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Come Out - Josie Henley-Einion

Come Out - Josie Henley-Einion


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Published by Josie Henley-Einion
Flash fiction originally posted at www.writersbeat.com
Flash fiction originally posted at www.writersbeat.com

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Published by: Josie Henley-Einion on Aug 14, 2007
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Come Out by Josie Henley-Einion Don’t be shy. I know you’re inside because I see your shadow.

I’m waiting here, just outside. Come on, come with me. I see you hiding behind the curtain. You don’t fool anyone. I know you want to come, yet you resist. Why not just dip your toe in? Try it, for the tingle. Come and play, it’s a lovely day. Frost bites my tongue; grass shoots worms on the run from the blackbird pecking; sea salts the air. The birds are high; the sun is singing; everything sparkles in Technicolor. I dance to stay warm. Yet you’re shivering indoors avoiding me. Why? Make your resolution to come for once in your damn life. Pity me in the chill waiting endlessly waiting, watching. Now I’m in your garden, now I’m at your front door. You make the sandwiches and I’ll bring the happy pills. Let’s have a pic-nic; let’s roll in the mud; let’s go down together. I’ll hustle us some snap. I promise I won’t nag you to hold me. Outside is endless entertainment. Two junkies skulking behind the corner shop, clearing a patch of concrete so they can sit. Kicking aside takeaway cartons, broken glass and used condoms, they crouch over old vomit to shoot up. Slimy hair drags over urine-stained brick as these warm turkeys squat for the promised last fix. One of them will die tonight, wretched and friendless in the cold outside. Outside is the old lady looking for her marbles. She lost them way back and now she can’t find her house. False teeth clack as she mutters childhood street names. She stands at the corner where the bus used to stop, calling the name of a dog that died twenty years ago. A prime target for a mugging, but with only thirteen pence in her purse she won’t catch a bus never mind a teenager. The boy kicks a can in your leafy gutter. He prefers scuffing putrid drifts to returning home for another beating. Further down your street a man digs the hard earth in his garden, burying the hacked remains of his ex-wife while his bonfire burns her bloodied clothes. Look, life is wonderful; outside is fantastic; there is so much going on. What reason could you possibly give to stay indoors? I’ll ring your bell; I’ll knock your window; I’ll climb your pipe. What must I do to entice you out? Shall I drop a trail of sweeties down your front path towards the woods? There I’ll lie in wait ready to pounce on you for a tumble. The bramble will catch you and keep you out forever. Once I’ve got you, I know you’ll want to stay. We’ll fly over the devastated landscape, snatching our pleasure where we can. We’ll soar to the dizzy heights and fall madly into each other’s arms. You and me, together against the world. Isn’t that what you want? Don’t destroy my hopes, now, darling. Let’s think about the positives. There’ll be plenty to burn.

Come out, come out wherever you are! I call through your slot. I know you’re in there. You can’t hide from me. Stubbornly you climb into your closet. You can’t get any further inside. I know you want to come. I see it in your eyes. Why hide? I circle your home, whispering through the vents. I’m coming, I’m coming to get you. You may think that you’re safe there in your closet, but I have my eye on you. Outside is the real life; outside is beyond your control; outside is me and my kind. Get away, you shout. Get out! I laugh. I am out.

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