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Powerpoint out of 70 points

1. Each Person must choose one style of dance from the list here :
Ballroom (any genre)
Acro Dance
If there is another type you are interested in you may email me for permission to do your part
on that particular dance.
Group participation is worth 5 points for section one

2. You have to have FIVE websites that are acceptable research for your type of dance. Use the web
evaluation sheet attached on the left hand side of the page.
Each Website is worth 5 points. 2 for having a source and 3 for the web evaluation form filled out.

3. Each person in your group must have 6 Slides:
Slide one: Name of dance, your name, and 3 images of your dance
5 points one for each task
Slide two: The History of the dance
20 points dependent on content and accuracy.
Slide three: Why you chose this dance and what makes it unique
10 points content and creativity
Slide four: How the dance has evolved
10 points content and creativity
Slide five: Conclusion of your research
5 Points
Slide six: This may go after slide one and before slide six. You must have a video of your
style of dance being performed no more than 3 minutes and 30 seconds. There can not be foul
language and the video must be approved before submission.
4 points for meeting time limit

4. Create the powerpoint cohesively as a group. There should be a total of 26 slides. The intro slide
should be a table of contents page. List all the dances in order of the slides with the persons name
next to it who is responsible for that dance research. There should be FOUR images ONE of each
dance. The conclusion Slide should be a creative way to conclude your powerpoint.
6 points for helping on intro and conclusion and having all the elements involved

5. The individual assignment is a 1000 word paper on your research. You may use the same five
resources as your powerpoint. This is basically an expansion of your six slides. MLA formatting, works
cited page, and at least 5 paragraphs.
Paper out of 50 points
15 points for MLA formatting and work cited page with web evaluaitons
15 points for cohesion with slides, staying on topic, and meeting word requirements
20 points for content