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Jill R. Anderson, Campaign Manager

James Carr for Congress
#$%%& '()*+,-,
Hypocrisy and Ethics in Politics
./: .o0 S1annon, Fo2nder 3 4as5 4residen5 Me"1ani"s6ille TEA 4ar5/

Anyone running today for public ofce or been intimately involved as a
volunteer knows all too well the sacrifce these candidates make. 18 hour
days, living often out of a car, eating fast food, getting home, if at all at
very late hours. It is not an endeavor for the faint of heart, or those not
committed to try and make a dierence, regardless of their political

I have often argued that a candidate that has !ualifed to get on a ballot
"no easy task itself# must have their voice heard. $ouple that with the total
failure of the % ma&or political parties unwillingness or ability to address the
nation's most pressing problems and one has to e(amine &ust why rivals
would deny voters the opportunity to make an informed decision when
asked to cast a sacred vote for that ofce. )his is only achieved and made
healthy by having the candidates openly and in public debate the issues
and clarify for the voters their policy positions. *ome debates are better
than others in terms of format, protocol being adhered to and intelligent
!uestions, whether they be from an audience or a written list of !uestions
screened and vetted in advance by the organi+ers only.

)wo separate newspaper !uotes attributed to $ongressional $andidate ,ave
-rat ".# bear noting. /e said on *unday April 1%th %011, when still
contesting the nomination in his primary against former $ongressman 2ric
$antor, 3 )he people want to hear from the candidates themselves, and a
debate is the perfect format to assess the ideas and candidates face to
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face3 4n *eptember 15, %011 political science professor from the 6niversity
of 7ary 8ashington , *tephen 9arnsworth noted 3 what a dierence a
nomination makes3 citing the :ip of ,r. -rat in chastising $antor for his
refusal to debate and now minimi+ing them.
$ampaigns have become such choreographed manufactured cinemas and the
public is sick and tired of it. ;latitudes and slogans do not make for a
sufcient opportunity to intelligently evaluate the candidates actual beliefs.
/ow will ,r. -rat articulate and defend his views in 8ashington if he can<t
against a couple of competing candidates =

4ne of the most intelligent arguments I heard in the early 50<s on why
racism was so utterly stupid was from a philosopher who said >

3)hink of how few very good friends one makes over a lifetime, it is for
most of us a very small number. )hen think &ust how stupid it is to deny
yourself an opportunity to make what perhaps could be one of the best
friends you might ever have, and did so on the grounds of closing o an
entire race of people3 It was profound and stuck with me since then.

)he point of this e(ample is the following> .epublicans and ,emocrats have
controlled every political ofce, every agency, every level of government at
the local ,state and federal level throughout the entire history of the nation,
certainly dominating that control almost e(clusively for the last ?0 years.
)he egregious abuses from some of these agencies, common today, is only
compounded by the failure of those in control to do something about it.
8hether it be the issue of debt, education, ta( reform, immigration
,republicans and democrats have had ample opportunity to address any or
all of them, yet the problems worsen by the day.

.estless discerning voters need ask the !uestion why @ames $arr is being
denied to share with voters in the 5th district what his thoughts and ideas
are on these and other issues. ,r. -rat must decide whether he wants to
sit on a lead or keep his own integrity intact by insisting each candidate
who !ualifed and is on the ballot to also be onstage.

$iti+ens, regardless of who you support must act responsibility and stop this
maddening hero worship for either of the political parties. After all, much
like that great friend you may have passed by, @ames $arr might actually
have something useful to say.
James Carr for Congress
PO Box 387, Keswick, Virginia 22947
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