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Www.helpBIOTECH.blogspot.com | Your Gate Way to Life Science Career

Www.helpBIOTECH.blogspot.com | Your Gate Way to Life Science Career

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Published by: patialokkumar on Dec 21, 2009
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Charles Robert Darwin was born in 1809 in Shrewsbury, England.
Darwin was raised in affluence and grew up with Unitarian values. He
was destined to become a physician like his father, but was uncomfort-
able watching surgeries. In college he became active in naturalist soci-
eties and yearned to travel the world observing nature. He then began
His father was unhappy with Darwin’s interest in being a naturalist. It
was not considered a noble profession for his family. Hence, Darwin’s
theological education with his interest in nature to explore new ways of
explaining animal and plant diversity. He developed a keen curiousity
in geology and became frustrated by inconsistencies in the explanations
of geological formations provided by opposing scientific writings. This
spurred him to apply for a job as a naturalist on the HMS Beagle. It was
from his observations on the Beagle that Darwin formulated the princ-
ples of evolution. Darwin is most noted for promoting the principles of
natural selection. However, he unknowingly contributed to the mindset
needed to develop biotechnology innovations. Darwin’s observations
about the natural selection of traits are still used by scientists to produce
genetically modified crops with useful growing characteristics.

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