Random Poems By:Natia Volturi

Enter the haunted house. The windows are splattered with blood. All you see is a vacant room. But death fills the air. Mirror, mirror on the wall. Watch me break. Watch me fall. Watch me wither on the ground in pain until death is near. I have a stone, cold wall. It will never break and it will never fall. You can attack me all you want. But the wall will only slowly crumbles. I hug my chest close my me. Hoping my heart will never spit in two. Hoping my heart will never break into a million pieces. Hoping my heart will never fall in love. But it always happen. Cut my heart. Slit my throat. Stab me to near death. But I will never tell. (Ok, this belongs to my friend, Amaya and I'm just adding on) Welcome to the world of broken souls. The heart... the blood... has all gone cold. The pain... the crys... are all unheard. The tears...I cry... is all unseen. The one who is always alone. The one who sits alone. The one who cries alone when nobody is watching. The one dies alone when the one is sleeping to eternal rest. I see you there, kissing somebody else. I see you there, holding somebody else. I see you there, smiling at sombody else. I see myself somewhere else, jumping of a building.

The tears that I shed is like flowing blood. It continuously flows down my face. It will never stop. Until the pain is all gone. And when I'm gone forever. I am a criminal of this world. Never to be seen from. Never to be heard from. My death sentence is set. When I sleep, I dream of the pain and suffering I caused to others. When my death day is here, I hear people saying 'dead man walking' I look around at the people who is watching, and thinking of blood that will spill from their neck. I am strapped onto a chair. People are near a lever. When they pull it down, I will be gone forever.

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