard
Click on fnish
,nder the *uer' -egion create new si%pleSearchPanel
,nder the searchpanel create . search ite%s

,nder the *uer' -egion create new si%plesearchMappings
/n search %apping properites give the select ite% and result ite% values
"ow run the page