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External LOV Creation in OAF

Create worksapce and project
Select ur Dbconnection
Select u r dbc fle path and give the front end details
Create Page and AM
Attach AM to Page and give the Window title and Title in page
Create ! in lov"server
Click on ne#t $ ti%es
Write u r &uer'
Click on ne#t $ ti%es click on fnish
Attach ! to AM
Double click on AM
Select u r !
Click on Appl' and !(
Create )#ternal *e+ion in lov"webui st'le as list of values
,n e#ternal region Properties
Scope should be Public
Select e#ternal region
Create new region st'le as table b' using wi-ard
Click on fnish
An' one of the ite%s in table region search allowed propertie
should be true
+oto %ain page create one ite% st'le as %essage lov input
,n ite% properties
+ive the path of e#ternal region path
Click on search
click on !(
Click on 'es
Select lov%appings in lov ite%
+ive the properties
.! region ite%
*eturn ,te%
Criteria ite%
/ow run the page
Click on search s'%bol