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@fisher1000s Biscotti Recipe Ingredients: 1 cup of ALL PURPOSE f our !

! te"spoon of #"$ing sod" % eggs cup of sug"r 1 te"spoon of &"ni " 1 cup of 'h"te&er (ou '"nt to put in it: choco "te chips) nuts) dried fruit) toffee pieces) " *i+ture of those,-ust *"$e sure e&er(thing is 'e chopped up. 1. Prehe"t o&en to /00 degrees. %. In one #o' ) 'his$ the f our "nd the #"$ing sod" together. /. In " sep"r"te #o' ) stir the sug"r) eggs) "nd &"ni " together. Stir unti the *i+ture is unifor* ( (e o'. 0. Pour the egg *i+ture into the f our 'ith (our 1 cup of e+tr" ingredients) "nd stir unti thorough ( *i+ed) *"$ing " &er( thic$) stic$( dough. 12ou *"( h"&e to use (our h"nds,I&e #ro$en spoons tr(ing to stir it.3 4. Sep"r"te the *i+ture into t'o sep"r"te o"&es. 5. 6o&er " coo$ie sheet 'ith p"rch*ent p"per. 7. Light ( 'et (our h"nds) pic$ up one of the o"&es) "nd for* into "n eight or ten inch og. 8. P "ce on the p"rch*ent p"per "nd press do'n to ! inch thic$ness. 1shou d end up #eing / to 0 inches 'ide,3 9. :o the s"*e 'ith the other o"f. 10. P "ce in the o&en for /4 *inutes unti fir*) #ut spring(. 11. 6oo for 10 *inutes) then cut o"f into indi&idu" ! inch s ices. 12ou c"n do s ight ( "rger if (oud i$e3 1%. Re*o&e p"rch*ent p"per fro* coo$ie sheet) "nd "( coo$ies on their sides. 1/. B"$e for 1% *ore *inutes on one side) then t"$e out) f ip) "nd #"$e for 1% *ore *inutes on the other side. 10. ;hen done) et the* coo co*p ete ( #efore storing the*. 1<he( $eep for se&er" 'ee$s.3 2ou c"n " so free=e the* for " coup e of *onths.

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