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Current Indian politics does not groom good (let alone best) politicians for the betterment of India;

instead, it produces politicians of these flavors: (a) sycophants (chamchas) ; (b) dynasty (kids of
politicians); (c) friends and relatives of politicians; (d) wealthy (most of the wealth came from looting the
government via contracts and stuff like that); (e) industrialists (who benefit from the government--in
terms of lax regulations, enforcements, tariffs, taxes, etc); (f) gundas, or a combination of any of these.

Sure, one can find able politicians from these six groups; but the chance of finding one such is 1 in 1000.
Most of MLAs and Loksabha MPs are intellectually bankrupt and lack critical thinking skills; their sole
goal is to protect their posterity in terms of money and power. When you find someone intellectually
worthy, there is a 90 percent chance that (s)he is from Rajya Sabha.

If you want to become an MLA, it costs you from 5 to 10 crores (or 10 to 15 crores if it is Andhra,
Karnataka, etc). If you want to become an MP, you need 40 crores. For 99.99 percent of politicians,
development means handing out doles (like giving fish), instead of teaching them how to fish. This kind of
doling out helps their constituents ignorant. Even for small issues, these politicians love to be involved:
for instance, if you want a ration card, which helps you get subsidy rice (like 2 rupees per kilo), you have
to go to your local MLA. Even to see your local MLA requires blessings of the local
thug/sycophant/politician from your village; and so on. That's how it runs.

During elections, voters ask for money either for themselves or for the community. Sarees, TVs, cell
phones are given in exchange for votes. A group of Christians can ask a MLA contestant for money to
build a church. You can see tons of such instances. Instead of providing an opportunity for voters to make
some money for themselves so that they can build churches, temples, mosques, and even roads, votes are
made slaves for such things.

During Independence movement, 99 percent of politicians sold their assets to fight for the country. Look
at what we see in the contemporary India; exactly the opposite. 99 percent of politicians are there to
produce more wealth or protect the existing wealth. Sure, these politicians use narratives (like marxism,
secularism, etc) to keep the power.