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Good moming Mary and Katherine, Plans are progressing well for the In Camera Dinner on November 20th next. Firstly, we are delighted once again that the Chairman of the Revenue Commissioners, Ms Josephine Feehily, has accepted our invitation to attend our second In Camera Dinner of the Institute of Directors on Thursday November 20th next. The In Camera Dinner will take place at the offices of Matheson Ormsby Prentice, Solicitors, Sir John Rogerson's Quay, Dublin 2. The format of the event will be a small informal dinner for about twenty five people, who will be Members of the Institute of Directors. The event will be a private event, by invitation only and Chatham House Rules will apply to the proceedings. There will be no media present. Guests will be invited for 19.00 and we would hope that Chairman, Revenue Commissioners might attend for 19.30 hours. She will be met on arrival by Laura Magahy, President of the Institute of Directors, and Liam Quirke, Managing Partner, MOP and myself. She will be Introduced to all Guests. Following Dinner, Laura Magahy will ask the Chairman to say a few words. This will be in a relaxed format, still seated at the Dining Table.


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