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By Tigers
Name Roll No
Deepti Coutinho 1309
Savio 1314
Asma Kokatnur 1329
Sweta Prabhu desai 1348
Safaz Sayed 1354
Vandita Nagvekar 1362
Seal Rite company made and marketed a wide line of
Firms customers were classified under 4 categories by Douglas
1. Printers
2. Paper Wholesalers
3. Companies buying envelopes for routine mailing purposes.
4. Companies buying envelopes for sales promotional
The company was spending too much on covering a
large number of small accounts.
Rose Douglas was companys sales manager
She was given the permission to begin a telemarketing
program ..
A telemarketing group was to be developed to handle
inbound and outbound sales programs.
Six people were hired and trained by a telemarketing

Douglas had to figure out how she would evaluate these
new telephone sales reps.

Whether all the reps be evaluated as a group with no
distinction between inbound and outbound telemarketers.

And whether to record the calls or no.

How to evaluate Telemarketing sales reps

Initially , on a Weekly basis She should gather data on factors like
Sale volume as a percentage of quota
Batting average: order/calls
Direct expenses as a percentage of sales volume
Call rate
Number of new accounts made,
Lost accounts
Customer complaints

Should the telemarketers be evaluated against the
field sales reps? Against each other?
The telemarketing reps should not be evaluated against the
field sales reps
Telemarketers should be evaluated on the basis of criteria
which have been decided specifically for them.
Evaluations should be made against reps of the same kind,

Should the calls be recorded?
Privacy of the customer at stake.
Telemarketers will be more conscious that they are
watched they will restrict their conversation and in
doing so they might loose their charm and creative
selling technique.