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LOV Creation In OAF Page

Lov are two types
1)inline lov
2)External Lov
Inline Lov
Create worksapce and project
Select ur Dbconnection
Select u r dbc fle pat and !ive te "ront end details
Create #a!e and $%
$ttac $% to #a!e and !ive te &indow title and 'itle in pa!e
Create one ite( style as (essa!elovinput
&en we create a L)* ite( by de"ault )ne Lov+e!ion and )ne
Lov%appin! is created
Create a *) in ,lov-server)
Click on next button . ti(es
&rite u r /uery
Click on next button . ti(es and click on fnis0
$ttac *) to $%
Double Click on $%
Select u r *)
Double click on *)
Click on $pply and )1
2o to pa!e and select Lov ite( +e!ion
3nder lov ite( re!ion create a new re!ion style as table usin!
Click on fnis
$ny one o" te ite( in table re!ion searc allowed propertie is
5ow select lov (appin!
2ive te
L)* re!ion ite(
+eturn ite(
Criteria ite(
5ow run te pa!e
)ut put